Måneskin - Morirò da Re
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regia Younuts! Antonio Usbergo e Niccolò Celaia
scritto da i Måneskin
Management Måneskin: Latarma Management - info@latarma.it

producer Antonio Giampaolo per Maestro
line producer Alessandro Guida e Andrea Vetralla
montaggio Francesco Galli e Eugenio Campisano
color Alessandro Rocchi - vfx Alessandro Fele
scenografia Matteo Maiocchi
costume designer Jo Maria Contini - assistente costumi Barbara Pedrazzi
stylist Rebecca Baglini
sarta Emma Caturano
production manager Tommaso Spagnoli
production coordinator Federica Iorio
make up hairstyle Beatrice Borgonovo, Valentina Woo, Elena Tornello, Erika Calabrò
assistente regia Matteo Galvani
assistente produzione Davide Benza, assistente di produzione Gabriel Reyes Dennis
focus puller Roberto Chierici
gaffer Alessandro Bella
backstage Commando Creativo

Massimo Viafora, Davide Converso, Giada Chen
Nino Tronnolone, Vito L. Lodispono, Isabel Tonelli
Simone Fontana, Alam El Brinis, Camilla Galvani,
Martina Barbin, Tania Carandina, Paolo Ciscato,
Fulvio Marotto, Vanessa Milani, Elisa Meggiolaro,
Moreno Pezzè, Fabio Schilingi,

grazie a:
Associazione Ombre D'arte, Rettil Jungle
Mokkes, Sound & Food, Pladit Casting
Sirna, Videodesign e Cartocci
Roberto Pellegrino

  • Abracadabra


  • AnKamz


  • Marine Garcia
    Marine Garcia

    I have to say that it reminds me to Layne Staley in Facelift ( the same beautiful young powerful voice, shining like a sun just like him) and the look in Mad Season's group.

  • G2 WhiteDemon
    G2 WhiteDemon

    Poland here where are u from?

  • Aylin Unal
    Aylin Unal

    they make me wanna wear red lipstick even if i dont like it

  • stella del cielo ☆
    stella del cielo ☆


  • Валентина Валюшко
    Валентина Валюшко

    What can I say? This is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard . And video matched it

  • Tania SkinnyWarrior
    Tania SkinnyWarrior

    Addicted. #Damiano #Vic #Ethan #Thomas

  • Tania SkinnyWarrior
    Tania SkinnyWarrior

    Remember the dropedeath? Rock&Roll NEVER DIES. Amore a prima vista. Måneskin sempre.

  • Angela Cucca
    Angela Cucca


  • Claudia Rosenberger
    Claudia Rosenberger

    I've seen this video like 20 times, always wondering why everyone had a "circus performance moment" except for Damiono. And i thought the woman at the end was really hot. I'm an absolute idiot and i will bury myself in shame now.

  • Binh Do
    Binh Do

    My child in the future if its half Italian: ‘mom why am i named Marlena?’. Me: ‘it’s confusing but ill tell you when your older and be thankful that your not Coraline’

  • VIL

    Volevo scusarmi per il commento stupido che ho fatto sul nome della band. Avevo dodici anni quando l’ho messo, ora ne ho quasi 18 🙏 chiedo scusa

  • alessandra mora
    alessandra mora

    ... adesso morirò da te...un bacio Ethan 🌟💙🌈

  • giuly

    Fate uno spettacolo a Genova

  • giuly

    Siete grandi

  • Its..Xenija


  • Nadia Dellavalle
    Nadia Dellavalle

    Hey, its maneskin yeah so take my hand beatiful senorita we ll hang on the train with only our Fingers ready It won t be Easy, its all uphill so take it all baby pack your suitcase put on fishnet stockings and heels let s spend in this Gray night love next top you baby next tu you i ll die a king Hey ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i ll die king Hey ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i ll die king Hey ye-eh oh no no no oh no no no and even when im sick i ll be to tiredlike Fire they Advance to take all that Is to be ready to face de herd i don t want to go back now im leaving then baby baby baby dry the tears drink drink drink from my plate yes you want to fall you baby next to you i Will die a king ehi ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i Will die a king ehi ye-eh love next to you Marlena win in the evening undress black take everyrhing that Is comfortable and sincere open the sail from travel light you show the beauty to this people and Marlena win in the evening strip black take everyrhing that Is comfortable and sincere open the sail from travel lightaru show the beauty to this people and Marlena win in the evening strip black take all that ago comfortable sincere open the sail from travel light you show the beauty to this people and i love next to you baby next to you i Will die a king hey ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i ll die a king ehi ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i ll die like a king Hey ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i ll die king Hey ye-eh love next to you baby next to you i ll die a king ehi ye-eh This was the Song in english

  • Daniela Papa
    Daniela Papa

    Stupendi bravvissimi

  • german ss
    german ss

    I have become a huge fan since Euro. Such a breath of fresh air to see a young group who are just being themselves and not influenced by all the rubbish pop/media out there. I hope they continue to remain this way for many years to come. Love them XX

    • Roberto Trudu
      Roberto Trudu

      I agree with everything you said, but, please for God sake even if I'm ateist, change your nickname!!! To be associated to an organization that killed million of people...

  • Christine Sabia
    Christine Sabia

    This is fucking amazing!

  • Paweł J
    Paweł J

    very catchy :) nice

  • BellaGirl

    This song and video clip is super. I don’t even know how many times I’ve reviewed, and are only now writing, a comment. 💕 💕



  • icarus introlude
    icarus introlude

    I'm highly motivated to name my future kid Marlena

    • Sara :]
      Sara :]

      So true 😂

  • Kseniya Potapenko
    Kseniya Potapenko

    Океан Эльзы????

  • Gacha Wgf
    Gacha Wgf

    LI AMO

  • Carlos Narciso
    Carlos Narciso

    Saludos desde México, buena música

    • Sara :]
      Sara :]

      Cierto! Mejor grupo de rock de ésta década!

  • Julissa Salguero
    Julissa Salguero


  • Abracadabra

    What happens after you count to 10 .. he does everything I tell him

  • il mio sogno è incontrare Maneskin di persona

  • Ayleen Valez
    Ayleen Valez

    Ay me encanta soy la fan número uno victoria te amo aaaaaa😖🙂🤨🥰🙂

    • Nicole Barrios
      Nicole Barrios

      Quién no ama a Victoria?😌❤️

    • Clara Lamas
      Clara Lamas

      X2 hermana amén y amor y paz ✌️

  • Ktoś_ z polski
    Ktoś_ z polski

  • toca ona life
    toca ona life

    Malbert tiene que. Ver a damiano combertido en drak Queen

  • Norina Vandelli
    Norina Vandelli


  • Carly Fox
    Carly Fox

    I am so conflicted.. Was that meant to turn me on or am I just really strange haha

    • Kristina B
      Kristina B

      That's their goal, I guess. Don't feel alone 🤣

  • I Love Maneskin

  • fiammi fiammi
    fiammi fiammi

    A.D.O.R.O questa MERAVIGLIOSA BAN🎸🤘🏻

  • Yosra Rom
    Yosra Rom


  • Erika Marini
    Erika Marini


  • Alba Deffa
    Alba Deffa

    Devo dire che mi hanno stupito .Bravo e complimenti ci video

  • Elisabetta Lanzarini
    Elisabetta Lanzarini

    Uoo u

  • ilary Copertino
    ilary Copertino


  • Christian Gasperini
    Christian Gasperini


  • Carla Schiesser
    Carla Schiesser


  • no name
    no name

    omg damiano so sexy

  • Amy roblox
    Amy roblox

    Ti amo mandami un saluto

  • Tamara Gallo
    Tamara Gallo

    Wow ntavvi siete bravissimi mia cugina vo adora ascolta di tutto e canta pure le vostri canzoni 🌌♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🍁🍁🍁

  • tina russo
    tina russo

    Great music and talent. Bravi!!

  • Marc Anthony Mendieta Olivos
    Marc Anthony Mendieta Olivos

    Bueno, en definitiva ya tengo una razón para aprender Italiano.

  • Harmony Lasko
    Harmony Lasko

    I can't get over how much Damiano looks like Arca in drag

  • L' orMa
    L' orMa

    I've just published the tribute video for the artwork "Coraline", a paper sculpture inspired by this song by Maneskin! If you want, like and share! 😊 isdowns.info/lift/rInEn4xzm2qinLM/v-deo

  • Melena

    Вспомнила клип Билли Таллена😁

  • Alessandro Milanesi
    Alessandro Milanesi

    Evviva il grande ritorno di un po di sano rock'n'roll viva il rock e abbasso il rap e hip hop.....anche se ognuno ha i suoi gusti......😎🙄


    Ammmmm yo soy española


    Maneskin is my life and my favorite songs i love so much

  • Coralie

    Damiano David je t'aime ❤️

  • Andjelija Kesic
    Andjelija Kesic

    Maneskin is great🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Natali Hijaze
    Natali Hijaze

    Never liked Italian music before like now.Gorgeous,bravo ❤️🔥❤️In russian program “Vecherhy Urgant” it was necessary to use this song ,not “Slave”

  • Nanno 74
    Nanno 74

    Morirô Da Re,Hey Ey. -Dammiano David.

  • Ana V Rogers
    Ana V Rogers

    Amazing song!!!

  • DaisyTheOfficial

    I love how aggressive this song is so when I sing it I can put all my anger into it and I feel so good after


    das kinda gay

  • joe7426

    For some reason this reminds me of Amy whinehouse a little. Idk why tho

  • Francesco Galoppo
    Francesco Galoppo

    Maneskin: teatro ''d'ira'' poi c'è coraline

  • Renee Catherine Sapin
    Renee Catherine Sapin

    Ur Music 🎶band is Epic! 🤗💋🙌

  • Renee Catherine Sapin
    Renee Catherine Sapin

    "Me LoVe your DoLLS!" (edit) 👉the Haunted Spirit Dolls

  • Alberto Moretto
    Alberto Moretto

    Molto interessanti

  • Nicola Albano
    Nicola Albano

    Questa canzone è diventata la mia colonna sonora di un bellissimo ricordo che ho ossia i primi giorni di volontariato, bellissima canzone che esprime l'amore per la propria donna che significa che accanto alla ragazza che si ama si vivrà per tutta la vita come un Re con la sua dolce metà

  • Angela Iaria
    Angela Iaria

    Da re e regina!!!!

  • Potatoes_Potatoes32


  • isla menendez
    isla menendez


  • Francesca Cerreto
    Francesca Cerreto

    Mi sono sognata di incontrarvi

  • Zeyneb

    They deserve more

  • Sarah Margaret
    Sarah Margaret

    Who wants to be the bong water Damiano chugs down?

  • Marco Di Benedetto
    Marco Di Benedetto

    Rif copiatissimo da Bother degli Stonesour...

  • Alessandro Curcio
    Alessandro Curcio

    Che bello vedere gli stranieri che ascoltano i Maneskin facendo complimenti su complimenti lol

  • Rosario Coppola
    Rosario Coppola

    Complimenti per i tre milioni maneskin

  • Fikru Estamente
    Fikru Estamente


  • Yuli Ríos
    Yuli Ríos


  • Stefanie Di Chiara
    Stefanie Di Chiara

    This song is so cool

  • nadziaa🖤

    Amo la manesquin

  • Cristina Bulmez
    Cristina Bulmez


  • Алина

    Кто после урганта?😀

  • Meowness

    I'm not here marathon måneskin bcs of tiktok or eurovision. I'm here because it found me and simply fallin love with em. I love this band

  • Mikayla Mae
    Mikayla Mae

    When you don't speak French and have no idea what they're saying. But it sounds great so you listen anyways

    • Mikayla Mae
      Mikayla Mae

      @Luca Di Marcantonio ok calm down Jesus. I don't understand the language -thats my point. And the friend that told me about this band said they were 'french or something'. I don't do research, so sorry

    • Luca Di Marcantonio
      Luca Di Marcantonio

      It's Italian ffs

  • Let's Scream At The Moon
    Let's Scream At The Moon

    Everyone talking about Eurovision, but I'm over here like..... my Italian fiance loves these guys and introduced me and I'm hella enjoying it.

  • Calypso

    i love when he said "amore" is another level.

  • Claudio Matterazzo
    Claudio Matterazzo

    Lising. Madame,Sfera Ebasta-tu mi hai capito. Madame,Gaia-luna.

    • Francy Brass
      Francy Brass


  • Silvio Festa
    Silvio Festa

    Tutta da ascoltare, nota dopo battito🤘

  • Ken Kotarski
    Ken Kotarski

    Holy wow! This is fucking amazing. I stumbled on many of their Italian songs randomly after really enjoying Beggin' and I Wanna Be Your Slave. With the exception of a few words, I have no idea what they saying...but damn! It is GOOD!!!!

  • carol vieira
    carol vieira

    Damiano in drag just slayed my existence. Also Vic is a beautiful fallen angel 😣❤ MY HEART

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello

    Imagine not speaking Italian but just watching this to hear his voice

  • Francisca Garrido
    Francisca Garrido

    Questo gruppo di rock assomiglia ai gruppi di glam rock come T. Rex ed il cantante David Bowie, ma con un aira fresca e moderna. Era l´ora per il rock un altra volta!!! Congratulazioni!!!

    • The Professor
      The Professor


    • Francisca Garrido
      Francisca Garrido


  • Karolis Gudžiūnas
    Karolis Gudžiūnas

    This should of been the anthem of EURO 2020

  • nesma abed
    nesma abed

    Ciao questa lettera la sto scrivendo il 2 settembre 2021 ogni volta che ascolto le vostre canzoni esprimo emozioni continuate così e fate altre canzoni perfavore grazie di tutto siete i miei idoli

  • Giorgia Simeone
    Giorgia Simeone

    Nessuno Proprio nessuno Io qua dopo l’eurovision a leggere i commenti degli stranieri

  • Rares Coman
    Rares Coman

    nu va mai machiati ca bulangii respect pt muzica

  • ivan hassnie
    ivan hassnie

    why did he wore a corset?

    • Kristina B
      Kristina B

      Because he wants to. It fits for this clip.

    • [ kale ]
      [ kale ]

      bc he wants

  • Marlena Soffio
    Marlena Soffio

    David: Marlena, vinci la sera, spogliati nera, prendi tutto quello che fa comodo e sincera apri la vela, dai, viaggia leggera, tu mostra la bellezza a questo popolo. Marlena: David, e amore accanto a te, baby accanto a te, morirai da re.