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  • luke martin abiera
    luke martin abiera

    i know i saw this same video last year

  • Hooks Fishing
    Hooks Fishing

    also is MORTY a RIP OFF of M&J plays ASPITAPIE? 😂 jc

  • Technica

    Isnt entropy a thing?

  • ShallowBison144

    Ya, but you just contradicted yourself. You said that they would be able to keep them all alive for 150 years or so, but if that were true, would there not be old people assuming they are not murdering them? Not saying you are wrong just wondering what happened to the old people.

  • Chris Zhyrus Cortes
    Chris Zhyrus Cortes


  • nemesis92jc

    Its official! Dream works owes us a donkey spin off movie with Pinocchio as donkey’s sidekick!

  • John Derwin Deleon
    John Derwin Deleon

    ive always wanted to try an experiment with having oxygen and hydrogen and mixing them becomes water ive never tried it tho.

  • Farhan Akram
    Farhan Akram

    my childhood go boom

  • Muskrat!!!

    1 year left boys time to earn up that cash, or pirate it?

  • Farhan Akram
    Farhan Akram

    bruh me sad now

  • Cleany

    How many lives have u traumatised Matpat: yes

  • Barbara Hathaway
    Barbara Hathaway


  • Owen Kenzie
    Owen Kenzie

    OMG he mentioned me in his video!!!! You know that comment that he showed at 6:18, that was me!! I can't believe he actually saw my mini theory about this!!!! Most of the math that he talked about in his video about how many days a human could feed another human for I mentioned in my comment on the other Walle episode!! Thank you soooo much MatPat for recognizing me!!! I love all you work!! I will never miss watching one of your episodes!!

  • Paige Master
    Paige Master

    so what happens to the bones?

  • Jennifer J
    Jennifer J

    Appreciate the research, really, i know they work real hard over at theorist HQ. Still I seem to recall something about energy pyramids and some of it being lost via heat, digestion, and whatnot... even if blending up the flesh would make it easier to break down there would still be some energy loss. Anyone else think this? Food for thought.

  • Sarcastific

    i remember i didn't know how to pronounce the name of the movie

  • NeonzPlayz

    The Wall-e video is actually the 12th most popular film theory video

  • Patrick Villamer
    Patrick Villamer

    A big problem for me. Did the Axiom really have 700 years worth of flavourings to make all the dead bodies into smoothie? Like food flavourings is really hard to get in space.

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M

    Really like film theory / food theory. But this weeks topic is one I can’t watch. Gives me vivid nightmares. It all started when I watched Bones when I was younger. Ugh. See you next week.

  • Roblox OOF
    Roblox OOF

    My favorite meme is like welcome to year 2 of our (I forgot how long but maybe) one month quarantine

  • Jojo

    This is not a gaming video but it still trending in the gaming section for trending

  • Chris Poonbun
    Chris Poonbun

    I would be disgusted, but then I would be a hypocrite.

  • TheGunn

    The shockingly effective food source a human body is

  • Hooks Fishing
    Hooks Fishing

    ahhh yes the og video was my first theory i ever watched

  • Xavier Villagran
    Xavier Villagran

    Shaggy:*hacks life Life: how much power u want? Shaggy: Y̸̡̛͉͊̃̾̋̉̀̋͛̄̆̏ ̵̡͚̯͈͔̰͖͎̞̻̉̇̕͘ͅę̵̦̹͚͔̩̾̉̿͐̍̎͋̉̄̈̕̕ ̷̦͉̟͋͑̔̒̀͐͗̒͐̓̀͊s̶͍̝̦̱̋̌͑̀͛̄̓́̋͒̇̈́̚͠͝

  • Ricardo Dominguez
    Ricardo Dominguez

    I have never heard the word cannibalism as many times as today in my entire life

  • Janus Sanders
    Janus Sanders

    Never let my dad see the positive part of trauma or he will keep justifying why he caused me mine

  • MR. X
    MR. X

    The grinch didnt hate Christmas, he hated people, which is fair.

  • imbecilemac

    Dang flesh *slaps

  • Papayasaur

    I have not finished this yet, I'm guessing its mitosis or asexual reproduction


    If it is the 700th anniversary of a 5 year trip wouldn't that be 3500 years on the ship not just 700

  • Dayz Kaden Cat
    Dayz Kaden Cat

    In the Batman, Bruce Wayne is the villain

  • Sanjay Halder
    Sanjay Halder

    I can feel the juice

  • Watema 3
    Watema 3

    No one: Film Theory: _exists_ ISdowns: *gAmiNG*

  • Soren Veluxidus
    Soren Veluxidus

    Why is this trending on gaming? This isn’t a gaming channel...

  • Nauman Aman
    Nauman Aman

    We seriously need closed captions on these videos.

  • Pulkit Jain
    Pulkit Jain

    Where do you get the flavors

  • Aidan Pallister
    Aidan Pallister

    depends on what "human meat" ur talkin about.

  • The Boyfriend FNF
    The Boyfriend FNF

    "I'm Matpat" -Matpat

  • Jake Xavier
    Jake Xavier

    “Minions are so dumb that they couldn’t be girls” If “girls” was replaced with “boys” then the entire franchise would be cancelled. Prob just said that so they wouldn’t be cancelled for not having girl minions. Goddamn our generation is fucked😭😭😭

  • James Propst
    James Propst

    Why are they living so long if the average human life span is 70 years old?

  • xdoomerguyx

    *hey, I’ve seen this one before*

  • Sonicsnake

    Me: Dear godness, they eat people Matpat: There is more Me: No...

  • Roblox OOF
    Roblox OOF

    I can't believe this is back i was like wait 9 hours ago I watched that years ago lol

  • Fusion

    How does he know the rest go down easy?

  • G17S

    when matpat said in the film it sounded kind of reverse. weird

  • Fall Kontei
    Fall Kontei

    bro this was just meant to be a kids movie...

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds

    I feel like the food theory episode where you had to survive in a grocery store provided some helpful information for this episode 😂

  • Galileo Chiu
    Galileo Chiu

    Do Girls Und Panzer

  • Kle V
    Kle V

    Today on cannibalism theory: what is the most efficient and energy saving way to eat a human

  • BRUTAL [meow]
    BRUTAL [meow]

    I watch this at night

  • aaronamaphone


  • Ghost_Parodies

    Seems like a Glados opposite

  • EthanHasntBrain

    Frieandly movies: wall e was ejected

  • Shoopy Doopy
    Shoopy Doopy

    Matpat being added to a watchlist based on his knowledge of the amount of calories in the human body

  • Stinkey Poo
    Stinkey Poo

    human meat cant be beat? tell that to my poor poor pp matthew pat rick

  • DCdanger

    By your own rules minions helped the nazis, Stalin, America in some situations and literally any other dictator or generally evil person you could think of

  • alman54

    For this whole theory to work, Order A113 would have to have included the programming to use the passengers as food when the food reserves ran out. In fact, the human body liquefying machines would have been installed in the kitchens. As far as the audience can tell, the passengers' food is ONLY that stuff in the cups. Some kind of liquid. Any kind of actual food reserves, maybe tons of dehydrated foodstuffs, would have been used up hundreds of years before the events of the movie. The only other option for food was the passengers. These were still human beings, and they lived a completely sedentary life and drank stuff in a cup all day. With all those calories and non-movement, they likely were susceptible to early lifespans, and maybe died young due to heart conditions. The computer would not have considered the moral controversies regarding humans consuming other humans, especially without their knowledge. There simply was no other choice for food, once the reserves ran out.


    I wish they create another movie where they show the nightmare sequence coming true

  • Potato couch gamer awesome
    Potato couch gamer awesome

    This man is way evil than thanos.

  • Billy Moshe
    Billy Moshe

    Is there any possibility that they used hydroponic plants

  • Hypnoto

    I was doing a Joker impression and this got in my recommended... is this a coincidence? *I THINK NOT* 😓

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell

    Does this account for the amount of calories they would need to maintain there wight?

  • Watcher

    Please do a theory about 9 such a good movie need to see it 🙏


    I just wish jack see this and go, " hey matpat, wanna design our movie timeline and fundamental story?"

  • Noob Toonz
    Noob Toonz

    Can you do a Film theory about Spooky Month because it has lore...

  • Koala Kids Gaming Channel
    Koala Kids Gaming Channel

    I only have one question. You said the axiom use to serve real meats based on the clip, that means at one point they did have real animals on board, what happened to them then?

  • Phiro

    For a second I thought the sponsor was going to be hello fresh

  • Quynhanh Nguyenpham
    Quynhanh Nguyenpham

    the film theorist: doing FILM theory youtube: * 7 on trending for gaming *

  • Devin Stromgren
    Devin Stromgren

    HOOOOOOLD UP! I get they're sedentary, but wouldn't it still take a high caloric intake to gain and maintain that weight, thus busting your theory, especially since the Axiom didn't leave port with exclusively overweight and sedentary passengers?

  • Spade Gaming
    Spade Gaming

    matpat 4years ago: wall-e is about cannibalism everyone: FCK NO Matpat: you thought it was over

  • Recon.777

    Suspicious Detail #1 is explained with the fact that extremely obese people don't live very long. Regarding the calorie dilemma, you can't get around the fact that it will ALWAYS require more calories to sustain a human than the human is worth. To break this would be to violate the very laws of physics. It's like creating a perpetual motion machine. The only reason life on earth can sustain itself is because of the continual input of energy from the sun, which then works its way up the food chain, incurring massive efficiency losses at each stage. The problem is going to catch up with you eventually. And by eventually, I mean a lot sooner than 700 years. You can fudge the numbers all you want, but even if a person could live on 9 dead bodies over the course of their lifetime, that means each generation will be only 1/9th the population of the previous. With 700 years and a no-elderly population living to, say, 40, that's seventeen generations. If you start with a BILLION people and reduce it to 1/9th each generation, you'd be down to TWO people by the 9th generation. There's simply no way this can work.

  • Marmer 132
    Marmer 132

    Lol, "human meat can't be beat"

  • Earthserpent 1
    Earthserpent 1

    Remember, energy is lost through consumption of food through heat and bodily activities. So to get that plump to be recycled into food, the energy transfer would have to be very efficient, or there would have to be another source of energy for the passengers.

  • aaronamaphone

    ISdowns really be pushin' cannibal week.

  • 3nertia

    Yes, there are enough calories but are there enough nutrients in the right proportions? :)

  • Gabriel B
    Gabriel B

    Matpat I have a room theory! In raya and the last dragon what is the animal that raya mounts

  • Hotpocket Moutaindew
    Hotpocket Moutaindew

    It's all the 1990s Godzilla. Someone's got to remember.

  • matthew harkin
    matthew harkin

    The only flaw I could think of in the theory is that if someone is morbidly obese they must have an insane calorie intake.or at least above average.

  • Selin İman
    Selin İman

    Okay but what if the old people we dont see are put in some kind of other section of the axium? I mean we dont see children either. Children could probably be in some kind of boarding school section of the axium and old people are in some kind of retirement or nursing home section of the axium. Idk how this could be relevant to the theory but just wanted to throw it out there