4th Of July With Danny Duncan!
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

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    • Max Boj
      Max Boj

      I was dying when it cut to the news report 😂😂😂😂

    • Brian Gilliam
      Brian Gilliam


    • Bryan Taylor
      Bryan Taylor

      @mila kunis what I say

    • mila kunis
      mila kunis

      @cryzpy lol

    • cryzpy

      You should have pushed tiny person off the boat at the end

  • Riah Love
    Riah Love

    AAAA that's lit🤩

  • Andrew Jajou
    Andrew Jajou

    Im from DopeAsYola’s podcast with Ratchet Man, I’ve never watched the videos but this shit was fuckin hilarious 🤣👍🏼

  • svcftzz

    The Earape😭

  • 904_Yusif

    Danny Duncan’s security guard is in more danger from Danny then Danny us from other people 😂

  • Ryan Masters
    Ryan Masters

    Holy fuck😂😂I’ve never laughed harder at any of your videos than I have at both of the two that your driving these cars 😭😂

  • Nova Master39
    Nova Master39

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny shit ever bro

  • Rey 214
    Rey 214

    It’s always the third shift 😭😭

  • tony

    The imported bladder lamentably charge because cover considerably license inside a mushy mercury. enthusiastic, impossible parsnip

  • sawyer caddy
    sawyer caddy

    I don’t like you anymore you break things that can other people use,call me a Karen but money got to the advantage of Danny

  • ian reach
    ian reach

    damn u on the news

  • MonZ Hero
    MonZ Hero

    Thought that was roscoe 💀🤣

  • Alex Jacobs
    Alex Jacobs

    I died laughing as soon as it flipped, damnit 💀

  • Lake Dennis
    Lake Dennis

    When he wrecked🤣

  • Rodrigo Conde
    Rodrigo Conde

    Everyone is literally worried Danny: hahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaq

  • Ky

    I hope he gets charges after this video. I'm sure they're coming

  • Ky

    You're reckless, in surprised your friends stick around. It's all fun and games until you kill yourself, someone else (or badly harm them) and end up in prison and/or ruin your career.

  • Sound Art0
    Sound Art0


  • jorge socarras
    jorge socarras

    This sucks!!!

  • Josh m8
    Josh m8

    This video got me good 😂 but to think he had to go on the news about it before you gave him money for damages.. 🤔 Thought you'd have sorted him out when you returned them mate, small businesses are struggling dude.

  • Gian Vael
    Gian Vael

    the security got me fckin up HAHAHAH LMFAO

  • stove

    Fucking legend

  • Loose Slayer380
    Loose Slayer380

    Why what’s the point? I mean I get ur he’s gonna get millions of views but I get a broken car😂😂😂

  • Stash PHL
    Stash PHL

    You realize yea you have money to buy the cars, but your taking from a business after you were done he has other customers wanting to rent it. Usually your for the people and other businesses but Lately you’ve been acting like you don’t care about anyone else. You’re Hollywood now.

  • Stash PHL
    Stash PHL

    Putting your friends at risk is so funny. Idk what’s going on but Danny your going Hollywood.

  • Stash PHL
    Stash PHL

    Lol, people. If you see a celebrity or someone famous. Don’t bother them when there doing shit like eating spending time with their family.. it’s weird and annoying. Imagine you’re hungry as fuck take a bite of a burger at a restaurant and someone asks you to take a picture.. you’ll be annoyed

  • Loko videos
    Loko videos


  • Ryan Burnworth
    Ryan Burnworth

    This is Danny’s world we just live in it

  • Austin Gonce
    Austin Gonce

    I was kinda sad when he didn't do any fireworks

  • Jenna Marlatt
    Jenna Marlatt

    danny please tell where those fucking carts are. p.s im sorry david didnt put u in his wedding

  • Max Boj
    Max Boj

    I was dying when it cut to the news report about the cars

  • Bucky Seely
    Bucky Seely

    Danny, can I join your crew? I’ll do anything. I can even clean for you. I just wanna be a part of it

  • Atk Feen
    Atk Feen

    dude where is that ripndip store at

  • DtrxBmc9277

    My daddy just living the life


    1:31 just fly American there the best in my opinion or southwest

  • lilstump55

    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior. 👍🏽

  • Conan der Papa
    Conan der Papa


  • myballs aresweaty
    myballs aresweaty

    Tbh Danny that’s really fucked up man

  • Nightwing.

    When you give a idiot money.

  • Goated AJ
    Goated AJ

    Danny: does insanely reckless driving Also Danny: “can we park here, I don’t wanna break any rules”

  • Dylan Martin 27n
    Dylan Martin 27n

    for fuks sake its their fault make safer cars that dont get flat tires, kewon could died

  • Misty XD
    Misty XD

    6 mill is coming baby

  • Chase Parkerson8
    Chase Parkerson8

    Danny I’m following my dream and started a Chanel

  • Brandon Schuler (Student)
    Brandon Schuler (Student)

    Where the fucking fireworks?

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Danny goes to heaven and gets kicked out, tells God its ok my dad owns this place

  • A

    See how everyone ran to help Danny but not the other guy

  • Phillip Dengub
    Phillip Dengub


    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Danny literally crashed the car and starts laughing. Fucking Legend.

  • Nate

    Oh no the wheels fall off😂

  • Michael Roach
    Michael Roach

    none of his videos ever disappoints i stg😂

  • Leavz

    I’m sorry for all the jokes your breath doesn’t smell 😂😂

  • J&K Family Show
    J&K Family Show

    I love that idea of the car with store wheels fucking legend

  • Toby T
    Toby T


  • Toby T
    Toby T


  • Muntadar Alsam
    Muntadar Alsam

    Gta in real life

  • hacker bob .
    hacker bob .

    song at 1:22 ???

  • lil dezz king
    lil dezz king

    I love Danny Duncan he is the king of ISdowns

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Danny literally crashed the car and starts laughing. Fucking Legend.

  • NoHxpzz

    He starts laughing after getting flipped over and almost get injured badley what a fucking legend

  • Nik

    Could have done without the custom made gun scene and target practice. 😣

  • Brayden Deffley
    Brayden Deffley

    Is nobody gonna mention the kid having a seizure

  • Lincoln Johnson
    Lincoln Johnson

    Danny Duncan is the greatest ISdownsr ever, idc what anyone says

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Danny literally crashed the car and starts laughing. Fucking Legend.

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast

    funniest shit bruuuhhh

  • Felix Jose
    Felix Jose

    I would be fine if my life was taken away by the danny duncan 69 pistol

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Fuckin love this guy...

  • Bailey O'connnor
    Bailey O'connnor

    Still 💯 G

  • OKjoey86

    Fun fact: armadillos can carry leprosy. Happy 4th of July

  • Otis Smith
    Otis Smith

    My man is above the law

  • I shagged Your Nan
    I shagged Your Nan

    Idk why he says he’s not an asshole he wouldn’t have compensated shit if that guy didn’t go on the news

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      He starts laughing after getting flipped over and almost get injured badley what a fucking legend

  • Reydaviber 24
    Reydaviber 24

    Me not watching this cause I thought It was the one where they flipped in San Francisco lol now I got a extra video to watch 💯💯💯💯😂😂😂💪🏾

  • reede ayers
    reede ayers

    Danny ALWAYS has ice cream lmao

  • Alex Ptrack
    Alex Ptrack

    I just found out about Danny Duncan today and i need to know what his auto insurance premiums are

  • MrVidposter101

    He does funny stuff, I just wish his personality was better, or at least funnier

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Danny goes to heaven and gets kicked out, tells God its ok my dad owns this place

    • savage cat
      savage cat

      Hahahaah so funny

  • HugestOBJ Fan
    HugestOBJ Fan

    Millions how about 4 million

  • Patrick Collins
    Patrick Collins

    8:59 everyone trying to see if he ok him LOL

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon


  • Clout Kid
    Clout Kid

    please don’t ever delete your videos so i can show my kids

  • DT Swertz
    DT Swertz

    bro how he went from carrying plates to a kid having a seizure😭😭😭

  • Austin Rhodes
    Austin Rhodes

    6:20 POV: that one spot in gta

  • Go Health Yourself
    Go Health Yourself

    Fuckin love this guy...

  • Trent Taylor
    Trent Taylor

    RIP papa Jim

  • Mike Reynolds
    Mike Reynolds

    Thank you Danny! My hometown! Trust me San Francisco loves you.

  • Berry Cute
    Berry Cute

    He’s too funny omg 😂😭😭😭

  • Hans Heidt
    Hans Heidt

    funniest shit i’ve seen in a while😂😂😂

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    post something danny it’s almost been 2 weeks dawg!!!

  • Jacob Forsberg
    Jacob Forsberg

    Danny should be on Dr Phil lOl

  • Chance Reynolds
    Chance Reynolds

    Danny was a comedian in this

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      You guys had full permission to basically crash it 😂

  • Cyress Eager
    Cyress Eager

    the gun co. and independent trucks collab

  • unintimidated 86
    unintimidated 86

    Just subscribed why did it take me so long.

  • Ainsley Harriot
    Ainsley Harriot

    yo i swear danny was so high at the end man

  • Okiuse Canal
    Okiuse Canal


  • Manager of deliciousness
    Manager of deliciousness

    Overreacted news reporter

  • FlamingzCroshair

    Love ya bro! (No homo)

  • AidXan

    Dude you basically assaulted a minor

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV

    *Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  • Super shway
    Super shway


  • Zac D
    Zac D

    bruh whyd you snatch that kid like that

  • Elijah Samoyednyy
    Elijah Samoyednyy

    “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:16 Jesus love you!

    • Eli Johnson
      Eli Johnson

      simply put.... no

  • Hilary Austin
    Hilary Austin

    Those have leprosy

  • A Dimas
    A Dimas

    I was waiting for that cart to flip dam 😂 💀

  • Kaeno10

    it’s so sick seeing him in sf