Neil Turok Public Lecture: The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything
On Oct. 7, 2015, Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok opened the 2015/16 season of the PI Public Lecture Series with a talk about the remarkable simplicity that underlies nature. Turok discussed how this simplicity at the largest and tiniest scales of the universe is pointing toward new avenues of physics research and could lead to revolutionary advances in technology.

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  • rebeuh sin
    rebeuh sin

    His prediction of detecting gravity waves and imaging a black hole were pretty close. The best part was his response to the first question. He really does not like idea that is untestable. But admits it is his physiological belief.

  • Frank DiMeglio
    Frank DiMeglio

    The Perimeter Institute is knowingly and deceitfully lying about physics.

  • Frank DiMeglio
    Frank DiMeglio

    WHY EINSTEIN'S EQUATIONS PREDICT THAT SPACE IS EXPANDING OR CONTRACTING IN AND WITH TIME: Ultimately and truly, TIME is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. INSTANTANEITY is FUNDAMENTAL to the FULL and proper understanding of physics/physical experience. This NECESSARILY represents, INVOLVES, AND describes what is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. Time DILATION proves that electromagnetism/ENERGY IS GRAVITY, AS E=mc2 IS F=ma. ACCORDINGLY, the known mathematical unification of Einstein's equations AND Maxwell's equations (given the addition of A FOURTH SPATIAL DIMENSION) is proven and explained. BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand. A PHOTON may be placed at the center of what is THE SUN (as A POINT, of course), AS the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or BALANCED with) the speed of light; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. The stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black. (Notice the term c4 from Einstein's equations.) It is CLEARLY proven. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY. This is the ultimate unification of physics/physical experience. It ALL makes perfect sense. I have truly unified physics. Consider THE MAN who IS standing on what is the Earth/ground. Touch AND feeling BLEND, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. THOUGHTS ARE INVISIBLE. (Notice that THE DOME of a person's eye is ALSO VISIBLE.) OVERLAY what is THE EYE in BALANCED RELATION to/WITH what is THE EARTH. The INTEGRATED EXTENSIVENESS of THOUGHT (AND DESCRIPTION) is improved in the truly superior mind. Indeed, the ability of thought to describe OR reconfigure sensory experience is ULTIMATELY dependent upon the extent to which THOUGHT IS SIMILAR TO sensory experience. Time DILATION proves that electromagnetism/ENERGY IS GRAVITY, AS E=mc2 is DIRECTLY and fundamentally derived from F=ma. It is ALL CLEARLY proven. In fact, I have also clarified, clearly identified, and corrected the limited notion of curved "SPACE". MY UNIFICATION OF PHYSICS SURPASSES ALL OTHERS. E=mc2 IS F=ma. A galaxy is basically FLAT. Think !!! GREAT. Notice the black space of what is THE EYE as well. It ALL makes perfect sense. ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. The Sun AND the Earth are F=ma AND E=mc2, AS E=mc2 IS F=ma. GREAT !!! LOOK at what is the BLUE SKY. The EARTH is ALSO blue. NOW, the stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. Energy has/involves GRAVITY, AND ENERGY has/involves inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE. Beautiful !!! Gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. This explains F=ma AND E=mc2. ACCORDINGLY, the rotation of what is THE MOON MATCHES it's revolution. It is fully, CLEARLY, and consistently proven. ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY. By Frank DiMeglio

  • Nandini Muthusubramanian
    Nandini Muthusubramanian

    Woohoo! Qubits make it to the simplicity of the universe!!

  • Top Dog
    Top Dog

    So what happened to the man of the last question ?

  • Ganesh Srinivasan
    Ganesh Srinivasan

    Turok's fascinating lecture reminded me of a couple of quotes. "The master of Earth is only a child in space" 2001 A Space Odyssey. " it is a capital offence to theorize without all the facts" Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson. The String, wave and Particle theories will keep on evolving with the Dark energy withholding all the facts. Astonishingly simple indeed!

    • Simon Anthony
      Simon Anthony

      As Deep Thought said - you can argue about this for ever, you are on the gravy train for life ! But, Mr Adams was right about so very much - now THAT is something to believe in .

    • Sooner Squatch1984
      Sooner Squatch1984

      Of course it reminded you of that. Because it is as fake as everything in this "lecture" pure B.S.!

  • baldrbraa

    Not only is the speed of light constant, the speed of dark is too.

  • 李辉林

    我的这篇为主的文章上网评论仅仅十几个小时,就统一被封杀了。(Subscribe for regular science videos: ​@t for DAILY videos: @t 18个量子比特纠缠是什么?量子计算机为何如此强大?李永乐老师讲量子的纠缠态与叠加态 738,479次观看•2018年7月6日 (量子力学被推翻了?并没有!量子跃迁需要时间吗? 89,161次观看•2019年6月17日) (耶鲁科学家验证量子跃迁确属连续过程,并成功开发量子跃迁 ...@t › ... Translate this page Jun 15, 2019 - 在研究中,研究人员通过特制的高速监测系统,成功捕捉到了量子跃迁将要发生的起始时间,并以此在量子跃迁进行到一半的时候人为逆转量子态 ...)李辉林注:这是我的论文“动力学基础理论的提出及应用原理示意”发表9年后;“宇宙物质结构动力学”网络公开(国内7年、国外5年)后,看到的第一篇国际论证“物质非能量转化”地足以推翻杨振宁“量子伪科学”为封建专制服务,及抢劫、剽窃“宇宙客观真理”否定欧美文明地权威佐证报道。 李辉林评论:总书记高呼“要发展量子科学”。就像《水浒传》开篇将所有的封建文化狗奴和伪科学骗子、牛鬼蛇神、妖魔鬼怪全都放出。几年前被我驳斥藏匿无影无踪的陈词滥调又都删除我的客观科学评论后重新放于网上。看来都是被那些科学巨骗们忽悠的(大陆伪科学的癞蛤蟆们一叫,台湾的伪科学癞蛤蟆们也都跟着一起叫。当然首要的不是为了某个政治人物。而是只有维护文化精神领袖,才能巩固不劳而获靠嘴巴成就生存“真理”的伪科学、文化、知识垃圾精英的荣誉、地位、利益。)!想用“电子光”物理作用,人为地设计一个“量子”伪物理概念替代 [本来想用“电子跃迁存在不连续的突变”来解释存在“物质与能量交换的量子过度现象”。被耶鲁大学的科学实验证明“电子跃迁是连续的”而破碎:薛定谔的“猫”从来就是鲜活的“电子”,是被人类所谓的科学精英们自己始终坚持近百年装死制造出地幻觉“量子”彻底死了。就想干脆用“量子跃迁”混淆、取代占有“电子跃迁”回避掉其“物质变能量地不连续性”。]。设计出“量子”的原始定义是“物质与能量地相互转化”。那么它不论作为物质还是作为能量都应该是可以实际收集储存(存在)的。可它与“光”一样只是在电子的“得”或“失”时地物质结构力地一种反应现象,电子平衡时“光”就没有了踪影(此时的元素没有电子成对地一入一出,而“量子兔成对出现就纠缠无踪影”了?),所以是不可收集储存与直接使用的臆造物质与盗窃物理现象,仅仅只是将“控制储存的基本物质电子运动,引起物质结构能量反应出的光现象及利用其物理特性,进行比特(状态)再分解(光的路径、偏振、角速度还可以做若干地分劈)获取更多的计算机运算、存储的开关单元。但是最终必须还是要还原成电子物质才能进行有效的存放。”。如“有光”(1)与“无光”(0)的计算机存储,只能靠电子的“得电”(1)与“失电”(0)来实现的。其讲解中除了将“量子”当做佛祖的名号供奉于神坛,就没有介绍出任何其具体有地实际作为。所以其“量子”没有任何实际意义,只是盗取、占有了“电子与光的物质结构与能量变化反应”的关系地“伪科学概念”。如果没有电子运动,“光”就不可能存在,“量子”更完全是垃圾科学家们脑袋里多余的“狗屎”。以你们的这种“科学理论思维”:高锟先生的“光纤技术理论”,还有“光碟信息技术理论”就都应该脱离“以电子为基础技术理论”而归依你们臆造的“正统”,作为“量子计算机的辅助材料理论”叫“量子科学技术理论体系”了?如果再对计算机追根寻源,其人类发明的第一台计算机就是使用“电子管”靠其发光运行计算、存储的,不就已经是你们这种欺骗逻辑的“量子计算机”了吗?其原子弹也就应该叫做“量子弹”!恒星当然应该正名为“量子星”?逻辑理论上就是“挂伪真理的狗头,卖科学的羊肉。”,盗用一些成功的实用科学手段,去“证明伪真理”主观意志。将自然科学主观复杂诡异化,成为被主观封建专治说教控制地典型教义。(国内外都统一地封杀我的个人网页上的科学论文、评论、《证据》,只允许我做些时事评论,不允许做揭露伪科学的评论与论述。预示着“人类社会的专制与“民主”都从意识形态上正在接受、效仿伪基础科学欺骗性地思想认识方法,用主观搞乱客观而趋于统一去专制、奴役人类!”。2020年12月7日。四个多月后李永乐将我的评论删除后再放于网上是知道“国家”说是废物并不重要,只做忠诚总书记的标准废物才是重要的?或仅仅只是对国内老百姓地这么一个表演就足够了?) 牛顿第二定律,当加速度等于0时,物体要保持原来的运动不变,就必须要克服其物体继续运动的阻力反加速度,平衡这个反加速度的一个相等的加速度存在。爱因斯坦的“能量”也只是抄袭了工程动力学缺失了阻力能量、极不准确的:“E(能量)等于m(质量)乘以c(速度)的平方”地物体做功公式,以为这个物体运动公式产生出的不等E=MC²式(速度越高质量就会越小),是因为“能量与质量存在互相转化”!所以就假设其中间存在一个转化媒介“量子”使其能够“被平衡”?完整的能量公式应该是“E等于M平方乘以C平方”。质量可以影响速度,速度改变不了质量。能量“消耗”(改变)的只是物质地结构(如改变了分子结构、原子结构),没有消耗任何基本物质(电子、质子、中子,“能量”只是在改变这三种基本物质的排列组合时“结构动态反应”地动力变化现象。)。自然中不存在量子,宇宙不是产生于大爆炸。这不是质疑大师们的数学能力,而是其眼界和思想广度与深度的客观逻辑性地积累没有达到能够包罗宇宙所有事物。 F=ma 0=m0 ? (加速度等于零时,物体运动不需要动力?) F=mv=-a'‘m=-F'’ (物体做匀速运动时,加速度等于阻力加速度。) E=-F''P=-a''M²c=M²C² (校正爱因斯坦缺失了阻力能量的动力不平衡公式:E=MC² 。完整的动力平衡公式:能量等于阻力加速度乘上动量,也等于质量的平方乘上速度的平方。动量为动力加速度对时间的积分。) 我在国内(包括网络上)如此讲了十多年,又在国际网络上讲了五年。没有一个专业科技人员肯公开出来讨论,甚至辩论。其一些被我点名的中国国家权威们面对他们的虚伪、欺骗、抢劫,也全都始终选择保持静默?而不是被诽谤?名誉受到攻击?却只能动用权势,在国际网络上对我提出的“国家伪统治体制事实”进行全面封杀!认为我在此种情况下(得罪了东西方文明,遭国内外共同封杀。)不敢回国去。可是我还是于2019年9月至12月回国呆了3个月,有惊无险地回来了。因为我说的是纯粹的自然科学与客观经历、无党无派独往独来,他们不敢轻举妄动并不会是害怕李辉林,而是害怕其潜规则强盗科学与真理在全世界曝光?或者在欧美的态度与其一致的情况下,他们仍然还不坦然地害怕? 【爱因斯坦晚年信精神,怀疑物质!】那是因为爱因斯坦只知道宇宙中的所有物质都是在“相对性”地不断变化,由存在到“消失”的。却不知道他们全都是由“绝对性、客观真理似的”不可被消灭或创造的基本物质:电子、质子、中子地相互关系(只存在万有引力与万有斥力地物质结构能量关系,。)与排列组合(能量只是改变物质分子结构或者原子结构所产生出的,并没有消耗任何基本物质。)而成的。以至于整个宇宙地不断变化却又永恒地存在。如果爱因斯坦还健在,他看了我的“论证”,他还能如此为自己提出的“能量与物质相互转化(并引起人类基础科学界半个多世纪虚假地猜想、臆造、欺骗。)!”而迷茫吗?或者也会像整个中国的科学、文化、知识分子们及那几位华人诺贝尔物理学奖获得者那样地不敢面对,却又觊觎将其中拆零分散而获得一个个“重大科学突破”立可见成效的客观事实? 上帝从来不现身于人类,只是为人类创造了一个“三基本物质”组成的客观世界,出了一道“客观宇宙”题,如果人类还不能正确认识、解释这道客观题的结构与运算,怎么有文化、资格谈论与见到上帝?靠什么去描绘、解读上帝?难道上帝也是个希望见到什么都不会表达,只会编造花言巧语吹捧他,表示愿意为他做奴才的那种人类?人类有史以来只是我首先提出了“宇宙客观真理及关系”,就是基本物质电子、质子、中子地性质、结构、运动、变化关系组成了整个宇宙一切。宇宙中所有的事物,包括人类自身的物质结构与运动变化,及思想、意识、行为都是这种基本物质地运动变化所产生的。

  • 李辉林

    我的这篇为主的文用我的“客观真理理论”解释这些所谓人类一个世纪来创建的“人类现代伪基础科学理论体系及那些最高伪科学难题”,不是如讲解违反了客观、普遍、永恒存在地科学常识一样地轻易的被推翻否定? 据报道:【科学家发现最遥远的星系,在宇宙中旅行了134亿年的星球被科学界捕获。】 评论:此报道带给人类的真的是惊喜?还是更多更大地疑惑? 首先、说宇宙是无中生有、由“能量变物质”大爆炸地产生了138亿年,人类已经看到了134亿年前的情况。这么说、人类就应该能够看到的是134亿年以来宇宙地连续不断地变化情况?除非宇宙发展是片段、而非连续的,起码应该能够拿出局部连续变化的宇宙时空证据吧? 其次、说宇宙从大爆炸以来都是呈膨胀发展的,这符合爆炸的现象。但是一个大爆炸持续膨胀了138亿年,其所产生的物质就算是有先后,总不会都是瞬间由能量变物质、又由物质还原成什么都找不着的能量地吧?起码人类所生存的地球就不是瞬间那样变化的。那么宇宙中所有物质的运动变化轨迹,就应该是呈放射性的,不管是线性的、还是非线性地几何变化规律,人类看到的就都应该是一条条数以亿万年呈放射性、连续地星光,所有的光线都应该统一地指向宇宙爆炸的核心。 再次、人们所看到天空中的繁星点点,既然是若干亿年地连续暴光,这就说明:那些星球的光体是实体地若干倍,而且那些星球从来都只是在那个光体中运动、变化的。宇宙的真实时空并不是人们靠一种常人无法看到的超级“仪器”、才能“看到”认为的那个样子,没有宇宙大爆炸的痕迹、是被人类膨胀的。更不可能是由那些“智慧人类”自创一个“量子”将:能量与物质相互转化,“无中生有、有中生无”地魔术出一个宇宙! 仅此三条评论,足以提供人类对宇宙观地重新思考。 据某科学报道:发现了宇宙中有两块星云发生了相碰撞?那么其星云中拥有上亿的星球怎么都没有发生碰撞?这也证明了我的“宇宙客观真理理论”:组成这些星球的同样是由原子三基本物质组成放大的物理层级及其万有引力与万有斥力结构关系,所以在星云发生碰撞(交会)时,两块星云的星球彼此都是在其万有引力与万有斥力同时作用下,保持着相互地距离而安全地通过,却没有发生碰撞爆炸的。 近半个世纪,一个全身残疾,却头脑绝顶聪明的人,让全人类四支健全的科学家们一个个都头脑残缺(面对我对:光速只是电及所反应出的光、磁物质结构运动的专利,人体不可能乘上“电、光、磁去做光速飞行。“光速飞行器”及“宇宙大爆炸”都是违反自然科学地反证,他能够承认他的主观猜想不科学,并宣布自己的生命结束。而那些靠猜想欺骗人类获得了一切的精英们却仍然还是念念不舍,仍然想依靠杨振宁等用伪科学骗取获得的“人类最文明代表头衔”,投靠与政权邪恶统治相互勾兑继续伪科学、伪政治制度共同欺骗人类。)?我用宇宙(完全是由不可消灭也不可创造出,有限的量及具有无限地排列组合变化。)的三基本物质:电子、中子、质子永恒地存在普遍性,特性,运动,相互关系解释了所组成地原子、分子、、、直至整个宇宙。你伟大科学家丁肇中认为这只是些过时的“基本物质”概念?取而代之的是“量子”“夸克”和“胶子”(据说是半个多世纪来,已经又创造、发现了两百来个更基本的“粒子”。甚至“发明”出篡改自然规律的“暗物质”“暗能量”“反物质”“反能量”?是将他们用睛眼怎么都看不明白的事物,就智慧地指导人类用屁眼去观察,只要有权有势一切不就想怎么解释就能怎么解释了?要永远地用若干个猜想去“证明”那个提出的原始猜想!)。那么你能够将其消灭或创造出吗?用你的“物质”来解释其在宇宙中的普遍存在及共同作用组成了宇宙地物理关系吗?就像劳动者用一些基本材料组织修建成了紫禁城,你们中国文化传人却一口咬定:那只是没有文化的人地低级作为。你们自己在紫禁城里随手弄来一些粉尘,就有文化地宣布:这才是组成紫禁城最基本的东西!想将人类对客观世界的认识引向中国式的炼丹术?想再让全人类比你们更脑残?有没有“量子”“夸克”和“胶子”都已经能够解释客观大自然(靠分子、原子都不能解释整个大自然的存在,只有组成他们的基本物质与结构原理才能解释宇宙的存在地共同法则。),有了只是更进一步深入了解,并不是要颠覆·推翻。中国文人的存在意识,都是皇权强盗意识。所以中国的统治历史文化才是颠覆轮回地周期律。 知青大叔二 +李辉林 对科技东西。我真是看不懂 李辉林 +知青大叔二 其实最科学的就是最客观普遍存在的。 1、汽车运动理论,是在固定动力能量范围内,靠调整其驱动力与驱动速度地相互转换关系、来适应客观环境条件地行驶。可中国伪动力科学理论却是:靠增加动力(如同更换不同的发动机)的能量大小(倍量差),去完成实现比别人高百分之几的“国际领先”地速度。 2、不要被“宇宙物质结构动力能量学”(演变论)的无穷大理论给搞蒙了,宇宙中所有的物质都是由正(质子、中子)负(电子)物质及能量、结构、运动、变化所组成的(就像电子计算机仅仅只是地球人依靠利用了自然界中,最微小一部分的电子地得失:“1”与“0”这宇宙最简单普遍的物质关系及变化规律,就可以计算、记录、模仿、设计出最为复杂的事物与客观自然世界现象。)。现实科学理论认为:物质具有“万有引力”,所以电子围绕质子中子转、月亮围绕地球转、地球围绕太阳转动、、、、、、!那么物质如果只存在万有引力,电子就会被原子核吸引在一起、月亮就会被地球吸引在引起、地球当然也要被太阳吸引在一起,整个宇宙中所有的物质不都会被吸引成一个没有任何空间运动的奇点?所以这个“万有引力理论”是不客观完善的,必须存在一个与之抗衡、互补、共存的“万有斥力”,才会将宇宙物质激活、运动、展开成现实的样子。 我的创新动力学理论就是这样从发现、现实的应用动力学理论的“力不平衡”现象中,发现了人类基础物理理论的不足之处,而提出了可以包罗整个宇宙更为客观、普遍、可证地理论基础。是不论有无所谓专业科学知识的都能了解认识的,就像当年人们了解认识牛顿提出的“苹果落地”一样,只是在他的认识上更客观完善了。当然对于搞更专业深入的分枝,是必须要有专业知识才能进行的,就像轮船、飞机、火箭同属于动力学分枝,需要不同的专业人员,但是他们一定是在同一个共同地动力学理论基础上展开发展的。即使《相对论》提出了“不同参照系”的认识论,但是在对动力物理的认识上,是继续了其“物质运动能量不平衡”地不足的。 希望能够像“苹果落地”样能够被认识接受。只是苹果落地时、怎么没有出现“万有斥力”(与两物体的质量成正比,与两物体间的距离成反比,方向相反、呈离心力。)?那是因为与地球的万有引力比,苹果的万有斥力太小太弱,它不是月亮,完全被忽略不计。同理、如果在月亮的位置上只是一只苹果,因为其质量太小、与地球的距离又太远,地球对它地“万有引力”(与两物体的质量成正比,与两物体间的距离成反比,方向相同、呈向心力。)也就弱小得忽略不计,只能认其在太空自由中翱游。(2016年2月26日)

  • Gerard Moloney
    Gerard Moloney

    The Bible explains in detail how everything that is detectable i.e. energy, matter, space and time, is made from that which is undetectable. Why can't scientists except this truth. The scientific method came from the Bible and they are prepared to use it and trust it! If they ever found out all the answers they seek, they still have to face the creator who know exactly how He created everything. Those who think my comment isn't correct, how can they explain how the Bible contains hundreds of prophecies that have all been fulfilled and may more being fulfilled right now. Only God knows the end from the beginning. This is a factual statement that seems to be ignored by the majority of people. It is God's way of proving His existence and His creation. Maranatha.

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    • Schmetter Ling
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      It began with precision cosmology using type Ia supernova as standard candles about 20 years ago, but now astronomers are studying it with several other techniques. In essence one has to identify an astrophysical effect that allows to determine both the absolute distance and the relative velocity of an object. The latter is given by redshift due to Doppler effect, but getting a reliable absolute distance is harder. In case of type Ia supernovae the universe has given us a reliable light curve from which we can tell how far these explosions were. In the meantime methods have been developed to also use type II supernovae, which are harder to calibrate to an absolute luminosity. There are also other methods in addition, but they all produce a distance to Hubble flow velocity relationship.

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    Here's the thing. I can't do math or arithmetic or geometry, let alone Algebra. Further, a lack of planting of functions in my brain means no cornerstone. I haven't been able to use earlier instruction as a basis for understanding and using later additions of additional complexity of the discovery of solid geometry and followed by calculus and then trigonometry. Despite this I think that I understand waves and particles in light and likely sound as well. As I attempted to say elsewhere, light is really a particle. When light is created, it moves at a certain speed, now generally known (5,280 feet per second, more or less). And, light as a particle moves in a wave. (I hope that someday they don't attempt an experiment that proves that light travels in multiple dimensional waves. Here's the thing. When the particle is measured in the double slit experiment, the proof that is provided appears to be for both the affirmation of the wave and the particle. The wave is by inference because of the different locations that the particle is recorded on the two dimensional plate or plane. Those are very numerous, or in the case of a controlled experiment in which only a particle at a time is released at a time, a single result is recorded. (Here's the thing: in recording the single location of the particle, after it travels through the slit and lands on the recording surface, for that particle of light, time has stopped. While the observer continues in time, the particle's location is recorded on the two dimensional plane and it takes up no real room, except the amount of room that a particle of energy takes. This is why light is a particle that moves in a wave.) Then, as additional single particles of light are released, they almost duplicate the first release as they also travel through the slit. However, the result is that the second particle lands on the very same two dimensional recording device or plane. However, taking up the same amount of room, the particle of light lands on the plane of recording in a different location from the location of the first particle's landing point. (Also having moved and likewise having come to a stop. The time conundrum continues as time stops for the location where the measurement is taken; and, time continues for the observer looking at the location where time has stopped and been permanently recorded.) The particle has travelled though the same slit and emanated from the same source. Because (in my opinion) light is a particle traveling in a wave, (at a high rate of speed), it is exceptionally likely, that the particle will enter the slit at a diverse angle than when it previously traveled through the slit. The speed of travel is consistent, however, and thus it would be expected that the particle will have landed on the recording plane in a different angle (both up and down and left or right). The combination of the two will provide the angle that the particle was traveling at the moment of, "impact," or stop time/space, or just, if you can see it, "time." A third trial will yield a third result, all other things being equal, except the landing point which again is diverse. The record darker bands. They appear on the recording two dimensional-plane to be both vertical bands, alternating, and lighter and darker. (It is notable that both bands exist. They also have a width to them. Thus it is clear that the particles went through the slits at different angles, characteristic of the particles traveling in a wave sequence. I've spelled this out this way, not exactly as something I've heard in full, but of my own understanding of what happens. Look at the travel of the peaks and valleys of the wave pattern and by random or otherwise the wave pattern arrives at the open slit at different points along its path. This is effect creates the entry pattern, on and along the wave travel. Further, there are both strong and weak points of entry that result in more points stopping along the darker bands. Random weaker points of entry do not happen or occur as often, resulting the appearance of the lighter bands. The thickness of the bands appears to be about equal, showing that the strong entry points occur at different angles, slightly, creating the thickness of the bands in width, probably not dependent upon the width of the slit, but perhaps. The quantum mechanic may possibly be able to devise the functions of the mechanics that show what I have described above. Alex Ford

    • Schmetter Ling
      Schmetter Ling

      You are clearly good at creative writing.

  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford

    It appears that expansion of the universe means that there is more room in the universe with the expansion, over time. The eventual result according to scientists, is that expansion speed that is picking up distance over time, is also doing so more rapidly than before. Thus the universe is seen to be expanding at an ever increasing rate. This is validated in many ways: the disappearance of objects that are going away from us, if they still exist, means that the wave that they make are no longer observable. The speed of light has been exceeded and so light that is emitted is not escaping from the object, apparently, because the speed of the objects previously seen, are going so fast, that light cannot catch up with the speed that a light emitting object is moving away from us. Thus the light never reaches us in those particular objects. Additionally, objects that exist in matter and/or energy will become ever more lonely. Apparently, the loneliness means, also scientists say, that forces as a result of the acceleration will eventually tear everything apart. Possibly this is not the case, but I have so little knowledge in this area that I can't even mount an accurate argument against the postulate or theory.

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