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  • Miranda Mizen
    Miranda Mizen

    Don't want to hate on Ethan but I cringed so hard at 4:22. 'go on full attack' also 'chicks' shouldn't have to feel like they have to lie when rejecting a guy they're not interested in. They should be able to say I'm not interested and that be the end of it. 'chicks' lie because men respect men more and not women, and will only leave if they if they think you're 'taken' .

  • Amber Khawlhring
    Amber Khawlhring

    Krish is our superhero like your Superman. Its is not funny!

  • Amber Khawlhring
    Amber Khawlhring

    Racist content.

  • archenemy918

    Asking if Ramsay has ever been punched lol the guy is a black belt at karate and judo

  • Mr. Facts
    Mr. Facts

    Fun fact: Fanta was invented in Nazi Germany

  • Liart Krasi
    Liart Krasi

    Time for industry baby


    Shakal deklo tum thino (3) bandhar ki


    Don't act smart

  • Joey Doorley
    Joey Doorley


  • Patrick Lagerberg
    Patrick Lagerberg

    Life of Brian is a masterpiece, Monty Python films are some of the greatest of all time


    if 300 hours on rocket league is alot then im just sad with 3.7k hours on rust

  • Mizer Playzz
    Mizer Playzz

    Ely cathedral

  • kloud

    there is a shoe lace snake its it nickname but still

  • Liam kean
    Liam kean

    you think we are small look at ants

  • Jon

    She's had a howler 🤣🤣🤣

  • Maria

    a construction site would be better than diggerland

  • Ayed Saudi Yassin Mohamed
    Ayed Saudi Yassin Mohamed

    Any drink has “alcohol “ on its name is ban in our islam


    Most South Indian action scenes are Cringe af



  • Furrestir

    21:07 Is no one talking about how they just cut the moon in half ?

  • Furrestir

    What if dinosaurs were vegans? Josh : What if dinosaurs had Gun's Tobi : *Panic attack*

  • God

    The Dover caves where the military did shit it it’s got lots of tunnels and stuff

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous

    At this point, he should just be called "S", he don't got the "K", and I don't know if he still has any "I" after having seen that vid.

  • Khiladi Singh
    Khiladi Singh

    They all are laughing on robot and Krish whereas super man wears underwear on pants what's the logic of wearing underwear 😗😗?

  • Killerboykri Playz
    Killerboykri Playz

    Fun fact - This video got more views then the orignal one.

  • Deva Adithya Bobby
    Deva Adithya Bobby


  • profile doesn't matter Shiva
    profile doesn't matter Shiva

    Thanos is an alien👽 but he know how to speak English 😂😂

  • MegaMacca

    JJ's attempted growling just made my day

  • God of Guns
    God of Guns

    U people laugh on Bollywood but you forget that Hollywood had more cringe that bollywood

  • MemerLORD10

    no wonder heart disease and type 2 diabetes rates are higher in the US

  • Wizard 9393
    Wizard 9393

    Peak Ozil is no match to anybody

  • Elai The Fox
    Elai The Fox

    Hey sidemen can u react Philippine got talent mama's bois

  • Avoyde

    Ethan mate lmaooooooo wtf

  • Infinite game List
    Infinite game List

    I wish i could experience this but I can’t because i am half deaf 😔


    These are south movies

  • Aj 06
    Aj 06

    Dragon soop should probably be banned if your Scottish you know 😂😂

  • Money Quotes Daily
    Money Quotes Daily

    It’s crazy how you can pinpoint what part of the sidemen era a video is from just from the size of Ethan

  • Klyde Mata
    Klyde Mata

    Please let them record top 10 facts about dreams!!!

  • Jonatan Cohen
    Jonatan Cohen

    React to cheese falling compilations

  • Carl Estepa
    Carl Estepa

    I was surprised that Rich Energy wasn't banned

  • MIB Shadow
    MIB Shadow

    Why i only fell bad for dog

  • Armored

    6.14 his future generation is dead innit

  • DrFcku 2350
    DrFcku 2350

    Imagine all of them actually being 6ft5 and andrew is jjs height XD

  • Harlow GFX
    Harlow GFX

    The most intelligent logic in Hollywood is spider bits a person then he becomes spider man 😂😂😂 holly fuck man 😂😂 and even he get supper power to join a ship that's broken from middle 😂😂 holly shit 😂😂

  • Thomas Glynn
    Thomas Glynn

    I have a duff beer in my house👀

  • Louis Palmer-Weight
    Louis Palmer-Weight

    They found the one piece

  • Tejas Rathi
    Tejas Rathi

    Play Human fall flat

  • Luke Andrews
    Luke Andrews

    can't wait for the 2 part video of sidemen drink banned drinks followed by sidemen get their stomachs pumped.

  • Michael N/A
    Michael N/A

    just saying I hope everyone who brought about age restriction in video on ISdowns really has an insanely painful passing as soon as possible because you're all a bunch of kunts

  • DetJoshHD

    You should react to Chills.

  • BH10X

    it was probaly her husbands credit card

  • RealifePinocchio

    You guys are total LEGENDS!!! Well done guys!!!

  • Fonso Huggins
    Fonso Huggins

    lil nas is actually lil nasty

    • SlavKing42

      Is that compliment or an insult

  • WolfZzGaming

    I’d like to see Vik, Harry, Ethan and JJ react to a vsauce video. Knowledge juice for the brain.

  • TwentyOne

    This is so wholesome!

  • Joe Victor
    Joe Victor

    The Jaws one never really seemed unrealistic. Of course the mayor wants more tourism and money than caring about a potential shark attack. It just seems even more accurate in this day and age after seeing how certain republican leaders insisted on keeping the states open when covid began

  • manic

    2:35 they literally stole that idea from Michael reeves

  • Eipota Art
    Eipota Art

    Congratulations 🎊


    Da myre Puri Mone nee India rost chayim Alla da myreeee 😡😡😡😡

  • Ruben Trejo
    Ruben Trejo

    For the people that have tried four loko, we all know that thing gets you drunk really fast, be careful Ethan😂

  • ARYA Gaming
    ARYA Gaming

    first react to your countries movie ,,,,,,,that is like piece of shit

  • Asish Kumar
    Asish Kumar

    1st clip isnt Indian . 😂

  • Chris Jericho
    Chris Jericho

    Going to the edge of the universe is pretty much impossible. Every second, the universe expands and it accerelates over time. We can't see what's beyond the observable universe.

  • Volk beat holloway Deal with it
    Volk beat holloway Deal with it

    Had to diss like as soon as the words "I don't know what captain planet is " 😢

  • laffy

    First video where jj doesn’t sound stupid. (no offence)

  • vinu ds
    vinu ds

    It's not bollywood it's Tollywood 🤣

  • Malik Comert
    Malik Comert

    React to dream’s last manhunt

  • Almir Bajramovic
    Almir Bajramovic

    Power of ALLAH

  • Timed Revolver
    Timed Revolver

    It's "Life WAs like a box of chocolates" because he was talking about something his mother said...who was dead at the point in the movie where he tells this story. So it would make sense to say 'was' instead of 'is' when talking about what a dead person used to say.

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh


  • That Random Kid
    That Random Kid

    Rip laoshu505000

  • Sense Arceus
    Sense Arceus

    Vikstar really said that was cod, it’s fallout 4 😂

  • DuelMan

    7:49 why her name kinda lowkey sound like pokemon?

  • Teczo Gaming
    Teczo Gaming

    Spiderman just for no reason spamming his net of his dig coak🤣

    • You know the rules and So do I
      You know the rules and So do I

      Says a ff player

  • Ur secret gay bf
    Ur secret gay bf

    Basically people took up Indian contents only to get views 🥲cause Indians probably gonna give like 1mil views in not time ! One word disgusted

  • Pranay

    that is not bollywood

  • undead hunter
    undead hunter

    i want sideman to do bts cover

  • bhavya rohlan
    bhavya rohlan

    most of the videos are Tollywood excepst 2 of them = krish and singham