Bucket List: South Africa (Behind the Scenes)
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Comment: R.I.P Drone

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  • Michael Falck
    Michael Falck

    Thank you guys for coming to South Africa and I hope you guys really enjoyed it.

  • TheBelugaWhale

    Cody also bungee jumped yet in the actual video is says "I don't have to do it"

  • Townsly Huff
    Townsly Huff

    hey we knew some 80 year old that went sky diving!

  • Connell Koba
    Connell Koba

    What a nice shirt chad is wearing, go atlas

  • SticklesSpiff

    Ty: I have not flown before. Bucket List 1: Am I a joke to you?

  • Itjdh Plays
    Itjdh Plays

    Someone go diving and find the drone lol

  • Will Evans
    Will Evans

    Jesus loves you all

  • megcmurphy

    Chad is an absolute chad

  • Sunnah Wear
    Sunnah Wear

    F in the chat for the lost drone

  • -_Korekiyo_-

    1:42 A perfectly stale gummy worm.

  • Çağrı Gülnar
    Çağrı Gülnar

    0:22 what is the music guys?

  • savita gupta
    savita gupta

    Editor stereotypes

  • Micah J Farmer
    Micah J Farmer

    I love how DP centered a BTS around loosing a drone haha

  • Meghna_Is_Cool

    Shon appreciation 😩😩

  • Gilad Lazar
    Gilad Lazar

    You should have climbed up table mountain

  • Faraz Ali
    Faraz Ali

    Wait Cody does it too???

  • Woofyroro

    Rip Dave the drone

  • Muhammed Azhar
    Muhammed Azhar

    Lucky u guys aren't in sa now in this crisis🙏

  • Built-in Flair
    Built-in Flair



    poor drone :(

  • FTW Tech
    FTW Tech

    F for the drone

  • Hayden Osagie
    Hayden Osagie

    0:17 music anyone??

  • BaconKing Productions
    BaconKing Productions

    Cody your biggest mistake was wearing white shoes on this trip

  • Matt Vemich
    Matt Vemich

    Laughing so much .. then they pulled the rhino clip. Edit: I'm not crying, I just got dust in both my eyes

  • XOTIIC_3434

    any PLL fans see the atlas shirt or was it just me?

  • Wyn Stace
    Wyn Stace

    Sidemen and dude perfect collab would make my life bro

  • Arittro Sarkar Primary
    Arittro Sarkar Primary

    F in the chat for Drone.

  • Duy mạnh singer
    Duy mạnh singer

    Shoutout to Shon:(( He's having a bad time staying alone there

  • Heroxq72

    Sully was being nice, “Hey aren’t you hot there bud, here I have some mud for ya.”

  • H G
    H G


  • Janis Laronda
    Janis Laronda

    The quickest pigeon phylogentically use because frost focally trust circa a parsimonious expert. obeisant, exotic sardine

  • para normal
    para normal

    The horrible toothbrush steadily want because unit additionaly cry alongside a mellow port. faithful, mountainous laura

  • 30A Prime
    30A Prime


  • Ender

    You should’ve named the drone “Jerome” get it… no ok cool

  • Peter Dellegrazie
    Peter Dellegrazie

    Hi hello

  • Jo3y

    Whats the song name?

  • Dylan Choutka
    Dylan Choutka

    Dude to name something or someone Simon means you probably hate them😂

  • Legendary Lego Dude
    Legendary Lego Dude

    I don't know much about drones, so why can't they get it?

  • ashley wagner
    ashley wagner

    We’re on level 2 now😂

  • mafddox comtio
    mafddox comtio

    The cultured danger socioeconomically describe because wish complementarily spark within a diligent trowel. quixotic, frequent saw

  • Matúš Funfálek
    Matúš Funfálek

    F for the drone

  • David the Third
    David the Third

    Can we get a F in the chat for the drone 😔

  • Sarp Minisker
    Sarp Minisker

    sad for Shon

  • Littlefox_100

    0:25 turn on the subs the d word yikes


    Kids in Africa could of had that drone literally

  • Lane Jones
    Lane Jones

    Llpppopppopoko is oiooo ok ijlio

  • G Gagan Pranay Teja
    G Gagan Pranay Teja

    When will the bloopers for sand box racing be aired?

  • Raquel Roy
    Raquel Roy

    New Dp merch

  • Raquel Roy
    Raquel Roy

    New DP merch

  • Stoppin The Motion
    Stoppin The Motion

    At least they left a part of them in South Africa

  • idea

    you know cody you cannot wear white shoes here😂

  • Brandie Carlson
    Brandie Carlson

    So funny🤣

  • Gabby Bertucci
    Gabby Bertucci

    did anybody notice Chad's hair at the end of the video when the guys took their hats off?

  • Sizwe A.
    Sizwe A.

    You guys are the coolest ever! Reporting from South Africa! Much love 🇿🇦❤👍🏻

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis

    the saddest thing i've seen 4:49 Going: Not Going: Ty Shon Cody Coby Garrett Cory Chad Tim Derek

  • Jay W
    Jay W


  • Emma Oliver
    Emma Oliver

    I just like how in the main video Cody didn’t have to jump off the bridge. But here in the behind the scenes Cody did jump off the bridge? 🤔

  • Amaaz _07_
    Amaaz _07_

    Noooo not the drone 😭

  • Davíð þór
    Davíð þór

    R.i.P. Drone

  • Spiritual Meditations
    Spiritual Meditations

    nice v..

  • Sumit Debnath
    Sumit Debnath

    India's kaziranga has plenty of one horned rhino bur not much

  • Thunderwolf_ 1601
    Thunderwolf_ 1601

    Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey, goodbye. Rip Drone

  • Manoj Reddy
    Manoj Reddy

    Why didn't u met @dean schiender

  • Authentic Brick
    Authentic Brick

    So they all went Bungee jumping? they should have showed it in the vid

  • Zahid Nawaz
    Zahid Nawaz

    wth i thought yall had more than 4 mil subs

  • ChuckNorris

    Shame they're promoting cub petting.

  • Viper Druid
    Viper Druid

    Come to india

  • My 2D Animations
    My 2D Animations

    I kinda feel bad for shon

  • Kyle Eingorn
    Kyle Eingorn


  • Sengames

    Whats the song name bruhh

  • Samuel Gutierrez
    Samuel Gutierrez

    i love how the camera crew gets to do what they do

  • Vlogger vashist Board
    Vlogger vashist Board

    I was able to recover your drone. How do I get it back to you...

  • Ethan Zhang
    Ethan Zhang

    Hey Dude Perfect, could you link the organization for the rhino conservation efforts so we can raise more awareness?

  • I’m Trilogy
    I’m Trilogy

    Love that atlas shirt

  • D.J.Q

    *R.I.P Drone*

  • Heidi Larson
    Heidi Larson

    R.I.P Drone

  • suchee salan
    suchee salan

    Hey dudes come to sri lanka lot of adventures here 😜😜

  • soniya Singh
    soniya Singh

    Nice guys

  • Amaya Garcia
    Amaya Garcia

    rip that drone eeehhhh

  • Erik Mildes
    Erik Mildes

    Rip drone

  • pietro giussani
    pietro giussani

    R.I.P. drone

  • Nguyễn Dương
    Nguyễn Dương

    Bucket List: Vietnam

  • Jay Kerekes
    Jay Kerekes

    Omg soooo cool seeing u guys in my country I was like freaking out when u where just holding a plastic water bottle that I get from restaurants I was like omg that’s the same brand u guys are great

  • The22Healer

    Trip of a lifetime and the guys sport the Sony cameras and glass. Good call!

  • Yuhgetig

    Great Britain bucket list next

  • Janel Brady
    Janel Brady

    Do GRanYS Do THiS left me dying!!!!!!

  • Sporty athlete
    Sporty athlete

    Rip drone

  • Muhammad Asif Khan Jadoon
    Muhammad Asif Khan Jadoon

    Why did they hide everbodies prespective of jumping whyyyyyyy

  • Javier Escalante
    Javier Escalante

    Does garet still have that cat from ot 20

  • Kellen Troup
    Kellen Troup

    Dude prefect never looks at the comments 😢😭

  • Greg Dennis
    Greg Dennis

    Thank you for coming and showing off our beautiful country of South Africa!

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer

    Simon say's like the video

  • Bilal '
    Bilal '

    shon +

  • 비딩스페이스


  • Broderistcooleralsdu

    Now im realising that i was at the same places as i was there

    • Broderistcooleralsdu

      @miko foin what?

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Wondering: which drone was lost … ?

  • Ben L
    Ben L

    R.I.P Drone

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    I’ve never been particular interested in going to South Africa, but after watching this video and as a scuba diver this is at the top of my list! Thank you!!


    Rip drone

  • Billy Bob123
    Billy Bob123

    F in the chat for Drone, may he rest in the deep blue sea.

  • Lame Ducky
    Lame Ducky

    I swear u guys have done way more things in sa and i have lived here all my life Mostly because im scard of jumping of high things

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Rest in peace drone, rest in peace. Or in the ocean.