Perseverance Rover Captured Mars' Moon (Phobos) At The day And Night || Martian Night Sky In 4K
Mars' Moon at the day and night:
NASA's Mars Perseverance rover acquired these images using its onboard Left Navigation Camera (Navcam). The camera is located high on the rover's mast and aids in driving. These images were acquired on May. 8, 2021 (Sol 77).
The two moons of Mars are Phobos and Deimos. They are irregular in shape. Phobos has a diameter of 22.2 km (13.8 mi) and a mass of 1.08×10^16 kg, while Deimos measures 12.6 km (7.8 mi) across, with a mass of 2.0×10^15 kg. Phobos orbits closer to Mars, with a semi-major axis of 9,377 km (5,827 mi) and an orbital period of 7.66 hours; the semi-major axis of Deimos's orbit is 23,460 km (14,580 mi), with an orbital period of 30.35 hours.

Martian Night sky: NASA's Mars Perseverance rover acquired these images using its Left Mastcam-Z camera. Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover's mast. These images were acquired on May. 8, 2021 (Sol 77).

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  • Adele Spinetta
    Adele Spinetta

    Moon +Sun =life

  • Jeanne Denbigh
    Jeanne Denbigh

    The night sky shoold be totally covered in stars as no light pollution

  • Jed Verstraeten (Jdvee)
    Jed Verstraeten (Jdvee)

    Thats not moon...thats a spacestation

  • Александр Шастун
    Александр Шастун

    Why are few stars visible on Mars at night?

  • Adriano Max
    Adriano Max

    Non è Phobos, è un riflesso della lente !

  • KRYO Boy
    KRYO Boy

    For anyone who doesn't know this but there is a monolith on phobos. I'll just wait until some smartass comments that there isn't...

  • John P
    John P

    That's a lens flare

  • vegenes vege
    vegenes vege

    will see 2 moon in earth...wonderful....

  • Valen Tino
    Valen Tino

    OMG. This is probably the reflex effect in the lens. :)

  • iGadgetPro

    This video is totally fake 😂!

  • Samuel Jesse Jonah
    Samuel Jesse Jonah

    Marvelous 🇦🇺

  • oyze


  • Apollo 11
    Apollo 11

    What if most them moon's are not a moon just a flying object that need more research

  • 1305.jorge

    Why is phobos seen in round shape (full moon) considering it's lit by the sun that's up above? It should be seen half moon face

    • iGadgetPro

      This is fake video.

  • Henry Crum
    Henry Crum

    Shouldn’t Phobos be appear as a crescent? It’s angular separation from the sun ( in the first photograph) puts it near new the moon phase.

  • Amparo Orellana
    Amparo Orellana

    Awesome thanks for the sharing the video.

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @Dept FakeX why do you expect stars in the daytime?

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      what no stars?

  • Andrey Broaden
    Andrey Broaden

    You were carried away by the glare from the sun and the ufo which is on the top left did not notice

  • Blanca Camacho-Bonet
    Blanca Camacho-Bonet

    I saw the moon in the other video. It was so faint and look more like a bubble or lensing effect.

  • American Don
    American Don

    Phobos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Rocketdyne

    Looks more like lens flare than Phobos

  • Jupiter The Sun
    Jupiter The Sun

    That little moon of Mars sure looks huge ! And Mars’ night sky was not full of stars as I thought it should be because of lack of light pollution there ! Would be great to see the Milky Way galaxy from there .

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      @Mike Crownshaw Why don't you go and research how possibly all this garbage could be Faked? Use you brain for once. ...or try. Watching the Media in the way they present themselves you can figure-out whats going on to what's Not being said. People are afraid to believe in what they like. In case of ridicule or truth. So they rely upon Indoctrination. The sad truth about that people believe what they're told. Maybe not the first time, but by the hundredth time, the craziest of ideas just becomes a given. Ask yourself, what is the one thing that convinces you that it's all real?

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      @Mike Crownshaw ...You actually "Believe" in the main stream media too?'re a live one......hahahaha

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @Dept FakeX if there was any evidence it would make the news. Nice try at deflection

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      @Mike Crownshaw Okay Mike. Ignore the rest of the overwhelming evidence.

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @Dept FakeX watch the video I linked. It clearly shows the moon is solid and is not producing it's light. She has nothing to do with the flat earth debate and some great shots of the moon. She explains her setups.

  • warrior

    Is it separate moon from earthlings?

  • Perfectsound

    A full moon and a Sun at overhead is never possible.If its a full moon then Sun will be exactly at the opposite side.On a new moon the Sun and the Moon rises almost at the same time.That is why we are unable to locate Moon due to the brightnessn of the Sun .I think this video is not true

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @iGadgetPro this channel clickbaits but it is possible to see the sun and moon in the daytime but not everyday

    • iGadgetPro

      U are telling correct. Actually Rover Circular reflection captured while taking Sun Photo. Phobos don't look circular and big like sun.

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      I have seen our moon in the daylight


    Superb videos. I' m sir lankan.

  • mjproebstle

    the angular size is too big to be one of Mars’ moons. they aren’t that big. looks like a lens artifact from the sun. cheers!

  • Nessuno “Sono fatti miei” Sa
    Nessuno “Sono fatti miei” Sa

    The moon Phobos has a diameter of 22,534 and orbits from Mars at a distance of 9,380 km. The photo you see in the video has no zoom, how is it possible to see such a small moon at a distance of 9,380 km so large? Are you sure this is not a lens flare?

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      Thanks for the information

    • Nessuno “Sono fatti miei” Sa
      Nessuno “Sono fatti miei” Sa

      @James Mills I do not leave judgments, but seeing a very small piece of rock with the sun in front is an anomalous thing. Furthermore, if I measure a rock with a diameter of 20 km, I could never see it of that size from 9,000 km. Surely a mistake was made naively. These things happen

    • James Mills
      James Mills

      They aren't sure... they fucked it up, it's a lens flare. Phobos isn't perfectly spherical nor transparent (being a lump of rock). Clickbait video or genuine (ignorant, unforgivable..) mistake? You decide!

  • James Mills
    James Mills

    I don't think that's Phobos, man... it's a lens flare. Phobos ain't that round... nor is it transparent (rocks generally aren't).

    • andy williams
      andy williams

      yeah, Phobos is not round, think its scam video

  • Вячеслав Лойко поэт, прозаик, художник
    Вячеслав Лойко поэт, прозаик, художник

    Супер! Просто фантастика. Молодцы!

    • Bushmen

      А чего ночью так мало звёзд? Атмосфера разряжена, облаков нет,свет от городов отсутствует, где же россыпи звезд как загородом ночью?

  • maurizio marcolongo
    maurizio marcolongo


    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @Dept FakeX you would just say it's fake

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      I agree, it's astonishing that on any space missions there are never any Stars.

  • Physics Student
    Physics Student

    Awesome...thanks for your brilliant video

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @Dept FakeX the light reflected off the moon is brighter than the stars. It would be brighter than a major city at night or early day. You don't see many/any stars here then either

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      @Mike Crownshaw You won't see Stars at Night, or on the Moon, or on the way to the Moon. Infact anything to do with Space you won't see any Stars. Maybe it's because they cannot Fake Stars, as Star gazers wold know if the Stars are correct in their positions.

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      @Dept FakeX you won't see stars in the day

    • Dept FakeX
      Dept FakeX

      What no stars again?