Noob vs MAX Level in Bridal Rush
Why are these girls trying to race me to my wedding day? I guess since Terry is cheating I'll cheat too, grab a wedding dress and as many accessories as possible, and make my way to the stage. Welcome to the mobile app game, Bridal Rush
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Video Edited by Terry \u0026 MauriCleric
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Wendy Taylor
    Wendy Taylor

    Gloom when I play it then when it goes with the spining thing then I land on the red one ever day😠

  • Murshida Mary
    Murshida Mary


  • Kompong Speu Sport Center
    Kompong Speu Sport Center

    Terry:purpose to kassie Me: what the how old is kassie

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    Lillian Chamberlin

    Soo sad

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    Ember Craft

    I’m Love in it that’s the thing from McDonald’s

  • yiihui wong
    yiihui wong

    Terry and kassie are the perfect couple

  • Nina_kat ercegović
    Nina_kat ercegović

    i know two other youtubers who got married but can't they are called goca and dario

  • 🥺✨Rainbow✨🥺

    Hi I can’t sleep

  • Ari

    Girl you look like azzyland!

  • Queen_cupcake

    Me reading the bio: wait terry cheated on you

  • Michelle Medina
    Michelle Medina

    I just saw the live strem that she tride to sell twinky and I cried.

  • Khristian Evangelista
    Khristian Evangelista

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy jegrt kuwh urr\ jwhge ... ...

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    Joy Brownlee


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    Hana I

    And Hugh ifjdjugdgf ruzbe oh fjdgvgg

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    ruhi kulkarni

    The brown coat retrospectively mine because port electrophysiologically guard toward a cloistered pedestrian. fabulous, healthy fibre

  • Alex Arellano
    Alex Arellano

    Hi gloom

  • David OOF
    David OOF

    I loved the pink tips

  • Sheena Loa
    Sheena Loa


  • Sheena Loa
    Sheena Loa


  • Candy wolf
    Candy wolf

    Like when did you make this?!

  • Keo Kosomakbot
    Keo Kosomakbot

    Gloom don’t know anything when terry come and terry said what up guys and Gloom said what

  • Keilah Gene
    Keilah Gene


  • Joana Quaye
    Joana Quaye

    8:17 What am I doing?! Gloom 2021

  • thelma tschetter
    thelma tschetter

    Why did you install the year

  • Rishawn Spille
    Rishawn Spille

    You should do another drawing video

  • Katrina Arruda
    Katrina Arruda

    Gloom get married

  • Awesome Sisters
    Awesome Sisters

    Me : what Gloom:gggllllooommm got it Me : wha

  • Tho Nguyen
    Tho Nguyen

    Oh my gosh cassie is winning every round tho

  • Nazanin Shamdeen
    Nazanin Shamdeen

    How Old Are You? 🥲

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    Katerina Ernikiolis


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    Orviana Edwards


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    Allyson Dianne


  • SmoothieGuy (SG)
    SmoothieGuy (SG)

    The app is updated so much since last month!

  • SmoothieGuy (SG)
    SmoothieGuy (SG)

    For me there’s flower instead of water I mean yes there is still water but I have to jump on the flowers then go close to the water then boom dead because of the water

  • Abu anna
    Abu anna

    Like i have this game😎

  • D€nt¡

    Actual people are playing, don’t call them bots

  • Anna Dorin
    Anna Dorin

    *At least someone other then me yells at the screens and doesn't care 🤣🤣🤣*

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    Ami Yuniko


  • Munish Blaggan
    Munish Blaggan

    Pls cut Terry’s hair it is so big 😂

  • #Crazy Cookies!
    #Crazy Cookies!

    I’m so happy for you guys:D

  • raji theva
    raji theva

    Ha ha ha ha

  • -Hiroto_Shiro-

    i love the fact that she was so casual accepting the proposal xD i would be like that if i even get proposed to :’D

  • Kara Biel
    Kara Biel

    Well sorry Kassie i call my husband hubby, we've been together for 22 yrs as of this Sept 29th n we were 12 n 14 when we started our relationship so idk it's just a reflex now to call him that n I'm a grandma at 36 yrs old, feels really wierd to say the least but Lil Iyla is adorable tho!

  • Stephanie Willis
    Stephanie Willis

    Yes I am going on safari to see if I could find the right to do that for the next of my life I have to work tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning I have to work tomorrow and I can do the rest of the work out to my moms and then we will Tuesday and tomorrow night and then

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    Blythe sparkles


  • {Black butler fan}
    {Black butler fan}



    😐 that’s wierd😵

  • Anushree's Amazing Studio😍
    Anushree's Amazing Studio😍

    Kassie you should try body race

  • Lololalalove Gglove
    Lololalalove Gglove

    SoskksiskskakskskkakskTvuyuyfttfyiivgyjggu that’s what happens when I see Terry without a hat

  • Ava ✨
    Ava ✨

    You should play carpet run

  • Phillip Trevenen
    Phillip Trevenen

    2021 is not bad

  • Mary ficsh
    Mary ficsh

    I love you videos

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    Mor Don

    I have that game

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    Olga Jessop


  • LaShell Waline
    LaShell Waline

    It was funny win you said the bots are come in

  • magda malak
    magda malak


  • Aesthetic princess 👑
    Aesthetic princess 👑

    Bro I love your new intro do it more. Love how I that Terry’s name was jerry 😂

  • Bunny_girl Cifyxukzotsx
    Bunny_girl Cifyxukzotsx


  • baku

    Terry:will you Kassie: yea why not

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  • Huawei Huawei
    Huawei Huawei

    I hateeeeeeee yoouuuuuu lllooossseeerrr

  • Kyeyune Ivan Mark
    Kyeyune Ivan Mark

    Gloom has a fiancée while Azzy has a boyfriend

  • Ping Li
    Ping Li

    I have this game.

  • Todd Evans
    Todd Evans

    When are you getting married

  • Irmina Kedziora Juszczak
    Irmina Kedziora Juszczak


  • Shawna Henderson
    Shawna Henderson

    Where can you download the app

  • emmanuel taveras
    emmanuel taveras

    Pants but you should wear

  • Ruby McShane
    Ruby McShane

    What was it what was that game called

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    tilly Chapman

    I Love your video’s ❤️🧡💚💙💜🌈

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    misty paul

    K by

  • elian lum
    elian lum

    wait she was to be marred??????

  • Daisy Velazquez
    Daisy Velazquez

    You need to play catwalk beauty Edit: if you want

  • Kamille Cu
    Kamille Cu

    i dint know that you live in canada

  • JustViolet✨

    Lol! 😂👏🏻

  • Cala Zubair
    Cala Zubair

    There is a slide game can you try it on a video?

  • elizabeth Peiffer
    elizabeth Peiffer

    Your so funny when I was first watching you I was sad but after watching you I was happy I wish I could meat you

  • Lucy Minta Jenson
    Lucy Minta Jenson

    Please appreciate how Kassie is cheating... on a marriage game

  • Sky Skyler
    Sky Skyler

    (づ ●─● )づ

  • Devu's Family Moments
    Devu's Family Moments


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    Etna Vokshi


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    Marise Saadeh

    Shut it put your f****** sleep

  • Thea

    pov: married at 1st sight 2021

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    Eli2abeth :3


  • Tameka Sagers
    Tameka Sagers

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂That girl is moonwalk into his husband ha ha

  • Peter Akpako
    Peter Akpako

    yo manz is fully dressed but you aren't people: will you like to marry her husband :no

  • jamie ford
    jamie ford

    Cassie you need to play cat walk it’s so fun

  • Puppie Girl
    Puppie Girl

    Kassie : since when did running be a compotition? Everyone: its always been one!


    I luv the beginning Kassie it is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂 luv u kassie

  • Samantha Castellow
    Samantha Castellow


  • Zahabiya Kitabi
    Zahabiya Kitabi

    Have you done catwalk Beaty

  • Romi Del Brocco
    Romi Del Brocco

    Kassie: "the other girls are like, 'what's up with the girl who was screaming the whole time and then jumped in the ocean?!' :D"

  • Jessica Joseph
    Jessica Joseph

    I have played this game it's soooooo nice

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    I played this game I am playing

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    I’m scared

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