10 Biggest Lies Ever Told In History!
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10 Biggest Lies Ever Told In History
ORIGINAL VIDEO: (isdowns.info/lift/y4rQcJKGeqZka68/v-deo)

  • weekendqueen

    dudes the link to the original video is to the wrong video

  • Krishna Naudiyal
    Krishna Naudiyal

    circumference is not even a distance, it is the area of earth taken 2 dimensionally

  • Risuna Mashaba
    Risuna Mashaba

    One could barely hear the narrator

  • lmao-Erjon

    bc of the curves, slopes and hills the wal gets longer. its not like a straight line

  • Cameron Wainwright
    Cameron Wainwright

    Right now hear me out, what if water actually is killing us, that's why we die at like 70 or 80 and there is another thing we can drink and we might die at like 470........ think about it

  • Justmii

    no harry 21k isnt half of 400k

  • Justmii

    no harry 21k isnt half of 400k

  • RoRoGaming

    Harry every time he tries to think of a random object: BANANAS

  • Werid_kid

    the wall is not a straight line is curve

  • Creme Fraiche
    Creme Fraiche

    7:36 wtf, look at the Guy in the middle of the newspaper, it's Freezy!

  • Screamer5000 7357
    Screamer5000 7357

    did sidemen call me fucking weird for being scottish, well fuck you tea men

  • Goldfish Fc
    Goldfish Fc

    why has harry got a blag juve kit on

  • Colinope


  • Daniel Holme
    Daniel Holme

    Volta got a better name for it............ yeah, volt was named after him after all xD

  • Alex Shine
    Alex Shine

    WTF why would you skip the rest of the carbon dating part? That was getting super interesting!

    • Anon Anon
      Anon Anon

      We still use radiocarbon dating, so this clip saying its "a lie" or without merit is false.

  • Cj Eriobu
    Cj Eriobu

    Make a sidemen reacts roket league video

  • Benjamin zhang
    Benjamin zhang

    Jujutsu kaisen?

  • Malik Khamis
    Malik Khamis

    Former king of pop? What has this dude been smoking, he’s still the king of pop and the greatest artist to ever live

  • CxrealBlox

    Bruh I lied a lot than you guys

  • Whatsmyname

    The Great Wall is 52.9% of the earths circumference. Harry, there is no explaining, it’s just that you can’t comprehend it.

  • Zuber Sulub
    Zuber Sulub

    5:12 Is Harry racist? #BLM

  • sriosly

    sidemen reacts about to get to 3mil nicce

  • xFlowzy

    5:00 Harry 😂😂😂 I’m FUCKING dead!

  • Eldho Belji
    Eldho Belji

    harry bro china is part of the biggest continent on earth

  • Kerr Allan
    Kerr Allan

    We just gonna skip that my man Simon dised my culture as a Scotsman. Btw love what you guys do keep it up

  • francis west
    francis west

    no u can still see the parthenon today in athens

  • Chase Hankin
    Chase Hankin

    The Jews were enslaved and forced to build the pyramids.

  • iPlayOverwatch 69
    iPlayOverwatch 69

    Edison may not have came up with the idea of the light bulb but he did complete it so it didn't explode when you turned it on

  • Bhagath attavar
    Bhagath attavar

    i is possible because the is not built in a straight line. it has turns, 40,000km you said is the displacement, not the distance.

  • bing bong
    bing bong


  • Everett Bateman
    Everett Bateman

    I've commented this before, but they really need Vikk on these videos. He's the only one who's read a book I think.

  • Youssef Ahmed
    Youssef Ahmed

    This is like white boys react 🤣

  • Depopa

    12:40 ironic how thats true but for meat instead

  • NOSA


  • JDC Truth
    JDC Truth

    parents of year 7's: they are a bad influence year 7's: yaa that is so gang

  • Avinash naidu
    Avinash naidu

    Its cause the world's a sphere or atleast close to one and it isn't a flat circle. Hence the circumference isn't the best way to measure it. But what do I know anyway..

  • Hugh Duff
    Hugh Duff

    "That's a better name for electrics- Volta" yeah the Volt was named after him so I'd expect so

  • mars _OCE
    mars _OCE

    cats in the Egyptian wars were used to shield them as in their religion hurting a cat is *BAD*

  • D Mitch
    D Mitch

    It’s a winding wall

  • PompayKing123

    I'm American and can someone explain what Ethan meant by the Nandos chicken thing?

  • Noodles 077
    Noodles 077

    I’m weird cause I’m Scottish lol 😂

  • Exxo

    The circumference is 40000 but the wall of chine is curved and circumpherence is like perimeter

  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill

    I cant hear what anyone is saying when they’re talking over the audio like that

  • josh mbugua
    josh mbugua

    no one;.......... harry;wait..the great wall's longer than the world?

  • b jaga
    b jaga

    Bruh I yawned the same time Harry yawned

  • MrRhubarbs

    The carbon dating example is right but for all the wrong reasons and any science nerd is really shaking their heads

  • d o
    d o

    13:45 maybe because they named the volt after him

  • Ethan Kossack
    Ethan Kossack

    So... Harry.... they literally just curved it. The wall doesn’t go straight around the world, it’s winding all about and so it’s basically taking the long way around towards that massive length.

  • Harsh Bhatiya
    Harsh Bhatiya

    During bulding the great wall of china thousands of workers died bulding it

  • Conor Ryan
    Conor Ryan

    Its half the circumference of the world because it is around the continent of ASIA!!!

  • Leia O'Donnell
    Leia O'Donnell

    NESSIES A SHE I GET SO PISSED OF WHEN SOMEDAY CALLS HER A HE also the way the guy in the vid says scotland has me dying 😭

  • Toolsey


  • Orrinplaz krunker
    Orrinplaz krunker


  • Orrinplaz krunker
    Orrinplaz krunker


  • kimcraft360


  • kimcraft360

    oh WAIIT i paused before u said that its not straight.. wow ok well ok yeah

  • kimcraft360

    its not straigt it's zigzaged so it wont go around half our planet. U can refrence it to a spring it may be 1 inch tall when prduced but the string is (lets say) 4 inches (get it?). Also sorry if i spelled something wrong.

  • Khalil Gaming
    Khalil Gaming

    Dont judge me for this but....... I like pineapple on pizza

  • nicko.edits. aep
    nicko.edits. aep

    Is there anyone else who laughed at Harry just saying circumference of the world as he searched it😂🤣

  • Vortex7114 _
    Vortex7114 _

    yeah the Egyptians worshiped cats so much their enemy would use cats against them i think putting them attached to shields

  • IVY Fearless
    IVY Fearless



    The reason there was ever thought to be horns is because inks would paint them with horns to symbolise the devil in them as they would come kill people and take everything

  • FireLion768

    Fun fact the pyramids of Giza were as old to the Romans when they discovered it as the Romans are as old to us

  • Maitreya MJ
    Maitreya MJ

    My man behzinga fucking disrespected great wall of China like that.

  • MikoMac19

    I'm American and I have no idea what the cherry tree thing is either lol

  • _ pal1n
    _ pal1n

    the world is acctually 510.1 million km long

  • DemetrisS2k

    Because Harry the great wall of China is not a straight line so the distance sounds a lot

  • chops

    you damn brits

  • Tekko

    I swim in the Loch Ness all the time lol

  • Ahmed Huwel
    Ahmed Huwel


  • FanNaf 2018
    FanNaf 2018

    Harry it’s not just one wall it’s separate walls aswell

  • gxdly

    are we just not gonna talk about harry wearing his top inside out

    • Kian Pakpourtabrizi
      Kian Pakpourtabrizi

      That's the shirt design

    • LlamaBull

      i was wondering why the team logo was blurred

  • Galaxy Alexy
    Galaxy Alexy

    When i think of vikings i think plats not horns.

  • MemeCakes

    cant wait for harry to realise that all arteries, and capillaries of human child, stretched end to end, are estimated to about 2.5 times lmfao

  • Hugo Corvin
    Hugo Corvin

    2:22 that’s what she said;)

  • Ninez v7
    Ninez v7

    Me sitting here listening to Harry asking how the Great Wall of China is possible and me just sitting here like, it’s not straight Harry, so thank you Bez for satisfying me.

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma

    10:30 yo not gonna lie when harry yawned idk why i yawned to😂😂🤔

  • All eyez On me 123
    All eyez On me 123

    Who just clicked this video for MJ

  • Tom Milbourne
    Tom Milbourne

    biggest lie ever told is the bible, it's all one big fairy tale

  • Coen Meekins
    Coen Meekins


  • GloomberYT


  • Sam_Fry 1122
    Sam_Fry 1122

    Harry, not every wall is a straight line

  • wake up
    wake up


  • Adithya

    6:01- Just a little info, the picture was depicted from the Battle of Pelusium (525 BC). Persians would actually use the cats as a shield and since religion forbade Egyptians to harm cats. Pretty smart lol.

  • Tsm_builder T
    Tsm_builder T

    “these bloody slaves taking all the credit” 😂😂😂😂

  • TheDinosaurGamer GreenyNat
    TheDinosaurGamer GreenyNat

    They have wrong link for the original video I belie

  • Deadalon 666
    Deadalon 666

    I told my little brother Michael Jackson was my older brother and I litterally slapped the black of of him and I said I’d do the same to him if he stays annoying

    • Deadalon 666
      Deadalon 666

      @ShaylaBalloon he dont believe it no more but it used to work now he just annoying

    • ShaylaBalloon

      I don’t know whether I like this or not.

  • Chickennugget

    Loch ness is well fun to swim in, and also scotland > england

  • LMG_LagZ ;
    LMG_LagZ ;

    Why did Harry get exided When he new something

  • luca southall
    luca southall

    Isn’t Harry’s top inside out

  • Void

    Edison didn't even make the first telephone, a British guy did and then edison changed it slightly and robbed it

  • Ricky Tha Don
    Ricky Tha Don


  • Harrison C
    Harrison C

    Harry it's a fricking circle

  • 6MD7

    because it is not in one straight line it is like separate walls and were built next to each other and the length displayed or known is the length of all of the separate walls, if that makes sense

  • Emma Purce
    Emma Purce

    Imagine spending your entire life slaving away to build these AMAZING pyramids... only to have a twat thousands of years later write it off and say it must have been aliens

  • Tristan Onweller
    Tristan Onweller

    It’s curvy

  • Fionn ocoimin
    Fionn ocoimin

    anyone else. triggered that it said london derry on the northern ireland map🤨

  • the walrus
    the walrus

    I'll just say Harry it's cold. Yet fun

  • the walrus
    the walrus

    I went swimming in Loch ness .......I live there

  • Tyler Davies
    Tyler Davies

    13:15I am going to destroy my history teacher with this (don’t make that weird)