Film Theory: Gravity Falls ISN'T OVER! (Bill Cipher LIVES!)
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Gravity Falls left us wanting so much more. Many of us took to the internet scrambling to see if there would be a season 3, but our hopes lead to a dead end. After Bill Cipher’s death, we were supposed to just accept that the series was over… but there was one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me. One thing that makes the conclusion to Gravity Falls SOUR. You see Theorists, our little friend Bill Cipher is far from dead, and in this theory I’m going to show you why!
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  • Tyler Grosenick
    Tyler Grosenick

    Where's that "Grunkle Stan And Bill Are The Same Person" theory?

  • Jacob Kingrey
    Jacob Kingrey

    Bill was dead because the bill couldn’t leave because the natural law of wideness magnet and Stanley went with Stan ford on the ocean

  • Joey Davis
    Joey Davis

    I don’t know, it would totally be like Hirsch to not even indicate any sort of follow up would happen, then in 10 Cloverfield Lane fashion- drop a new season or movie on Disney plus in 2022. Ten years after the show premiered- I mean the show took its time for 4 years and wasn’t afraid to do so. So the long haul game isn’t out of question. I don’t know I’m probably just reaching, but a guy can dream. (Edit: How sick would a PG-13 successor be? Considering it took place over that one summer in a serialized telling- 10 years later everybody coming back together? Be so sick.)

  • Keoni Turalde
    Keoni Turalde

    Part 2

  • Fulcrum

    The Rebel Alliance is looking for new recruits! Who will join us?

  • eded ded
    eded ded

    Its funny to mention that Bill Cipher is in Amphibia

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man

    lamron taptam i tond wokn thaw rouy gniyas mi ton dellortnoc yb llib rehpyc

  • Randolph Osman
    Randolph Osman

    this theory actually makes sense since bill. Didn't have to shake stans hand so he doesn't. Have to have yellow w/ thin pupils all the time unlike dipper when he shook bills hand he got his soul replaced with bill. And dipper had yellow w/ thin pupils

  • Durriya Imad
    Durriya Imad

    this was the first theory I ever watched 😁

  • XxSnowy_StudiosxX

    I've always been afraid of bill

  • Karim Rustom
    Karim Rustom

    wait what if grunkel stan died and bill turned into him but nobudy knew

  • mikeeeeeeee

    My brain watching this exploded like four times .-.

  • Lincoln Palmer
    Lincoln Palmer

    11:27 this handshake bugs me way more than it should

  • Atles Plays
    Atles Plays

    I know this is late but “A different form a different time” does that mean this already happened once and bill went back in time as grunkle stan and is trying to help his past self but past grunkle Stan had a little bit of control so he didn’t have the “being controlled by bill” eyes and that’s why he finished off “current time” bill

  • Kayden Ryan
    Kayden Ryan

    Can you film theory on the banana splits movie pls

  • AidynFunman

    gravity falls: amazing potenial, 2 seasons

  • LGPR2011

    my tiny brain cant speculate all the possibilities

  • Sonea Yasmin Ahmer 77
    Sonea Yasmin Ahmer 77

    Have you ever noticed that the journals have 5 fingers not including the thumb

  • Koleta Maalona
    Koleta Maalona


  • Sem Valdez
    Sem Valdez


  • gen muessig
    gen muessig

    Bye gold! BYEEEE

  • Dozey Cody
    Dozey Cody

    So why was weirdmageddon part 4 NEVER even said? At the end it shows the cipher statue and "random" Numbers.

  • Bill ciphers left arm
    Bill ciphers left arm

    I just realized something, for Ford and Stan to be uncles they must have had another sibling or one of them is a great grandpa not an uncle

  • Flying Butterfly
    Flying Butterfly

    Bill Ciper: (exists) Me: EVIL DORITTO

  • Civant Jakhmola
    Civant Jakhmola

    If Bill was really in Stan's mind, then he could not have left Gravity Falls to go sailing with Ford, because the natural law of weirdness magnetism that kept Bill trapped in the town is still up. So he is alive but not in Stan's head.

  • The Renegade
    The Renegade

    It would be funny if with this theory bill is reborn into stanly as he kills himself (bill) to restart the cycle proving true to axotl words bill was brought back but not in the way bill intended

  • Teagan Lawless
    Teagan Lawless

    It’s got mysteries I love this Show I watched already but I keep on watching it

  • Edgy Potato
    Edgy Potato

    I have a feeling mat is right, They wouldn't give theses obvious hints if there wasn't going to create a new season.

  • Glitchbaby Fnaf
    Glitchbaby Fnaf

    I have a theory to add onto yours at the end when he says axolotl another form to another time maybe when he is from a different timeline a one where he’s not evil the one that is in Stands mind is not our bill cipher impossibly bill cipher was reborn from a timeline where they’re like stand because timelines are probably real because other dimensions and the maple verse seven if that may not be real so the possibility of the one that’s with Stan is actually another Bill cipher Now it might be far-fetched but if you truly think about it another form another time they may not be thinking same time as in time as in 20 years from now but maybe 36 thinking of time as in a whole Nother universe

  • Liam

    Thank you for making this now I have hope

  • Amir Santiago
    Amir Santiago

    If bill cipher was really in Stan's mind, then he could not have left gravity falls to go sailing with Ford, because the natural law of weirdness magnetism that kept bill trapped in the town is still up.

  • anonymous

    im really late, like really late this guy made this exact theory a year ago and also this they're in two parts just wanted to point that out.......

  • Sawyer Smith
    Sawyer Smith

    Now that u made this theory hopefully he will make a third season.

  • Sawyer Smith
    Sawyer Smith

    The intro is season three leaked footage.

  • JiBBaJ00

    “Saw his own dimension burn Misses home and can’t return Says he’s happy. He’s a lier... A different form, a different time” Bill clearly doesn’t exactly like the fact that he burnt down his dimension. And excepts the fact that it is his “time to burn” he maybe didn’t reincarnate in the future, but possibly he reincarnated in the past, as Stan. That doesn’t mean that Stan is bad, he maybe reincarnated as Stan to stop himself

  • Joshua Randomness
    Joshua Randomness

    What abt the theme song whispers? And the bill cipher picture at the end of the intro?theres a message in that image that says stan is not what he seems in the caesrian code

  • João Santos Pires
    João Santos Pires

    well i think he is king from the owl house

  • Joe silva
    Joe silva

    Am scared

  • Delince Louis.
    Delince Louis.


  • Delince Louis.
    Delince Louis.

    In book 3 it shows some constellations one of them is William witch is bill in a different form

  • Arthur The epic guy
    Arthur The epic guy

    Here is a message to solve B╎ꖎꖎ ᓵ||!¡⍑ᒷ∷ ╎ᓭ ᒷ⍊ᒷ∷||∴⍑ᒷ∷ᒷ ᔑリ↸ ⍑ᒷ ╎ᓭ ∴ᔑℸ ̣ ᓵ⍑╎リ⊣

    • Arthur The epic guy
      Arthur The epic guy

      @Jesse Yang I made it harder by using standard galactic alphabet instead of gravity falls cyphers

    • Jesse Yang
      Jesse Yang

      lol idk

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane

    Me who has never watched gravity falls: wow that’s crazy

  • Logan Freitas-Rodrigues
    Logan Freitas-Rodrigues

    Makes Sense in a way..

  • Kitchen Studios
    Kitchen Studios

    in the backround of the awnsering machine grunkle stan awnsers the X-Files is playing the backround

  • Kitchen Studios
    Kitchen Studios

    do a theory for what bill is made off

  • Insight - Clapz
    Insight - Clapz

    I’m going to find the statue and shake his hand

  • Natalie Bailey
    Natalie Bailey

    Someone get my my milkys

  • Von Doom
    Von Doom

    Next theory: What is Bill Cypher?

  • Gonzalo Munoz
    Gonzalo Munoz

    You blow my mind

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee

    7:15 Finally, the true name of "Fight Fighters".

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee

    7:15 Finally, the true name of "Fight Fighters".

  • Dry Icecream
    Dry Icecream

    Bill was secretly in greif because he did not want to destroy his home dimension. There's a show with a pet dragon idk what it's called but it has VERY SIMILAR Bill qualities. I think that's the "different place and different time" Because this pet is always reffering to he had power but now reduced to this.

  • encrypted

    5:41 so the axolotl said a different form a different time but that doesn't mean the future 12:42 here he's is comparing bill and stan but what if he got sent back in time as stan as his new form and thats why there so similar and have a different timeline but thats just a theory but he could be the new anonyme ford detected at the end of the show but hey there just theorys so do get mad at me people in the comments or give me some theorys 🙂👍

  • oop poo
    oop poo

    I get it :[ no i don't no don't

  • Roja razi
    Roja razi

    Did you know that gidion says ( backward message ) backward at that scene?

  • SharkNuggies

    Matpat:I didn't want it to end Every sane person: me either buddy.

  • Oh Great
    Oh Great


  • Delia Pinero
    Delia Pinero

    But there is 2 grunkles which grunkle

  • Jayden Pham
    Jayden Pham

    7:33 he says ford speaks backwards

  • zonald trumpet
    zonald trumpet

    whats an axolotl?

  • Tfnafplayer 1
    Tfnafplayer 1

    Um one small problem DIFFERENT TIME not the same time he probably was recarnated to be king like people think

  • ZoPeX YT
    ZoPeX YT

    I always thot "a different time" also meant that the show will be continued abruptly sometime in the future

  • C0zmIKG4m3R _ZXD
    C0zmIKG4m3R _ZXD

    This theory seems SO CANON! I love this and as a gravity falls fan I've tried to make a theory by evidence but couldn't and this is just awesome! It all connects and I personally think it's actually canon. Also I love how he's talking about the characters talking backwards while he was talking backwards in the intro- wait.

  • Ayaan Zaman
    Ayaan Zaman


  • Alexander Finkelstein
    Alexander Finkelstein

    on stand hat bill is on there just look sideways

    • Alexander Finkelstein
      Alexander Finkelstein

      He’s working with bill 😱😨😰

  • Night Terrors
    Night Terrors

    Does anyone think that the axolotl is stronger then bill?

  • A can of beans
    A can of beans

    Wish he would have played the other clips backwards.

  • Holly Carr
    Holly Carr


  • Vintage serpent
    Vintage serpent

    Åđīfřəņţ ţïm ä ńĕw føŕm☆♡^//&&:"~#@!~%&***

  • Rosa D Nataren
    Rosa D Nataren

    Evil dorito of gravity falls lol

  • Corey Wirta
    Corey Wirta

    A X. O L. O T Spell axle lottall

  • Saumel Conathan
    Saumel Conathan

    It could be Soos, just think about it for a bit

  • clayton andrew
    clayton andrew

    Gravity falls better than adventure time

  • alex houston
    alex houston

    Okay so you see he actually got rebirthed into the mind of the demon lord in the owl house so he is not even in the same dimension so hes gone

  • TheFrenchiestFryNV

    3 and 1/3 years later and he still hasn’t made the theory about how Stan and bill have been one in the same the whole time.

  • Sem Valdez
    Sem Valdez

    Bill pig in a time

  • Sem Valdez
    Sem Valdez


  • Sem Valdez
    Sem Valdez

    If stans memories did not get wip out than does that mean bill dorito did not die?

  • Sem Valdez
    Sem Valdez


  • Jeremy Myrick
    Jeremy Myrick

    Sadly this isn’t true because if Stan left gravity falls in the end and the natural law of weirdness magmitisam still up

  • *Aura_FlowerYT*

    I’m just curious, if anyone knows, where in the world is the cipher statue? I wanna see if it’s on google maps lol. Probably not tho

  • Zay B
    Zay B

    I never shake a statue's head

  • caroline Hubers
    caroline Hubers

    Nobody gonne talk about the bible here difrent form difrent time

  • Khalid Khan
    Khalid Khan

    Did the episode really end he didnt say cut

  • Adi Rutherford-Gill
    Adi Rutherford-Gill

    I think not. Bill was erased before everything else was. I dunno.

  • Lisa Chaffin
    Lisa Chaffin

    7:09 LIES!!! what about The island that turned out to be a head Or the chant the blind eye makes when they arrest the group?

  • Classic Sans 365 fox
    Classic Sans 365 fox

    I wanna shake his hand

  • Super Killer165
    Super Killer165

    Ight it's time for you to see the owl house


    bill code the evil square

  • Sally Kane
    Sally Kane

    None of them were to serious to distrust him. Yeah it's not like he was working on a portal to punch a hole through space time right under there noses. Or feet rather

  • Mcbilly

    Future boy was bill probably

  • Enkuush Enkhchime
    Enkuush Enkhchime

    I love bill

  • Admin 2016
    Admin 2016


  • Admin 2016
    Admin 2016


  • Tracey Glendinning-Smith
    Tracey Glendinning-Smith

    ... This isn't a film theory. Its a TV series theory

  • bibiana ann
    bibiana ann

    Did stan ever pay his bill?

  • Shirley Sabo
    Shirley Sabo


  • N Batsukh
    N Batsukh

    maybe dog is just saying about the portal

  • Emma Hill
    Emma Hill

    I know what Gideon is saying in backwards it took me ages and it was a waste of time because he's only saying 'backwards message'

  • Cattoymaker1

    Title: Gravity falls isn't over! Me: why are still here just to suffer.

    • Cattoymaker1

      that's a crappy title after 4 years