"You Look Like A Teacher!" | Suit Fitting & Photoshoot For EURO 2020 👔📸 Inside Access | England
Go behind the scenes as the Three Lions get suited and booted for their team photoshoot for EURO 2020.

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  • England

    "What time does geography start?" 😂

    • masons football
      masons football

      @Callum &,,7

    • Natural Bby x
      Natural Bby x

      “I’m the pengest teacher in the school”😭😭😂

    • Paper beats rock
      Paper beats rock

      We need more POC's. The team is not black enough. Being British means being black.

    • Sophie Lewis
      Sophie Lewis

      @M_ NaZ 4:58

    • GS 1pFaid.
      GS 1pFaid.

      Is it only me but geography is so borinnggggg

  • Harderson d.brenday
    Harderson d.brenday

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  • Slotz 4U
    Slotz 4U

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  • Ibad Ahmad
    Ibad Ahmad

    9:22 🥶

  • Sri Krishna Chaitanya T
    Sri Krishna Chaitanya T

    Why does it seem that all of them have the same Deep Brit Voice!???

  • holy shit
    holy shit

    I love mason struggling 😂😂

  • Yellow

    Love the European boys in tight pants... Yuuumy 😋!!!!

  • This Girl
    This Girl

    jack grealish in a suit >>>>

  • Linh Lê Phương
    Linh Lê Phương

    ahhh Chilly looks so nice

  • Some ting Long
    Some ting Long

    Ive never seen a man look any more like a teacher than chilly 😂

  • Amanda Van Wyk
    Amanda Van Wyk

    England have got THE best looking team!! Even if they do need help dressing!

  • Angel <3
    Angel <3

    Wait did I just see pickford smiling, and not angry 😭

  • sarah

    this is somehow the most comforting video on all of youtube

  • Angel Tompa
    Angel Tompa

    The obsolete error rarely load because traffic genotypically support against a loving beam. perfect, labored gander

  • Hiba Hiba
    Hiba Hiba

    Kane like a business man 😂

  • RyvalMinecraft

    changing montage

  • ava sims
    ava sims

    i blame this video for being more obsessed with football now than i have ever

  • Helie Caroll
    Helie Caroll

    I'm reviewing this video for the thousandth time and I can only see the way Jack looks at Jordan.. That's it, find someone who looks at you the same way

  • Ines Youssfi
    Ines Youssfi

    I love hendo so much he’s just so kind and him going around fixing everyone’s tie is just so cute, love ya skipper !

  • mike simmons
    mike simmons

    Savile row taiolred 🪡🥼🥼👞o love loafers 🙌🏻🙌🏻😎

  • Holly Productions
    Holly Productions

    grealish in a suit 🥵

  • Joe Chapman
    Joe Chapman

    Why does Jack look like someone about to get sentenced 😂😂😂

  • k bon
    k bon

    idk what about this has made me watch it eight times..

  • iSwagzZy PlayZ
    iSwagzZy PlayZ

    Henderson is the dad for England 😂

  • R M
    R M

    Sancho looking like those roadman lightskins you get in yr11😂😂

  • shan

    Where was Trent

    • D. Hull
      D. Hull

      He wasn’t selected for euro squad

  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green

    Kyle Walker has such a nice calming voice never expected that

  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green

    Kalvin 😍

  • Ivan Budiharja
    Ivan Budiharja

    Look so cool young three lions

  • Ngonidzashe Samukange
    Ngonidzashe Samukange

    The ties tho 😭😭😭💔

  • Acadia U
    Acadia U

    "what size is YOUR neck" with love from kyle walker 😂

  • America Beverly
    America Beverly

    Harry looked like a business man

  • Sophie Lewis
    Sophie Lewis

    kane looks like a dad on parents evening

  • oahous


  • Jennifer Freeney
    Jennifer Freeney

    at the end the last photo made them all look like an all boys school like the end of year class photo

  • Dream Estate
    Dream Estate

    What colour suit is this? It's not black but I think it's not navy blue either? I am interested to buy for myself.

  • Ahmed Abdalla
    Ahmed Abdalla

    Italy have Georgio Armani designing their suits and England have m&s

  • Boombox92

    I don't really know much about any of these players aside from Rashford, and only recognised him, Kane, Grealish, Pickford and Saka by sight, but somehow I was utterly captivated and entertained by this whole video. Mad.

  • Boombox92

    Today I learned Kane proper suits a suit. Normally he looks a bit awkward but in a suit he looked completely comfortable.

  • 32 Zyleak
    32 Zyleak


  • Adriel Contreras Productions
    Adriel Contreras Productions

    Jack Grealish is a savage lol

  • Hunter Cooper
    Hunter Cooper

    Whose the camera man ?

  • RobloxShootingGames

    1:13 why does Kane not wear socks🤣

  • jessica lamb
    jessica lamb

    Why does this remind me of class photos in primary school?

  • Sam Booth
    Sam Booth

    Henderson could turn into the new manager with his suit 😂😂

  • Lily Featherstone
    Lily Featherstone

    Henderson doing saka tie is the sweetest think I have ever seen love this team so much❤️❤️

  • Musicsavedme

    everyone else: came in, got dressed, chatted for a sec and then went out for the photo. *meanwhile* mason: still trying to figure out how to tie his tie.

  • Jeremiah Foyle
    Jeremiah Foyle

    And Jesse lingard would've been standing next to rashford 😭😭

  • Kuban AID
    Kuban AID

    Chilwell the most elegant man in this group.

  • Izzy


  • Manuela Marretto
    Manuela Marretto

    looks like they’re graduating from a only boy school where southgate’s their teacher 😳

  • Emmy Johnson
    Emmy Johnson

    Kane looks like a bank manager

  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby x

    Legend has it Rashford broke his ankles whilst putting on his shoes

  • 秒倒王偉哥

    Harry Kane really looks like a teacher...

  • Donatello

    Wait a Minute, Camera Man sounds like Jesse Lingard! 🙄

  • Markus Vidal
    Markus Vidal

    6:48 im sure he’s in peaky blinders or sum

  • KNG aditya
    KNG aditya


  • N Malik
    N Malik

    How is this video free? Appreciate it @england

  • Duayne Sanford
    Duayne Sanford

    This was wholesome lol

  • Inaya

    triple science

  • Susan Vanderbilt
    Susan Vanderbilt

    Wha’ ya got next lesson.. colouring in!! 😀

  • ThePeaceAround

    Grealish looks like an estate agent who’d try and sell you a three bed by saying ‘it feels like a four bed’ 😂

    • A S
      A S

      strangely specific but also extremely accurate

  • Aaliyah

    Year 11 end of year photoshoot vibes

  • Gama


  • Courtney_simps_for_ u
    Courtney_simps_for_ u

    When Jack said he was the pengest teacher he was right

  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Dkhgiguf Gillings
    Dkhgiguf Gillings


  • Grandmaster Dragonborn
    Grandmaster Dragonborn

    Only the England team could make putting on suits so hilarious. 😂

  • -one direction fanfiction-
    -one direction fanfiction-

    yes Jack you'd be the pengest teacher

  • Ranjana Kandel
    Ranjana Kandel

    Grealish was looking more like Beckham 😍

  • A1ex _
    A1ex _

    12:05 Trippier can’t smile🤣

  • Duy lộc
    Duy lộc

    9:16 his full name please 🙏🙏🙏. Very beautiful and lovely

    • Just A Girl
      Just A Girl

      Jude Bellingham

  • eliza marjoram
    eliza marjoram

    Chillwell was definitely looking like a maths teacher

  • Tabitha Scott
    Tabitha Scott

    Saka's so cute man😂😂😍

  • Pritam Roy
    Pritam Roy

    0:40 Man like Manuel Locatelli

  • Ella

    They are all so fine

  • Январь Февраль
    Январь Февраль


  • Metha Angelofmine
    Metha Angelofmine

    i love all of youuuu,my lovely england mann😘😘😘

  • Amy Birks
    Amy Birks

    why does phil walk so aesthetically? it’s so smooth!! hand over the cool walk now >:D

  • Renie Renie
    Renie Renie

    Everything about this makes me want to have a baby 😍 Henderson doing Saka’s tie 🥰

  • Lesego Grace
    Lesego Grace

    Foden and Bellingham looking like they're attending assembly 😭😂

  • Rosie Flynn
    Rosie Flynn

    Kane with the budgy smugglers 😂😂

  • MJ Dumeko
    MJ Dumeko

    4:29 Raz looks like a dad 💀💀

  • Eva Richmond
    Eva Richmond

    Decs tan line is everything 😭😂

  • Ha Nguyen
    Ha Nguyen

    Why are there 1.6mio ppl just watching men changing?

  • HУper

    So sad to see No Jesse Lingard

    • Katrina *
      Katrina *

      Sad in it

  • oreofe.

    when i’m sad i often find myself rewatching this video❤️

  • Maya M
    Maya M

    hendo walking around adjusting everyone's ties 🤣

  • Emilie R
    Emilie R

    4:58 I’m the pengest teacher in the school

  • Bella Mount
    Bella Mount

    Love how Henderson is just going round fixing everyone’s ties 😎😎😎😹

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen

    Everytime i see Mason Mount, there's always smile on his face 😍

  • Rianna

    Sterling look like a teacher