Mars Perseverance Capture Unidentified Object Over its Head in The SKY
Mars Perseverance Capture Unidentified Object Over its Head in The SKY

  • tym mazhin
    tym mazhin

    starbucks on its way..

  • Captain Kirk
    Captain Kirk

    I think.I saw ancient looking McDonald's arches half buried

  • True Duke
    True Duke

    it's a bird? it's plane?

  • michel5355

    "They" (whoever it is), were going to come down. but when they saw our devices, they gave up and retreated.

  • Steve Edinger
    Steve Edinger

    if a advanced civilization is monitoring us here "?" then it's plausible they're monitoring other planets... and if we go there to those other planets or our own moon... they're monitoring that also

  • Jamie LaCourse
    Jamie LaCourse

    Apologies to any mushroom flies I may have offended........

  • Angel Wilks
    Angel Wilks

    UFOs watching us in mars? Seems very possible

  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone

    That's 2 pigeons there bloody everywhere. Kidnapped my dog last week na there flying about on Mars

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson

    That’s’s space force on a reconnaissance mission , I think we’re going to start a war with Mars, 😂

  • Don Nicholas
    Don Nicholas

    It's a pig with wings.

  • Josh

    could be the chinese robot

  • El Numero
    El Numero

    Weather balloon 😈

  • blazerbarrel2

    Dust on the lense .

  • Ray Morin
    Ray Morin

    Zooming around a still photo claming flying object this is rubbish

  • Ashra Tempel
    Ashra Tempel

    Video quality as 70's 4K? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Michael Wills
    Michael Wills

    It’s the wind moving rocks around.

    • Dave Newman
      Dave Newman

      No air pressure... To throw a rock that high there would be a LOT of other debris. But it could simply be an artifact in the image or particle on the lense.

  • Isengaja

    Chinese satelite...

  • Wesley Rudd
    Wesley Rudd

    Earth. Lol.

  • Cam T
    Cam T

    Looks like swamp gas to me! 👽🤣

  • SmoothCriminal

    That is a Tesco bag certainly.

  • 丂丨ㄥᐯ乇尺千ㄖ乂

    Conspiracy theory in 3,2,1....

  • Randon Naegle
    Randon Naegle

    Come on!! It’s Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny up to their old tricks. Marvin is still trying to blow up the Earth.

  • Scott K
    Scott K

    Looks like Elon Musk's Tesla.

  • rogdeb1

    Flipping fed up seeing bloody rock landscapes, let us see what's really there like monster buildings or glass domes. All the way there to see this crap come on .

  • Tim Cassidy
    Tim Cassidy

    We all know objects are orbiting Mars that we sent there ourselves. No surprises if it’s one of them

  • Alex Ochoa
    Alex Ochoa

    It's the government looking for oil.

  • Vain Thang
    Vain Thang

    Their own drone helicopter lol

  • Américan Dallas. Santos
    Américan Dallas. Santos

    Deve ser uma entrega do ifod.

  • Raj Shetty
    Raj Shetty

    Unidentified object , why they don't look at rover and meet

  • I am Heathcliff
    I am Heathcliff

    Aliens make the coolest weather balloons. Things are changing. Fingers crossed on that one. 😬

  • Matar Leon
    Matar Leon

    Dirt on a camera len!


    the chinas rover 😀😀😀

  • Aqdet

    Very low image quality! The object disappears before leaving the frame. This is false!!

  • mark hutch
    mark hutch

    Ah yes...., a weather balloon. 😀

  • Jon Hunter
    Jon Hunter


  • simone sedda
    simone sedda

    É una nave Ferenghi

  • Manny Guzman
    Manny Guzman

    Everyone act surprised 😮 like we had no clue.

  • Kenny Moore
    Kenny Moore

    If someone can explain that away I would honestly love to hear it.

  • Sam Sak
    Sam Sak

    All of a sudden these ufo videos starts appearing out of nowhere huh???

  • Devendra Gartaula
    Devendra Gartaula

    Wow our next earth

  • Junior Mcs
    Junior Mcs

    Rover is china

  • alex interinstelar
    alex interinstelar

    Tem bichos voando em marti

  • stratgibson

    Fuck mars,this looks like my back yard, I wanna see whats at Area 51 & 52 & the other bases, according to the late Ben Rich this Mars stuff is for the pea brain flag wavers who believe what the Gov. always tells them, why go there when they are here

  • Abel Donizeti
    Abel Donizeti

    Vai saber que era o objeto

  • justicia por mano propia
    justicia por mano propia

    Ese pixel nos invadira 😂😂😂

  • Christian Gono
    Christian Gono

    it's tianwen 1

  • BlackDeath TV
    BlackDeath TV

    that's china rover

  • Jamie LaCourse
    Jamie LaCourse

    Here we go. Suddenly the I.Q level in the room drops to that of a mushroom fly.....

    • Paul Moffat
      Paul Moffat

      Naw, even lower.

  • Osito Panda
    Osito Panda

    Es el rover chino aterrizando ..

  • Monkey Ball
    Monkey Ball

    Go explore caves please. Thanks.

  • Dilbagh singh Mann Mann
    Dilbagh singh Mann Mann

    Friend from China

  • Maurice Gold
    Maurice Gold

    Dust on the lens; a cosmic ray strike on the camera-sensor etc. Not aliens. There are no aliens. Only gullible people seizing on something that looks lik aliens if you believe in them. And belief is based on hope or faith, but not reality.

  • LOLONO62

    that's probably a chinese drone spying🕵

  • Sasuke Kuno
    Sasuke Kuno

    Thats China's rover going to land 😂

  • Sebastian Scherer
    Sebastian Scherer

    Some Asian Scrap metal flying around... Nothing new

  • All Access* Lifestyle
    All Access* Lifestyle

    Antarctica looks amazing 🧊

  • Junior Brou Surf
    Junior Brou Surf


  • Fiona Me
    Fiona Me

    Interesting that you can see it dropping down from top of screen then stop, hover and go back up.


    There shouldn’t be shit out there, not even that freaking RC Cart that’s picking all that shit up

  • Kenneth Fusaro
    Kenneth Fusaro

    The more I look at the videos of NASA’s imagery of mars, the more I’m convinced of the obvious - our government does not want the public to be able to really see what OUR tax dollars are paying for. Think for a moment, look at how blurred the images are. I imagine you have seen high-resolution video taken here on earth... it is breath-takingly clear - even when zoomed in on anything. Notice in this video as the “high-resolution” camera begins to zoom towards the “arm” as it begins it’s pan towards the “ufo”. The arm gets blurrier, kind of odd don’t you think - considering the world’s best “high-resolution” camera is only what, a couple of feet away from the arm... don’t hurt yourself over-thinking it. This is just another example of obfuscation and thinly veiled gaslighting to keep information secret from us, the tax-payers who foot the bill for these adventures. And another thing, it’s always the same with the still-shot thumbnails for all the NASA videos... they are pristine, and so clear - but when you view the video... hmmmm, all of a sudden oops there goes the focus - musta beena glitch!! Got it!

  • Upendra blissful Kumar
    Upendra blissful Kumar

    Vow GREAT

  • Slicharoni Loot
    Slicharoni Loot

    ok next!!!

  • Dia Bacalso
    Dia Bacalso

    chines... rooobberr

  • Andrew Sin
    Andrew Sin

    Dust on lens?

  • Chad's PlayGround
    Chad's PlayGround

    That was the china rover also land of mars ....

  • Rusty Frog
    Rusty Frog

    It s Martian bug on the lense...!

  • twenty 20
    twenty 20


  • Kosmos Na luzie
    Kosmos Na luzie


  • D. Day
    D. Day

    The Enterprise travelled back in time again

  • ruben subaru
    ruben subaru

    that poor image quality, all that filmed from planet earth, my cell phone takes better photos !!

  • roberto samoraes
    roberto samoraes

    Isso é o rover chinês chegando !

    • Junior Brou Surf
      Junior Brou Surf

      Tem br em todo lugar veio

  • rockratt23

    Probably a Wal Mart bag blowing around.

  • GTM1945RAM

    and people believe it. 😆🤣😅😂

  • Ederson simples
    Ederson simples


  • пупкин васильев
    пупкин васильев

    Я очень люблю планету Марс. Незнаю почему но она мне кажется такой роднои. Может я был уже там когда-то.

  • Suresh Jugurnauth
    Suresh Jugurnauth


  • Horton Wilson
    Horton Wilson

    Chinese rover is what that is doh!

  • Reitz86

    Mars is what earths going to look like in about a 100 years after we kill each other off and destroy the environment.

  • Mark Frey
    Mark Frey

    Southwest Airlines coming out of Vegas across the Nevada Desert.

  • DJC

    It's the Russians

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell

    This is real and intelligent...what its purpose is? There is no doubt that we are being observed from sometime in the future...we are watching ourselves!

  • Eduardo Rojas
    Eduardo Rojas

    the chinesse craft, its landing today I think, but can be seen on orbit

  • BigJ DaddyTv
    BigJ DaddyTv

    It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's superman!!!!!

  • Deane Bush
    Deane Bush

    All eyes are on us 👀

  • Vicente Le Berre
    Vicente Le Berre

    FAKE!!!🤮NASA= 💩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤓

  • 1mNike


  • gilberto de oliveira Paula
    gilberto de oliveira Paula


  • Hie 2 Kolob
    Hie 2 Kolob

    Okay im done.

  • Hie 2 Kolob
    Hie 2 Kolob

    I saw higher definition E.T.s in the 80s.

  • Hie 2 Kolob
    Hie 2 Kolob

    These videos are so stupid how the hell is that rover billions of dollars but the video looks like my han shot first star wars video home system cassette?!

  • John E
    John E

    stupid really , just debris on lens.

  • John E
    John E

    Had this video been genuine, all news agencies would have covered it more than Trump's childish behaviors .

  • John E
    John E

    More like debris on the lens , if video is genuine .

  • Lodi Ph
    Lodi Ph

    There is nothing on mars

  • Oskar

    The creator should not allow wanna be funny comments tbh. It’s so annoying

  • J Casey
    J Casey

    A plastic bag

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky

    Someone wants to know what we are looking for.

  • Len Swan
    Len Swan

    It’s the enterprise.

  • S. M.
    S. M.

    Bird flying over Devon Island.

  • Keith Whisman
    Keith Whisman

    This is proof that this rover is actually out in the Arizona desert and not really on Mars.