NASA Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover) Mission Animation [HDx1280]
Released April 4, 2011, courtesy of NASA/JPL: "This artist's concept animation depicts key events of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission, which will launch in late 2011.



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  • Tomasz Cisoń
    Tomasz Cisoń

    This video wow 🔝🎵👍🏼🌐

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    Saadettin Yılmaz

    wow perseverance spirit

  • Saadettin Yılmaz
    Saadettin Yılmaz

    wow perseverance

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    muhammet demirdöğen

    Adamlar 10 yıl önceden herşeyi nokta atışı biliyorlarmış.

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    Huge respect for cameraman

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    1:56 oh shocks u slowed down too fast now i fell

  • SFS Zolly
    SFS Zolly

    0:25 why does he let the capsule spin before jettison?

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    Adile Gocayeva

    Men Leyla canımı xanımı ozumle aparmag isderdim eyer oda isdeseydi,

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  • Gabriel Pardo
    Gabriel Pardo

    If I compare the two animations, one thing Curiosity did that looked more realistic than perseverance was the parachute opening! That looked so real!!! Then perseverance got curiosity on the arrival, atmospheric entry, and sky crane! But I also think curiosity beat perseverance in the sounds! Perseverance looked realistic while curiosity sounded realistic!

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    and i been learning about this

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  • Fans of Sheikh Noor din Wali
    Fans of Sheikh Noor din Wali

    There's no air on the Mars what is the role of parachute

    • XZenoRaptor

      Mars has an atmosphere so there is air. Mars's atmosphere is so thin though. But the parachute slows the vehicle from going around 1000 MPH to around 250 MPH. Then the skycrane takes over.

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    Veysem Reshid

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    A mi me dejan fascinado los videos educativos de la Nasa los admiro mucho a mi me encantaria viajar por el espacio a Marte o hasta pluton me gustaria que se pudiera viajar a la velocidad de la luz que tengan bonito dia h todos sus sueños se les cumplan bye

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    We are UFO in another planet.

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    You mean to tell me the signal out there works better than my 5G- there are no excuses now T-Mobile

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    Erst einfache Probleme angehen und dann .... nach den Sternen greifen.

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    meanwhile the aliens on mars have an area 51 and roswell just like us

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    Thạnh Phạm

    Science stupid Science doesn't know The Sun and Jupiter suck 18 kilograms of methane from Mars Every minute. Hence, the Sun and Jupiter are toxic hydrogen, so the atmosphere of Mars is green

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    Freie Meinung

    Impossible ,Fake Video

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  • Shakeel Khan
    Shakeel Khan

    This NASA fools us. I have a question. How can something fall from space to Mars?

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose

      Um, maybe because Mars has gravity.

  • Absar Ahmed
    Absar Ahmed

    I can not but looking for an answer that how does the videos has been taken??It seems that there was another robot or person taking Videos.. Please anyone here let me know about the matter clear?. Thanks in advance

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose

      This is a visual ANIMATION. It says so in the title.

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    Isaac Ruz

    Inprecionante me encanto. Superrr


    Proud of you NASA

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    Spooks :D

    Space terrifies me but this is really cool

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    Круто молодцы👍

  • james rassel Bonida
    james rassel Bonida

    wow perseverance landing successful in amazing..

  • james rassel Bonida
    james rassel Bonida

    wow perseverance landing successful in amazing..

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    We already starting poluting mars. Filthy humans

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    Really well animated wow

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    To day successfully landed congratulations nasa

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    :. Como esse carrinho espião vai voltar ? 🌎 * *. *

  • ALBERTO German
    ALBERTO German

    They should have remove the audio at first to make it more realistic. Even the landing should have sound different.

  • Curious Airlines
    Curious Airlines

    This animation is much better imo than the perseverance one.

    • JuDa_0525

      Yeah, the representation of the landing sequence is more complete.

  • U.S.A.F Colonel
    U.S.A.F Colonel

    Where does the rocket go?

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    Red Scorpion

    Does the like-to-dislike ratio look like a lightsaber?

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    Who's here after the perseverence landing video release?

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    and is there honey still for tea?

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    Yes. Good engineering is always repeated....

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    "Touchdown confirmed! We are safe on mars."

  • Naiyah Patel
    Naiyah Patel

    Ok I see it’s an animation

  • Naiyah Patel
    Naiyah Patel

    Is this real or fake this vid

    • Adveroy

      Its an animation

  • Naiyah Patel
    Naiyah Patel

    The motors sound very annoying

  • Naiyah Patel
    Naiyah Patel

    The motors in the head are annoying

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    Z łaski Bożej i nadziei zbawiony Grzesznik.

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  • Classic#Dracula

    is he still working?

    • Adveroy

      Yes, and they landed a new rover a few days ago

  • ShooTer

    He is no more single 🙃

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    Callen Volgs

    3:13. Sky crane be like ight I might head out

  • Vickie Sutherland
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    has anybody seen the rocket crane prototype ever operate on earth??

    • Bl0odredsandman

      Yes. There's a video of them testing the Skycrane for Perseverance. It's just hanging from the roof so the rocket motors aren't on, but it shows the rover being lowered down.

  • Sk Studio Official
    Sk Studio Official

  • Steve West
    Steve West

    IT WORKED !!!!!!!! AWESOME JOB NASA AND JPL !!!!!!!!!

  • Day Late Gamer With Will
    Day Late Gamer With Will

    LoL the sound effects make it seem like this is from a 90's FPS Game

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    Yu Hsuan HUNG

    and we'll see Rick and Morty on Mars LOL

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    All Is one

  • PP - 07BN 760990 David Leeder MS
    PP - 07BN 760990 David Leeder MS

    Anyone here after the perseverance landing

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    • POZICX


    • PP - 07BN 760990 David Leeder MS
      PP - 07BN 760990 David Leeder MS

      @Alexis Emilio bad friend

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    18.2. 2021 wtf how?

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    Touchdown successful 🤓

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    So who's the alien now?

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    impossible mars qui vient pour le touriste

  • NoMoreMr NiceGuy
    NoMoreMr NiceGuy

    wait this animation was made 9 years ago????

    • NoMoreMr NiceGuy
      NoMoreMr NiceGuy

      @TheChico868 ah, i guess they used the similar landing for the recent Perseverance rover

    • TheChico868

      It was made for Curiosity.

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    How my parents describe how i was born:

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    0:56 "long live the king"

  • Adam Fidelio
    Adam Fidelio

    3.6k people: I just don’t like how they had the nerve to land a rover on Mars like that

  • Aimée Vollmer
    Aimée Vollmer

    Why is there sound in the animation??

    • Adveroy

      To make it realistic

  • Emmanuel Palecpec
    Emmanuel Palecpec

    I really love the idea if they could use solar energy for the thrusters/rockets.

  • Arpit Wasnik
    Arpit Wasnik

    Was this an animation

    • Adveroy

      @Arpit Wasnik Im a guy, no problem

    • Arpit Wasnik
      Arpit Wasnik

      @Adveroy thanks bro/sis ?

    • Adveroy

      Yes, but this is what happened in real life

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