Top 10 Best Selling Songs Each Year (2010-2020)
Top 10 best selling songs each year worldwide according to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
Positions are based on total units sold (sales+streaming)
Note: Streaming was added to the formula in 2013

-Biggest songs each year (2010-2020)
-Biggest songs of all time
-Biggest global hit songs
-Biggest worldwide hits of each year
-Most iconic songs of all time
-Best selling artists of all time
-Best selling artists of the 2000s
-Best selling artists of the 2010s
-Best selling songs of all time
-Best songs of all time
-Best songs of the 2000s
-Hit songs of 2010
-Hit songs of 2011
-Hit songs of 2012
-Hit songs of 2013
-Hit songs of 2014
-Hit songs of 2015
-Hit songs of 2016
-Hit songs of 2017
-Hit songs of 2018
-Hit songs of 2019
-Hit songs of 2020
-Hit songs of 2020
-Top 100 biggest worldwide hit songs ever
-Chart history
-Billboard hot 100
-Billboard hot 100 all time list
-Best song of the 2010s
-ISdowns most viewed songs of all time
-Most streamed songs of all time
-Spotify top 100
-Shape Of You
-Justin Bieber
-Blinding Lights
-Bad Guy
-Lady Gaga
-Bruno Mars
-Ed Sheeran
-Katy Perry
-Taylor Swift
-Ariana Grande
-Michael Jackson
-The Weeknd
-Super Bowl half time show
-Best selling albums of all time

  • M

    Anyone in their late 20s will watch this video like they are looking at an old photo album and feel the nostalgia

  • 유경화

    Psy is a Korean

  • Haasyir

    Just visited my childhood memories for 15 minutes thanks 🙏🏻

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    Muhd Ekmal

    too much nostalgia 😢

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    time goes so fast it's so nostlagic when i listen to all this song again 😩

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    Idk why i've listen to this song a million times but i got goosebumps when blinding lights was played


    Imagine how many copyright claims will be on this video 😂😂😂

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    origami종이접는 가지버섯-


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    Pablo Garcia sanz

    Wait firework doesn’t appear on 2010. I can’t believe that cali girls sold more

  • yt

    Alan walker's Faded????



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    Prajul Tom

    Nobody's gonna talk about marshmello alone?

  • Eija Ariandi
    Eija Ariandi

    Linkin park. Numb/In The End?

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    Lucas MacDonald

    Sicko mode isn’t top 10 of 2018? That’s honestly shocking

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    Phebz The Great

    Remembering the good old days 😔🥺 Nostalgic! 😔

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    Herrera Rodriguez Angel Ibrahim

    estupid stolen dance in 2013

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    My Mind

    I can’t believe that they didn’t add pillow talk and dusk till dawn

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    Dan 1275

    1:54 a xD

  • AlôBrasil?

    Músicas em inglês:A Do nada: Nossa, nossa, assim vc me mata Kkkkkkk aiai

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    Jacob Correa

    My life just flashed before my eyes

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    Hardie Caballero

    Someone create these songs in a playlist?

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    Jeremias Alvarez

    Crush was on 2007 not 2010

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    Albokid 21

    Bro I can’t believe starship and pay phone has been out for almost 9 years

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    Não esperava o michel teló 😳

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    Feareme 718

    I’m shocked lucid dreams wasn’t on this

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    Chuck Jenkins

    The fact that lucid dreams didn’t make this list makes me sad

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    Ngl the tail end of 2020 was basically just tik tok songs

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    GIRLS LIKE YOU IS 3 YEARS OLD ???? 2020-2021 and COVID really put us in a time distorsion

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    the bros podcast

    Yoooo the nostalgia is insane all my favorite songs in one video

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    Nico Cerrudo


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    2019 Joji Yeah Right

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    lilah mae

    Favorite song here ... Go ! (Exactly)

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    I got an plan to get THIS on spotify so we NEED to send spotify this list and say list now or i mad >:(😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😩☹️😢🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡👹👹👹👹👺👺👺😡🤬

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    lilah mae

    Y'all when I tell you , I started crying when I heard some of these ....

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    Влад Голова

    Kesha know Tik Tok in 2010?

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    Izzy Johnson

    wow so i was born in 2010 and i only remember like 3 songs from that time

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    Τάσος Σαρικαβαζης


  • Person

    ISdowns is like Tik Tok back in the day posting crazy stuff crazy trends and the most fun part is that you won't earn any money it's all just for fun

  • Hint of a Goose
    Hint of a Goose

    Where is jpro on here

  • royal playlists
    royal playlists

    These are literally the songs I’ve listened to since I was born

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    Doodle sodle pencil Fart

    I’m 9 and I know 79%

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    Meseret Abashi

    all of them are soo good

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    Steven Montanio


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    Kidsclub 7899

    More than half of these songs are way better than any of the good songs popular today.


    Not sure how I ended up here

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    Khayla Julien

    I used to listen to all these songs!

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    Om Santosh Savake

    2015 was a golden year .

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    Ken De Torres

    I feel like yesterday I was just a kid still listing to my dads songs😊😊💓💓

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    Ken De Torres

    Well those 20's songs really made my childhood 😊 thank you for watching this

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    no way say so isn't in the 2020 top 10 istg it was *everywhere* ???

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    Kevin Grumeau

    Where are Shakira and queen B ???

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    Im only 14 but I feel old while watching this

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    Ulu Walker

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. Cool!

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    Were is x in this r.i.p❤️

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    Nicole Theunissen

    Hearts of men are cold in the last days,turn now.⌚ For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul ❗wake up💤💯💉🧬☠🌊 in the days of Noah God will judge the world⌛...

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  • Nidzoni Profic
    Nidzoni Profic

    ai se eu te pego

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    Farzin is down

    Why there is no eminem? And why there id only pop songs? Oh i get it Youre some nerds that think rap music is bad

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    5:08 I- I just can’t listen to this song properly anymore and I blame the internet

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    Andi Sultan Syarif Aminullah

    Lol no kpop....

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    Chandan Kumar

    Spotify Playlist -

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    Timothy Gabriel Pek 1402034

    Wierd how ppl buy musics from behind the sence

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    Let it go

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    Shubham Rane

    From 2017 every song is on love that bf gf shit.

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    a r t h u r . h e n r i q u e

    I still don't believe that 6 years old kids tell me they were born in 2015.

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    Lehuy Lincoln

    100 songs in 15 minutes

  • Dildo_shwaggin

    1:37 so this is where the Tik Tok name came 🤯.


    I know some of the song when I was younger.

  • Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down
    Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

    This brings back so many memories

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    san Rn

    3:32 PES 2013

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    If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally and He will never leave you 💛💛💛

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    Joshua Perera

    I feel like faded by Alan walker needed to be here somewhere?

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    Jerry Dboss

    I feel like despacito should have been no.1 in 2017, people didn't know the meaning but still sang to it

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    Lusimar Rodrigues

    EAI sou brasileiro

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    Música Br 🙂

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    i have a memory attached to every one of these songs

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      well except the spanish ones

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    im only 15 but god this is a nostalgia trip

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    Não acredito q os caras colocaram aí se eu te pego kkkk

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    Bruh is I know all these songs takes me back

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    2019 to 2021 everthing is famous from tiktok😂😂

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    I FORGOT ABOUT JUST GIVE ME A REASON i remember loving it so much when i was little

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    I feel old 😿

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    Why do know almost all these songs

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    Idk where I was in 2016. I recognize maybe 2 songs

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