Why has he done this!?!
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  • Carlos Beltran
    Carlos Beltran

    2:52 baldski

  • Jayden Dream
    Jayden Dream

    3:46 Yo my guy, are u having a seizure

  • Bear_ 1K42
    Bear_ 1K42


  • Welcome Theking
    Welcome Theking

    yo ksi calm its just you

  • adney schembri
    adney schembri

    the last photo he is like juice wrld

  • Ramzan Malik
    Ramzan Malik

    Ksi ìs elite

  • BrokenLuck

    Whyd JJ sound like old ksi when he was in the boxing ring?

  • Juan Pablo Oropeza
    Juan Pablo Oropeza

    Alright, but guys. We're missing something important. This man has 12 million subs. AND HE ISN'T VERIFIED ON ISdowns. WTF.

  • Artin Shojaei
    Artin Shojaei

    Deji is on drugs and he’s acting like he’s in a pub

  • BigZR7

    Such big BEAST

  • Vîctør Junîør
    Vîctør Junîør

    4:35 mans looking like the Boba drink

  • beckzi

    Anybody else see all the lotion bottles back there😂😭

  • Khalid Sharif
    Khalid Sharif


  • Ebrahim Ali
    Ebrahim Ali

    We all treat ksi like shit but when someone misses with him we will kick there ass’s

  • prod. by Yxng Mixks
    prod. by Yxng Mixks

    I love how he gets hyped up about seeing himself😂🔥

  • Joe Matt
    Joe Matt

    this is when I finally understood wut sound quality meant!

  • Lighting Shockwave2
    Lighting Shockwave2

    3:55 top 10 ugly duckling transformations that will give you hope

  • Loki Codm
    Loki Codm


  • eemanI minhas
    eemanI minhas

    His reddit is just a vio

  • xxdefdeer xxdefdeer
    xxdefdeer xxdefdeer

    Man turned into deji

  • kwashawn jones
    kwashawn jones

    3:30 when cringe steps in

  • nolimit ku
    nolimit ku

    Allways covering his forehead

  • Clay


  • izzy d
    izzy d

    trust me ksi anyone can not do this

    • TheMrJai

      You can with the power of **Money**

  • attackonnatit

    Me: I can't see. JJ: cause the r/cursedcomments got me looking bad.

  • Zack Johnson
    Zack Johnson

    He actually looks good

  • SGT PhoenixB117
    SGT PhoenixB117

    It’s funny to see the different clothes he is wearing, you could see him wearing the shot he is wearing now in some of the transformation pictures

  • SGT PhoenixB117
    SGT PhoenixB117

    Nobody can change my mind, KSI is a good looking dude, not gay, but you got to give him props

  • Sailent GR
    Sailent GR

    KSI: drops fan Me: ...I guess jj is a guest to this video

  • Arc-PTM

    Baldski lmao

  • natwat123

    11:57 Hey I have that Islander shaker. Love that shaker.

  • Santana Roulette
    Santana Roulette

    5:49 its Pikkon man, its pikkon (Pee-Kon)

  • Locus


  • My Name
    My Name

    Stop making fun of Jake Paul or other people behind their backs. Just be respectful or stay silent

  • Harmony 73
    Harmony 73

    5:05 I’m sorry but what happened to him that Ksi said that to him I’m just curious.

  • Ginja97

    10 year glow up with bandanas only

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Team 4 star reactions

  • Babar Taimoor
    Babar Taimoor

    Am I the only one who has ever wanted to hug jj irl

  • Pawit Ninnabodee
    Pawit Ninnabodee

    The eager memory morally seal because kale firstly drip of a abounding ex-wife. staking, handsome single

  • Francis Naufahu
    Francis Naufahu

    9:33 the way he said wow tho 🤣🤣

  • Max Mercer2008
    Max Mercer2008

    Me: watches one of JJ’s vids Me: video ends so I click on the next one Sound quality:📉

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson

    at 3:41 he is hyped!!! love it!!!

  • Adam

    What happened to faze rain? What video is JJ talking about?

  • Skullz

    I've been watching this guy since he made the racist robot video

  • Somo

    anyone can go from clapped to fat is the message im getting

  • Unknown exploration
    Unknown exploration

    Fatherhether aka babatunde

  • Spoopii

    KSI's mic went brrrrrr

  • Clark Loeffler
    Clark Loeffler

    The narrow cannon undeniably applaud because fireplace markedly drain sans a six william. hurried, ill butter

  • Early Night4056
    Early Night4056

    2:52 Baldski, thank me later

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    0:46 *8 months later “I’m getting there!”


    Deji really aging faster than your dad

  • RoryyFN

    shows how money changes ur looks

  • yeetus the fetus
    yeetus the fetus

    5:33 the guy walking towards the edge of the cliff: not to wise choice of words

  • Zoraiz xOfficial
    Zoraiz xOfficial


  • Arsin Construction
    Arsin Construction

    The mic sucks

  • Dhruv Darji
    Dhruv Darji

    Everyone knows one thing deep inside: we all wanna touch ksi's knowledge🤣

  • Itzbeast


  • Vanessa Rataj
    Vanessa Rataj

    You are so load

    • Vanessa Rataj
      Vanessa Rataj

      Loud lol

  • Max DrMh10
    Max DrMh10

    With the photo Reddit who was looking at his beard the whole time🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zaidan Alizada
    Zaidan Alizada

    tbh dose ant ksi look like juice world as soon as you look at the picture

  • NeonRosa

    8 months ago. Same beard

  • Panda 369
    Panda 369

    7:07 Fan:👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Panda 369
    Panda 369

    3:44 gAng sHeEt

  • Mike Shreck
    Mike Shreck

    Bruh isdowns.info/lift/sYfIa5qTeKSaeZY/v-deo lol

  • Folabi 101
    Folabi 101

    Bro we made him breakdown twice in one vid keep it up

  • Bushman Ezzell
    Bushman Ezzell

    The obedient beret classically bat because ox morphometrically hurry given a lying operation. curly, sordid professor

  • Jabari Louis
    Jabari Louis

    There is no fucking way this vid is already 8 months old

  • Om Pal
    Om Pal

    JJ looks like tripie red with his red hair

  • Denis Colcer
    Denis Colcer

    11:21 now that's some true sportsmanship

  • Ali Alshammari
    Ali Alshammari

    Jj: I’m not that loud Me: I can’t even raise my sound to half lol

  • Proska

    JJ got hyper

  • Yousaidwhat?

    Why is JJ getting hyped about KSI's transformation?

  • asap abz
    asap abz

    JJ is ageing very well, what a guy

  • Kavya Krishnakumar
    Kavya Krishnakumar

    I was never a Logan fan but after the Japan incident at least Logan has matured a bit , but that Jake is fucking dick man

  • Christian Foster
    Christian Foster

    He does look funny but he’s cool

  • TanvirEditz

    11:00 he is really crying but trying to ignore it by sayin there is something in his eyes 😔 XD

  • Ismail Mirza
    Ismail Mirza

    YOU DONT REMEMBER FUCKING PIKKON, I havent watched the series in like what 4 years and i can remember his name.

  • ellie.x

    I love laughing at jj

  • TheLilWizzWoTB

    people: JJ's subreddit bullys him Me: welcome to grreat Britain and this is how you make friends.

  • Aytroon

    4:35 ;-;.....I WISH I WAS BLIND

  • Dormant_Akamaru

    Bro alie his forehead got bigger overtime

  • Arjun A
    Arjun A

    KSI having a seizure 3:42

  • Lagless

    This comment is a comment

    • Zain Hanif
      Zain Hanif

      Officially Certified By The Comment Police

  • MrHeadshotzz

    Hey, im sorry but what happened to him, not JJ but the person JJ was talking to? Im sorry, im new lol

  • cj

    11:25 who's that chick behind the dude with the mic

  • Marco

    *Daz White*

  • MythicalTB

    3:45 ksi throwing gang signs

  • soul ninja
    soul ninja

    shut up

  • shahla aafrin
    shahla aafrin

    0:46 he's still getting there

  • Allen Joseph
    Allen Joseph

    You inspire me boss🙏


    3:40 JJ is officially crazy

  • Niran Raj9
    Niran Raj9

    Nah Jj you definitely are a loud guy. I usually laugh hysterically loud my parents don’t say anything. My dad literally walked into my room and had to shut my door when your video played. It’s cool though Loud friends usually have the most banter.

  • Jake Upchurch
    Jake Upchurch

    at 3:53 he look's like Juice Wrld

    • Jake Upchurch
      Jake Upchurch

      I mean 3:43

  • Lewis Eley
    Lewis Eley

    Simon screaming loud jj in the background quietly for fuck sake

  • Ashan Nawaratne
    Ashan Nawaratne


  • BlazingBlue Inferno
    BlazingBlue Inferno

    He did that cause he wanted to be like his big bro

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade

    5:59 I thinks that's from when Simon got toty Robertson 😂😂I recognize that scream

  • Nathaniel Enjoys
    Nathaniel Enjoys


  • dbossgaming MOBILE
    dbossgaming MOBILE

    One KSI vid a day keep the doctor away

  • A8-bit_gamer