NASA Find Liquid Water on Mars!
Many people dream of traveling through space and perhaps even encountering extraterrestrial life. Evidence for higher life forms is lacking, although single-celled organisms are conceivable. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses have taken up residence on the international space station, the ISS, and are getting along frighteningly well. But microbes follow humans-not the other way around.

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Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, SpaceX, Wikipedia, Shutterstock, ...

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    Vijay Patel

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  • Stay Hygiene Stay Safe
    Stay Hygiene Stay Safe

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    🚢Captain Edward John Smith🚢

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    Fırat KARA

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  • Jim Holsheim
    Jim Holsheim

    That we lost interest in the moon is BS. We are slaves to the government. It was the government who was afraid to go back and face the aliens.

  • Akok Longkumer
    Akok Longkumer

    This guy thinks we are fools.

  • Larry Monske
    Larry Monske

    There's no liquid water you have ice harder than steel. Power is critical thing to melt I'ce. It's minus 235 degrees at night in the shade. All. Of mars is volcanic ash sulfuric acid is the water. Micrometeorites are like artillery she'll impacts. Mars surface is exposed to space

  • Gregg Stebbins
    Gregg Stebbins

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    Jakob Dumont

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  • ITME

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  • CrazyKat Films
    CrazyKat Films

    Aliens exist , thats why they draw them like that

  • Info City
    Info City

    It's not anything new, planets like teegarden b and Kepler 452b also has large mountains and water

  • vegakantoable

    Ridiculous….. what a hack!!!! The sources finance and much more will spend to explore or even colonize the dead ☠️ planet Mars , are we crazy ?? they the heaven like our planet needs our love 💕 and care and resources to make it more beautiful 😍 we can shift our manufacturing junk type companies to place on the surface of the moon 🌚 staff could be robots 🤖 they don’t need oxygen or food 🍱 they can work all the time and we could get rid of these factories 🏭 that are killing our environment, so we can keep it more neat and clean , we should colonize our moon 🌙 not a risky place just like mars very far and unpromising land , the enormous amount of money 💰 and time will be fruitless I hope and I think

  • Blackbox XJ
    Blackbox XJ

    This seemed too implausible to be true but a quick review of the comment section kept me from needing to watch all of it and suffer the same misery others have. Thank you everyone who commented to warn people.


    For formation evalution / life water is the basic material finding of life at Mars may be a wrong one even existance pf life proved it is limited to water 💦 availability only I

  • Elijah O. Okoth
    Elijah O. Okoth

    Question: Did NASA find liquid water on Mars??? Answer: We went to the moon but we actually discovered earth!!

  • Rishabh Tech Support
    Rishabh Tech Support

    Humans are made of 60 percent water, not 80-85 percent. *Don't give false info.*

  • Harsh Bhatti
    Harsh Bhatti

    If the amount of money that is being spent to live on another planet, then it should be spent in saving the earth.

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    Nadarajan Mariapp

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    Jamal Samuel

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  • Ima Proxy Qter
    Ima Proxy Qter

    Nope just our crater filled with water

  • Obscurianti Enigma
    Obscurianti Enigma

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  • Obscurianti Enigma
    Obscurianti Enigma

    I thought venus was a acidic atmospheric environment not water

  • Obscurianti Enigma
    Obscurianti Enigma

    Granted gracious gravity is a heavy subject. Although I personally perceive that this a secondary function. Because a object or a mass has no compulsion for anything but being unless acted upon by a outside action . Action is reaction . Secondary not primary force experienced.

  • M Ellison
    M Ellison

    Now centuries later after NASA we have spaceX and a trip to Mars will be happening. Wow, those centuries passed a tad fast...

  • Gerald Depas
    Gerald Depas

    As a satisfied earthling Mars underground water source deserves under ground dwellings

  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza

    space is a fairytale

  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza

    yall cant even reach the center of our planet but you can travel space yeah sure

    • Abhay Agarwal
      Abhay Agarwal

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  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza

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  • ĸaѕperły

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  • Jay Stockman
    Jay Stockman

    Well, the left says a fetus isn't life so a microbe on Mars definitely couldn't be.

  • Burak ÇEVİK
    Burak ÇEVİK

    If a human skeleton is found on Mars, we will learn new things about the basis of life.

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    Dee Mingo

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  • Todd Perilloux
    Todd Perilloux

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  • Gary and Doris
    Gary and Doris

    I think we need to colonize mars and get it green and see what happens.......

  • john peter yusores
    john peter yusores

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  • Muhammad Farrukh Iqbal
    Muhammad Farrukh Iqbal

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  • Muhammad Farrukh Iqbal
    Muhammad Farrukh Iqbal

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  • Venu Prasad C kumar
    Venu Prasad C kumar

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  • Voxel the Glitch and Retro Mech
    Voxel the Glitch and Retro Mech


  • Little Nugs
    Little Nugs

    There's water. And I imagine it will be habital in another 50-100 yrs. Ion musk is going to see to it

  • Victor Debbarma
    Victor Debbarma

    Stop wasting energy and billions money,, or it might be a way to fool people for corruption.. In reality they never spent that big amount?? Need to rethink..?? Even NASA we can't trust.. Till today nobody has ever visited Mars or moon or anyother planet.. it's just a imaginary.. Remember: Human can survive only on earth, because it's God who created for us.. We need to stop unnecessary research, instead use all those money for charity and feed people if you have much money.. Thank you

  • Blake Rudy
    Blake Rudy

    I hate how we just assume water is necessary for life in space. It’s only possible to assume it is necessary for life on earth

  • Michelle house music Chapman
    Michelle house music Chapman

    I don't want to live on another planet!

  • JAMES T. not kirk
    JAMES T. not kirk

    Search for intelligent life, final words heard from the aliens before the seditive , your probe or mine!

  • Doug O'Brien
    Doug O'Brien

    Venus has a thin atmosphere?? I don't believe this is true. Venus' atmospheric pressure is much greater than Earth's.

  • Virgilio Ong Jr.
    Virgilio Ong Jr.

    It reflex like water. but still melting metals, a huge one its ok... Thanks fot the efforts for the future purposes. Advanced technology of humans. GOD bless to all of us. GOD speed...

  • MiniLemmy

    There can’t be liquid water on Mars because it’s too cold, and where and when the temperature does rise above freezing point, Mars’ atmosphere is too low pressure - the water ice would just turn straight to vapour

  • Peter-Mbuchi Methu
    Peter-Mbuchi Methu

    Amazed by how powerful the human mind is in helping us unlock the mysteries of the observable unit: Thanks for sharing...

  • Wsclater Strang Haldane
    Wsclater Strang Haldane

    Eight humans have been on the moon? What's wrong with saying 'people'? So we now have water on Mars. Spare me. The only liquid in this story is science fiction lovers wetting themselves at the thought of finding exta-terrestrial life.

  • GameADIKZ

    This is already old news and just recycled information

  • Phillip Schneider
    Phillip Schneider

    This a lie , why will water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit the as veage temperature on Mars -100 C.

  • Mr ZuLu
    Mr ZuLu

    He said so our attention turned back to earth and keeping it clean comes back to the forefront where it is today. Lol lies bud. Just lies.

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    Kennie 103

    Oh yes! I like the idea of Mars. Earth is really inhabitable

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    Sid Stevens

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    Jwan Manuel

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  • Kurayaminonakade Hikaru
    Kurayaminonakade Hikaru

    NASA did confirm water on Mars 5 years ago though...

  • charles knapp
    charles knapp

    What about that ice moon Europa are there ocean's under the ice?

  • Asherafm M
    Asherafm M

    We Muslims not astonishing here as Allah taught us via The prophet Muhammed (PBUH) there is creations in other solar systems..

  • Lawrence Nannes
    Lawrence Nannes

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    we are 100% came from water. at least our mom and dad has planned it. oops

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Life may not be feasible in Mars as God has created earth only to be inhabitable

  • emmanuell beray
    emmanuell beray

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  • Dani Zrp
    Dani Zrp

    Keep earth alive and fuck rest of ded planets.

  • TedBronson1918

    The retired director of Lockheed's Skunk Works said we could take ET home YEARS AGO, so I'm calling bulling bullshit on this slow, belabored civilianized program. He said we've already been to ALL of our planets, which means this is actually nothing but the government stalling/redirecting the progress and knowledge of humanity. By the time civilians get there the place will be wiped clean of anything they don't wan't us to know about or see, and there will be established military bases and ventures exploiting the easily accessed, available resources As much as I enjoy the Mars missions and space exploration, I find it pretty goddamned difficult to ooh and aah knowing that we already have technology that far surpasses that being used publicly today. Where's the space data from our infamous "flying triangles", for instance ? It's time to demand answers from the secret space force that we've had all along. The new space force is mere window dressing under the Air Force. I'm tired of watching this farce go on.



  • David Kline
    David Kline

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  • Laila Pittard
    Laila Pittard

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    °n e z u k o°

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    Sanya Suk.

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    god of imposters

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  • Capt. CoCo
    Capt. CoCo

    What if extraterrestrials are not up there but under deep oceans?

  • hon liong
    hon liong

    It takes unofficial amateur ISdowns video floggers to remind NASA that they are asleep on the wheel. It is all there, water, fossils, sea shells, ancient leg bones, face of Elvis Presley, black holes, etc. Yet NASA are yet to match any of these eagle-eye amateurs in terms of discovery. Perhaps NASA had the wrong people working for it? Or perhaps it didn't appreciate the power of "the weed" ! It sharpens the sight, and concentrates the mind. Bob Marlee knew it all along.

  • Michael Szczys
    Michael Szczys

    Kind of hard to find liquid water in a place with zero pressure. Like trying to find liquid water in a place that is over 500 degrees. Any water would just boil away. Mars has air and pressure but is also very cold. Any water would be frozen If water is boiling off of Venus it would be an indication Venus is not very old. They couldn't have that.

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    DUE tv

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  • How to Meet an Extraterrestrial
    How to Meet an Extraterrestrial

    Water on Mars. Amazing.

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    Mihla Mbhele

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  • DemiCape

    85% water? huh, I never heard of that. Instead I always heard we have 70% water.

    • DemiCape

      that is a first

  • Nicky Britain
    Nicky Britain

    Wow, LIQUID water on Mars. What’s next? ICED water? Wonders never cease.

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    Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Jump to 8:52

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    One giant leap and then going around in orbit for the next fifty years?