Reacting To Houdini Reactions
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  • NSC Playz
    NSC Playz

    Holiday kind of poppin though

  • Stevenn Noorhanii
    Stevenn Noorhanii

    With radio games, finnish-estonia radio now plays ksi songs, i made them play these songs and they started to like these 😃

  • Gavin Shelton
    Gavin Shelton

    Gotta see one for holiday eventually

  • ßøtżę


  • Mike Get
    Mike Get

    Who is still commenting

  • Donovan Kagy
    Donovan Kagy

    Poki and jj would make a good couple

  • Zehyawan Endale
    Zehyawan Endale

    The next ksi song is a pokimane diss track

  • Kevin Kimeto
    Kevin Kimeto

    Here after Dej lost.

  • King Pig
    King Pig

    Bruh I am suffocating in laughter cz my mom is sleeping.

  • A K
    A K

    Shaq knocked me out with that KFC line tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • V

    What's the name of the first guy

  • B3AR

    I LIKE DRAKE but he uses a British accent sometimes and he’s from Toronto


    Dontai question is still unanswered 😂😂

  • Palmijs

    I actually thought that they was reactin to the magician

  • Muhd aidil Mohd azizan 4m
    Muhd aidil Mohd azizan 4m

    Im malaysian and i LOVE this song dudeeee it Fukin SSSLLLAAAPPPSS

  • Vivek Sidhdhapura
    Vivek Sidhdhapura

    Ksi's reaction is priceless 2:56

  • hey

    First guy not american lol

  • Ziyu Sang
    Ziyu Sang

    first dude sucked

  • Bleadze King
    Bleadze King

    song fire

  • Sayal


  • Lunar da kid
    Lunar da kid

    Why is the first dude so excited

  • Jonah Taylor
    Jonah Taylor

    Sorry ksi but best song they ever heard and best song he ever heard from ksi is a big difference 🤣

  • Drj 287
    Drj 287

    Layedback is a legend

  • S N A I J A M X O L I
    S N A I J A M X O L I

    that chick who was the second react is kinda stupid...whats with her

  • UsHnAf

    K F C

  • Soullieu •50 years ago
    Soullieu •50 years ago

    I swear Pokimane is constantly on period cause she is so annoying. Or a Karen is trapped inside of her

  • Obito Jitsu
    Obito Jitsu

    Yo the first guys like there's no good singer in america

  • Flying Diamonds
    Flying Diamonds

    What pokimane said doesn't make any sense lol

  • Natnael Gedlu
    Natnael Gedlu

    Priceless. 👌🏾

  • Hounin Kyoma
    Hounin Kyoma

    Everyone looking for her @ in the description box🤡

  • Bannes

    20:48. 😂😂😂. 22:09. 😂😂😂😂

  • PANDA Gaming
    PANDA Gaming

    Ain’t no one gonna talk about bearus in the backround right side


    The first guy is actually Canadian. His sweater has Laurentian University on it and it's in Sudbury, Ontario.

  • Jai

    I like jj but why bother making music when it’s as bad as this. He’s not even on the same stratosphere as people who actually make a difference and make really good music, for example, number 1 artist of all time is Tupac, number 1 group of all time you know who it is worlds most dangerous N.W.A. Just amazing artists like Eminem, 50 cent, dr Dre, snoop dogg, eazy-e, mobb deep, biggie smalls, ice cube, jay-z just make jjs music sound like a toilet flushing

    • Virtual Rinnegan
      Virtual Rinnegan

      shush man he’s progressing

  • Fuck Coppa
    Fuck Coppa

    We almost at 13 mil. Only 9 more to beat that twat ksi

  • Walter

    you are actually soooooo fucking funny, your SOOO entertaining!

  • Logical Tv
    Logical Tv

    Anyone: Smiles KSI: he's surprised!!!

  • ReMiX

    Im seeing all kinds of people saying jj is trash so, if he is trash Why you still watching him and commenting on his vids? These are the people that seek attention swear down

  • Juice pineapple
    Juice pineapple

    Poki opinion is fucking pissed me off

  • Rybreadington

    In the music video, he has red hair. But in the reaction he doesn’t

  • I’m Rxscyy
    I’m Rxscyy

    Pokimane “ this could be anyone” don’t know shit what she’s talking bout KSI’s style is so unique I can tell when it’s him on the track whenever 😂😂

  • Molly

    Bearus creepin in the back

  • Abdullah Sazali
    Abdullah Sazali

    first video: hondini KSI: -_-

  • Yvan Baquir
    Yvan Baquir

    Yo your windows aren't activated

  • -_-

    Pokimane is racist btw

  • Florian Beuk
    Florian Beuk

    the moment people realize that real americans were black and not white lmao m not trying to be racist whats so ever

  • Mplays4U

    Yo where's the @ tho?

  • dFact

    Rocks on my wrist🤣

  • SuttonTV

    Fuckin Greekgodx saying “I honestly prefer ricegums stuff”

  • MkHxroYT


  • fknEnvyy.

    0:40 mural

  • Varad


  • Asad Hassan
    Asad Hassan

    I don’t rate pokimane at all fam

  • Jonadley Delpe
    Jonadley Delpe

    22:42 That might as well be another thing, I don't see it.

  • Mason Lee
    Mason Lee

    Basically your watching 20 mins of JJ boosting his ego.

  • Ishoo

    ego max

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali

    No one: ksi Allow it fam

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude

    9 year old: KSI uses a ghostwriter KSI: 17:26

  • ItsMiZzie

    Ksi ego chart _____ | | |

  • Zaid Ahmed
    Zaid Ahmed

    *Look how happy he is" look how happy you are jj looking at him happy

  • Aswin Sudarsan
    Aswin Sudarsan

    KSI's passion is in music is revealed in this video have u ever seen him this excited? Except when he is with Simon..?

  • Exotiix

    When you think a Jamaican accent defines all African accents 😭 Cmon Pokimane do better


    pointless like ksi

  • V1rus

    5:32 9:20

  • Kenneth Baling
    Kenneth Baling

    jj what does ksi stands for

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    2:52 look how happy you are jj

  • AsAP!! NeRJ
    AsAP!! NeRJ

    The beats sync with "thotiana" song by blueface

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason

    What is up with Shaqs right eye like that man clenches that bitch hard when he vibes to a song

  • Sage Saks
    Sage Saks

    No Life Shaq is the 🐐 of reaction videos

  • Lex

    “I’m Canadian so” ksi - “ I love him man” all the Canadians 🎉🎉🎉 💃 💃😂

  • BertGH

    First guy was like, "these guys suck they pronounce all the words wrong"

  • Technix { The Gamer }
    Technix { The Gamer }

    soooo i just saw that he plays Dragon Ball i play it too

  • Technix { The Gamer }
    Technix { The Gamer }

    Seeing KSI laugh makes everyone else laugh

  • TigerPlayz1a

    Bruh I am the only one the doesn't hate popin? Houdini is still FIREEEE even now

    • TigerPlayz1a

      @Cade Cunningham✔️ ok?

    • Cade Cunningham✔️
      Cade Cunningham✔️

      @TigerPlayz1a poppin is just basic

    • TigerPlayz1a

      @Cade Cunningham✔️ ????

    • Cade Cunningham✔️
      Cade Cunningham✔️

      so ur probs a kid who likes anything rap

  • Souvik Chakraborty
    Souvik Chakraborty

    Make Lamborghini Version 2 or Recreat that song now you have better equipment and access to many big artist ❤️.

  • Ola Ericsson
    Ola Ericsson

    No life shaq is a god fr kfc 😂

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan

    16:56 instant regret 🤣

  • Aahil Abdulla
    Aahil Abdulla

    Much love bro💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • milindo gugu
    milindo gugu

    Man's acting like he can say mural

  • Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan
    Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan

    I really hate pokimane one thing she doesn't know about producing a song as a rapper

  • Shahan

    Houdini and don't play are his best of the best.

  • Diesel Boy
    Diesel Boy

    I had to come back for all the KFC COMMENTS BECAUSE It MADE ME REALLY HAPPY

  • ZEN SH198
    ZEN SH198

    say mural

  • Dread

    Dontai: *actually enjoying the song* Chat: STFUUU ITS ASS. TRASH LLLL WTF NOOO

    • Dread

      @ez frr

    • ez

      Twitch chats are too toxic

  • r97 NeaL
    r97 NeaL

    I swear, no disrespect, but in my experience with Jamaican people, I can't understand a damn thing they say.

  • MrDavidelliottjr

    If you can't pronounce a word so simple then you can't do reactions. Idiot

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris

    This song is legit a banger. I can put on repeat and play it for ever lol

  • BigProfit[Yes]


  • Mohamed Abughalia
    Mohamed Abughalia

    Ksi:I'm seeing a little bit of movement from pokimane, she is gonna start twearking soon Tier 3 pokimane Simps: waiting for that moment...

  • Evan Esrailian
    Evan Esrailian

    reason why i dont like poppin is because smokepurpp said n word multiple times

  • Ver 1418
    Ver 1418


  • m4dzz

    If swarmz is on the track issa banger no questions asked

  • Jakob Livingston
    Jakob Livingston

    That so funny he got gassed because of pokimane

  • Jamar Charles
    Jamar Charles

    yo yo wheres the @

  • Emma Hughes
    Emma Hughes

    Simon in the other room:😳

  • Joshua Mitchell (Josh_yosh)
    Joshua Mitchell (Josh_yosh)

    Popping not trash

  • Joshua Mitchell (Josh_yosh)
    Joshua Mitchell (Josh_yosh)

    Dick smallowers. Um drinkers

  • Joshua Mitchell (Josh_yosh)
    Joshua Mitchell (Josh_yosh)


  • mamba mentality
    mamba mentality

    "Hold up I think i just found the worst dancer than me"😂

  • Protifive Beast Gaming
    Protifive Beast Gaming

    the ding ganasana when i phundudun.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣