Roy Keane reacts to Paul Pogba's comments on Jose Mourinho 👀
Roy Keane discusses Paul Pogba's influence on the Manchester United squad and the comments he made about Jose Mourinho.
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  • JJeagle13

    A man pundit and a kid pundit, guess who's who.

  • Nancee Harless
    Nancee Harless

    This turned into the same conversation they have about Pogba everytime. We get it Roy you're not crazy about him!

  • Ghostshark

    All the people: "Roy Keane's a good pundit". Roy Keane: "That's my job".

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1

    Nearly 6 minutes in and all they’ve done is make excuses why Pogba is useless ....

  • R P
    R P

    This guy keeps scapegoating Pogba, the back line is a shambles and the tactics sucks. Pogba isn’t a holding midfielder.

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres

    So much respect for Keane. Go to work and work. Take pride in it.

  • Tribble Booth
    Tribble Booth

    400K per week?

  • Tanvir Jan
    Tanvir Jan

    It is grossly irresponsible to express personal opinions publically, specially negative one; they creat dissent, they create unhappiness and spoil relations. whatever hs "Faults" Sir Ferguson's Man United won Championships, fair and square and stayed on Top for well over two decades and that is no small feat. He is not called The Best Ever Manager and have his statue errected outside Old Trafford because for his appearnces. Mature peple, great in own right and behaving like this ? quibbling like children ? Playing straight into the hands journalists, mischief mongers and makers ? Sad, very sad.

  • Matko Doris
    Matko Doris

    Pogba is Balotelli no 2, lazy and undisciplined, he should be traded.

  • Jam Trurk
    Jam Trurk

    Micah "if you invest some money in the right players..." I think thats Roys point on Pogba. Big money WAS invested.

  • Jeremy link
    Jeremy link

    Lol so now its all pogbas fault.. nothing to do with Ole.. his team mate.. Keane go play with urself

  • Ami Reviews
    Ami Reviews

    He needs to cut Pogba some slack!!

  • WestHam66

    Is it just me or does Micah, bless him, seem a little dim witted?......

    • Selfmade Trends
      Selfmade Trends

      It’s just you

  • Sam Philippi
    Sam Philippi

    Pogba barely even played in the champions league and when he did he was a sub. Tf is he on about

  • Wilson Belizaire
    Wilson Belizaire

    Roy “ I hate pogba “

  • GG Uploads
    GG Uploads

    Killed him to answer if Pogba Makes them a better player and he couldn’t do it. Whatever Roy lool

  • David Hamil
    David Hamil

    Richards says something stupid, Keane corrects him. Richards says something stupid, Keane corrects him. Richards says something stupid, Keane corrects him. Richards says something stupid, Keane corrects him. Richards says something stupid, Keane corrects him. And so we go on. Is Richards just there to make Keane look like a genius?

  • David Hamil
    David Hamil

    Micah Richards is a total dumbass. He is like Ian Wright 15 years ago before he became a serious pundit.

  • Replying is Futile
    Replying is Futile

    Sometimes you have to get past colour

  • Iceman ire
    Iceman ire

    Who keeps calling him world class? He's is literally nowhere near it. Goes missing for months ever season turns up for handful of games and disappears again. Genuinely the most overrated player I've ever seen.

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey

    Roy Keane - Legend. .!! No bullsh*t. Just says it as it is. Top man. 👍

  • Warren G
    Warren G

    You do know what happened Pogba, you got him the sack

  • Warren G
    Warren G

    Clickbait, they did'nt mention what Pogba's said about Mourinho

  • T G
    T G

    Paul pogba is over rated

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin

    Pogba is a disgrace.What happens in the dressing room.stays in the dressing room.

  • Christian Johan Skoglund
    Christian Johan Skoglund

    Keane has 3 different levels of criticism: Level 1: Do me a favor.. Level 2: Slightly over the top... Level 3: Absolute Nonsense!!!!!

  • Jerzy Feliks
    Jerzy Feliks

    The only silverware Pogba won was under Jose and that's probably the only thing he'll win. He's been overrated and if it wasn't for Fernandes ManU would be out of top 4 if not 8. I never liked Mourinho, can't stand him, but the truth is Pogba is a joke.

  • Andrew Frost
    Andrew Frost

    Manchester United and Arsenal have been going through ‘transitional’ periods for the last 5 years.

  • Dawit Gebrebrhan
    Dawit Gebrebrhan

    Roy Keane is a great man in his playing time and in his pundit also. Poul pogba did nothing for united only big mouth even still after Mourinho united did not get any silverware but mourinho came back after more than 1 year in tottenham make tottenham reach the final carrobocup but still didn't happen in united.

  • Anthony Perrin
    Anthony Perrin

    When Pogba retires he'll look back with regret at his failure to take a potentially great career and turn it into a truly amazing one. Football careers are very short, he'll have decades to think on. Sad.

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens

    Roy Keane is a world class act. Richards stumbles.

  • Reece Sestak
    Reece Sestak

    "But, I'll tell you something ... I like the look of Mourinho's CV" Ha ha ha ha too right Roy

  • S.K Njoroge
    S.K Njoroge

    Pogba is under per!

  • anesti mihalchev
    anesti mihalchev

    why this guy is on my feed. wtf. get out of here...not interesting

  • Ram R
    Ram R

    Pogba has overpromised and underdelivered. He is also a dressing room nuisance with his usual game with his agent about going to Real Madrid.

  • Roberto Balla
    Roberto Balla

    No matter what Keane is saying I don't rate Pogba anything more than average . A tap in here and there , or a pass what else ?__overated overpaid .and still asking for more half a million a week next __

  • valgi morais
    valgi morais

    pogba wanted to become a star but we all know is a normal player if bruno fernandes is not on the field its a disgrace for united

  • keith dunleavy
    keith dunleavy

    Pogba has no justification for his arrogance. Hype only lasts so long.

  • Ahntonio Cannavaro
    Ahntonio Cannavaro

    Micah Richards is beginning to be a better pundit now.

  • Sam Foland
    Sam Foland

    How can you be transitioning for 8 years? Are you seriously going to be saying that a decade on

  • Keith Thompson
    Keith Thompson

    These accents are difficult to hear what they are saying. Sky should have sub titles

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews

    Roy is right the players need to man up they get big money cus they supposed to be the better player but if players don’t play for the club get out

  • Ken Zou
    Ken Zou

    I miss Roy as a Footballer, that's an alpha captain right there.

  • MimiAlgerien

    Paul Pogba is a DONKEY

  • Elyon

    Keane always spot on!

  • Peto Stacy
    Peto Stacy

    I didnt realise footy fans were so stupid until this week...falling for a pretend league that ni team was going to be a part of...whilst thr government skimmed profits from was a distraction u all fell for.. pathetic

  • Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus
    Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus

    Micah spot on here. I love Keano... but like many former 'strong charactered' players, he struggles to accept how fragile the current generation, not just footballers but society, is. If everyone was like you Keano, you never wouldve had the opportunity to leave Ireland.

  • George Woodcock
    George Woodcock

    Pogba is an under achiever and overrated just like Deli Ali you never know who is going to turn up, his inner ego or his outer ego sorry but just not good enough .

  • alex mc
    alex mc

    Paul pogba’s IQ is low like all his kind

  • martin costello
    martin costello

    Roy's a proper irish man, he doesn't give a fook who u are, he'll call u out 💯irish 🇮🇪

  • Saxon Celt
    Saxon Celt

    Pogba is too lazy, pure and simple.

  • cussigreen

    Keane know what hes talking about, that why we like to watch Keane!

  • jas j
    jas j

    Roy Keane on well said...

  • Calm Like A Bomb
    Calm Like A Bomb

    He will stay a "Talent" with 30 Years of age too? xD

  • IC XC
    IC XC

    Pogba got Mourinho sacked twice. Literally days after his comments ... Mou gone. He must be smiling ear to ear.

  • Vega Obscura
    Vega Obscura

    Mourinho has been sacked by Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs for upsetting players. Roy: I like the look of his CV. Mourinho upsets players. Roy: That's his job. People in the comments: Roy speaks so much sense. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • mgaka47

    Pogba's best position is in another team, get some cash back . Roy's spot on

  • G Art
    G Art

    *Keane is right on Pogba. He's had a few good games of late. That's it.*

  • SabotPottery

    110% correct Roy, Pogba's played in 192 matches for Man. United and scored 37 goals, that equates to a little over one (1) every five (5) games. Personally he's overrated.

    • SabotPottery

      @Barra Ó Bruadair I stand corrected.

    • Barra Ó Bruadair
      Barra Ó Bruadair

      Not his job to score but he doesn't run and he goes missing for large parts of a season. Hands down the most overrated player I've ever witnessed.

  • JebacIcet

    Paul Pogba is an amazing player. But not for Premier League

  • Padraigh Keogh
    Padraigh Keogh

    Sell that fool. He's talented but not talented enough.

  • Luis Lizard
    Luis Lizard

    Don’t need to watch o know he’s always repot on

  • Ien Obik
    Ien Obik

    Youd be forgiven for thinking that Paul Pogba was the entire Man Utd team.

  • STY _
    STY _

    Very honest person which is great but definitely compares his play style to other players game, which has changed Maybe not for the best but it’s changed

  • Sunday JAM
    Sunday JAM

    There’s 11 men on the pitch

  • C Joe
    C Joe

    Next video: Gordon Remsey reacts to Roy reacting to Pogba's reaction to Jose.

  • TheDBNpoison

    Paul Pogba world class? Give me a break. One of the most overrated players ever! Fernandes makes him look like a pauper

  • Brendan Cummins
    Brendan Cummins

    let me guess, he didn't like it. I don't even need to watch this, because Roy doesn't like anything Pogba says, does, wears, looks at, or otherwise has any relation to

  • Hamzah Mohammad
    Hamzah Mohammad

    Micah Richards hopes Pogba would leave MU. He is being partisan.

  • SK Labs
    SK Labs

    Roy Keane is one of the few players to say it as it is especially when it comes to criticism. Top player

  • Rob Ingram
    Rob Ingram

    If ManUnited gets second and wins no trophies then there is no achievement there at all. Just my opinion.

  • Gabriel Gauna
    Gabriel Gauna

    PP world class????? Pfffff 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Propvalue Sg
    Propvalue Sg

    Good news is Real Madrid has no money to sign him

  • Propvalue Sg
    Propvalue Sg

    Poh a is just not mentally strong enough to be consistent in his football

  • Edy Nielsenup
    Edy Nielsenup

    Don’t compare the players Pogba played with in Italy 🇮🇹 like pirlo players with experience

  • Pushpa Shah
    Pushpa Shah

    The fact Micah called Pogba world class shows he knows nothing about Football lmao

  • Pushpa Shah
    Pushpa Shah

    Omg. How many years will Utd go through a transitional period. Shut up Micah, Pogba is absolute dogshit

  • Ronan D
    Ronan D

    Roy keane demonstrating here how he guided united into huge success on the field. Doing on the field what ferguson thought he was doing from the sideline

  • Fluffy Waffle Whale
    Fluffy Waffle Whale

    Micah isnt very smart is he, "go and get the quality thats out there" they are! They are spending tonnes of money and have been since fergie left!

  • Governor Oliveira
    Governor Oliveira

    Micah Richards talks like a bellend, his solution is man U buying more players and keep the ones they have.... Right. That what he does when he is playing Football manager.....

  • Green Grugach
    Green Grugach

    Richards : I think I'm in love with you Roy Keane : What Richards : What

  • Talismanic1

    I disagree with you Roy Keane. Stop attributing Manchester United's failures to Paul pogba's inconsistency. You are perpetuating more racial hatred towards the player. Signing Paul pogba does not mean united win the league or CL. United have has a terrible recruitment in both players and coaches. Stop putting all that responsibility of United winning on pogba.

  • Kieron Knapp
    Kieron Knapp

    I'd like to see pogba put in a shift. Just once.

  • Robin McEwen
    Robin McEwen

    Richards is embarrassing. Sky knows it. Everyone knows it. He's the English Thierry Henry. Talks utter, incomprehensible drivel.

  • G Man
    G Man

    I don't like Roy Keane

  • Mike lantern
    Mike lantern

    Spot on from Roy! United favs are in denial but look at Pogba and the matches he played. The guy rarely tracks back when he loses the ball and could care less on his attitude on the pitch.

  • kevin perry
    kevin perry

    I like how Micahs got through Roys shell by constantly winding him up until he just gave up being a miser.

  • Darren Broughton
    Darren Broughton

    Roy Keane is a 100 per cent right and pogba needs to grow up if he played for France the way he dose in a man u shirt than were talking and it cause he walks in to the French squad even if he has bad game for man u he in so why should he play good

  • Jah Alleluia
    Jah Alleluia

    Paul Pogba is garbage. What a talkative player. Absolutely nothing to back it up.

  • Pablo Davies
    Pablo Davies

    Michael Richards.?... bursting waistlines onto the scene.

  • axiom1

    The game moved forward, Jose stays behind. He has too many conflicts with players,.. at Tot he destroyed Ali,.. and for what ???

    • Jesse Johnson 86 UK
      Jesse Johnson 86 UK

      @axiom1 Your point makes no sense. If anything you're validating my point. If anything it shows with or without money, he's been successful. All managers have managerial skills, some are more successful than others, simple as that. Money plays a part because in order to be the best, you have to get the best players. Fergie was doing that at Utd for Decades as well as falling out with players and still maintained winning. Look at Pep, has he started from the bottom with no money or a crap team?? No he's been blessed with good teams and with a budget to maintain that, yet you wouldn't say nothing bad about Pep and he also has falled out with players but still been successful. So your notion that you don't need money to win is nonsense.

    • axiom1

      @UCOf-g6YGsZfk4j2Xh907y4g Correct, the clubs owners were spending money and thanks to that Jose was winning trophies. Porto was exception. There was no money, trophy was won and Jose managerial skills played big part in that. (besides players).

    • Jesse Johnson 86 UK
      Jesse Johnson 86 UK

      @axiom1 I noticed it, It just doesn't make sense likewise your comment about money as well. You need money to buy players in order to compete 🤔

    • axiom1

      @Jesse Johnson 86 UK The trophy he really won by his managerial skills was at Porto. Later he was at clubs spending big money... so the question is,... was he winning trophies or was the money winning trophies ??? But my comment was about his conflicts with players,.. you did not managed to notice.

    • Jesse Johnson 86 UK
      Jesse Johnson 86 UK

      Yeah Alli such a world class player isn't he? Gimme a break. Man still has nearly 25 trophies and is still one of the best around.

  • MaxOde

    “Transitional period” would’ve took like 2 years if UTD built around pogba properly. Look at how City has spent and built the team compared to Utd... they got KDB 2015. Gundo 2016. Bernardo 2017. Jesus 2017. Kyle Walker 2017. Ederson 2017. Mahrez 2018. Laporte 2018. Cancelo 2019. Rodri 2019.... Who did Utd buy? Fred, Matic, Lukaku (sold), miki (sold), Zlatan (1 season), Dan James ... and finally Bruno.. yet we’re still blaming pogba who has better stats than at Juve and won 3 trophies with utd in a 6th place team lol

  • MaxOde

    Idk what Roy’s talking about. Man city game was 0-0...he’s the only one who didn’t turn up? Based on what lol? There were no goals so does he remember passing, chances created, those kinda stats? We have the same losses as them. Pogba has won us points. We were top of the table till he got injured 🤷🏽‍♂️ idk how he was supposed to transform United by himself with no help. Miki- sold, lukaku - sold, Fred - trash for 2 years, matic - good but pogba was still playing deep, so why didn’t we buy a Bruno type at that time? Lindelof - ups and downs, maguire - good but 80m?

    • MaxOde

      @Jesse Johnson 86 UK he LITERALLY won the award 16/17. U couldn’t even google that before responding? So clearly u don’t know what ur talking about 🤣

    • Jesse Johnson 86 UK
      Jesse Johnson 86 UK

      @MaxOde Are you for real?? Uefa EL best player??? Gimme a break 😒

    • MaxOde

      @Jesse Johnson 86 UK how has he not? u didn’t counter my points, u just say “he hasn’t done enough.” Ok who has done more DDG aside? He got 3 trophies, UEL Best Player, led the team in every attacking stat 18-19. It took 4.5 seasons to get Bruno, and I don’t believe we’ve lost a game with the 2 of them starting...look who KDBs played with since he joined City and compare to pogbas Utd teams.. lol cmon

    • Jesse Johnson 86 UK
      Jesse Johnson 86 UK

      The league cup semi final he on about. But he's bang on, he hasn't done enough to show that he can take Utd to the next level and compete for the title etc.

  • Makh Demb
    Makh Demb

    Roy doesn't want to talk about anything that doesn't translate to playing and winning . Anything else is not important and is just barbershop talk

  • Eleanor McKenzie
    Eleanor McKenzie

    2k comment

  • Nicholas Basil Nkwocha
    Nicholas Basil Nkwocha

    Obviously Pogba is world class, however, Roy Kean hit the right note when he mentioned consistency in his game. He has not risen to that and that for sure is a problem, no doubt.

    • Iceman ire
      Iceman ire

      @Nicholas Basil Nkwocha so many technically gifted footballers didn't stand out because they haven't the work rate or mentality. One season out of five I think he played great, non existent or average in the others. He's not World class and at his age he should be at his peak.

    • Nicholas Basil Nkwocha
      Nicholas Basil Nkwocha

      @Iceman ire word is consistency. He's got all it takes in the game, mate.

    • Iceman ire
      Iceman ire

      He's nowhere near world class.

  • leo danihel
    leo danihel

    5 year transitional period

  • Nathan Oakley
    Nathan Oakley

    As for the best position he’s been there for long enough that he should have settled by now

  • Nathan Oakley
    Nathan Oakley

    Pogba is better off elsewhere

  • 7 Burning Monks
    7 Burning Monks

    Micah Richards seems like a nice fella, but he does talk a load of cringey crap

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