Sidemen React to KSI - Number 2 (feat. Future & 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]
Sidemen React to KSI - Number 2 (ft. Future & 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]
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  • Adnan

    sidemen reacts are boring and too much talking without KSI ...

  • Ben dickey2
    Ben dickey2

    that shit that you dropped gonna flow, like bruh

  • Neftali Montesinos
    Neftali Montesinos

    You can see Ethan’s jealousy towards ksi success

  • Ëgån

    So now he matching bandanas just to hide his fat belly?👀😂

  • Ëgån

    Tbh this ain't my type of music but props to jj

  • Kodlosp

    Besides jj losing the race the song was 8 flames out of 10 flames

  • John Fickas
    John Fickas

    Toni: “he’s the Shakespeare of our century” 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Jello

    how tf does ethan lowkey have waves

  • Kycul

    they really made a whole new game for a music video, are they not gonna release this game anytime soon?

  • s S
    s S

    Can't understand a word these guys are saying. Song is garbage. And video is lame

    • Just your typical Emo boy
      Just your typical Emo boy

      Go see a doctor cus you have ears worse then a newborn

  • ryanator_109

    Such a great song only to be ruined by that horrible 21 savage verse....

  • Coaster Craziness
    Coaster Craziness

    21 Savage’s verse has so many hilarious lines and is a fire verse at the same time

  • Tayyab Shah
    Tayyab Shah

    you cant tell me toby dont look like 21

  • Schubes

    Nice to see Future collabing with 2 UK Artists

  • Afiq Ar Rafi
    Afiq Ar Rafi

    Second song name?

  • Ethan WONG [10N]
    Ethan WONG [10N]

    now waiting for them to react to lose imao

  • Unspecified

    21 Savage is a Pokémon.


    they aint your friends if they aint singing along with you #AAOOH

  • Miyagi 420
    Miyagi 420

    All jealous funny that get ur mates but u should be happy for him lost lots of respect for u

  • Miyagi 420
    Miyagi 420

    All jealous funny thin get ur mates but u should be happy for him lost lots of respect for u

  • Welsh Gaming
    Welsh Gaming

    Did SidemenReacts get copyright claimed by JJ?? 😂😂

  • Summer Jade
    Summer Jade

    Whoever the 2 guys were, shouldn't have been on JJs track. Or album. I was expecting good artists for the album, and hearing this is like JJ let's anyone and everyone jump on his music. Maybe it's just me, but damn 😕 I was promised good artists lmao

  • Alex

    I'm glad the boys like JJ's music!

  • Michael Kyriakides
    Michael Kyriakides

    Let me just ask one question, If KSI wasn't famous on youtube, would he really have become this successful with his music?

    • itssteve

      Cos not everything can come from working hard

    • itssteve

      He'd have < 1M monthly listeners he wouldn't go clear he'd be like Randolph

    • Phil mcrack
      Phil mcrack

      Probably no (Edit: if you disagree with me, that's fine. It's just my opinion.)

    • Sahar Sahib
      Sahar Sahib

      yes, yes he would since he puts so much effort in the music, he always has been from the start

  • Eli McClung
    Eli McClung

    It’s funny that they are more gassed during the old music vid than JJs

  • Justin Mayes
    Justin Mayes

    Ethan with the WAVE CHECK 🌊 ✅

  • Monish Munagala
    Monish Munagala

    still dont understand y people say jj songs' suck. like i got most of his songs downloaded and listen to em almost everyday

  • Fillip Helgesen
    Fillip Helgesen

    21 savage looks so cool man

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia

    Ksi auto tune ruined it

  • Johnny Kapiszony
    Johnny Kapiszony

    bruh it is just autotune

  • TheDreamTacular

    JJ really made a song about taking a shit smh

  • YoungBoy JC
    YoungBoy JC

    Can u lot do a AOTP album reaction

  • tjschotel

    Ethans hair looks like a pineapple

  • CJ Schulz
    CJ Schulz

    Does Ethan have waves?


    We not gonna pretend like Tobi doesn't look like 21 savage without dreads

  • Cooper Tiddy
    Cooper Tiddy

    ethan says jj’s making up words, even though andele is a word/slang used by many people

  • Marlos Silva
    Marlos Silva

    Waste of a 21 feature

  • Muhammad Nadeem
    Muhammad Nadeem

    Their vibing to the other song more than JJ's

  • Simone Nicole
    Simone Nicole

    Doesn't 21 sound tobi with that first line


    21 Savage honestly killed this song

  • WrII

    so shit

  • FJK clothes
    FJK clothes

    Respect for 21

  • MikaelCustoms

    Yooo Ethan kinda got those waves with his hair thats fyah!

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear

    Y'all can't say you like 21's part when he literally ruins it by saying 21 every few seconds. Imagine Eminem doing that. Doesn't work. Doesn't work with him. JJ's part is the best.

  • ReDx- -187
    ReDx- -187


  • PurplePete

    Could they not just watch the video and talk about it instead of constantly making the same shit joke

  • Huntsolo

    Is it just me or is behz got waves in his hair sheeesh ayo my guy

  • Killian McCluff
    Killian McCluff

    How tf are any of them 3 rich famous musicians

  • Jacob Guerrieri
    Jacob Guerrieri

    React to lil nas x video

  • Rachel Joseph
    Rachel Joseph

    U should react to no time

  • Sara Xo
    Sara Xo

    Why are ethans waves vertical 😂😂

  • The Ethmiester
    The Ethmiester

    Anyone actually know what Adidas’s Future was wearing, they’re sick

  • ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ
    ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ

    Yo his got waves 🌊

  • Fernando Jason
    Fernando Jason

    React to stay kid laroi and JB

  • Weeky

    Ethan needs to chill abit

  • Legochecker77

    Sponsored by BMW😂

  • Reece Valentine
    Reece Valentine

    its such a bad song

  • Sebastian


  • Trisha Cute drawing
    Trisha Cute drawing

    Thanks for the video

  • Jepta

    Why does Ethan's hair look like the texture from a pineapple

  • Truth

    Runners on the Andale in Spanish Andale means hurry at least in my country it does

  • RonS 707
    RonS 707

    JJ reacts to Sidemen reacting to number 2 lolol

  • Duarte Oliveira
    Duarte Oliveira

    sidemen should react to the new dave album

  • Hussam Elhamime
    Hussam Elhamime

    Harry watching this like "he's done us a bamboozle😯"

  • yonk

    Ethan be swimin

  • John Struntz
    John Struntz

    Im sorry but KSI sucks at rapping....but as a person he's dope and also he's better than 21 so that's a plus

    • Jr Cotoc
      Jr Cotoc

      nah nah nah

  • Tazerz

    Damn he crashed that BMW just how his brother deji crashed his audi r8

  • Josh Mcinnis
    Josh Mcinnis

    Nobody: 1:14 - future switching gears 3 times in a row


    this is hot i love you sidemen.

  • Shivansh Joshi
    Shivansh Joshi

    Ksi doesn't win any race in gta against the sidemen and expects to win against 21 Savage and Future

  • Adam Nehal
    Adam Nehal

    Ethan “what are the them creps” bruh those are Bottega Veneta damn near 1000 dollar shoes

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen

    At least one has to trip to get through it

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen

    Sidemen react to ksi video to stay relevant. They guys are just sad now

  • ーアレクサンダ

    Sidemen should react to Industry Baby By Lil nas x

  • Oliver CC
    Oliver CC

    0:05 thank me later

  • Ꭱite


  • Dghthfc

    Josh talking about ghost writer hahahahahahahahahaha he’s a lad aye

  • Chubbydude

    God bless you all and your families 🙏🏽✝️🛐🛐

  • Mitchell McGregor
    Mitchell McGregor

    The music video reminds me of the Need for Speed Carbon cutscenes

  • Slammin

    Had a proud moment as a fan when "Holiday" came on the radio in a small country town in Victoria, Australia. Was a pleasant surprise to hear JJ's music from the other side of the world on the radio.

  • Itz the editor
    Itz the editor

    There’s so much auto tune in this song

  • matej zoltak
    matej zoltak

    The best thing was that our boy had a gta map

  • Struggling world💖
    Struggling world💖


  • Himanshu K
    Himanshu K

    He's taking pictures middle of race He is already last bro... Lmfao

  • PistolPet

    I love the fact that when they are playing the game in the music video, the controllers are turned off

  • Adedamola Adeseye
    Adedamola Adeseye

    How does Ethan have better waves than me and I'm black

  • michael puente
    michael puente

    Does Ethan have waves? lol the small percentage of Nigerian coming thru lol

  • Ujjwal Shrestha
    Ujjwal Shrestha

    josh intro so boring

  • Wh1te_fang

    Not a big fan of Ethan


    Anyone else realise the gta v minimap😂

  • Comment Section
    Comment Section

    Sidemen watching Ksi new music vid: hes gunna lose the race Sidemen watching throwback songs: AYY THIS GOES HARD

  • evanvantro

    I'm sorry...does Ethan have waves!!! LOL

  • Alie Isaac
    Alie Isaac

    Y’all don’t know music that bar is hard no cap

  • Dan James
    Dan James

    His music is rough auto tune madness

  • Pratik Karki
    Pratik Karki

    21 savage carried the song to the level it is now, Future verse was okay

  • Andre Reed
    Andre Reed

    Nobody gone talk about how Ethan is just swimming??

  • Sheesh King
    Sheesh King

    Does Ethan have waves?

  • Tomas

    Bezh with the waves 🌊🌊🔥

  • Tiarnan Oneill
    Tiarnan Oneill

    Can yous react to Gaelic football it is a really good sport in Ireland and it would make my year for yous to react to it

  • jai kadyan
    jai kadyan

    shut up tobi

    • AntonR Nik
      AntonR Nik

      shut up jai kadyan

11 m.