Dave (feat. Alex) - Thiago Silva
Truly a piece of Glastonbury magic. Watch Dave and audience member Alex perform Thiago Silva at Glastonbury 2019. Guidance: contains strong language. Visit bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos

  • Dawid Lubera
    Dawid Lubera

    BBC Music made one mistake it is Alex ft Dave. Alex really one of best performances ever... disappointing beginning and owning the shit. Anyone still judging? Burn!

  • Wraith

    Rip to the guy in the black shirt.

  • Baba Kush
    Baba Kush

    richtig geil man

  • Gareth Forward
    Gareth Forward

    Actually made me cry, well done lad 👌🏼🔥

  • RanNero

    I honestly never heard of this dude (Dave) and when youtube playeed it for me in a playlist.... I thought Dave was playing with Alex... not the other way around :):):) He's got such a deep and natural feel to it..... crazy good.

  • bima saputra
    bima saputra

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  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball


  • snorewak

    *Tuchel* man will get signed in the face by me, not my bredrin, signed in the face by me

  • Ø

    who the fuck can dislike this

  • Sima Islam
    Sima Islam

    Alex looks leng 😭

  • Brian O'Rourke
    Brian O'Rourke

    When the level 1 player reveals he controls the game.

  • Funsyy 01
    Funsyy 01

    This is just a youtube classic


    he got laid fo sure that night xd

  • KooleSjid

    oi man shits busin init

  • Struab 1
    Struab 1

    Update on Alex: Saw him at a pub outside Wembley for the England vs Germany game at the Euros, people were getting pics with him and all sorts and he was having a whale of a time partying for the Euros. Lad has hit cult status.

  • Lucid Smack
    Lucid Smack

    This is one of the last legendary performances from pre-covid era.

  • Callam Marcus
    Callam Marcus

    Ohhhhh Thiago Silva” needs to get be a part of the actual song

  • Mike Dan
    Mike Dan

    1:16 the way he left him hanging

  • Maryam

    I dont know this artist but he was so sweet

  • Never quit
    Never quit

    That kid probably helped him find sully

  • William Bailey
    William Bailey

    fire song


    No cap he my cuz

  • عواهر

    why is stephen tries on stage?!

  • Laura McKeown
    Laura McKeown

    Crazy to see Alex on stage with a fan.

  • jonathan seosse
    jonathan seosse

    2:24 this confidence omg

  • basiics

    2:54 was this his voice or was the mic not working?

  • Maximilian Haunschild
    Maximilian Haunschild

    how was the show? i was the show

  • Tremell

    Alex was exhausted; It gives you an appreciation for artist that do an entire set....

  • AxecX24

    The guy who had Alex on his shoulders deserves MBE

  • Melvin Tumiwa
    Melvin Tumiwa

    God he was not lipsinking🙌down

  • Huy Dương
    Huy Dương

    It littt

  • Ahigith Chowdhary
    Ahigith Chowdhary

    Bri'ish Bieber

  • Joseph Calder
    Joseph Calder

    Bro knew it was his time to shine and he fucken took his chance

  • Lush


  • Instagram live
    Instagram live

    It’s peak when this has more likes then the original

  • Toby Crawford
    Toby Crawford

    Mad he looks so confident

  • Ramid Uddin
    Ramid Uddin

    Alex is a celebrity

  • Prince99

    Wearing that shirt that day was the best decision of his whole life

  • Unclear Vision
    Unclear Vision

    mans confident

  • M Govella
    M Govella

    So you are telling me this guy is not Fikayo Tomori? And even the fact I'm watching him in 2021 still rapping about Thiago Silva?

  • alishba


  • Shuush

    Her you can see :Alex (feat. Dave) - Thiago Silva

  • noxrain

    Imagine this happened in your life and then you tell it your mates and if they don’t believe you you can show them this fucking video

  • Djsjjd Memes
    Djsjjd Memes

    What is this song called

  • Quinten Best
    Quinten Best

    The dude in grey shirt thought Dave called him

  • Luc Hoischen
    Luc Hoischen

    I look this video 2 times a week because it's soooo cool

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    crowd was so weak tho😔

  • umuhoza josiane
    umuhoza josiane


  • Im_Try_M3

    We waiting on him in rap

  • demo Nyny
    demo Nyny

    crazy song

  • Bejji_Beast

    the other kid getting pushed back by security

  • Garda Meier
    Garda Meier

    He really steals the show

  • Ismail Wayne
    Ismail Wayne

    This still so awesome to watch...but like where is Alex now...giv a Holla, guy!!!!!

    • Ismail Wayne
      Ismail Wayne

      Thanks Sam for boosting ya mate so that he was seen!!!

  • BitteNoBan

    der bruder hat nach konzert direkt vertrag bekommen

  • Afolabi Quadri
    Afolabi Quadri

    EPL is the best

  • Spirit of the buffalo
    Spirit of the buffalo

    This kid will be legendary to all his bros 👌👊😂

  • Real WILLVN
    Real WILLVN

    I didn't knew dave was an artist i saw him 4 the first time on Netflix in 《top boy》

  • Paul Gagné
    Paul Gagné

    The glossy substance baly excite because enquiry algorithmically continue opposite a soft golf. grandiose, cynical football

  • QueZ miZ
    QueZ miZ


  • Francis Ukpan
    Francis Ukpan

    "Do you want wo ah"

  • RM 1988
    RM 1988

    If this young man went to Glastonbury a virgin, there is no chance he left as one.

  • Hendri Py
    Hendri Py

    Is it at 2:53 alex's voice?

  • nduvho tshivhase
    nduvho tshivhase

    Mans probably quit school and started pursuing his music career😭😭😭🤣

  • sam Curran
    sam Curran

    The song should be Dave & Alex cause let’s be real Alex left the feat. way back with his mates in the crowd

  • Christopher Mills
    Christopher Mills

    Still one of the best videos on the internet.

  • GAMER-PRO For life
    GAMER-PRO For life

    Cmon Alex

  • Thabani Mashego
    Thabani Mashego

    And so a legend was born

  • Drunk or hungover Redneck city boi
    Drunk or hungover Redneck city boi

    Where is Alex now ?

  • Miguel Pinhal
    Miguel Pinhal

    Is he a chicken?

  • Big man
    Big man

    Yeshua loves us all

  • Finley Pechtold
    Finley Pechtold

    turned into AJ Tracey lol

  • Cole Anderson
    Cole Anderson

    God I wish I was alex

  • DSL

    Tells his mum “I’m just going to chill at a friends house” ...Meanwhile Loooool

  • Hahjaja Jajsjjs
    Hahjaja Jajsjjs

    Wow another cultural zenith reached, so profound, what next for society after this great leap? Mars? Beyond?

  • 11_strangers

    Worth learning the lyrics for alex.

  • Alex Adamantium
    Alex Adamantium

    This video is great. Never heard of this rapper, or this song. I am just curious, did Alex buy this shirt specifically because he loves Dave and this song so much, or is he a PSG supporter?

    • Luca Films
      Luca Films

      Kids nowadays buy shirts of football players that have a song written about themselves.

    • WM3060 R6
      WM3060 R6

      he bought the shirt because of dave go listen to daves brits performance of black hes amazing

  • Abhi

    1:14 handshake moving like Romeo and juliet😂

  • Lewis Barnes
    Lewis Barnes

    Well done Dave you are a legand

  • OG Loc
    OG Loc

    I can feel the adrenaline and nervousness through the screen respect

    • KD Burner
      KD Burner

      i can’t help but have the cheesiest smile when Dave grabs his face and Alex can’t help but grab his back🤣🤣 so awkward but i love it

  • master code
    master code

    at this point, Dave is the fan and Alex is performing

    • Lino


  • F

    Not joking Alex reminds me of one d boys years ago Chrissy crazy I tink Alex was class at to b able just jump up stage n preform he was brilliant 👏 👌 😀

  • shftyy

    tbh alex>dave lol


    Do u want woa 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthew Bengston
    Matthew Bengston

    his little hat man XD legend

  • Jordan Willis
    Jordan Willis

    And then there was covid🥱

  • Leseli Mohlokaqala
    Leseli Mohlokaqala

    Alex stole the show

  • lilahk ssebdab
    lilahk ssebdab

    This feels like it could be an Inbetweeners episode

  • شَهْدَ SY
    شَهْدَ SY

    Good jobs 🎤😍

  • Regilio Bouma
    Regilio Bouma

    when is alex album droping ? :)

  • Yuns Critical Ops
    Yuns Critical Ops

    Watch how Alex's long lost mates come out of nowhere.. hmm

  • Adam James
    Adam James

    This should say Alex (feat Dave) 🤪

  • Cat Potato
    Cat Potato

    Stephen Tries

  • I'm ZNi
    I'm ZNi

    Its so cooooooool

  • NFG_Josh Gaming
    NFG_Josh Gaming


  • Stephen Ochieng
    Stephen Ochieng

    Who made this beat ?🔥🔥🔥

    • Bilal Elmoussa
      Bilal Elmoussa


  • Shaun

    He is absolutely off his tits

  • McBrian Miller
    McBrian Miller

    At this point, Alex might rethink his carrear and future. Damn Alex what hot

  • Solo Wolf UK Official
    Solo Wolf UK Official

    I don’t care what anyone says this was a set up from the start 💯💯💯

    • Solo Wolf UK Official
      Solo Wolf UK Official

      @Armando De Alba this was a set up fully…he had the shirt and the name on the back and everything yano that guys mum and dad paid Dave 100k to do that innit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Armando De Alba
      Armando De Alba

      You're that guy who thought Dave was talking to and got stopped by security

  • Акрамжон Алимардонов
    Акрамжон Алимардонов


  • Code Breaker
    Code Breaker

    He rap the Song like he wrote that 😂