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  • Luisa Cuizon
    Luisa Cuizon


  • david tatum
    david tatum

    Jelly. Slogan. Hid. Book. Is. In. The. Dezd

  • im amongus
    im amongus

    Metow and pet t shrith formyn

  • Franco Rbjham
    Franco Rbjham

    Jelly in to the mownten

  • Miguelito Miraflor
    Miguelito Miraflor

    That mointen is slogo liv that you say the mountain over there and the cow moo

  • The LBM
    The LBM

    Where the sheep was

  • Santana Maxwell
    Santana Maxwell

    That doesn’t happen to bees in Minecraft jelly

  • charzard

    beeny 2.o

  • Chenuk Minesh
    Chenuk Minesh

    Josh Is hiding in the mountain the creepers blew up


    At the mountain

  • Cayenne Ngeow
    Cayenne Ngeow

    u can make spyglass

  • Free's Special Channel
    Free's Special Channel

    Jasch is ien de hell war ju bluap de Crepers

  • Emily Shumaker
    Emily Shumaker

    In a mountin

  • autumn jones
    autumn jones

    Josh is hiding in creeper mountain

  • Irene Jimenez
    Irene Jimenez

    Jelly someon cald slogoman stole Your Diamond and he had a secrut base in bee town you a and craner work togetor

  • Brent Taylor
    Brent Taylor

    Sligo is in the hill where you blew up the creepers but where you saw the sheep on the side of the hill

    • Brent Taylor
      Brent Taylor

      With a other base in there

  • J Brice
    J Brice

    I think Jelly Jr

  • Rethabile Nthoesane
    Rethabile Nthoesane

    In the mountain

  • Rethabile Nthoesane
    Rethabile Nthoesane

    In the mountain

  • Dodo Adhm
    Dodo Adhm

    He is in a mountain 🏔 l don’t know which mountain

  • Emmahuskylover S
    Emmahuskylover S


  • Sri Hari Mariappan
    Sri Hari Mariappan

    slogo house is in the side of the mountain where you spat at and when you find it dig up above the crafting tabel you will find his stuff

  • Francis Kiko
    Francis Kiko


  • Francis Kiko
    Francis Kiko


  • Zoro Gaming
    Zoro Gaming

    7:09 there's a crafting table at left side while jellys going down the mountain 🤔😆

    • Joel Elizondo 🔴⚫️
      Joel Elizondo 🔴⚫️

      He put it there when he was killing the creepers

  • Divan Duvenage
    Divan Duvenage

    josh life where you explode the creepers

  • Gerardo Hernandez Jr
    Gerardo Hernandez Jr

    Jelly! I saw a crafting table on the side on The mountain and I am sorry that i am watching when this was more than a month ago

  • Dominique Worthington
    Dominique Worthington

    Yeah Sarah Gomez yet beat me out Bee meow and he doe to diamonds

  • Rose Cherian
    Rose Cherian

    I no

  • Kristers Balodis
    Kristers Balodis

    slogos hoss is in a hell

  • Helen Grace Lozano
    Helen Grace Lozano

    Name ur minecart bee Sentinel

  • Helen Grace Lozano
    Helen Grace Lozano

    Someone is snitching from you and telling em to slogo SUS

  • Kelly Mcgregor
    Kelly Mcgregor

    On the mountain

  • neri brasileno
    neri brasileno

    Hey jelly slogo live and mountain

  • Judy Wimbley
    Judy Wimbley


    • Judy Wimbley
      Judy Wimbley

      Josh is in his home

  • Daniel Barrera
    Daniel Barrera

    Y'all snitching hard on Josh dang

  • Cindy Caraos
    Cindy Caraos

    I saw a crafting table on the maintain.

  • Benedict Glow
    Benedict Glow

    Josh is hiding in the mountain!

  • Rex Lesco
    Rex Lesco

    I saw a hole in the water when you where in the boat

  • William Dalgleish
    William Dalgleish

    Bash is vak kak

  • ᴋᴏʙɪ

    Jelly beat the ender dragon but he didn't bring the eltrya 😂

  • Bply


  • Sudha Raghu
    Sudha Raghu

    He live in the mountain that u blow up with creeper

  • Kelly

    Josh is in a cave where you were

  • Mel Steve
    Mel Steve

    In the mounting u blow up


    Josh is in a mountain in bee town

  • Aldrence Clyde
    Aldrence Clyde

    In the mountain

  • Patrick Palisoc
    Patrick Palisoc

    Jelly slogoman live in to da mountain ok 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Patrick Palisoc
    Patrick Palisoc

    Jelly can I join in to bee town

  • Saroj Adhikary
    Saroj Adhikary

    Jelly slogo has did a role in your house and crainar'house

    • Saroj Adhikary
      Saroj Adhikary

      He did a troll

    • Saroj Adhikary
      Saroj Adhikary

      Do the best trol in slogos house

  • Void_Uchiha

    Jelly just saying i would snitch but im not a snitcher and i like slogo

  • Alejandro Carrillo
    Alejandro Carrillo

    Josh is hiding where you killed the creepers but you have to pull two levers then you pull another lever when you're in there and he stole your Diamands

  • Cedric Persie
    Cedric Persie

    Josh is in the mountain

  • KDAKZ 1465
    KDAKZ 1465

    make an ender chest jelly

  • D Ddc
    D Ddc

    I was wondering if you would play a another game called plague Inc.

    • Andrei Amolo
      Andrei Amolo

      He already played plague inc years ago

  • Natalie Medina-Nevarez
    Natalie Medina-Nevarez

    Josh is living inside a Hill

  • Adnane Ben-Chaabane
    Adnane Ben-Chaabane

    I know where he is but I’m not telling you

  • Santhoshi Nemala
    Santhoshi Nemala

    Josh lives in a mountain😂

  • Kolby Campbell
    Kolby Campbell

    In the queue side jobs in the US side so if you don’t wanna be here I don’t know which team is aware she could be in the right go find them please take them off your starboard can you kick them out of your server not cleaner please don’t kick off Kraner

  • Unbeatable

    I would if he liked u and if your not DUM U WOULD FIND HIM DUMY

  • Francis Van perater
    Francis Van perater

    His secret home is in the mountain where hi leave

  • MajdNothin

    Jelly said that Crainer "somehow" moved in to Cow town now Bee town. Didn't he invite him?

  • Eri_ sweet-peach
    Eri_ sweet-peach

    You should name the bee i the Minecart Cbee

  • Eleonor Velasco
    Eleonor Velasco

    Slogo is in the mountains in the clip in where you blow up the creeper top of the mountain I snitch him


    jelly i saw slogos video that he movrd in in the mountain u blew the creepers up

  • Guido Caretto
    Guido Caretto

    He is in the mountain where you blew up a creeper

  • The guy Cyan
    The guy Cyan

    Ok I wont

  • Zumdo Koyu
    Zumdo Koyu

    slogo is hiding in the mountain

  • Letch


  • Caylee Anne Matala
    Caylee Anne Matala

    Fine I will snitch on Josh Josh is in a mountain but idk were because he covers it with dirt and he has a pet named bork

  • Zirkia Grobler
    Zirkia Grobler

    Josh is on a Mountain were you blew up The creepers

  • Ezequias Hidalgo
    Ezequias Hidalgo

    I subscribed to your channel

  • Ezequias Hidalgo
    Ezequias Hidalgo

    Name him second mayor

  • RS | Yusuf
    RS | Yusuf

    2:47 the creeper is literally named Lol

  • Kamilah_Gaming

    Clue: Josh is living in a mountain

  • Sheela Sharma
    Sheela Sharma

    Heisbslss Lal so

  • Sheela Sharma
    Sheela Sharma

    You find it ons

  • Phoenix

    Slogo is in the mountain

  • ഷരൺ കോമത്ത്
    ഷരൺ കോമത്ത്

    siogo is fonud your house

  • 「 parkjimria 」
    「 parkjimria 」

    Jelly i know where is slogo in a mownten and you see a botton

  • TRH BG
    TRH BG

    The boat at lake is his boat not to crainer

  • TRH BG
    TRH BG

    Slogo is at the mountain

  • Berto Bunny
    Berto Bunny

    Josh stole your diamonds, I watched his video.

  • Xx Specify xX
    Xx Specify xX

    A good name for the bee would probably be: "bailee" "Bennee" "Billee"

  • Sofia Villegas
    Sofia Villegas

    OK I guess I will snitch he’s in the Mountain air that you blow up OK just don’t tell Josh that I tell you this my name is Sofia OK I’m a little kid so don’t snitch on me too there is a lever somewhere in the mountain and it and it opens a hole and there’s another lever that opens another hole and if you open those two lovers they open his base and then there’s another 11 is basing his rules and then there is where there is where his secret bases make sure to find out the dance initial me to jelly

  • Jayson Knight
    Jayson Knight

    slogo is in the mounten

  • Mr Fish
    Mr Fish

    I know this is scripted sooooo and if you don't agree watch all the videos you'll see what I mean

  • Ella Cipriano
    Ella Cipriano

    Uhhh.... the moutain with the sheep is actully where "JOSH"lives.

  • Mr. SteppenWolf
    Mr. SteppenWolf

    7.28 there is someone moving with a glass skin outside his house

  • Ali Yasir
    Ali Yasir

    Beecart is the name of the mincart bee

  • Ali Yasir
    Ali Yasir

    And the cave on the right break it then you will see bork he's josh dog

  • Ali Yasir
    Ali Yasir

    And the sign that Josh put sign that he didn't no how to write something

  • Ali Yasir
    Ali Yasir

    And there is a dirt when you break it you see a chest that has floopy and josh iron

  • Ali Yasir
    Ali Yasir

    And josh has a base in a mountain

  • Ali Yasir
    Ali Yasir

    Josh broke your window

  • amelia adams
    amelia adams

    Hi jelly Slogo. Has a base. On. A. Mountain

  • Henry Dench
    Henry Dench

    He lives in the moraine there are two levers and one hidden inside the First base

  • Jose Pantoja
    Jose Pantoja

    Boat from cowtown I miss cowtown

  • Jessica Shultz
    Jessica Shultz

    He is in the mountains I watch his videos to give you information

  • Hadi Chaudhry
    Hadi Chaudhry

    Also please don't tell slogo that l tell you where is he please