FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

In this video we attempt the ROAD TO 194 RATED FUT DRAFT! EPISODE 9! FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Draft mode...





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  • Javed J
    Javed J

    You bring out the best in other people.

  • IxZ LiMiTED ZxI
    IxZ LiMiTED ZxI


  • Lionel Gerrard
    Lionel Gerrard

    There’s a lot of higher rated cards yet he continues to hold out for them. Take the 92 Neymar there will always be higher rated cards for plenty of players

  • The Obots
    The Obots

    Honestly I just got a 196, how do I send you it?

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • sprinta2k7

    Open your reserves before subs!!!

  • Christia n
    Christia n

    Literally could have played cuadrado at cb ffs🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Markus Henryson
    Markus Henryson

    As a Swede, and I believe I speak for all Scandinavians, the way you pronounced Kjær was just hilarious 😅😂

  • ZakNikFMP

    he is stupid...he took varane 87 and he has paulista 86. Varane has a bigger card.

  • Suleman Chandia
    Suleman Chandia

    I just hit a 194 today

  • James Clothier
    James Clothier

    There is so much good advice in the comments nep, you need to start listening to it. I enjoy watching these videos don't get me wrong but they frustrate the hell out of me. Stop picking goalkeepers early, leave them until last. Stop picking players with higher rated cards that regularly pop and stop picking low rated cards just for chemistry, you will never get a 194 just because an 80 rated player gave you 5 extra chemistry

  • Seanie O'Brien
    Seanie O'Brien

    Nep I would watch you draft all day. Also shouldn't you pick reserves before subs and your GK's last, that's how I do it

  • Zaid Rashid
    Zaid Rashid

    I got a 194 without even trying

  • BravoXI

    Take the keeper picks last

  • Tian Louw
    Tian Louw


  • Off The Wall Productions
    Off The Wall Productions

    Screwed ur self out of a 193 for not choosing courtios

  • thenormalone

    If you took the cortuois in the last draft would have been the 193

  • Smurf King
    Smurf King

    Imagen having an Icon manager 🤯

  • Maxwell Ihrie
    Maxwell Ihrie

    If there's anything I've learned from nep, it's that building your team for every pick is great for video run time but terrible for your draft

  • Pa Zi
    Pa Zi

    The sound quality of your last few vids make it realy hard for me to enjoy the drafts. Pls do smth about it

  • Salar Mazinani
    Salar Mazinani

    Nep man you need to learn to do better drafts wtf is this

  • mando dondo
    mando dondo

    where did you see the 195?

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez

    You should pick GK as last picks. If you had chosen Courtois instead of Allison, Militao would had Full Chem.

  • Jack Gray
    Jack Gray

    194 with a 78 starter. Had 99 Bobby firmino and PIM maradona Pele and ronaldinho.

    • Jack Gray
      Jack Gray

      In a 4-2-3-1

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper

    i get my best drafts with the 4-3-1-2 and it’s also really fun to actually play with as well, would work very good for the futties draft days series u have

  • dead

    this guy

  • Tobes

    I would recommend picking the GKs last, I always build the first team, then pick reserves, then the bench and finish with the GKs

  • Tom Baxter
    Tom Baxter

    Would like to see nep do a draft using a dice/roulette wheel to pick the draft

    • youssef sahyouni
      youssef sahyouni


  • jason brown
    jason brown

    Where are these other 194/195 you speak of?

  • HydroInvalid

    Do more than 3 drafts nep

  • 360NoScope_

    Man what a way to start the day 🥳

  • H

    In the first draft I think putting cuadrado over Kjaer wouldn’t got chem and the 192

  • Toilet-Paper Gaming
    Toilet-Paper Gaming

    My best draft is a 194. i uploaded it to my channel.

  • A B
    A B

    Bro you re dead at drafts

  • JM Productions
    JM Productions

    Turn these into 5 drafts instead of 3 dead ass

  • Alex

    i’ve got a 194 with 442(2), you have to kinda just take highest rated and hope the chem puts itself together because taking those lower cards for chem will only hurt the rating

    • Mattuse _
      Mattuse _

      Nice pfp ✌️

  • james feler
    james feler

    U spelt kjærs name wrong, u need the sh sound 2:42

  • Ömer Faruk
    Ömer Faruk

    when neppo doesnt say cheeky little keylor navas 😔

    • Gunnerzzz14

      @Ömer Faruk who cares if he was down are you that gay?

    • Ömer Faruk
      Ömer Faruk

      @Gunnerzzz14 idk man, he seemed a bit down in this vid

    • Gunnerzzz14

      Your so wet why tf do you want to hear that

  • Victor Mendes
    Victor Mendes

    Lad, u are waaaay off. Recently u’ve been making terrible picks.

  • Ray Peest
    Ray Peest

    Pick goalkeepers last

  • Crystal

    There is something wrong with ur mic every time u talk there is a noise behind ur voice

  • jake Foster
    jake Foster

    Loving the videos nep, but try not taking so many cards that have such a higher rated card as without the 95+ versions you ain’t getting the 94+ drafts

  • Eoin O'Sullivan
    Eoin O'Sullivan

    My best draft is a 194

  • Mehrbod Ghobadi
    Mehrbod Ghobadi

    He has gotten so bad at drafting. I was going crazy watching this

  • M J
    M J

    I got 194 . You need starting squad all players over 90 rated + high rated bench

  • GamingPanda14

    I’ve gotten a 194 in a 5 in the back formation with the two strikers

  • Bot Ma1736
    Bot Ma1736

    You really need to stop taking the goalkeepers early, it's almost always biting you later

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    Stop picking the keeper before the defense. It's simple !!!!!!

    • youssef sahyouni
      youssef sahyouni

      Not much is simple for nep

  • Sam Macis
    Sam Macis

    Big up nep

  • Salah Ali
    Salah Ali

    Alaways start with the defence

  • Salah Ali
    Salah Ali

    194 crazy

  • Felix Ro
    Felix Ro

    Your drafting gets quite boring my man.. only going for obvious same league picks, just trying to switch around players randomly.. you're better than that and we all know it..

    • youssef sahyouni
      youssef sahyouni

      Do we know that he's better than that 😆😆

    • J Honcho
      J Honcho

      What leagues do u want him to pick? He’s going for a 194

  • pikaafifa

    my best is 193

  • faysal berjawi
    faysal berjawi

    Ive never seen someone who takes the most confusing decisions as much as u do

    • Alberto Gomes
      Alberto Gomes

      He just wants the series to go on till September. So sit back and enjoy

    • faysal berjawi
      faysal berjawi

      @Hardcore Silva i do he also does this

    • faysal berjawi
      faysal berjawi

      @James tryin to

    • JPC Bouster
      JPC Bouster

      Dude look at his hair how fuckt up of a choice is that to blue your hair

    • Hardcore Silva
      Hardcore Silva

      Bro check out Bateson if you wanna get triggered 🤣

  • AKU 667
    AKU 667

    I think you may need to do more attempts per video because 3 is just not enough, and also you still forget to pick the GK last and the CB first

  • Noel Noni
    Noel Noni

    Picking Jordi Alba is one of the reason you won’t get a 194 mate. He has a better card and you had other options

  • ZRNN

    u are so bad at draft

  • Joshua Wang Is You
    Joshua Wang Is You

    Draft Challenge: Nep can only use cards in their actual positions

    • youssef sahyouni
      youssef sahyouni

      Life challenge: make a good joke

  • Faris Mahmoud
    Faris Mahmoud


  • Ajmal Momand
    Ajmal Momand

    Pretends like he knows chemistry but all he does is switches players around....

    • S_Baby507

      @youssef sahyouni yea but y’all losing your mind over some of his choices like there’s no tomorrow😭

    • youssef sahyouni
      youssef sahyouni

      @S_Baby507 hes played the game every day for at least 5+ hours for the past 10 years, I would hope he would have "a good understanding" of chem

    • S_Baby507

      he literally explains who gets how much chem most of the time. nep has proven over the years that he understands chem better than alot of other fifa tubers. stop hating lol

    • Lil Itzik
      Lil Itzik

      Bro skillz is just on another level of stupidity

    • Ray Peest
      Ray Peest

      That’s what most fifa youtubers do like skillz, Bateson etc. You would think that playing fifa professionally as your job for multiple years would actually teach you a thing or two smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • D Sticks
    D Sticks

    And what is that sound in the background

  • Alfie Joyce
    Alfie Joyce

    What’s that mic sound ?

    • Dylan Barton
      Dylan Barton

      Perhaps check out your earplugs?

    • Dylan Barton
      Dylan Barton

      No mic sound for me.

  • D Sticks
    D Sticks

    Pick reserves before subs

  • D Sticks
    D Sticks

    Pick reserves before subs

  • Stuartlittle_ 69
    Stuartlittle_ 69


  • Gabriel

    This attempts are triggering not gonna lie

  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed

    Anybody else think it's impossible to get the 194 in 3 attempts? #300Needed

    • sam chapman
      sam chapman

      I got mine first try

    • youssef sahyouni
      youssef sahyouni

      For nep, 30000000 attempts will not be enough

    • Nyre LikeKyrie
      Nyre LikeKyrie

      @Rinchin Tamang neek

    • Rinchin Tamang
      Rinchin Tamang

      @Adam lol i got it without trying ,bit of luck and a bit of drafting skill , it's not hard

    • Adam

      More like 3000

  • Uknown 10
    Uknown 10

    Petition for nep to pick reserves before subs , it is how it’s done plus it gives better luck👍🏻

    • Justin

      And switch up the order of the starting XI from time to time. For the luck of course.

    • S

      @Jack Pickering whats your instagram could dm it to you if you want

    • RemDog

      @Jack Pickering why the fuck does he have to prove it? Picking reserved first does fuck all!

    • Jemarc Oniel
      Jemarc Oniel

      I comment the same thing and he in listen

    • Jack Pickering
      Jack Pickering

      @S prove it

  • Killer 1997
    Killer 1997

    Should’ve picked courtios

  • Edgy 501
    Edgy 501

    This vid was great love ur vids keep it going.

  • Fifa Nathan
    Fifa Nathan Here’s another 195

  • Joe Byrne
    Joe Byrne

    I got a 194 last night. It took me hundreds of drafts and it was 433 attacking

    • Joe Byrne
      Joe Byrne

      @Twibbias yes I reckon I was close to 195 but I had 79 chamberlain in the starting 11

    • Twibbias

      The cam and lw and rw make it soooo good

    • Twibbias

      Same formation for me

  • monkey 69
    monkey 69

    I got a 193 but I was at 194 but I got ospina 79 as my last pick so it dropped

    • Craygroup IS God
      Craygroup IS God

      @monkey 69 Who?

    • monkey 69
      monkey 69

      @Craygroup IS God I have a 94 rated team on my channel what makes you think I cannot do it

    • monkey 69
      monkey 69

      @Craygroup IS God no

    • monkey 69
      monkey 69

      @Craygroup IS God on the bench

    • Craygroup IS God
      Craygroup IS God

      @Ben Innit That guy didn’t. He’s just looking for attention.


    he’ll never get a 194

    • Ray Peest
      Ray Peest

      He needs the streams help

    • dante brooks
      dante brooks


  • Zorprano

    Morning guys!

    • monkey 69
      monkey 69

      @Zorprano yeah

    • Zorprano

      @monkey 69 oh wow🤣

    • monkey 69
      monkey 69

      damm its 1am for me

  • Anmol Dhingra
    Anmol Dhingra


  • Justin Dobry
    Justin Dobry


    • Gunnerzzz14

      You support a racist club, where’s your morals at

    • Justin Dobry
      Justin Dobry

      @Mustafa na you’re cooler you had the 1st reply

    • Mustafa

      Wow you’re cool