The Ken & Barbie Couple - A Deal With The Devil | Mystery and Makeup - Bailey Sarian
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Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about this highly recommended story, seriously it's asked about every day. Haha. I thought I knew the whole shebang but turns out I sure did not! Such awful, terrible people, and I believe Karla got off way too easy! I Would love to hear your thoughts down below. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead and I hope to be seeing you very soon. Love and appreciate you so much!!
x o
Bailey Sarian
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  • ????

    Karla should have spent LIFE in prison like she killed her own sister tf.

  • Rafy Mansour
    Rafy Mansour

    I love her no makeup face! She's gorgeous don't you guys agree 😍🖤

  • Madison Rigby
    Madison Rigby

    Scar-burrow - that’s how you say it 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Danielle Clark
    Danielle Clark

    Scarborough Ontario ..... Pronounced scar - borrow ..........

  • Raven, DVM
    Raven, DVM

    Hey Bailey, can you do one on Drew Peterson? He’s so disgusting.

  • ᴍᴀʀᴠᴏʟᴇʀɪᴀ

    Please do one about Marylin monroe and her death !

  • Marissa Drouyor
    Marissa Drouyor

    Do misty upham, or Jaycee sugars next!!!

  • Jason Craig
    Jason Craig

    I can't help but continually shake my the police actually have several people contacting them about the photo of the suspect... to keep... HUGE.... process THAT sample NOW..... NOPE. Let's put it on the shelf. Tammy may still be alive as well as the other 2 young girls.........Leslie and Kristen. Then a plea deal and that FLEA basically walks and now free.... meanwhile that dirtbag is..... nevermind... I can't imagine the parents and families of the INNOCENT......

  • Sara Y
    Sara Y

    In Toronto psychology classes we refer to Paul as a psychopath and Karla as a sociopath because she was so cunning

  • Cara Mace
    Cara Mace

    I live in canada

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C

    Have watched a few of your videos now and I do like them and I do agree about everything has to do with a screen nowadays but unfortunately for the last few generations this is how society has been conditioned to be slaves to a screen however I'd like to think I made the internet be my strength of knowledge of awareness of culture of love as thats how I met my other half

  • Shahzaib Furqan
    Shahzaib Furqan

    This one was actually the funniest

  • Abby Brain
    Abby Brain

    My dad lived in Scarborough during the time of the attacks and he was about the same height, build and hair colour as Paul Bernardo. He got taken off a bus by police, had police come to his house and to his place of work because he looked so similar.

  • Samira Lopez
    Samira Lopez

    my mom walked in while i was watching this

  • 1815 Hiba Mukhtar
    1815 Hiba Mukhtar

    Bailey mimicking carla is the best part😂👌🏻💯

  • nicky smith
    nicky smith

    I'm sorry but the FBI profiler made my Criminal Minds loving heart giddy

  • Priyanka Argade
    Priyanka Argade

    I mean for someone who willingly agreed to assault her own sister, how could they miss this with all the other red flags abt her being so cold and emotionless. It is very disturbing to know that she is still out!!

  • Theresa 804
    Theresa 804

    Hi Bailey...I am so glad that I came across your channel! You have a new subscriber! This is the first of your videos that I have watched, however, I will be binge watching tonight! I really enjoy listening to you and can tell that you put alot of hard work in researching the cases! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Ayesha Akmal
    Ayesha Akmal

    It’s pronounced as scar-bro 😭😭😭

  • Leah D
    Leah D

    I’m from Ontario and listening to you try and say Scarborough is so entertaining and cute LOL. We pronounce it “scar-bro” hehe.

  • Evelyn Carrillo
    Evelyn Carrillo

    I watched 20 minutes of it and had to pause when Paul AND Karla both assaulted her 15 year old sister. I have a 15 year older sister (I’m 23) and could never imagine doing something like that. I nearly threw up. 😔

  • Loris101

    As a Canadian everyone hates these two and that especially in Ontario

  • Catie Meuwissen
    Catie Meuwissen

    Paul gives me huge Brock Turner vibes...

  • lizzie_violett

    The car billboards is why eyewitness testimony is the weakest form of evidence

  • lizzie_violett

    Scar-bur-row ?

    • lizzie_violett

      Scarburroh. Scarborough

  • Adele Yslie
    Adele Yslie

    You told this story in the perfect way. I agree with you, she should be in jail allot longer, like forever!

  • Sychgop

    "What's your hometown known for?" ...

  • acinoreV agetrO
    acinoreV agetrO

    Anyone hear or see the movie Karla? Laura Prepon was Karla Misha Collins was Paul Bernardo.

  • Lola Fierling
    Lola Fierling

    Has anyone else seen the movie Karla that's based on this? It's really disturbing Laura prepon plays Karla

  • Ashley Murphy
    Ashley Murphy

    you know she's out of jail now, and living somewhere in Ottawa or Quebec. She has children, and wanted to be part of the parent group that goes on trips with the kids, and was denied. Shes not allowed to go within so many feet of the school even though her kids go there.

  • Ashley Murphy
    Ashley Murphy

    I grew up in this area. Im pretty sure they found the tapes in a ceiling tile or something.

  • S Z
    S Z

    I don't understand, why don't they lock her up for longer after finding the videos? What kind of messed up system is this? Imagine being born and figuring out that was your mother.

  • Dwayne Louis
    Dwayne Louis

    "dalhouise?" is that what she meant? dalwheeze

  • Luv_in_Nov


  • Erin Wright
    Erin Wright

    Give details girl!!

  • love2sing20101

    The chances that it was the same day as their wedding that the cement blocks were found. Weird.

  • short video ever day with pipestupid
    short video ever day with pipestupid

    Kind of reminds of, ‘The Devil All The Time.’

  • Elyse Rotman
    Elyse Rotman

    Scarborough. Scar-Borrow??? Scar - b(0)ro... Like the first O is a suggestion ;)

  • abby rhoads
    abby rhoads

    get away from the screen she says as she asks me to subscribe

  • Kylie G
    Kylie G

    I grew up in the area at the time and this was the reason it was drilled in our heads not to stop or talk to strangers. It definitely affected the entire community. I hope neither of them know a moments peace and the fact that Karla VOLUNTEERED at her child's school with OTHER kids? disgusting.

  • Falon Poor
    Falon Poor

    Welp this was this was not the one to watch while eating. 😗

  • Mubinur Rahman
    Mubinur Rahman

    Story starts from 4:31

  • jenica Avery
    jenica Avery

    Can you do Larry Fisher

  • Cristina Martinez
    Cristina Martinez

    Kyron horman story

  • vendettaray


  • Natascha Monika
    Natascha Monika

    Oh no that woman needs to be in prison for the rest of her life as well she is a super sicko

  • Julie Paez
    Julie Paez

    i love this PLEASE NEVER STOP you literally combine my passions lol,

  • Angellinie

    She changed her name to Leanne Teale, she wasn’t allowed to make the name change private.

  • Darlene V
    Darlene V

    I love that nail color

  • Nicola Dawson
    Nicola Dawson

    Idk, but her mug shot is VERY telling.....

  • Sheila Rogers
    Sheila Rogers

    I think Carla should be in jail for the rest of her life. A life sentence in Canada is only 25 years. I last heard that Carla's last name is "Teal". That was years ago after she remarried and had children. I haven't heard any updates but hope someone exposes her...she's evil and manipulative....and a danger to all.

  • A D
    A D

    Ok but girl u need to drop the skincare routine 😍

  • Cindy Anim
    Cindy Anim

    They made an SVU episode about them, but L&O gave us the ending this story really should have had!!! At sentencing the judge told the DA that he was disgusted by the plea deal and that he should be ashamed of himself for making any type of deal with her. Then the judge proceeded to give "Karla" life in prison instead of 12 years.

    • A S H
      A S H

      What episode and season do you know ?

  • GROTESQUE kid1
    GROTESQUE kid1

    I love you stuff ❤ my favorite to watch

  • Drengr Rae
    Drengr Rae

    I live in Montreal and knowing that she lives here is creeping me tf out 😰😰

    • Drengr Rae
      Drengr Rae

      And as a mother, the fact that she works or worked in schools, near children is making my blood boil

  • Karsten Gulab
    Karsten Gulab

    When she said it was talked about a million times but I had never heard of it

  • FenbyRat


  • Me Myself
    Me Myself

    Love your attitude

  • SexyKitty Kat305
    SexyKitty Kat305

    They should of gave them the death sentence

  • Laurence Lecours
    Laurence Lecours

    If someone wanted to do something to my younger sister..i SWEAR to baby Satan, I would rock their skin as a catsuit.

  • Mrs newburys Videos
    Mrs newburys Videos

    Also it's pronounced scar- burrow it just doesn't spell that way

  • Mrs newburys Videos
    Mrs newburys Videos

    Am I the only one who didn't know Paul Bernardo isn't his real name?

  • Suki Mawson
    Suki Mawson

    I love your show. I hope you get richer and even more famous!!! Your cleverly bonding two ordinary things to make something completely unique. Brilliant!👏👏👏. Have you done one on Carl Tanzler? If not, check him out. It’s not really a mystery, just very strange. Keep doing it! You’re winning!

  • Klara Hostnik
    Klara Hostnik

    If my boyfriend ask me for that... Noone gonna find him.

  • ChellesBelles

    Carla has three kids now?!

  • Lix Lavender
    Lix Lavender

    Scar-bro, hon. 💛

  • Blake

    Another weird one from Ontario that still remains unsolved (from what I remember) is the lost boys! If you look up the lost boys of Ontario it was a huge deal. Still talked about to this day here.

  • Megan Condon
    Megan Condon

    Am I wrong or does Bailey look like Mila Kunis?

  • Emily Kelly
    Emily Kelly

    Born in Scarborough (scar-bow-row), live near Toronto(tor-ron-oh) Two of my parents friends knew victims of Paul. One of my friends lives half a block away from where Leslie Mchaffy was taken. I used to bartend for the guy who had to review all the video footage for Paul’s retrial (4ish years ago?) it’s still a very real thing and never forgotten up here.

  • Miss Shelley
    Miss Shelley

    Bailey, have you done Belle Gunness yet? Would love to hear you tell this story

  • Tanya Hart
    Tanya Hart

    Yeah but her sister tho. Loyalty is something else.

  • Donna Drinkwalter
    Donna Drinkwalter

    Believe me when I say, Canadians were outraged when everything was exposed. And yes, she should have gotten the same sentence as him! She played the legal system and they fell for it. I do believe she finally told the police where the tapes were, after she had her deal. I am a Canadian, I followed the case because it was so horrendous.

  • Desiree Ciereszko
    Desiree Ciereszko

    It boggles my mind that Homolka walks around free today. Like BLOWS my mind. Sure have a whole new life, new identity, husband and kids. Sure, makes total sense. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jodie Wood
    Jodie Wood

    Girl read the room 😂

  • Angela Mohem
    Angela Mohem

    I would love to hear the Kip Kinkle story

  • Kelsey Elizabeth
    Kelsey Elizabeth

    "Scar-burrow" 🤣🤣

  • CS Local
    CS Local

    I would disown her as her parents if I seen or heard those videos.

  • Ally C
    Ally C

    “Girl, read the room” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Calum Gleeson
    Calum Gleeson

    Love your impressions Bailey🤣🤣

  • Victorio Canale
    Victorio Canale

    Hey Bailey, awesome as ever but here's a little trick to pronounce Scarborough, it's Scarburra, like Edinburgh in Scotland is pronounced Edinburra. I don't know why it sounds like it ends with an A but that's how you pronounce it. Love your videos 💘

  • Artful Living
    Artful Living

    Tapes were found up in the ceiling fixture of the upstairs bathroom. The cops looked there many times, but did not reach up far enough to find them. Bernardo's lawyer went in once the cops left and was able to reach a bit further than the cops. Bernardo told his lawyer that the tapes were there. The lawyer did not submit them as an officer of the courts as this was murky grounds for lawyers. Lawyer could be disbarred for not disclosing evidence as an officer of the court, but could also be disbarred for not representing the client.

  • Jaime Camacho Jr
    Jaime Camacho Jr

    Scooby doo!! Thats the theme

  • curlytopmorgan

    People have been requesting this story?? I have never heard of this story and I was shocked to hear it was in Canada! Wow what a crazy one..these people were sick. 😭😭 I just love your videos thanks for sharing this one!

  • Victoria Matthews
    Victoria Matthews

    As someone who lives there, listening to you try to pronounce "scarborough" was so funny to me. Btw, it's pronounced like scar-bro :)

  • Jeni T
    Jeni T

    I live in that area... I still remember looking for that beige “Camaro”. I was the same age as Leslie and Kristen at the time. Every time I hear about these two monsters, I flash back to that age. And the tapes were in a vent.

  • Erika Elyse
    Erika Elyse

    If her testimony was lies, then couldn't they go back on the plea agreement? I mean she technically lied and didnt give the full truth, so....therefore the agreement was not upheld on her end?? I always wondered why the police treated it like "oh, well. Nothing we can do to her now" when I feel like they absolutely could have taken back her deal bc she was just as guilty as Paul, in my opinion.

  • Deb Stewart
    Deb Stewart

    Big shout out to you bailey from Australia I also thought you'd like to know how Australians say scarborough if no one's told you already sc-ah-bra maybe next time the name comes up you could say it like an Aussie lol

  • Gabriela C. Chavez
    Gabriela C. Chavez

    I love this video's makeup 🥰

  • Sierra Shannon
    Sierra Shannon

    I could totally see you being a talk show host like Sally in the 90s. I'm not sure why but every time I watch one of your videos that's what I think of.

  • Olivia Priest
    Olivia Priest

    You are my favorite youtuber!!!

  • Goat Host23
    Goat Host23

    I like how she points out the fact that these are "Attractive normal you would never guess kind of people" they don't have to look like.... Weird

  • Monica M.
    Monica M.

    Love your voice reenactments😆. You are great at what you do

  • Courtney Thill
    Courtney Thill

    I’d be super interested in a video about the Samaritan cult in Guthrie OK!

  • Sarah

    Scar - bur- oh lol that's how you say it

  • Cathy o
    Cathy o

    Everytime I see them I’m like I don’t get it they don’t look like Ken and Barbie. I don’t find them attractive same with Ted Bundy. Also they killed people why put emphasis on physical beauty (this isn’t a critique of Bailey or anything just confused of why as a society this happens)

  • griselda velasquez
    griselda velasquez

    I love you girl!!!!!!

  • 04beni04

    I was a teen in Hamilton, knew Kristen very briefly and superficially from summer camp, had friends from St. Catherines who knew Leslie, grew up to know one of the cops who were so traumatized from first hand exposure to the case that he had to change careers ... the whole thing was a nightmare and I was looking on from a distance. Thank you for covering this story, but I think I need to go hug a puppy now.

  • Barry Ferris
    Barry Ferris

    You do such a great job!! I love your videos!!!

  • Kathleen Cooper
    Kathleen Cooper

    You always make my Mondays!!

  • Monica L Saldana
    Monica L Saldana

    Hi Bailey 👋 could you do a story on Michelle Shelly Knotek. Just listen to the audible If You Tell. This heifer is something else.

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