Last to Stop Touching Evil Fountain of Truth Wins Challenge
First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!" Next Matt and Rebecca created "Prom the Music Video Challenge in 24 Hours!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying Yes To Evil Daniel for 24 Hours Challenge." Now the Game Master Network needs to protect the fountain and do what the game master says. It will be like a last to leave the fountain wins challenge. If Daniel's plan to hack the fountain works then we can save it. Rick Noah is being high level sus and we don't know if we can trust him. Do you think this giant plan will work? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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  • Game Master Network
    Game Master Network

    Can't believe the app price has been lowered! Go get it if you haven't yet!

    • Shannon Freestone
      Shannon Freestone

      @Megan YT yes sus

    • Abigail Hulings
      Abigail Hulings

      Rick throw the charger

    • Carlos Polo
      Carlos Polo

      No you can’t trust rick

    • Jordyn Morales
      Jordyn Morales

      Will the price always be lowered to that number?

    • ibrahim walli
      ibrahim walli

      I wish I can buy it but my parents won't let me because there trying to buy our house

  • Mohamed Oya
    Mohamed Oya

    Rick is sus

  • Brie Kadar
    Brie Kadar

    That rhs was wearing green

  • kassim karama
    kassim karama

    Hie is liy hi for it and hid mat sekt

  • yetty sarimultisarana
    yetty sarimultisarana

    I can not belive this Rick noah he take the thing that Daniel need and rick noah troing that away 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Fardosi Ansary
    Fardosi Ansary

    Rick nouh is a RHS

  • Bella Cutie
    Bella Cutie

    Ric Noah is SUS



  • Piper Rockelle Squad Fan
    Piper Rockelle Squad Fan

    I can't believe Rebecca does not have a large intestine 😅😅😱😱😱

  • thartea pachuau
    thartea pachuau

    Rick noah is evil

  • Gasha Alexander
    Gasha Alexander

    Rick Noah is the are you Jess

  • Brielle Deane
    Brielle Deane

  • Lance Prouse
    Lance Prouse

    I am

  • Zoya ellahi
    Zoya ellahi

    Rick nowa was listing when maddy was telling he vison

  • Jennifer Najera
    Jennifer Najera

    Noah he was one of the artRHS if you were looking closely you can see his green shirt that’s why he was out of breath

  • Yeashna Ali
    Yeashna Ali

    Rick Noah thow the charger

  • Lily Roberts
    Lily Roberts


  • Darla E
    Darla E

    That was so excited to go Percy

  • Rey Contreras
    Rey Contreras

    Maddie Rick Noah was looking at when you were speaking to us and you were saying what your vision was and he was looking over the that's that what I mean by that.

  • Nadja Petrovska
    Nadja Petrovska

    1.Rick noah was fighting with u guys at the start i saw his green shirt 2.He throw the cord charger that daniel needed 3. he listened to Maddie's visions he's definetly sus

  • Nadja Petrovska
    Nadja Petrovska

    who else has a crush on daniel if u have DO NOT STEAL HIM HE'S MINE

  • Faris Emod
    Faris Emod

    Rick noawa is

  • Vanessa OlguinO
    Vanessa OlguinO

    Reck Noah there it

  • KaTrina Cook
    KaTrina Cook

    rick spying on all of you

  • KaTrina Cook
    KaTrina Cook

    rick noah threw the cord his working for king pen and i got you `re app

  • Alexa Ramos
    Alexa Ramos

    When Maddie was telling her vision brick Noah was peeking from the back

  • Alexa Ramos
    Alexa Ramos

    Rick Noah is sus

  • Alexa Ramos
    Alexa Ramos

    Rick Noah through The phone charger to The bushes when Daniel said he needs them

  • Alexa Ramos
    Alexa Ramos

    Rick Noah is a RHS when you guys were battling royale One of the RHS was wearing green

  • georgina uban
    georgina uban

    Rick nova thanking out the like phone charger

  • georgina uban
    georgina uban

    Rick nova thanking out the make the phone charger

  • ash mo
    ash mo

    he throwed it

  • Jason Ty
    Jason Ty

    i seen rick noah hearing maddies future

  • Dayang Noor Asmah Awang Serudin
    Dayang Noor Asmah Awang Serudin

    Inside of the clothes is Color green rick Noah

  • Here Coming
    Here Coming

    Matt is so mean to Daniel he made Daniel cry and me

  • Ofelia

    Brick Nova can be trusted

  • Ofelia

    Rick Nova is

  • A G
    A G

    Rick Noah threw the cable that was needed to connect Daniel's phone to the device!! Rick Noah might be the one to get kicked out of the Game Master Network. Maddie also said the the RHS had a bit of green, Rick Noah CANNOT be trusted!!!!!!!

    • A G
      A G

      He was also listening to Maddie's vision, I know I have no say in this but, Rick Noah should be kicked out of the Game Master Network!!!!!!

  • Roi Deoni
    Roi Deoni

    Rik Noah is the rhs because I saw a green thing he was fighting you he was tired because he was fighting you

  • drmahuyacbrahma

    Rick Noah throw charge

  • Veronica Shipapo
    Veronica Shipapo

    Rick Noah threw the the phone charger in the Bush do not trust Rick Noah

  • zaunzouna gaiming
    zaunzouna gaiming

    Rice now was hearing muddies vision!

  • Shaniya Sampson
    Shaniya Sampson

    It was actually Green

  • swetha sompalli
    swetha sompalli

    Rick Noah was a lier

  • Talking Life and more
    Talking Life and more

    what maddie said made me fell like i was in school

  • Sarah Cronic
    Sarah Cronic

    You need to do a face reavel for rick noah and on other youtube videos game master is bad so is he bad or not bad🤔🤔

  • Camila Flores
    Camila Flores

    Rick Noah is part of a Rhs he throw the phone thing he is bad

  • Cheryl Moore
    Cheryl Moore

    Rick Noah throw it in the plants

  • rssdds


  • Lily Kim Stratton
    Lily Kim Stratton


  • Raymond Moseley
    Raymond Moseley


  • Tara Anthony
    Tara Anthony

    Rick Noah always goes to the doctor but does he really need to??

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen

    Rick noah is being sus

  • Nicola Twin
    Nicola Twin

    When Maddie was talking about her vision rich noah was peeking over the wall

  • Nicola Twin
    Nicola Twin

    Rich noah can’t be trusted when Daniel wasn’t looking he threw the wire

  • Celine Sayed
    Celine Sayed

    Rick Novak listened to Maddie say her vision look back at it

  • Celine Sayed
    Celine Sayed

    Maddie your right

  • skyezdayz days
    skyezdayz days

    Who else saw rick Noah snooping loooolllll

  • Jean Jeanise
    Jean Jeanise

    When Daniel was with Rick Noah Daniel was putting them on Bralla on the thing and Rick Noah took the cord and throw it in the bush

  • Jean Jeanise
    Jean Jeanise

    When Maddie was sing her stuff Rick Nowels was peeking out and hearing what Maddie said

  • Sunita Ramnarine
    Sunita Ramnarine

    I think rick Noah is a robot.

  • Bertha Zizka
    Bertha Zizka

    Kick out Rick

  • Jenny_lovesherpony

    I think Rebecca will get a Vision of rz twin and everyone else will get Clues out this Fountain of true

  • Abbiha Kazmi
    Abbiha Kazmi

    Rick Noah through the charger for Daniels phone.

    • Abbiha Kazmi
      Abbiha Kazmi

      And Maddie Rick Noah peeked at you and he Heard your visions.

  • Gallagher Girls
    Gallagher Girls

    Rick Noah is a robot

  • Jocelyn Ryan
    Jocelyn Ryan

    He was hypnotized, Or he has always been evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿👿

  • Jocelyn Ryan
    Jocelyn Ryan


  • Skylar Klingle
    Skylar Klingle

    Rick Noah through the cord

  • Seema Bhanot
    Seema Bhanot

    Rick Noah cannot be trusted he threw the cord in the bushes when daniel was not lookin. make a plan to trap rick noah he cannot be trusted repeating he cannot be trusted. tysm for the goodness you guys have us

    • Seema Bhanot
      Seema Bhanot


  • Annette Werner
    Annette Werner

    Rick Noah is a rhs

  • American dragon Brian
    American dragon Brian

    Spy ninjas are you typing a ISdowns channel and you are you know what I’m talking about Videos with you remember you know I’m talking about

  • American dragon Brian
    American dragon Brian

    I know this did you feed do you need you don’t need your help by something I told him in the comments game master network why are you why are you team up with the spine ninjas you can sit down any you can beat down Mr. T

  • Malachi Wynn
    Malachi Wynn

    Nova throw the charger piece in the bushes

  • Malachi Wynn
    Malachi Wynn

    Do you know what does the cord in the bushes

  • Imran S
    Imran S

    Rick noe is part av de M gmi

  • Gelique Morris
    Gelique Morris

    Rick noah can't be trusted because he was spying on Maddie when she was talking her vision

  • Gelique Morris
    Gelique Morris

    Rick Noah Throw it over there

  • Tasaraf Majeed
    Tasaraf Majeed

    Wickes nurse or your visions and he threw the cable

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado


  • Tasha Tremblay
    Tasha Tremblay

    Wrecked Noah is a traitor he’s through the phone card in the bushes

  • Edna Riedewald
    Edna Riedewald


  • Sierra Hahn
    Sierra Hahn

    he threw it in the bushes

    • Sierra Hahn
      Sierra Hahn


  • Heather Wolfe
    Heather Wolfe

    Ha love your videos and IV ben ceiping n eye out stats safe👍🤘✌🙂😉

  • Ashurena Shlemon
    Ashurena Shlemon

    Rick nowa was hearing wat Maddie had of the future

  • Gabriela Truong
    Gabriela Truong

    Rick threw the cord in the bush

  • ragomez1989

    Dinner and then inside and thought it we know what Noah told it

  • ragomez1989

    Can you tell me do a bush so don’t do it

  • amalia moreno
    amalia moreno

    1 of the rhs had a green mask and its Rick Noah

  • Mea Bole
    Mea Bole

    Maddie ur right !

  • Mea Bole
    Mea Bole

    I Think ur lie is that ur not going to that school I think

  • Ashley Kunkel
    Ashley Kunkel

    Do not trust Rick Noah when Maddie was telling what her vision was he was looking and he threw the charger to Daniel's phone like the thing that you needed in the bush

  • Kingstonland

    you can’t trust what he took the cord for it

  • John Hall
    John Hall

    RipNoah and Daniel when they were out there workout through the cord

  • Roudha Al jattal
    Roudha Al jattal

    Rick he rought

  • Roudha Al jattal
    Roudha Al jattal

    Rick nose is sus he is working with qp

  • Vicky 613 Loh
    Vicky 613 Loh


  • Vicky 613 Loh
    Vicky 613 Loh


  • Erica Puso
    Erica Puso

    rake nowu is a robot do not trust him he is a trader I am telling the truth do head Reavel be for grugoation

  • Kar Inn Liew
    Kar Inn Liew

    Rick Nguyen troll in the bush

  • Tyresse Asher
    Tyresse Asher

    Ridenour is one.Regis spy