Sockie blood test results are in
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  • lolot

    Is sockie still taler then sabre

  • TunaXTunda

    My mom went through puberty at 17 years old and she is like any normal person

  • James Banks
    James Banks

    That transition was smooth!! Be careful Sockie. Nice growing Sabre. Good news!!

  • said abdi
    said abdi

    Every girl has to go through puberty in time in their life its fine !!🙂 but always be positive... and I didn't like the transition 😕...I LOVE IT

  • Togram Yanual
    Togram Yanual

    Sock I’m almost 18 and I didn’t really go threw puberty till I was 15 so don’t worry everything gonna be just fine and even if you have puberty problems it will just make you stronger for the rest of your life 🤍

  • Rikki Garlett
    Rikki Garlett

    Sockie is so brave to share this with us lengends

  • Alia Emam
    Alia Emam

    It’s okay sock your a brave cook😇

  • Adelaide and puppies
    Adelaide and puppies

    if you haven't got your thing you know what by the age 16 there is something wrong with you because i watched this video where this lady was in he 20's and she didn't get her you know what but the next day she got and died :

  • boba fett
    boba fett


  • Alissa Novak
    Alissa Novak

    sockie is 14? I thought she was like 12! she's so inspirational though

  • Eloise Johnson
    Eloise Johnson

    You got this sock :) We are here for you. Ask you Sabre she will help you. You don't have to say sorry for crying! I hope you have a good day :)

  • Giraffe & Mouse
    Giraffe & Mouse

    Dahl, I grow TOO FAST like I’m younger than you and like I’m nearly 5’12 🥲 I BUMP MY HEAD ON LEGIT EVERYTHING OMGGGGG

  • Sherri Zanoli
    Sherri Zanoli

    Sockie my faughter didn'tvstart puberty until she was 16. I was 9.

  • Ava Church
    Ava Church

    I feel like sockie has such a kind and pure heart. She’s so strong and nice.

  • En Banan
    En Banan

    I’m 15 and just started puberty I went from 5.5 to 5.6 in 6 months

  • Rosie Hebron Year 3
    Rosie Hebron Year 3

    You are brave Sockie xxxxxx

  • Jo Cleese
    Jo Cleese

    dont worry sockie

  • Aria Hale
    Aria Hale

    I’m so confused is this a real Norris nuts channel

    • ray y
      ray y


  • amelia sings
    amelia sings

    Dont worry sockie it's ok.i dont like needles either but if you think of your family you will be ok,♡♡♡

  • Clare McClean
    Clare McClean

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Rosie Hebron Year 3
    Rosie Hebron Year 3

    Sockie dont you worry about a thing SOCKIE you are so brave. That you got the needle and Sabre PLEASE take care of Sockie PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not think when you got your . Do not even think about when sabre had her drops in sydney PLEASE.

  • layla zeff
    layla zeff

    sokie it is ok everyone goes through puberty at different times I mean I am 12 and I am 4.8 that is how tall I am and don't worry about your period my friend got hers at 15 so maby next year my mom got hers in her 20s it is perfectly normal everyone is her for you look on the good Syed of things not the bad. love you good luke and kip up the good work .

  • Alex Luke
    Alex Luke

    i wish i was like u guys so i dont have to go through this stuff trans guy here just for context

  • Crystal Campbell
    Crystal Campbell

    I'm 14 aswell and have no signs dw about it😭❤

  • Annie Knight
    Annie Knight

    awww babes, you'll be alright, I've watched you for a while now and you are one of the strongest people I know.

  • Molly Allen
    Molly Allen

    Sockie I’m on growth hormones too been on them 7 years ! It’s nothing like a blood test needle 😊 it’s a tiny pin prick size it doesn’t hurt x I’m nearly 17 and still havn’t hit puberty x you can be any age I’m going on puberty patches too now x

  • *Suri Stockton*
    *Suri Stockton*

    Don’t worry sock I luv you

  • Legends Don't Juge
    Legends Don't Juge

    We love you sockie! The legends are here for you and everyone goes through it at different times

  • Kirsten Stew
    Kirsten Stew

    So sorry and guess what I sprained my wrist

  • susan Altorfer
    susan Altorfer

    You will be ok Sockie Sabre will help you

  • Skylah Kyle
    Skylah Kyle

    Did anyone besides me seen as in the background at the end

  • Audrey R
    Audrey R

    AAA if you do have to go through growth hormone therapy, it goes by fast and sometimes you can get off the medication early, i got off about a month earlier than planned. You get used to the needles quick and it feels like an ant bite

  • Kaygirl5090

    Don’t worry I have friends who didn’t start until they were abt 16-17

  • Diamond Maradiaga
    Diamond Maradiaga

    I have like the same case if I over stress I faint it’s not a good feeling when I come back and wake again my head hurts from hitting the floor

  • Diamond Maradiaga
    Diamond Maradiaga

    Your ok some people don’t hit till like 16

  • Tajna Thomas
    Tajna Thomas

    Hi sock don't worry you are going to me ok if you have it you will overcome it just like sab don't worry

  • BillieEilish Edits
    BillieEilish Edits


  • Esther Fair
    Esther Fair

    im so happy for sabre bc the growth hormones worked for her so if sockie has to get them then their is like a 90% chance of it working for sock (btw ive not watched the whole vid yet)

  • Sleep over Birthday dacoration
    Sleep over Birthday dacoration

    It is a so cool transition

  • Sleep over Birthday dacoration
    Sleep over Birthday dacoration

    You can do it sock you can do this I believeing you

  • Em Taylor
    Em Taylor

    Dont worry sock :)) your fine! Everyone is unique in their own way - that’s what makes us special - you’ve got this ! It’ll make you stronger !

  • Eva Fitzpatrick
    Eva Fitzpatrick

    Wait no, y’all help me get through anxiety attacks, panic attacks and sickie apologised for crying?! We are your shoulder to cry on🥺

  • Einav Vana
    Einav Vana

    Sock its ok please don't cry every girl gets it in different age and its ok❤️ Ur mom and Sab can help u with it cause they both got it❤️ And its ok u dont need to say sorry for crying cause ledgends don't judge and we all love u!❤️

  • Shelby Patterson
    Shelby Patterson

    oh sock it is ok....I dont have the same thing as sabre but I am 13 and I look 10

  • Hanna Mahmoud
    Hanna Mahmoud


  • Rosie P
    Rosie P

    Sock is just awesome 👏👌👏👌👏

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams

    Aww it’s ok socks

  • Sophia Conde
    Sophia Conde


  • Sophia Conde
    Sophia Conde

    Sock, I know you will worry about periods because it’s just you bleeding out of your bottom part and its ok..

  • clare may
    clare may

    I wouldn’t worry at 14 my daughter was 17 before she started her period 😊

  • agnes Hanmunta
    agnes Hanmunta

    I'm really sorry for you but look on the bright side, IF. I'm not saying you should have bad results . if the results say that you have the same thing as sabre and if it means that you have to take growth hormones for two years then it's okay you'll get use to it I know you can we Legends will support you and your family as well. And I think it might take your fear of needels away. But anyway the legends and I supports you for good results😊💛💛💛💛. Oh and if you look at my profile picture that woman is my aunt I'm the kid that is at the side of the picture. LOVE YOU NORRIS NUTS, WITH A BIG L ❤️

  • Megan T
    Megan T

    I’m 28 and 5ft haha. Being small ain’t all bad. :)

  • Althea Diza
    Althea Diza

    Transition was awesome

  • Andrea Burr
    Andrea Burr

    My mum was 16 when she got her period. Everyone matures differently hun xoxo

  • betty zerit
    betty zerit

    Wait these comments are so sweet ily alll

  • Aliyah H
    Aliyah H

    Is okay sock❤️we love support u and love u❤️ don’t cry x❤️ catch me knuckles 🥺

  • tcpnetworks

    at 2:54 - Justin - you would still be on thin ice with your license. Don't drive with headphones in. A cop having a bad day = distracted driving charge.

  • Sissie DuPuy
    Sissie DuPuy

    girl don't be sorry for crying its your emotions and you can feel just how you want to feel!!!!!!!!

  • Anika and banzu Yt
    Anika and banzu Yt

    It’s ok sockie it’s hard but saber and the legends will help you 🐼

  • Felicity Smith
    Felicity Smith

    Sockie dont worry you will be fine all of my cousins have hit puberty but i haven't you will be fine we all go through it at different times and dont be sorry about crying we are all legends and legends dont judge you are going to be fine. When you said sorry for crying you made me tear up. And dont forget we are all here all 5 million of us are here to support you!!!

  • Kaylee Barclay
    Kaylee Barclay

    You start getting things at age 10-15 so I think your goid

  • Jessica May
    Jessica May

    Awwww Sock here is a lot of emergency hugs! I love u! And always will you've got this! I got soo happy at the end when u said u don't need them! I knew it!! Ur capable of doing anything and I believe in u! AND Sab and Biggy and Naz ❤️❤️❤️ I love u ALL!!! Catch me knuckles and sending lots and lots and lots of love from Ireland 🇮🇪 And hope to meet u some day LOVE UUUU!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

  • Itz Florence
    Itz Florence

    Sock it’s ok ur allowed to cry 😃👍

  • Evangelina Mendez
    Evangelina Mendez

    Who else thought at 3:16 that the person next to sabre was naz!

    • Emili Rosu
      Emili Rosu


  • Reenad Rustom
    Reenad Rustom

    Sockie all the legends love you and you are just afraid like me I hate needles and it’s okay to cry and actually crying is healthy to cry so we love you 😘👌❤️

  • Kailey Vladika
    Kailey Vladika

    Sockie, don’t be sorry for crying, everyone does! We all love you and wish the best for you!

  • Chloe Nilsson
    Chloe Nilsson

    i dint start growing till i was 15 all ppl are different

  • moldy chicken nugget
    moldy chicken nugget

    im 12 and still am 4'7 I'm not sure why, but my family just takes it as if I'm just a small person, so I'm not worried about it. Although I'm so glad your okay sockie!

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas

    Dont worrie sockie your amaizing 🤗

  • innocent Frog
    innocent Frog

    Thats ok sockkkk, you dont need to go through puberty the same time as everyone else, sabre will help you get through this

  • Monotone Screaming
    Monotone Screaming

    Sockie it’s ok! I didn’t really grow from ages 10 to 15, and I didn’t have any signs of puberty until I was nearly 16(so less than a year ago) Everyone grows and develops at different speeds and it took me a long time to accept that, but it’s totally ok!


    Hi Sockie! I also have problems growing up and I still haven’t checked it, I’m 14 and I still am not evolved and all my classmates have, I’m the oldest at the class but still not evolved.And I’m okay with it (growing up is a bit annoying 😉) so don’t compare yourself with others, you are beautiful! 👏👏

  • Lily Gell
    Lily Gell

    We are here for you

  • BobaMocha

    Sockie don’t worry! We all love you and you shoulddnt be scared! Your going to be just fine! If you do have the same thing a Sabre then don’t worry either! You can take the needles every night with sabre!

  • Flower Mountain
    Flower Mountain

    You're okay! we are here to help, everyone is going through it at different time. You don't need to apologize for crying, It's normal for you to be scared. we are all here for you

  • Allen Schroeder
    Allen Schroeder

    I was scared for you guys and I wasn't smiling the whole video but at the end when you like knuckle I did it with you and I felt a little happier

  • Natasha Nugent
    Natasha Nugent

    Wait Sabre your only now 5ft I am. 9 and 4ft 11

  • Lilsss 123
    Lilsss 123

    everyon ein the coomments being nice to sock me :FiRe tRuCk FiRe TrUcK

  • Chloe Clarke
    Chloe Clarke


  • Robyn Evans
    Robyn Evans

    Or itl be ok Sokie I'm always here you don't need to be sorry for crying ❤❤❤❤

  • Meryem Bagci
    Meryem Bagci

    I started getting into puberty with 10 oops

  • Mayra Neri
    Mayra Neri

    Hi NN

  • Mayra Neri
    Mayra Neri


  • Catnoirsimppp

    Being a female and start to go through puberty it start around 8 - 13 years old

  • BigBoyWax

    1:45 that’s kinda messed up. shining a light in ya mates face.

  • Naya Gaming!
    Naya Gaming!

    When saber fainted she was so pale

  • Amy Chirasanta
    Amy Chirasanta

    its ok to take growth hormones its not that scary i took it since i was 5 and now in 13 and it really help me grow alot. i took growth hormones for every night for 8 years so 2 years is nothing

  • Mandy Livingstone
    Mandy Livingstone

    oh sockie dont be sad!

  • Tianna Stuckey
    Tianna Stuckey

    It’ll be ok sweetie you are a strong person and have a lot of amazing family on your side hugs

  • Ruby Lashbrook
    Ruby Lashbrook

    Sockie we all love you and here for you!! Some people need help growing at your own rate!! You will be ok!!

  • Lama Osama
    Lama Osama

    I am so sorry for u the trade in the snow

    • Lama Osama
      Lama Osama

      Ok I I’love u

  • LxysLosw

    It's OK sockie I need a jag all the time and my blood taking looking away closing ur eyes and thinking about what makes u happy helps

  • Ellie plays
    Ellie plays

    sock u are awesome u can do so much ur literally a queen keep going and plus everyone crys and legends don't judge stay strong xx

  • Rachel

    Sock it's okay don't worry, I'll be by your side I know how you feel.I get scared when I get vaccines.

  • Celimer Avelino
    Celimer Avelino

    I hope you will be okay we will pray for you love a support you dont worry

  • HNN Music
    HNN Music

    Hey sock remember that legends don’t judge...... And all i have to say is everyone gets at a different age

  • Maryam Asad
    Maryam Asad

    you will be fine

  • Feluca Harris
    Feluca Harris

    It ok sockie and sabre because I stand on my toes and it my calf muscles are short and maybe I have to get surgery but it ok I will be fine :)

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    I'm 14 right now as well sockie! I hit puberty about last year! Its normal! All bodies are different. My older sister who is 18 has growth hormones like sabre because she's the size of basically an average ten year old, like naz! Don't worry! Legends don't judge!

  • Evelyn Cain
    Evelyn Cain

    I didn't get puberty until I was at the end of being 14