Elon Musk will Reach Mars With This Amazing Rocket Engine
Elon Musk will Reach Mars With This Amazing Rocket Engine.
To figure out how to populate Mars, you need to have the mind of Einstein, the wit of Louis CK and the courage of Captain Jack Sparrow.
The inefficiency of rocket engines still remains the main obstacle. Chemical propulsion systems are capable of developing high thrust, but they have a small specific impulse. In other words, they cannot maintain traction for a long time due to the rapid fuel consumption. It's one thing to go into orbit, and quite another thing to make an interplanetary flight. There is nowhere to refuel in outer space.
A few words about the unusual approach of Musk’s company. This is really interesting.
Usually, computer simulations are carried out before launches, and only after that prototypes are tested. NASA doesn't like explosions.
Musk has a different approach: SpaceX produces prototypes of varying levels of readiness with the MK and SN indexes for testing specific technologies.

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  • Isabelo Evasco
    Isabelo Evasco

    I wonder where would they get water on Mars in case of settlement

  • lorenciandrej

    Will Elon reach Mars before or after taxation?

  • Fred Mertz
    Fred Mertz

    If they get fusion up and running , this tech will be obsolete.

  • Dan Bernie
    Dan Bernie

    Anyone wanting to venture to another planet can just stay there as the planet earth they came from CLEARLY is an ABORTION of a planet and not worth saving or SAVING by using intelligence to STOP killing it.

  • A Canadian
    A Canadian

    Great cartoon

  • Khang Nguyen
    Khang Nguyen

    how much will it cost to build a space elevator?

  • Astrokeslo

    Daily Aviation, you are all over the place. Also, we are nowhere close to getting a fusion reactor/engine for space travel. The Fusion Reactors we currently have can't create enough energy to sustain their reactions. You need to review how Fusion reactors work.

  • Mahfooz Miah
    Mahfooz Miah

    Too advance for public knowledge

    • Mahfooz Miah
      Mahfooz Miah


  • Tennessee Copperhead
    Tennessee Copperhead

    lol yea but will he make it back lol.............also can we put all the politicians in there with him??

  • Dale Comer
    Dale Comer

    The idea of a nuclear fusion rocket engine isn't new and those Russians who worked on the first Tokamak almost certainly thought about how a space engine could be built based on it. The U.S. gov't was offering sizeable research grants for fusion space engine development in the Sixties. A Nobel Laureate chemist at my school proposed a multiple disciplinary research program to take advantage of those funds. The first issue was that the people in the Physics Dept. thought they should lead it, not a chemist. The new Dept. of Aerospace Engineering wanted it to be their program. In the end, the Academic Senate voted to ban all such research based on the presumption that any tech developed would inevitably be weaponized and could then potentially be used against the Soviet Union. This was at the height of the "Space Race" during the Cold War. It was a major state U. on the far left coast, of course.

  • Paul's CCNA
    Paul's CCNA

    The key to getting to Mars (and further), and Mars will be the test case, the vehicle has to be "a star-ship." Large enough to ensure a round trip, not once but many times, with the ability to be refreshed on each return to earth and upgraded on each return.

  • Vladimir Quiros
    Vladimir Quiros

    Have you seen the plasma engine developed by NASA Astronaut Frankling Chang? It is working and ready to be used

  • Mark Brunette Baladjay
    Mark Brunette Baladjay

    I think if you can make a bigger electric lighter to use it as engine,

  • srmatte1

    still decades away from leaving the laboratories

  • Curiosity killed the cat
    Curiosity killed the cat

    To the people commenting that think they know a lot about this, your not that guy pal, your not that guy.

  • W B
    W B

    carbon fiber unfolding housing sections with light weight radiation shielding 🤔

  • W B
    W B

    in addition, who honestly thinks sending a cement printer and cement to mars makes sense? immense weight.

  • W B
    W B

    correct, elons minions, will reach mars. i doubt ole elon will ride his own rockets mars 🤔🤣

  • Urban Craft
    Urban Craft

    3 months indeed.

  • John Savage
    John Savage

    Question? What the hell is on Mars? Musk is going to Mars? Great, take Bill Gates. Soros, and Biden with you, plus Pelosi.

  • Maximo Santiago PEREZ MORALES
    Maximo Santiago PEREZ MORALES

    Why don't they just build a gravitational engine? It's way more powerful and with the correct energy source it can take any ship to mars in less than 2 hours

  • Hunter Surla
    Hunter Surla

    Wouldn’t the 3D printer cement I assume freeze up under Mars’ environment?

    • W B
      W B

      to be honest, the ideal of hauling cement to build housing seems ridiculous considering the weight involved.

  • Dakota DiGirolamo
    Dakota DiGirolamo

    Elon is God

  • J R.B.
    J R.B.

    Suppose they'll refuel at the moon, no one ever describes how the shuttles traveled 250,000 miles to the moon & back again, same here space and its environment would overwhelm & engulf any rocket,

  • Mr Lund
    Mr Lund

    what a load of shit. everyone knows you can't leave earth

  • Lamar Lamar
    Lamar Lamar

    The problem/dilemma for them is that they can't find/discover an element/material efficient enough that will allow them the power they seek to fuel a futuristic craft the way they'd like to 🤔....trying to be so innovative/independent without God

  • Steve m
    Steve m

    Liquid fuels and gas are still not the answer. Nor is nuclear power . The answer is anti gravity. Remove gravity. Hint, Element 115.


    I thought Lockeed solved many of these problems 5 years ago. Maybe not ?

  • Alecxis Vargas
    Alecxis Vargas

    Can someone explain to me why Elon just doesn't build a base on the moon and proof to everyone that it's possible to build another one on Mars? ...... Does Elon really think humanity will be wiped out that soon? Please explain I'm dumb...

  • Karan Mayekar
    Karan Mayekar

    Looking at the nuclear reactor looks life ufo

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia

    Why not to use solar panels to power turbines for them not to use fuel but solar power just like the rober that is used on mars ?

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned

    The courage of Captain Jack Sparrow?????......wasn't he basically a coward in the films?

  • HigherPlanes

    So informative and still cracks a joke about dunkin donuts. Love it.

  • MacK Olives
    MacK Olives

    just bring out the invention of Dr. Ning Li

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham

    Imagine how far our mission to space and mars would be if musk and bezos didn't hate each other

    • Greg Brady
      Greg Brady

      Actually its good if they hate each other. They are trying to outdo each other like edison and tesla.

  • cosmic saipen
    cosmic saipen

    Dude,we don't have a working fusion reactor yet .Let alone a reactor which can fit in a rocket

  • Olaf Snowball
    Olaf Snowball

    Elon Musk is trying to copy russian made cosmic rocket named Angara,he is just a fraud who did nothing by himself,the only original idea he ever had was boring and look for yourselves how far he got with it .He shouldn't be celebrated but boycotted instead.

  • ZaRackar Gaming
    ZaRackar Gaming

    Are we ready to ask Aliens to help us? trolololool

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    I see a few negative comments because of a couple of oversights but at the end of the day this video is some real food for thought As good as the technology is today just imagine how good it will be by the time the first people land on Mars which is not too far in the future. Honestly this video just gives people a taste of our technological progress and rate of progression

  • OraC6666

    SpaceX will be on Mars loooong before this technology is ready for primetime.

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    Doubt it.

  • SIL3NT

    Shouldn't we start with a moon base?

  • JP Man
    JP Man

    This is the future of man's quest to explore the universe...billionaires have way more money to spend then NASA does. They will be the ones who end up eventually making it possible to colonize other planets. They don't have to go through congressional approvals and political red tape to get things done.

  • john niss hansen
    john niss hansen

    The rocket is only a small part of the problem in reaching Mars, The biggest is to prepare the planet so humans can survive, stay healthy and eventually return to earth.







  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel Rivera

    Stating to believe in UFOs and Aliens now hun? Pretty sure a more advanced civilization figured this out long time ago.

  • David Luscombe
    David Luscombe

    Nope. No he won't.

  • xXkobe bryanxX
    xXkobe bryanxX

    Lol those rich enough can go to Mars 1b or 500m dollars per person 🖕

  • J B
    J B

    Einstein will be perpetually turning over in relativity when this vid hits the Ether

  • Rafson

    Tony Stark ma to technologie 😂👍

  • Marc Pleines
    Marc Pleines


  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Useless technology. need to be able to create fuel on space craft ! ANTIMATTER ROCKET FOR FUTURE SPACE EXPLORATION makes energy as it is needed and will never run out of electrons the basis for antimatter.

  • Phil R
    Phil R

    This is garbage

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker

    Are we really suggesting Louis CK is the peak of wit? Holy hell. That's a more impressive call than the engine itself. :D

  • Krzysztof Domagała
    Krzysztof Domagała

    Great voice and reading flow... Thank you!

  • Great Ness
    Great Ness

    To get to the next higher density of technology, you got to do what you got to do. Elon would not have it any other way. That’s a good thing. It’s a good thing that Elon like to investigate what does not work for part of his knowledge base. Knowing what not to do and building that knowledge.

  • Ant Brad
    Ant Brad

    Elon Musk won’t be going anywhere anytime, for the world as we know is about to drastically change!! It has reached now it’s peak with humanity playing god small (g) and it’s now about to reap its reward!!

    • Ec Brown
      Ec Brown


  • james hartshorn
    james hartshorn

    Interesting but I did not need the ego stroking of Musk.

  • Mattis Grotegerd
    Mattis Grotegerd

    You know what the abbreviation for "The Interplanetary Transport System" is :)

  • myles hopkins
    myles hopkins

    I love how the other billionaires are setting goals to get to space and Elon's goal is to colonize Mars.

  • Ovidiu Acatinca
    Ovidiu Acatinca

    In space there is no friction, you just need the impulse and you go infinite distance

  • Javier Cruz
    Javier Cruz

    See what happens when everyone get together and invent something

  • dwayne dwayne
    dwayne dwayne

    It's a shame that businessmen have to spend their money doing these things cause politicians are too busy stealing tax dollars for their own lifestyle. Good job Elon! We should all just stop paying taxes.

  • Dragunov1111

    Elon musk does not have any of does minds he is a man with money.

  • Steve Perryman
    Steve Perryman

    Utter rubbish. Musk, nor anyone else will be going to Mars. Just probes. Any talk is just brand building publicity to influence fools....

  • mohammed toqir
    mohammed toqir

    Has David Adair not say that he can make a safe nuclear engine for a space traveling ship? In fact did he not make one when he was a teenager.Nuclear engine

  • mohammed toqir
    mohammed toqir

    Rather then making a rocket type craft make a saucer type ship which can have one of the nuclear engines in the middle bottom of the craft which can give it the lift and proportion. The rockets are old we got to think new if we as humans are thinking to go to other planets 🪐 and stars✨.

  • Pete Conrad
    Pete Conrad

    Quoting specific impulse in mps? Fail.

  • Bob

    But why?

  • Bill Gold
    Bill Gold

    No he will not go to Mars, its all fake. Nothing has been through the firmament. 100,000 ft that's the limit.

  • Jeffrey Coe
    Jeffrey Coe

    One day you all will realize why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars... Rockets big enough for "100 people", autonomous vehicles, boring machines, family wealth derived from the mining industry... Elon Musk wants to go to Mars to stake claim on all the resources. I guess mining on Mars is better than mining on Earth but Elon will become an evil overlord with robot minions that enslaves the world for its essential life juice. You will learn to love Elons evil cackling from your human juice boxes.

  • Justdm-21

    You should look at Tachyon Aerospace then. They're about 50 years ahead of Elon's firecrackers.

  • Ian Dyer
    Ian Dyer

    Project ' abandon Earth'. So we occupy literally the only ball in our known Universe that looks totally unique from outer space. Its bright amazing colours visible for millions of miles. Rape it of its resources to the point where nature will take over, and look with envious eyes on a red planet with little or nothing going for it whatsoever, with a view of potentially calling it home???. Come on, Musk and his cronies are delusional. Put the efforts and resources into looking after our own heaven for Christs sake.

  • CW

    Never make it to Mars I promise you that..

  • Mike

    Okay, so what will humans do on Mars without oxygen? Total pipe dream

    • Joseph O'Reilly
      Joseph O'Reilly

      Make it by splitting the copious amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

  • Andy Elliott
    Andy Elliott

    Its amazing how NASA hasnt really moved forward since its first launch.

  • Eduardo Montoya Ruelas
    Eduardo Montoya Ruelas

    If mars was real he might have had a chance

  • david young
    david young

    nuclear rocket is glorified plasma rocket; and i own plasma rocket; my heat source is fuel less engine; by taxonomic ranking;it does not matter if heat source is nuclear;or induction et al; principle is same; nuclear rocket cannot exist;because plasma is nuclear reaction; and i own it;

  • Regolith

    This video is complete GIBBERISH. It's like they mashed together random excerpts from 100 different articles on everything from nuclear energy, rocket propulsion, mars colonization, etc. Like this sentence: "Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship uses liquefied methane and oxygen. It is not surprising as the coolant itself - or the working medium - flies out of the nozzle of a nuclear powerplant." What??????? That. Is. Gibberish. Methane and oxygen in a rocket are the propellants. They are the fuel and oxidizer, not the "coolant" or the "working medium" whatever that is. And what nuclear powerplant are you talking about? Starship is a conventional chemical rocket system.

  • Joel Weinert
    Joel Weinert

    Colonists will have to live in the ground, not on the ground, radiation and meteors.

  • kim c
    kim c

    I think Xspace should build their big rocket out in space and use a thorium molten salt reactor for propulsion, which they can later use on Mars for power

  • ChrisFE Jackson
    ChrisFE Jackson

    They used to say 3 months for rocket engines too. Mars...as if. Come back in 20 years they'll be saying the same thing, just look at how long it took Branson to fly for 8 minutes. Plus after 3 months who is going to carry the astronauts out of the capsule and place them in chairs with flowers once they get to Mars lol.

  • NazKool _Productions
    NazKool _Productions

    i really can’t get excited for mars or even the moon until i hear something new about human survival in space. we don’t have a way of protecting humans outside of earth for very long and we already know that long term anti gravity physically changes the body. if elon is planning on cybernetic organisms or robots making the trek, that would be exciting. we hear nothing from our favorite billionaires regarding human space travel. NASA learned something about our moon missions that shut that project down for 45 years +. just be honest. stop pretending we can simply visit deep space without consequence.

    • SEE. EYE.
      SEE. EYE.

      Who gives a fuck, we’ll figure all that shit out last minute. That’s the human way.

  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood

    What if you sent a ship with just fuel and then made it a refueling station?

  • For One Light
    For One Light

    David Adair’s Gas Plasma HE3 Reactor Engine fired & went into space over 50 years ago ..

  • JimiRay

    3 months instead of 6? 3 weeks will be a lot better

  • Agent of the Crown
    Agent of the Crown

    Good luck

  • Mojammel Mallick
    Mojammel Mallick

    Hole thingis passible by th Electronicks,,,,only workable it

  • Bill Rodgers
    Bill Rodgers

    Toe ka Mark? Sounds like BBC Speak. I think he means Tok a Mak

  • Augusto dos Anjos
    Augusto dos Anjos

    Laughing a lot here. I hope it's Mr Musk himself who will inhabit those balloons with doors in a sandstorm on Mars. Dude! What is that bakery? Oh my God ! lol

  • sea wolf
    sea wolf

    I don't understand why this stupid guy is loosing such money in heavy toys, since He wil never reach even a footstep out of earth's magnetic field....he will need to cover with 6 meters thick lead panels to stay alive theoretically.. otherwise he will decompose in few minutes..

  • Srlos Snosa
    Srlos Snosa

    Printer ? 🖨️🤭🤤

  • Armpitjam 4
    Armpitjam 4

    What’s dunken donuts, guess these jokes are lost on anyone not from America.

  • Keith Howard
    Keith Howard

    The answer is so easy, they had it figgered out in the 1950s. Sadly nuclear treaties made it illegale. isdowns.info/lift/tm-2r22raJ1_jLM/v-deo

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  • I Object
    I Object

    If any human goes for Mars, they can kiss their life goodbye. Radiation will kill them all. It's nothing like going to the moon.

  • tuyinc

    You know why it's called "The Interplanetary Transport System" ??...because some engineer tried to abreviate it and got fired for sexual harassment.

  • Mark Johnston
    Mark Johnston

    They already have the capability to go to Mars duuuu they have probably already done it. Haven't you seen how fast those UFOs are lol could go to Mars and back in like 2 mins or faster in the blink of a eye. They just don't want us to know about any of these thing's as there not 4 our generation there 4 the next