Extreme Goth To Insta Model - How Will My Boyfriend React? | TRANSFORMED
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A DIE-HARD goth who has dressed alternatively since she was a teenager has undergone a transformation to throw her completely out of her comfort zone. Aryn, better known online as Vampryn, enlisted the help of influencer MUA Melanie Viger to give her the ultimate Instagram model make-over. She later reveals her glamorous new look to her boyfriend and sister - but how will they react?
Videographer: Dennis Porter
Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote
Series Producer: Charley Sutton, Jon Eastman
Editor: Beth Angus
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  • Deanna R Jones
    Deanna R Jones

    I think Goth is interesting but her look is so extreme for me. It actually looks scary to me. I like the pictures they showed of her in other goth. I really thought those were great. I guess I can't handle this extreme.

  • Permanently Disappointed
    Permanently Disappointed

    "being normal is just boring". Perhaps you're just a boring person trying to cover that up using 17 layers of paint.

  • Jake Alexander
    Jake Alexander

    "Battle vest" you're a 30 year old goth...

  • Yandel Diaz
    Yandel Diaz

    I always tell my friends that everybody is unique

  • Alina M
    Alina M

    "It's like a Barbie ate Aryn", I think she meant "It's like a demon ate Aryn", but OK. :)) I agree that the transformation was extreme, but I think that's the idea, to turn her into a totally different person. I'm glad those aren't tattoos on her face, she can turn to "normal" if she ever wants to, I know it's nice to experiment with all kinds of styles, but it might be useful later in life not to "mark" yourself permanently (especially on the face).

  • DrZook

    The wig is ugly and the colour of that pink dress does not work well with her skin tone and the style of the dress does not suit her figure. She's a very nice looking young woman so dress her up in "normal" clothes and make-up, okay...but use colours that work with her natural skin tones and a hairstyle that has some charm and a dress that works with her figure. The makeover was a major fail and did not look attractive.

  • John Treble
    John Treble

    Her Goth look is what AOC looks like without makeup.

  • marax

    how old is she..

  • željko šimić
    željko šimić

    I do not undertand when grown ups complain that they look like grown ups?! Also I think she should kept short hair (no wig), and instead of a dress go more for a hard rock style (ripped jeans) - it could be a badass since that is closer to her style. I get that people love to do extreme makeup, but she went from one extreme makeup to another extreme makup again hiding beautiful face. Obviously she is not comfortable in exposing her skin so much, so don't know why makeup/dressing artist didn't try to understand her style but instead he/she went for it's own style by trying to erase girl's personality completely.

  • Logos Maxima
    Logos Maxima

    Get them to a bar. Getting hit on a little could boost their confidence into those styles.

  • Matija Prajo
    Matija Prajo

    4:18 her sister laugh like I am starting my 1983. Lada Niva at -50 degrees in Siberia

  • Igor

    You could scare children from eating chocolate if you put her face on the wrapping

  • Igor

    What does she do for a living, scare crows in the fields

  • raven 46
    raven 46

    goth all the way xx

  • mas pok
    mas pok

    I've seen a lot of goth girls turned into barbies with age and self-confidence.

  • Wilfredo Madrona
    Wilfredo Madrona

    I will date the after not the before🤪😂

  • H .G
    H .G

    Who would kiss that black mouth with black theet damn

  • Iago Piñeiro
    Iago Piñeiro

    So this people, who claims to be "anti-aesthetics" and not wanting to follow the fashion, are ACTUALLY pro-aesthetics? Because all their lifestyle is based on dressing and acting... And are the first to judge other people by its looks

  • Bikko

    When you need so clear to be different, you are not

  • Marcus Vollmann
    Marcus Vollmann

    She looks so hot without all that goth stuff, shame it's not permanent.

  • yzaya LiriaN
    yzaya LiriaN

    The wig and dress are horrible.

  • Stephanie Vannoy
    Stephanie Vannoy

    I think she looks stunning either way, but I like her better as her being herself where her happiness truly shines.

  • Santiago Fantoni
    Santiago Fantoni

    What you came for 3:06

  • Julianie Bernales
    Julianie Bernales

    She's beautiful

  • pøatato qůeeñ
    pøatato qůeeñ

    i forgot st8 people existed

  • steve earl
    steve earl

    Not to mention that's not even how goth people dressed back then or look like back then

  • Gerry Pacemaker
    Gerry Pacemaker

    Damn i wasn't expecting her to be that hot.

  • Si Ro
    Si Ro

    something is wrong with those people but they hurt nobody and its good that not everybody looks the same. so rock on! ps. she looks better with her style.

  • KingsKid

    Eesh for both

  • Unmei

    She has some killer legs!

  • insidious 123
    insidious 123

    It's not bad,appearance shouldn't matter besides most music genres started off with music then the fashion came after

  • joeybigy

    This woman's brain must be studied....seriously.

  • joeybigy


  • T Brackett
    T Brackett

    She's a knockout.

  • Janae Ani
    Janae Ani

    Somebody tell her boyfriend to brush his teeth😂

  • Kimberly Baez
    Kimberly Baez

    And anyone can be insta model with our being so glam and society’s way

  • Kimberly Baez
    Kimberly Baez

    First of all idk but this gives me the impression saying goth is ugly if she feels comfortable let her be she feels more comfortable as goth and let her be she’s beautiful I love her style

  • Linda Long
    Linda Long

    Just look at her I bet mom thinks,.. there's my daughter

  • August Janke
    August Janke

    Understatement of the year “I like to normal be a little MORE rough around the edges”🤣🤣🤣sweetie it DOESNT GET ANYMORE rough around the edges👍

  • Bawa M C
    Bawa M C

    Hacking in general seems like a mole for *Brimetols* who is on ¡¡¡nsta his so good at this stuff

  • Bawa M C
    Bawa M C

    Hacking in general seems like a mole for *Brimetols* who is on ¡¡¡nsta his so good at this stuff

  • Bawa M C
    Bawa M C

    Hacking in general seems like a mole for *Brimetols* who is on ¡¡¡nsta his so good at this stuff

  • Rikki Vasquez
    Rikki Vasquez

    She’s so gorgeous.

  • KyOs 84
    KyOs 84

    So goth is now dressing like a b movie zombie??? Im from the 80's...that is niether 80s or 90s goth, maybe halloween. The boyfriend appears goth though

  • angel silver
    angel silver

    "Normal" isn't boring, I love my style even tho it is kinda basic

  • steve danhieux
    steve danhieux

    Wow she so beautiful 😍

  • kishy pishy
    kishy pishy

    In all honesty she lookds pretty both ways.

  • Andreja Calibri
    Andreja Calibri

    Goth Boyfriend: I don't know if I can get turned on by someone who looks like they are alive.

  • A.S.M.A

    I’m sorry but still u.g.l.y

  • gothic blood
    gothic blood

    i like her as goth she looks more better then a gen i say that as i am goth my self she nock as goth

  • Rhina Dallila
    Rhina Dallila

    Waaaay better

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    She looks horrendous

  • A friend of God!
    A friend of God!

    People really need Jesus😟


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  • Derek g
    Derek g

    She looks way better without the goth crap


      *Best ever by Brimetols on ¿nstagram he just recovered my account permanently in a minutes* ☑️

  • Michael

    I'm normal and anything but boring. Being boring is a choice. So is being a freak to try too hard to prove you're not "boring". Just another person missing something. She looked pretty good in the end. She actually has naturally gorgeous eyes.

  • Chelsea Fricke
    Chelsea Fricke

    No she looks so much better as a beautiful woman

  • Fascist YouTube
    Fascist YouTube

    So, these 'goths' are really conformists too.

  • georgina87

    The goth look is soo cool....but the black teeth 🤣

  • scar3xcr0

    Why does she want to look like babadook?!?!

  • Williams Harry
    Williams Harry

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    Williams Harry

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  • Mang CQ
    Mang CQ

    "being normal is boring" On tht point , being different is amazing & some ppl love to be normal cause they like it also . Being normal or different for me is just smthing I would love to do . Depends on the mood . I like lots of stuff . Seeing ppl being themselves amazed me

    • insidious 123
      insidious 123

      @Mang but tbh everyone is a follower of some type of style,her saying being normal is boring make her judgemental like you don't have to always wear a certain style to like something,very contradicting

  • Gavin Cyr
    Gavin Cyr

    Anything is better than the first look. Omg so stupid

  • Trapicheena

    I wonder why the foundation is always yellowish?

  • James Vaughan
    James Vaughan

    She was born to be a Horror Hostess. LIke Elvira, only much more Super Goth.

  • Facey Neck
    Facey Neck

    I don't see any _meaningful_ difference between the two; both require dedication to temporary appearance adjustments that are literally not even skin deep. One "look" is simply more socially acceptable in this particular era. ...but then again, I got my entire head blown off in 'Nam, (see avatar thumbnail) so I can't really be expected to know much about fashion.

  • wwe666q

    You can have eyebrows while being goth I've seen it.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Why does she want to look like a freak everyday??

  • Noir Lily
    Noir Lily

    She's VERY attractive!

  • AztlanOz

    Secretly now he probably wants to bonk her but he dare not say it 🤣

  • L 6
    L 6

    I cant stand the goth look as a permanent thing. To each their own,as long as she's happy.

  • Crazy Little Kitty
    Crazy Little Kitty

    an icon

  • Ed Ed
    Ed Ed

    Wow beautiful. I dig the dark side but wow so beautiful.

  • bill hester
    bill hester

    You have turned yourself into a nightmare. You were given a gift. You blackened it with dumb

  • دکتر سلامت Dr HealthTV
    دکتر سلامت Dr HealthTV

    👏Support and Nice 💕 💯🙋‍♂️🎂 بسیار عالی بود It was great💐👌

  • Ricardo Molina
    Ricardo Molina

    Maybe they should have made up their sister it seems that she needs it more help

  • Bee Bee Ramone
    Bee Bee Ramone

    Instead of going completely opposite with the style why don't they stick within the same style category and just make it more girly. Like they could've put her in a punk style dress with tights and doc martens. Also do the make- up with more of a dark smokey or grunge style. Like make them into something that they would actually like that is within their style genre. My goodness, use better quality wigs too.

  • Sleepy Panda
    Sleepy Panda

    From Dead to Brat

  • kevmagill

    do you like spiders?...it might be fun to look into having spiders as pets...but as far as the video...it could be fun to change things up to fit into different environments...I'm very sensitive of people pushing their negative energy at me,,,when I dressed very unusual, I really felt the impact of strangers anger at my appearance. But that's just me...love to all

  • Annie V
    Annie V

    She Past Away. Great Band.

  • Moonlight

    Why would you throw yourself away like that just to be different? She went from "Something you see in your sleep paralysis" to an actual human in this video. I mean you can still be goth and be different, but why does she choose to make herself look that horrifying.

  • hotbambi2010

    So beautiful after stunning

  • Luy Estrada
    Luy Estrada

    She looks beautiful both ways-I love people with the guts to self express.

  • Panagiotis Koufogiannis
    Panagiotis Koufogiannis

    you are betiful with make up or not you can be how you like but in the way your sister and your boyfriend talks to you that they dont recognize you olso they say what they dont to you i say that to be someone you have to now your real personality today is your boyfrend ho you follow his stule tomorro what els you are goig to be you follow your heard but your heart cant distroy ho you are now i wish you to be happy insade there becose you dont noe enthig about fear and blad i had personal expiriense in my life tring to sleep but i di not in moment and i coudent move someone or somethig dident let me i am not crazy but i am 100 persent what i so be your self dont let nothig comig

  • FacheChanteDeux

    When everyday is Halloween.

  • Flor dorada
    Flor dorada

    All this monster style is so fake! The new style too!!

  • Geddeon Ello
    Geddeon Ello

    Oh wow!!!!!

  • Geddeon Ello
    Geddeon Ello

    Oh wow!!!!!

  • Flor dorada
    Flor dorada

    The worst wig!

  • Sandy Juicy
    Sandy Juicy

    she has beautyful eyes

  • Nan Duarte
    Nan Duarte

    She is beautiful!!! And nobody will every see just how gorgeous she is behind all that other crap

  • edith hernandez
    edith hernandez

    Personally, I like both looks. Just those black teeth is what I would change.

  • JB

    "Life is so boring", there are cheaper alternatives.

    • JB

      @Aja Hoskin My comment was somewhat more esoteric than such trivialities.

    • Aja Hoskin
      Aja Hoskin

      Cheaper? Thrifting clothes and wearing affordable makeup isn’t expensive either lol

  • Juan L
    Juan L

    This girl is beautiful. A sharp black dress with red lipstick would’ve been perfect for her. No need for super pink crap. I think she’s pretty either way.

  • W L
    W L

    why couldn't they give her a front lace wig instead. This is a cool transformation though. Wish the artist wore a face shield as well for extra precaution.

  • Lisa N.
    Lisa N.

    She is SO pretty and has such perfect teeth!!!

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