Demi Lovato - SXSW 2021: Dancing with the Devil Official Panel
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Global superstar Demi Lovato, director & executive producer Michael D. Ratner, ISdowns’s Global Head of Original Content Susanne Daniels and moderator Jenelle Riley from Variety discuss Dancing with the Devil - the new documentary that explores the traumas and every aspect that led to Lovato’s nearly fatal overdose in 2018, followed by her powerful awakenings in the aftermath.
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  • Sona Mirzoyan
    Sona Mirzoyan

    But ok Demi laughing is the cutest thing ever. She is so strong and most people would maybe not be able to laugh after something like that. I love her so much such a strong woman!

  • Symore Primus
    Symore Primus

    Lol the out burst of her laugh lol priceless..🤣🤣

  • Tink Ie
    Tink Ie

    love ur hair

  • igor hendy
    igor hendy

    omg three stroke and one heart attack? i mean, she definitely was born again. what a warrior, what a survivor! congratulations, demi.

  • Montana Schulatz
    Montana Schulatz

    "You are not your lowest moments."

  • AutoimmuneWarrior Queen
    AutoimmuneWarrior Queen

    It is absolutely okay to not be okay! Please remember as well tho that it’s also okay to be okay. While you’re waiting in those moments between one of life’s hardships to the next, don’t spend that time holding your breath for the next shoe to drop and not treasure those quiet moments. It’s also okay to BE okay 🥰

  • Nation歯引き

    Now I want Froyo.

  • Niki Larocque
    Niki Larocque

    I was excited to watch this till I found it was pay per view

  • Patrick Maldonado
    Patrick Maldonado

    She's still so immature, you can't smoke and drink when you're an admitted junkie. The easiest thing in the world to do is lie to yourself and that's what she's doing every day. Sad

  • Terri Tessier
    Terri Tessier

    Thank you for opening up your beautiful your soul to others...we all have our demons! ...our stories and lessons connect us in the end

  • Cal Lewis
    Cal Lewis

    sorry an wow. love! yes violet colored glasses.

  • Phyllis Cuschieri
    Phyllis Cuschieri



    Hope for Suzanne

  • eli Dimitrova
    eli Dimitrova

    You look amazing. I love your hair!

  • Eric Dulany
    Eric Dulany

    I have to be real thorough. I'd consider trading places and problems if I could be super hot, super rich, and live in a mansion. ☹

  • Sherri Claroni
    Sherri Claroni

    Dancing with the devil is a totally awesome song 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dylan Simmons
    Dylan Simmons

    It’s said that legends are taken from this world way to soon. And that’s true with so many people. Just one example is juice wrld. We were so close to losing her. Now she can express her story and help people. Amazing.

  • Miranda Andersson
    Miranda Andersson


  • That Cool Kid Chris
    That Cool Kid Chris

    Demi, you are doing too much. Chill. My goodness, overkill.

  • Kate Xavier
    Kate Xavier

    every human being need to be allowed to be itself and fix what they dont want to be. Mental illness come from there. For not being confortable in our own skin, to not even know how is this skin. To be unable to know whats inside us. To living a life that doesnt meant for us.

  • Samantha Lacerda
    Samantha Lacerda


  • Mona Bueno
    Mona Bueno

    Pero es el último capítulo y no tiene subtítulos en español!!!

  • Tianna Watson
    Tianna Watson

    It was Amazing and so vulnerable! I'm so proud of you Demi 👏 Life is a journey and we are all here with you! Overcoming and self understanding and then sharing the truth was so Unbelievable. Always a LOVato ❤ Mental health and addiction is so serious and people need to know there's always help. 🌎 ✌

  • Brittney Newton
    Brittney Newton

    Demi, thank you for sharing your story. You really have been helping me so much more than you will ever know! You have no idea how helpful it is to listen to an episode or an extra video of one of your “video journal entries” when I’m really low and wanting to quit. Thank you ❤️

  • Michael

    Thank you for the fine documentary, outstanding work. From Australia! :-)

  • Elizabeth Sagoe
    Elizabeth Sagoe

    I love she is living how she wants and see looks so happy

  • Jasmine Drawhorn
    Jasmine Drawhorn

    Her laugh is so infectious. I love it!

  • ChasityMaria Padilla
    ChasityMaria Padilla

    I love the whole thing. We place such unrealistic ideas on celebrities, that we almost convince ourselves that they’re super humans, and we forget often that these people are just that, they’re people. They’re human just like us and they fall and they break and they bleed just like the rest of us. They go through real life struggles just like we do and they do it with the whole world documenting their every move and that’s got to be exhausting and frustrating to constantly worry about what they’re about to do each day isn’t caught on film or how they look to the public, that alone would drive some of us to our breaking point, and she just truly went raw with this and told her truth and opened up about her real life and that wasn’t just ballsy but it was relatable to so many other people who deal with their own struggles. She’s amazing and this whole vulnerable series was truly admirable.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

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    George Tori

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  • Soleil senini
    Soleil senini

    She’s p!nk

  • Wim Doeterniettoe
    Wim Doeterniettoe

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  • Nate Koo
    Nate Koo

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  • Mery Gomez Burgos
    Mery Gomez Burgos

    She deserves everything because she is the strongest warrior ever 💙

  • Nat Chill
    Nat Chill

    Girlll dammmnnn

  • Margaret Harris
    Margaret Harris

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  • MyNameIsChantell

    The lady running the interview sounds like Ellen😳

  • aliesha smith
    aliesha smith

    So proud of Demi I kind of wish it had the mexican pizza from taco bell scene, I also wonder like the process of going to knew management

  • Eva Delgado
    Eva Delgado

    Am I the only one that wants and NEEDS to see that scene they talked about where Demi talks about the mexican pizza from Taco Bell??

  • Salwa Morcos
    Salwa Morcos

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  • Aria Love
    Aria Love

    Demi has a beautiful story. It’s complicated but it’s important and necessary and i hope people learn from her.

  • Aria Love
    Aria Love

    Dude Demi is an amazing person singer artist. She is incredible. Inside and out

  • Aria Love
    Aria Love

    I love Demi lovato. Great documentary. Great team. I hope there’s more

  • Jasonups5

    Please continue to get the help. You need many years of help and don’t give up!! Please!!!!

  • Hola Como Estas
    Hola Como Estas

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  • Laur 818
    Laur 818

    Why put anything behind a paywall? I wanna see Demi talk about Taco Bell.... It's ISdowns, there shouldn't be a paywall!!

  • Kuba Letty
    Kuba Letty

    Damn girl...!! You look so freaking hot with that haircut 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Love you demi😘😘😘

  • Michael Kass
    Michael Kass

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    Andre Cascajero

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  • Texas Twister
    Texas Twister

    This is so stupid.. the covid19 shot has nothing to do with the virus.. please don't take it.. it's a world population control chemical weapon!! Research it!! Please don't take the poison shot!! Look up Drs Sucharit Bhakdi, Sherri Tenpenny.. Anthony Patch band Margery Taylor Greene.. WTF is wrong with you Cov-idiots!!?

  • Randy Stryke
    Randy Stryke

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  • cookie_dough_hangover


  • Bethany Jordan
    Bethany Jordan

    I hope that Demi financially helped Dani... I know that addiction is the most selfish disease you can have but Dani lost everything. I am glad Demi feels better talking about it but I think she is more easily forgiven then her friends and the only one that was responsible for all of this was Demi. I married an addict who is now in recovery but the damage done to those who love you is not fixable sometimes.

  • Atlante Embs
    Atlante Embs

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  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham

    I love her boisterous laugh 🤣🔥💪🏻❤🙌🏻


    After watching Her documentary it broke me into tears and skipping a breath while crying. The goosebumps and her last episode of her documentary was also soosoososoosos emotional and when she had her hair cut "it took my breath away and i had to rewind and see that moment of her feeling so Free and loving herself."

  • Robert Pembroke
    Robert Pembroke

    They don't do their hedges. They don't thin

  • Robert Pembroke
    Robert Pembroke

    I like how the grass grows between the concrete pavers. I wonder if that's artificial couch in the shade. That's really well done, if it's real.

  • kathy zwilling
    kathy zwilling

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  • Alejandra C Fina
    Alejandra C Fina

    Is that rosie O'Donnell?

  • Alejandra C Fina
    Alejandra C Fina

    I never thought I'd say this cause I find it very cliché, but as a recovering addict myself, this really helps me move forward positively. Very very inspiring.

  • Familienherzen

    I am so greatful that Demi letzten us Know her Story!!!I live her!

  • Charlotte R Latham
    Charlotte R Latham

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  • Laura Poirier
    Laura Poirier

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  • Isabela Serqueira
    Isabela Serqueira



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  • Shannon Kieta
    Shannon Kieta

    She is one amazing woman!! I hope she knows that!!

  • egg boye
    egg boye

    Her laugh 🥺 so precious

  • Veyana Thor
    Veyana Thor

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  • Emily smith Beauty blog
    Emily smith Beauty blog


  • Janice Evans
    Janice Evans

    I cried at so many moments during this documentary. I have been sober almost 5 years and had several over doses. I love when you say recovery is not a one size fits all. That's true we are addicts putting us in a box doesn't always work. I wasn't a fan nor did I know much about Demi before this (sorry) but I am the biggest fan ever now!

  • Sharki B
    Sharki B

    Omg I LOVE Demi's big laugh!!!

  • Dena Von Patel
    Dena Von Patel


  • Samantha Blake
    Samantha Blake

    The interviewer seems far to rehearsed. It feels very inauthentic and fake. Wish there was a better person conducting the interview.

  • A R
    A R


  • A R
    A R

    You are amazing 🤍

  • Janny Mina
    Janny Mina

    What has happened to her? 🥺

  • Giselle Bustamante
    Giselle Bustamante

    💗🤍💜💖💕🦋🎀 #survivor

  • Giselle Bustamante
    Giselle Bustamante

    Thankfully she survived haveing a great smile to this day. 🤘🏼🤭☺️

  • Xu Fancy
    Xu Fancy

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  • Dianne Siefker
    Dianne Siefker

    I'm so completely in Awe how much your story and continuous journey resonates with my own journey. I have stepped in my TRUTH and power and it's such a beautiful journey! Our flaws and All create the beautiful beings we Are!!! Your so loved Demi!

  • Veyana Thor
    Veyana Thor

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    Joanne Rogers

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  • Brighteyed Dancer
    Brighteyed Dancer

    Wonderful Demi Lovato is Sharing her Story, Sad fans are to closed minded and self absorbed to receive it. They blamed her friend for years nearly ruined that woman's life!

  • ShadesAndBoots


  • Danique Fogah
    Danique Fogah

    could we get a song with billie

  • Margaret Harris
    Margaret Harris

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  • Mark Stott
    Mark Stott

    Donkey wars. Is the best video. So cute and funny.

  • Aimee A.
    Aimee A.

    I guess I’m cynical but I just feel like she’s being used by these people... but I wish her the best.


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  • Russell Kirkpatrick
    Russell Kirkpatrick

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  • anna cafarelli
    anna cafarelli

    Wow this doc series has been so impactful and amazing in the same way for me, it is great and so so so much helpful for so much people that is a kind of a life saving need everyone needs to hold on when they’re are in their low moments in life when they just want to unplug their life off. Thanks Demi for these powerful episodes💗