Neville & Carragher disagree on Ronaldo vs Messi debate! | Monday Night Football
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher discuss on MNF who the greatest player of all-time is - Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

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  • Ofn

    That tablet needs a better processor

  • Kray-Z

    I'm a messi fan and I respect both players... but in terms of the whole package? For me Ronaldo is the whole package.

  • Jay_Are

    give me Cr7, messi is great but man played in la liga is whole life.

  • Frank Machin
    Frank Machin

    You can’t compare players from different eras. Look at players like Jimmy Greaves, George Best, Johan Cruyff - they played on mud piles, in the snow, played when defenders were allowed to kick you in the air from behind, with heavy water logged leather balls that didn’t dip and swerve. The best you can say is that a player is the best player of a certain era, and therefore one of the greatest players ever.

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    129.2 minutes per goal 8 assists 2 braces Gary's had an absolute shocker here.

  • Infrared

    when was this aired? Why does Messi have 0 next to international trophies? 3:55

  • kizbo slice
    kizbo slice

    Where is messi though? Messi makes a simple pass and everyone says how amazing he is! Ronaldo scores 4 goals in 3 games and they slate his performance? Im sorry but Ronaldo is the goat in all 4 clubs he played for. Messi only played well in Barcelona because 10 players played around him. Big difference!

  • Tan eh
    Tan eh

    Ronaldo is the GOAT

  • Jakob B. Persson
    Jakob B. Persson

    Gary just choose Ronaldo because he cheers for United and have played alongside him in that team.

  • Connor Yohn
    Connor Yohn

    Jamie still mad over getting his ankles broken in the prem by Ron....

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      It is all about who you think is the best, it is all about what standard you put for your creteria, and I think Cristiano showed to the world with determination and hard work and

  • Dont take the jab or the uppercut
    Dont take the jab or the uppercut

    Bare in mind that these 2 combined total of goals is about 5 😂

  • derosime

    Ronaldo is the greatest

  • santosh limbu
    santosh limbu

    Messi is a 🐐 (GOAT)🔥

  • Pasqual Mclaughlin
    Pasqual Mclaughlin

    neville lost all credibility

  • Sina Shakiba
    Sina Shakiba

    Messi now has an international trophy

  • Johanan John
    Johanan John

    Jamie Carragher just has no relevant answer to debate 😅😂.

  • BeeNzo

    Is this Neville the man who failed in Spain when he was attempting the coaching world ? If Messi can recieve a ball in his own half and go score goals ,doing that multiple times why wouldn’t you bring him in when you need him🤷🏾‍♂️messi’s individual brilliance put him above anyone else and make him suitable for any team including my poor local teams Ronaldo still need a supplier !

  • Tim H
    Tim H

    Messi is the best dribbler, best attacking playmaker and best goal scorer of his generation. Ronaldo is the second best goal scorer of his generation. ‘Nuff said.

  • Antidote54

    The difference between the two 🐐 is one's chosen to go to the most competitive league in the world and is making a statement, and the other to a farmers league and is firing blanks.

  • Actu News Sport&Music
    Actu News Sport&Music

    International trophy 1 Copa America for Messi. Champions League 4 for Messi not 3. 2006 2009 2011 2015. He doesnt play the 2006 final but Plays that champions League season

  • Rishabh Bahal
    Rishabh Bahal

    ronaldo is the best

  • Dal M
    Dal M

    Ur all wrong original ronaldo was the best

  • Steve Roger Nongsiej
    Steve Roger Nongsiej

    People think a striker who scores goals can only be the best player but forgets the massive work by midfielders devendera and goalkeepers.

  • no mercy
    no mercy

    It is all about who you think is the best, it is all about what standard you put for your creteria, and I think Cristiano showed to the world with determination and hard work and strong mentality many can be great player, let's wait in see the how Messi gonna do in PSG, but Ronaldo already scored 6 goals in his last 4 games, 4 goals in his last 3 games with Manchester united

  • Shadow

    All Ronaldo fan boys leave this video halfway or you'll regret listening to facts 👏

  • Utkarsh Mittal
    Utkarsh Mittal

    Tap in goals all he does , atleast now a days ! ;)

  • Katanga Minerals
    Katanga Minerals

    Messi is the king of the football.

  • Nick Willy
    Nick Willy

    Messi wouldn't stand a chance in the premiership. Ronaldo done it in England, Italy, Spain and soon to be England again.

  • Imam Hossain
    Imam Hossain

    what about the assists that messi had? Gary you gotta do more research.

  • Nex Gen Crooks
    Nex Gen Crooks

    Messi struggling with psg cuz its not like barca,barca tactics was mainly focused on messi. Shows that ronaldo is better he can play in any club and still perform.

  • Salitur Rahman
    Salitur Rahman

    Carragher mate, if you check gaols for games Ratio when Roanldo was at Madrid, he outscores messi during his time at Madrid, its a fact

  • Salitur Rahman
    Salitur Rahman

    Messi can run a game??? Like the ones againt Bayen when they lost by 8, like the ones against Liverpool when the threw away a 3 gaol lead??? Who allowed Caragher back on sky ? After that vile disgusting mucus show against a united Fan?

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams

    LOL messi in 100 less games scored as much with 1 foot as both of cristianos feet put together.

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams

    Stats prove messi is better and its not even close.

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams

    Messi has much better goals/games ratio than cristiano. When u take out penalties the difference is even bigger. Not only that but messi is a much better creator. Messi has better freekicks, and longshots also.

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams

    Messi is better at everything including Cristianos best trait (goalscoring) messi does better than him.

  • Sw_zee

    Ronaldos proved himself in 4 major competition prem,la liga, seria a and champions league. He came to the prem 17/18 years old cant even speak English properly and he won everything. Went spain and Italy and won it all. Messi was always in the comfort zone around the best players in the world at the time incredible team. Now gone to a league not it top 5 and no impact at all in his last 3 games. Ronaldo back in the most competitive league in the world at 36 and scoring. Would of loved to see Messi in the prem.

  • Rishabh Kumar
    Rishabh Kumar

    Well it's goal fest for Messi at psg rightnow so many goals at different club

  • J Ryan
    J Ryan

    Messi has scored more in less appearances. Messi is better on the ball.

  • 👑 KING DAVID 👑
    👑 KING DAVID 👑

    Messi is a far greater all round player. Ronaldo isn't even in the top 5 player's of all time. Ronaldo is a great player but not a legend. Most of Ronaldos goals are set pieces. Most of Messi goals are goals scored after ripping defences apart. Ronaldo has been hyped up more than he should have been because he is such a good PR player with the model looks. Ronaldo is really just the poster boy for modern day football.

  • LaPulga

    Start to acknowledge that messi is the better player

  • Meystrex

    Ronaldo is the best player who ever lived messi is great but Ronaldo is unreal

  • Stiofán Mac Aogáin
    Stiofán Mac Aogáin

    Ronaldo is and will always be the better more complete player ...... always

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams

      he is much less complete. He is worse in every department, including his best, goalscoring messi is better at.

  • Harry Hotspur
    Harry Hotspur

    Gary's argument is very weak when he suggests Ronaldo is better than Messi because he has scored more penalties 🙄 that stat works in the opposite direction as the penalties are effectively 'free goals' to boost his stats.

  • Keitamurimi Tv
    Keitamurimi Tv

    Thump up

  • Russel Stephan
    Russel Stephan

    Ronaldo the GOAT. messi the BOAT

  • Majid Habib Khan
    Majid Habib Khan

    Neville made a point. Ronaldo has done it in 3 leagues with 3 different clubs and excelled even when surrounded by not-world-class players Messi has excelled at Barcelona surrounded by the best midfield of the last decade, Pretty much a flop at Argentina while Ronaldo won the Euro with Portugal! Yes Messi has silky skills but the deeper you look the more you realize that Ronaldo is ahead - even if just by a whisker

  • sj

    Look at how Messi is playing for PSG. Just horrible. Ronaldo proves himself everywhere he goes. Whereas Messi built his stats mostly when he played with players like Xavi and Iniesta. Messi only worked at Barcelona especially when they were at their prime. Ronaldo is the goat.

  • Johnny Sheridan
    Johnny Sheridan

    "If he's the greatest player ever!, then why wont he win the league" - Jamie Carragher 2021🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️, first thing I learned as a 7 yr old kid was "football is a team effort", cara could be asked the returning question "why didnt Gerrard ever win a league title?" Hint:( dead weight teams not good enough Jamie👀)

  • hamzah 13
    hamzah 13

    "Ronaldo only scores goals we have seen" I guess it's normal to jump 3m+ in serie a for a header and score long shots at Barcelona for almost a decade. Man utd freekick when the commentator said it was too far for him to hit it. The bicycle kick against juventus. Most dribbles in a single match. I don't know how these are normal things. It's just a preference of play style to be honest. Anyways it's just disrespectful how regarded Ronaldo.

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams

      Messi has better longshots and freekicks.

  • Victor K.
    Victor K.

    I expect nothing less from Jimmy. Obviously that Liverpool man will never admit nor accept a United legend as the greatest of all time. Ronaldo got more goals, he cannot challenge that so his only argument is that Ronaldo got more games. That's like someone who's on the bench saying they are the best player because they got less games. Lol

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams

      Cristiano has a much lower goals/games ratio dumbass.

  • Tluanga

    Stop comparing.. Messi is an Alien Ronaldo is a Robot

  • Toninio Pranaware
    Toninio Pranaware

    Messi was good in Barca but Cristiano was always great in Sporting , Manu , Madrid ,juve and again in Manu Messi hasnt score yet for psg

  • C K
    C K

    Messi hasn’t done what’s not been done before if Ronaldinho has done the exact same thing


    Cr7 is much better than Messi, look at the stats cr7 is playing in hardest league while Messi is playing in a Sunday football team, Cr7 has won nearly every single football competition except WORLD CUP, he’s won in England,Spain,Italy and for Portugal. Messi hasn’t even scored a goal for PSG while CR7 already has 3 plus PSG team is like a dream team you pick in PS5, to me CR7 is a complete footballer good everywhere.

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams

      Messi is much better.

  • Brandon16Khalifa

    Gary should of gotten out those assist stats. Ronaldo can score but will he have players around him who can pass him the perfect ball. As for Messi he can score but can also dribble pass 3-5 players and can either score or assist

  • Mike Lagrada
    Mike Lagrada

    Messi very short no headers

  • Jordon Lane
    Jordon Lane

    Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time. If Carragher is going to choose a United player. Come on 🤣

  • Daryl Wathen
    Daryl Wathen

    I am in the weird position of agreeing completely with Carragher on this. I usually find Gary with the better points, but Carragher is 100% right. And I am a Utd supporter.

    • bolton mchinga
      bolton mchinga

      I am in the weird position of agreeing completely with Carragher on this. I usually find Gary with the better points, but Carragher is 100% right. And I am a Barcelona supporter.

  • Deric

    How can national television get statistics wrong

  • Mr PK
    Mr PK

    The only thing we can compare Messi and Ronaldo is Goals that's it, Trophies are Team achievements but Individually we can only compare Goals because Ronaldo is a Complete forward but Messi is a complete Player he doesn't just scores he also creates he is one of the best playmaker the Game has ever seen and that's why he's better then Ronaldo because Ronaldo can't play in the middle of Park while Messi can take the ball from the middle and dribble 4,5 and score or pass to a teammate.

  • Logan 99
    Logan 99

    Messi is a Barca player. Ronaldo played at the highest level in 3 top leagues. One is a work of art the other is hard work.

  • TheTruthsayer

    These dude are crazy. CR7 is the greatest of all time. I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS.

  • adibox14

    It's as simple as this Ronaldo has done it in Spain, Italy and England so he's shown he can adapt. Messi hasn't. But neither one is better than the other. We just need to appreciate them while they are still playing.

    • sidwell MH
      sidwell MH

      Messi is just unbelievable mate

  • Wayne Shone
    Wayne Shone

    Both fantastic players, but the fact that ronaldo has done it in so many leagues and also internationally against much better teams than messi and is still doing it in the best swings it for me, messi arguably has only done it in lesser leagues, Barca and PSG both overwhelmingly the best teams in them leagues and as for the french pub league, well, just a hell of a shame he didn’t have the courage to go to the prem and do it there

    • Wayne Shone
      Wayne Shone

      @Matt Williams I get you, but ronaldo has done it week in week out, btw still doing it week in week out, how’s messi doing in the pub league ? Not too well by all accounts but it’s only a matter of time, I’m not saying messi isn’t a fantastic player because he is, I’d just have liked him to test himself in the best league in the world but that has gone now and it’ll always be the debate

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams

      he has smashed premier league teams in the champions league over and over again.

  • Tremaine Lewis
    Tremaine Lewis

    Messi has 4 champions leagues

  • eduardo montero
    eduardo montero

    What about Ronaldo Nazario,he is often ignored by the English media.


    Messi played at Barcelona pretty much his whole career. And look how good that team was.

  • 762 mm
    762 mm

    Neville still nursing feelings after Barca slaughtered his Valencia team 7 nil and the goat got a hat-trick

    • 762 mm
      762 mm

      @Pætur Isaksen haha well I'll give you props and a like for making your response more original than the standard argument. They're both beasts tbf

    • Pætur Isaksen
      Pætur Isaksen

      Ronaldo never played for barcelona

  • Haider Raza
    Haider Raza

    I don't understand why they left the ratios out of the debate maybe because it will be over with that as messi has a better ratio of everything but headers compared to ronaldo :)

    • Haider Raza
      Haider Raza

      I mean ronaldo has obviously played more matches than messi so it isn't fair not to include the ratios.

  • Hongam Skelly
    Hongam Skelly

    Messi has 4 champions league title and a copa why is it showing 0 international trophies and 3 CL title??

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams


  • serry ciok
    serry ciok

    Ronaldo is the best super sub in the history of football 🤣🤣

  • Dj_ilabash

    Neville I'm sorry mate but its messi and that's a fact not an opinion!

  • thomas th grear
    thomas th grear

    Garry is right cuz has proven that he can play under any environment he is a great example of any athlete his game has effect thousands of young footballers in the world today from academy level to a season pro Ronaldo carries teams on his back at 36 we are still watching greatness at 36 he is still scoring on his debute while Messi is looking ordinary out of camp noun

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown

    I’m sorry by Gary got absolutely schooled here like my god haha

  • Bash B
    Bash B

    Playing only Barcelona can't make messi a best player of all time .Rinaldo is the best player of all time. Let's see what your messi will bring at PSG lol

    • serry ciok
      serry ciok

      Ronaldo can snatch a win. Messi runs a game.. Simple as that

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan

    Why did it say messi 0 international trophies he just won copa America

  • richard williams
    richard williams

    Gary get carried away as Man U Player and Gary was average

  • kixg gëññä
    kixg gëññä

    Ronaldo is better than Messi can play for a club that lower than barça

  • ⚜️ Trinity Une ⚜️
    ⚜️ Trinity Une ⚜️


  • Mo Rehbein
    Mo Rehbein

    The thing with Nevilles arguing is that nicklas Bendtner would be a greater player than Buffon...

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones

    CR7 stat padding in international football playing against Moldova and San Marino should not be used in his defense Gary. South American football is much more competitive with lesser teams to rack up goals against....

  • Rendy Pratama
    Rendy Pratama

    what a fan boy gerry neville

  • aldy potabuga
    aldy potabuga

    CR7 number one

  • Will Murray
    Will Murray

    It's only ever Ronaldo teammates who say Ronny. Neutrals always say Messi.

  • sent M
    sent M

    How can u consider a player goat who has not won a single international player of the tournament 😂😂😂😂

  • Zamil Uddin
    Zamil Uddin

    Karager kills him lol 😂 messi scores most of the bench not ronaldo it’s fact.. who would u take off bench to win u game and the facts are clear, types of goals irrelevant, its who would hit the net most likely it’s Messi clear and obvious and the basis of the question and the answer is based on the stats not what types of goals that’s a different debate

  • Adam McCourt
    Adam McCourt

    The "Ronaldo or Messi" debate can carry an endless 2 players in the world hands down for the last 15 years

  • Aidan Mackin
    Aidan Mackin

    If you can't split them as goalscorers then you certainly split them as playmakers. Nobody seems to mention either that Ronaldo has played 2 more seasons than Messi! Messi can claim to be the greatest goalscorer, playmaker, passer and dribbler of all time. Ronaldo can just claim to be the greatest goalscorer. Messi easy

  • Phillip Nicho
    Phillip Nicho

    Ronaldo can snatch a win. Messi runs a game.. Simple as that

  • Japhta Sesotlo
    Japhta Sesotlo

    Ronaldo can fit in any team and win. Messi is nothing without Xavi and Iniesta.

  • Achilles X
    Achilles X

    I don't agree with Jamie. Messi is not the only one who plays the way he does. Maradona and Pele played similar styles. In terms of ball control, I think Ronaldinho would rank number 1 of all time. It all comes down to attributes when you're trying to separate the better player and that's a long list of attributes not to mention other obvious attributes that Ronaldo has over Messi such as height, speed and strength. To me there is no doubt Ronaldo is currently the best player in the world but Messi isnt too far behind despite his lack of attributes. Whatever it is all us fans are just blessed to witness these two greats making their mark in football.

  • Adrian Maulana
    Adrian Maulana

    I got an impression that Gary is traumatic to being a manager after got sacked from valencia

  • Jeffrey Ogbeiwi
    Jeffrey Ogbeiwi

    Why does Messi have 0 international trophies on there

  • Pinchy Prince
    Pinchy Prince

    Gary got owned by Jamie.

  • Davz Balian
    Davz Balian

    Him using penalties as part of his argument.😂

    • bolton mchinga
      bolton mchinga

      It makes me laugh because penalties are so easy. Messi lost copa America twice because of them, Ronaldo(Manchester United) almost lost a Champion league Finals game in 2008 because of them, Ronaldo(Real Madrid) won a Champions league Finals in 2016 because of them, Italy won the 2006 world cup because of them. It requires calm and composure in high pressure situations. Messi and Ronaldo have been both penalty takers for their teams so if one is ahead of the other, it's the other's fault, you don't miss a penalty on purpose. Maybe you do, who knows? But I agree, it doesn't support his argument.

  • Joe Frascino
    Joe Frascino

    How is it 0 international trophies 🤨🤨

  • Youssouf Erfromaids
    Youssouf Erfromaids

    Both stated who they think is better but Neville is offended that Carragher would suggest people who think Ronaldo is better are wrong? He is so hurt

  • Mpumezo Haka
    Mpumezo Haka

    🤣🤣🤣 Gary started talking at 4:20 but still made sense

  • JanRey25

    Maybe this will end the debate...... CR7 is a great footballer Messi is a greatest athlete PERIOD