bts clips i think about a lot
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bts is a gift that keeps on giving, am i right? also, who would've know Cardi B sound effects came in this handy when then tannies got attacked by bugs??

subtitle colors:
namjoon: blue
jin: pink
hobi: red
jungkook: purple
taehyung: green
jimin: yellow
suga: grey
black: staff / comment / guest / more ppl talking at once
white: kookiestaetas comments

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I edit with Premiere Pro / After Effects
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In September 2019
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    Wishing everyone a nice weekend, stay safe 💜😊

    • Coralie P
      Coralie P

      @Jasmine Ziegler the one where they are sitting on a table? That was a 8th anniversary conversation, you can find it on the official bangtan bomb channel

    • Jasmine Ziegler
      Jasmine Ziegler

      @Coralie P can u tell me where the clips of them were from? where jungkook had purple hair and they were sitting in a circle

    • Yuu 304
      Yuu 304

      Thank you so much for this video!

    • Neha Siyad
      Neha Siyad

      When kookie was talking about jumping off the helicopter in a parachutes I was thinking about catching him when he falls from the sky ( i wish that it would happen)💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    • Mo FAV
      Mo FAV

      You too bestie! Eat some food! Take a shower! Care for yourself!!💜💜

  • Taehyung_Maëva _
    Taehyung_Maëva _

    I still can't stop thinking ab yoongi as a pole dancer 😭

  • Gucci King
    Gucci King

    imagine if our name was bells instead of armys and when BTS comes to india they be calling us 'ghanta' NO-

  • Rahi Nisal
    Rahi Nisal

    okay but i stan those armies who watched muster illegally, like the power we hold lmao

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army

    Explosion in 1 2 3😂😂😂

  • Aadia Sebastian
    Aadia Sebastian

    We did it army mic drop reached 1 billion views

  • Shweta Kudrimoti
    Shweta Kudrimoti

    2:13 can someone please tell me this phone meme? It's really funny.

  • fatigue mei
    fatigue mei

    4:17 The fact that one of our artist have done that lolll he literally parachuted to the stage

  • Jxmxnsx

    Suga looked really cute in the frog hat 💜

  • •Nada’s Gachas•
    •Nada’s Gachas•

    Yoongi: “small” Also yoongi: **is shorter than jimin**

  •  Grace Fletcher
    Grace Fletcher

    They really got all the girls jeez. Boy bands are girls magnets. I'm proud of them. It ain't easy. Wow this was on my bday.

  • superlyobsessed

    Hobie getting hit by the camera hahahahaha

  • Sofia Gruner
    Sofia Gruner

    jungkook: I'm not good at anything All of the "golden manhae" & "jungkook being good at everything" videos: intensive shaking*

  • Manisha BHatt-rai
    Manisha BHatt-rai

    Jin is good at breathing 😆

  • Manisha BHatt-rai
    Manisha BHatt-rai

    6:53😆 oh

  • Amber Lightheart
    Amber Lightheart

    Did RM actually cuss?! (0_0)

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J

    Jin seems so unimpressed in this vid😂😂💜

  • Bhoomi Kansal
    Bhoomi Kansal

    2:55 - 3:11 probably the best clip so far

  • Person

    I wish to be that bug 😔

  • QutieeSxpphire_

    4:04 Facts, LIGIT FACTS STATED ToT

  • QutieeSxpphire_

    3:36 ooh la la shirtless yoongi, id like a appointment at the gym then

  • QutieeSxpphire_

    2:48 JM trying to get the bugs attention by saying : "happy birthday, happy birthday, HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" IM SORRY I CANT-

  • QutieeSxpphire_

    0:52 when everyone is a dummy brother to RM.. ABAHAHAH

  • Neitya Kaul
    Neitya Kaul

    5:59 jungkook is looking like a physopath ...........heheheheheh but still he is our little bunnie

  • Chloe A
    Chloe A

    How do you avoid copyright claims??

  • Chaps 99
    Chaps 99

    In the words from that one chick on tiktok, "slip a nip, get a tip"

  • A blond reader
    A blond reader

    6:52 got me crying omg 😭😂😂😂

  • Elfaei

    Where I can watch this please 0:35 and 1:39?

  • bengi nomoney
    bengi nomoney

    3:06 just hits diffrent

  • 𝐫𝐱𝐬𝐞

    At this point Hobi will laugh at everything

  • - rxsx -
    - rxsx -

    **not really wasting my time by watching this vid-**

  • Ayan's corner chaudhry
    Ayan's corner chaudhry

    1:46 you could never be cringe for Armies 3:19 can someone tell me what episode this is i have been searching for weeks 7:13 This is coming from the man who can litterally anything in the world wow

  • Wen Kexing
    Wen Kexing

    7:12 jk rly said nothing LOL im weak world wide funny guy

  • Naga Vaishnavi Pusapati
    Naga Vaishnavi Pusapati

    4:23 Tae looks like the Indian mom who always wants her daughter to wear jewellery and look all traditional while Yoongi looks like me, who is the most comfy in sweat shirt's and sweat pant's and can't complain or else we will get the iconic flying chappal lol just kiddin' I love my mom and she loves me to the fullest!

  • so what
    so what

    I'm german....I lost it real bad in the first seconds

  • yoongi's tangerines
    yoongi's tangerines

    Q: something you're good at?? Jungkook: *nOtHiNg reAlly.* That's the biggest lie that I've ever hear.

  • A

    "name something you're good at" JK: nothing really ok there's modesty, and then there's whatever the fuck that was because- 💀

  • Sir-

    5:53 I JUST WANNA KNOW- what in the fricking fracking knick knack patty wacking world did he see that made his eyes go •👄• what did he see 🥀💔

  • I'm Bad boi
    I'm Bad boi

    0:03 Namjoon: Ah shit- dfuq did I just say?-

  • Esmée Schouten
    Esmée Schouten

    This is just a compilation of the members saying dumb or funny shit, and Jin just being confused about it

  • Taekooks account
    Taekooks account

    "i'm not ready" ~j-hope 2021 hold up- war. flashbacks???

  • alyssa larasati
    alyssa larasati

    yoongi said if hobi join the other members go to the gym then hobi will find the other members shirtless in the gym. WELL CAN I COME TOO??

  • monica pham
    monica pham

    hey if u dont mind me asking where did u get the intro from btw i love your videos 🥰😋🤞😩

  • Purva Shah
    Purva Shah

    that bug is so lucky!!!!, He dont even need tickets to go to concerts, armys cant even see BTS so much and this little fella bug went on the stage !!!!! This bug is surely in love with BTS!

  • Amanda Mukeba
    Amanda Mukeba

    @2:46 the bug: *yall wish you were me 😚🤚🏽*

  • Ramita Mittal
    Ramita Mittal

    Jhope: *Hey, Bell* The girl named Bell: *Dead*

  • Mable Burch
    Mable Burch

    Hi I have watch this video before More than once ☺️I was so cought up in the videos you have up I forget to comment 💜☺️so iam injoying rewatching them thank you for giving me happy thoughts 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤗🌠

  • Manasa Aravind
    Manasa Aravind

    3:58 to 4:09 it's just yoongi telling actual facts

  • BTS ARMY Girl Aditi
    BTS ARMY Girl Aditi

    Hobi :- Hey 🔔 bell Le me :- do you mean ox 😂😂😂

  • Periya Swamy
    Periya Swamy

    07.27 aww jinnie ponytail won my heart🥺💜 he is really army's baby🥺💜💜

  • Periya Swamy
    Periya Swamy

    Literally no one Not even a single soul 2.35 Jhope: now there's a bug in front of me maybe it's anniversary to Bts: happy Birthday~~~` Rm: choom ,choom , choom,choom Bts: find yourself an idol that talks to bugs Me: how can idol talk like a bug also me: jealous of that bug😐😂 Army: I am done with this fandom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Val & K-POP
    Val & K-POP

    Jin: "i love samsung" Other Members: no you don't

  • Em Stinson
    Em Stinson

    7:13 excuse me sir, please send me your location so i can smack some confidence into you

  • Aahana Jain
    Aahana Jain

    Watching this video is giving me a feeling that jin and suga have exchanged their souls😂😂😂

  • Mema Ca
    Mema Ca

    omg JK speaking german made my day (I speak fluently german)

  • jichu love
    jichu love

    "You will see us shirtless" I also want to......

  • 소소풀

    ㅋ썸네일만 쿠키 냉무임

  • Cat Bear7
    Cat Bear7

    You know how we say Jin has a habit of rotating his wrist (adding in a little twirl?) when going to fix his glasses? 1:54 It's intersting to see that both Jungkook and Namjoon both did the wrist flip that we normally associate with Jin's habit. I wonder if that's how Jin got that habit?

  • minarina

    I don't know why but I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness at hearing my bias aka Mr Kim Namtiddies curse 😍

  • 장현지

    2:56 3:26

  • DaGamerSarah

    Girl your Underrated

  • Melina Hsh
    Melina Hsh

    Jin can always make me happy really

  • not here
    not here

    My man facing the wrong cam😩😂

  • katie

    3:17 what’s this interview name?

  • Holly Swag 🐾
    Holly Swag 🐾

    ' After this pandemic shit ' Forever Iconic 💀

  • Ruby_44x

    0:22 Wow not bad!

  • Miftahul Jannah
    Miftahul Jannah

    Can you imagine Suga as pole dancer 👁️👄👁️

  • LlaamaBear _
    LlaamaBear _

    Can someone tell me where the 4:51 video is from??

  • Catherene Mary Thomas
    Catherene Mary Thomas

    *fake original: Poppin, rockin, hopping , tuttin, flexin, swaginn woah! *Real original: PoPpin poPpin PopPin Poppin Poppin(WoAh)

  • Morning STAR
    Morning STAR

    new BTS song "PERMISSION TO DANCE" is coming tomorrow at 1KST / 12AM (ET) !

  • kth kylie
    kth kylie


  • Namjoons unshaken hand
    Namjoons unshaken hand

    0:28 wait, do you speak german?? 😭

  • Kiera S
    Kiera S

    1:29 where is this clip from?

  • *%L0s3r%*

    Guten Morgen to you to JK :’)

  • J-hope’s_universe

    Jin:popping popping popping puppy woah Me: (singing along stops in the middle of sing) wait he changed the lyrics

  • alienqueen_

    i PHYSICALLY stopped when I heard Namjoon say “this pandemic sh!t” I WAS NOT P R E P A R E D.

  • Sanjay Chauhan
    Sanjay Chauhan

    Thumbnail was op🤭🔥

  • MC

    7:32 this is the real reason behind my recent switch to samsung 🤣

  • Droggone Gaming
    Droggone Gaming

    These poor kids really have every second of their lives recorded don’t they? That is just depressing to think about. They can never just have a normal and relaxing day.

  • Tabatha Steele
    Tabatha Steele

    The BTS meal at our Mc'Donalds sucked. There wasn't even anything so you could recognize it as a BTS meal.

  • Camille Olislagers
    Camille Olislagers

    Hii are all these clips from BTS muster please?

  • Jiminshii☆

    Attention Army! BTS has officially announced their comeback, Permission To Dance which is set to release on July 9th 2021! Please mark your calendars / reminders and let's come together as a fandom and break some more records! -- P.s : Spread the word if you can because many armys are unaware of this!

  • Syeda Kamran
    Syeda Kamran


  • Titiksa Atmakur
    Titiksa Atmakur

    Can army please tell me where this is from 1:29 ?

  • Jessica

    Junho foi O MÊS! FOI TUDO!!

  • Maxine Catalano
    Maxine Catalano

    Korean Air Lines shipping revenue increased during the months of April to June because of BTS products, cds, etc being shipped to the Americas and other Asian countries. The S. Korean government is perhaps re-thinking the enlistment of the members because of the contributions they make to S. Korea's economy.

  • Cate_ Orla
    Cate_ Orla

    Jimin gives me the same energy as the guy in gym with asthma-

  • BTS Army ♥
    BTS Army ♥

    The big is lucky than me 😔😔😔😔😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭😰😥😅😅😅😓😩😫😡😡😤😖😓 but I a BTS Army 😘😘😄😄.........yeeeeeees

  • Harshita

    You're a great editor

  • Elisha Charles
    Elisha Charles

    suga : once you get a taste of BTS you can never go back Me : yasssssssssss 💖💖😌🙈 A.R.M.Y FOREVER AND EVER💖💖💖

  • Madz77 OT7
    Madz77 OT7


  • sexyvia | stream PTD & butter
    sexyvia | stream PTD & butter

    'Permission To Dance' the new single from BTS out on 07.09.2021, 1pm KST after their latest english single 'Butter' !!

  • Jungkooks donut from the Dynamite MV
    Jungkooks donut from the Dynamite MV


  • Naylani Crespo-Juarbe
    Naylani Crespo-Juarbe

    1:15 bahahahahah 😭

  • Êûphørîå


  • I love bts❤
    I love bts❤

    so cute 😭😭😭

  • Ivory Aiello
    Ivory Aiello

    At 7:33 did you guys hear namjoon say apple no Samsung hahahah

  • Addison Mead
    Addison Mead

    Okay. Many things. 1. Jin's hair sprout thingy. OmG. 2. Fellow Stays, is it just me or does blond yoongi look a little like Bangchan when he had the curly blond thing going on? 3. All of them have been growing out their hair, and I'm here for it. Also 4, am I the only one who is mad at Jungkook for cutting his hair? I think I'm done now. 💜 Edit: WAITNO!! HELP ME, ANSWER, PLEASE! 5:52 IS THE EYEBROW PIERCING REAL?!?! Or is it just more stick-ons? Now I'm done 💜

  • ashu

    joon facing the wrong camera bruh usagliusag

  • jxhopeful

    0:55 this part always gets me