Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.
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  • Cake Cinema
    Cake Cinema

    Fucking TERRIFYING

  • TheNinthGeneration

    It’s interesting how the rioters at the capital are “people deep down” and Dante White is “a criminal who got what he deserved for not following the rules”

  • Liam Garnaut
    Liam Garnaut

    John Oliver has just become more and more dishonest in his arguments as time has gone on

  • CA A
    CA A

    The irony of criticising the 'structural oppression' of the US, whilst wearing an Islamic headscarf.

  • Ken Allan
    Ken Allan

    I was with John Oliver until he stooped to ad hominem when he berated Tucker Carlson's bow-tie. What's the tie got to do with any of what went before? Nothing! It was an ad hominem opportunity to put Carlson down because Oliver couldn't validly criticise what Carlson had said. Shame on you Oliver! Shame on you!

  • Danielle

    Great, and necessary, take down. Well done.

  • Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison

    Carson is operating in a very similar way to Jordan Peterson. Watch contrapoints discussing Peterson. Intellectual integrity and great fun. ;0)

  • Jason Warwick
    Jason Warwick

    Awww - tucker. Look in the mirror......... you’re looking at a white supremacist you tragic little troll

  • BullC6

    Tiny Bowtie Tucker. His official name now.

  • chriswoll56

    You know America is in trouble when there are people that brag about watching faux news.🤯

  • chriswoll56

    Tucker Carlsson is such a douch maybe they should make him broadcast in womens clothes. What a waste of space. This is what a wanker looks like.

  • create mistakes
    create mistakes

    Tbh I view Tucker Carlson in the same way I do this show with a massive grain of salt. I find both Tucker and John entertaining and I actually like both shows a lot but you can’t take them both seriously since they both have basis.

    • ItsMe Drew.
      ItsMe Drew.

      tucker entertaining?

    • Nicholas King
      Nicholas King


  • David Harms
    David Harms

    The most common descriptor used among right wing extremists is "our" protecting their ideology onto the rest of the population and this is usually followed up with "love it or leave it" especially if your in disagreement.

  • Bao Duy Dinh
    Bao Duy Dinh

    Fork Facts.

  • rbfreitas

    Great video

  • pop5678eye

    Update April 2021: watch a video of how Tucker Carlson's patented facial outrage turns to disbelief/fear when Gaetz brings up sexual allegations against Carlson... I bet after a restless night he called his bosses and asked that Fox stop inviting such guests for him to make excuses for...

  • stevied667iswin

    This guy is such a Mother Tucker!

  • Climate Fascism
    Climate Fascism

    Tucker is great

  • Delta3416 // Metric
    Delta3416 // Metric

    John Oliver's show doesn't even feel like comedy anymore. It feels like an essential public service broadcast.

  • Glen W
    Glen W

    I wanted to go to sleep, but then I saw this. Not yet, Sandman. Not yet.

  • Maria Powers
    Maria Powers

    “ performatively outraged wedge salad.” 🤪

  • Jonjo Senna
    Jonjo Senna

    Is bush tucker, a female version of Tucker Carlson???

  • FredPatrick Gaines
    FredPatrick Gaines

    happy bay of pigs week april 17 18 19 20 1961

  • TetrisKing805

    Does Oliver not understand the difference between race and culture?

  • patrick connor
    patrick connor

    Tucker should be reminded of what Ghandi said about Western Civilisation..."I think it would be a good idea"...

  • José Anker
    José Anker

    Tucker, odious excuse for a human being

    • Bamlak Bekele
      Bamlak Bekele


  • Jo Hayes
    Jo Hayes

    I blame Rupert Murdoch for this gronk Tucker Carson..

  • Mate Stop it
    Mate Stop it

    He’s gone full mask off on the replacement theory

    • Mate Stop it
      Mate Stop it

      Just say Jews will not replace us and move on brother

  • Aaron F
    Aaron F

    Yet again, absolutely spot on

  • mustafa1name

    I wonder if they used forks during his forgotten dinner with Baby Gaetz? #funforkfacts

  • Deimonik1

    Chinas navy has the same structural integrity as wet rice paper.

  • Red Fescue
    Red Fescue

    West coast elitism at its finest

  • PaperDogTube

    Sod off, Oliver; your accent had an appeal at one time, but now you're just a cliche... Go have a crumpet, you stupid get

    • Wade Marley
      Wade Marley

      “You sttooooopid giiit” Lmao

  • CANZUKcallum

    Multiracialism is not the same as multiculturalism, John. You need to learn to separate the two. One is biological & isn't an issue, the other is behavioural & is DEFINITELY an issue. 3rd world worldviews are dangerous.

    • lil ink
      lil ink

      oh and thats not a race thing how

  • Fin O'Suilleabhain
    Fin O'Suilleabhain

    Would have been good for John to mention the avowedly racist guy who wrote for him, got caught out and had to resign, then to be disowned by him to save his own bloated ass.

  • Mitchell Anderson
    Mitchell Anderson

    Karen Silkwood...was immediately killed as soon as she testified. Like, we're 90% sure. Which shows what happens when you Actually stand up to conspiracies.

  • Eli Chevalier
    Eli Chevalier

    this show is just propaganda now.

  • Kath Estarion
    Kath Estarion

    Surely, there must be laws he’s breaking by propagating hate speech, let alone that he’s lying through his teeth. What are the laws of journalism over there?

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez

    John Oliver is a the same shit mark Tucker is.

  • Sophia Derwin
    Sophia Derwin

    very powerful ending

  • Alba Spire
    Alba Spire

    “Destruction of the American Government” she said oppression buddy, but nice Freudian slip there

  • Drew

    So maybe he appeals to the majority

  • Patrick Mitchell
    Patrick Mitchell

    Did you see what Paradise PD Did with him on Netflix? Tucker Carlson said girl army called Fim Kida is coming 4 you.

  • D3monicwhale

    Oh gawd, I’m feeling 🤢....like I have 🤢....right wing disease...🤮

  • Theo

    He said he’d give a definition of white nationalism and then he didn’t. :(

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson

    I feel dumber just having listened to so much Tucker

  • Nathanael De Rosario
    Nathanael De Rosario

    Please do a show on this disgrace that is the European Super League...

  • Delicious Bullet
    Delicious Bullet

    Omar: "I want to dismantle the system of oppression." Carlson: "She wants to dismantle America!" (soyouagree.png) So you agree? America is fundamentally built on a foundation of oppression?

  • daniel job
    daniel job

    He has a point about unregulated immigration. That country has been on a downhill slide since the 16th century!

  • TwinTalon01

    As a fence-sitter, not on one side or the other, I watch garbage like this and I’m just... “who is convinced by this?!?!” Who out there, watches John Oliver, and says “yeah, I’m better informed now, I’ve clearly got the non-partisan take on what’s happening right now, thankfully I’m independent-minded.....”?!?!?! Who could possibly not see thru the propaganda in this?!?!?!?! What idiocy...

    • Stuee

      Well Tucker could sue John Oliver into next year, if he was accusing him of being a white supremacist and wasn't. The fact that he isn't, and he knows if he tried he would lose is convincing enough.

  • Stuee

    Well I will say one thing, he has got better looking as he has gotten older.

  • Helen Ozturk
    Helen Ozturk

    I never seen anybody as stupid as he is or what is this or what is that I think he never went to school stupid talk I don't see how people can stand that being so illiterate talk so weird like he's from different orbit.

  • annoloki

    For the record: White nationalism - the desire for a whites-only (or nearly only) country White superiority - the idea that white people are better (in whatever way) White supremacy - having white people have ultimate rule over other races This makes is a bit hard to be a white supremacist AND a white nationalist... you can't rule over other races if they aren't there. This, incidentally, was the two sides to the American civil war... you had a white supremacist south verses a white nationalist north... the south wanted to rule over black people, the north didn't want there to be any black people (see the founding of "Liberia" by the American Colonial Society, members included Lincoln, who "returned to sender" 13,000 black Americans... giving one bunch of people another bunch of people's land, what could go wrong?!) However, where white supremacy and white nationalist is compatible, is on the international stage... the idea that white countries should dominate non-white countries, very much the world configured by the European empires, and then the descendants of those Europeans. It's a very different subject to white nationalism, and doesn't even require white nationalism, as there is also a liberal version, with its own set of myths and narratives, domination usually being done for the victim's "own good" (eg, in Venezuela)

  • Len Ovo
    Len Ovo

    Project Veritas exposed the inside story on this, with their undercover videos showing why the Matt Gaetz story is so big. Search "Project Veritas CNN" to find out the true story about this.

  • InspectorKen

    Why do they still allow air time for Tucker?

  • Obnoxious Harrow Main
    Obnoxious Harrow Main

    on that military matter, bernie had it right. "Are you referring to the many thousands and thousands who have put their lives on the line in countless wars to defend this country."

  • الأسود العنسي
    الأسود العنسي

    What is wrong with bum guns 😅😅 at least you save some trees. And trust me they are much more superior, I have tried both and your underwear will thank you for using them.

  • W Pontius
    W Pontius

    Tucker Carlson = Bill O'Reilly, same nauseating spin and lies minus the yelling rage.

  • Frank Quagmire
    Frank Quagmire

    John Oliver net worth usd 30 million. For that kind of money I would like to be a marxist propagandist too.

    • 08mlascelles

      I’m willing to bet that you have absolutely no understanding of Marxism whatsoever? Are you the kind of person that thinks Biden is part of the “radical left” too?

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    TV he's sprinted down the rabbit hole.

  • Sarah

    Fork facts !

  • John Heigis
    John Heigis

    New Possibilities ! Only if, Revived & Restored...!...? Demos-kratos... within a republic... Note: a basic USA foundation ! "Folks" ... forced together ... frequently ... to "muster" / gatherings of purpose ... at the same time (s) ... same place (s) ... for addressing "issues"...? For basic human survival... Through, comprehensive contingencies management... Through collective neighborhood incident management...? For the maintenance of "social systems"... For, ""social animals"... Humans... "We...!"...? (Eg: food, water, shelter, shielding, security, leadership, liaison, logistics, transport, waste disposal...)... (To be collected, counted, arranged, assigned, trained, educated, exercised, planned, mobilized, deployed, regrouped, lead, nominated, elected, engaged,...)... (Talking, informing, communicating ideas, analyzing, assessing, writing, accounting, nominating, electing, addressing, appointing, asking...)... Possibilities! For "doing something about it!" Some parts "We" can work with! Easy to do! ... Right Now! Demos-kratos, within a republic! Mechanized and empowered! Built on a basic human survival principle! In a 21st century context! With Internet assets! Built into Academics, at all levels of education! Built into a neutral / objective, logistics / liaison, Matrix NGO. Such allows professional capabilities.. For "Projects", with "Missions"... (Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why, How...!) Thus: Assign any issue, as a "Project"... For comprehensive contingencies management! For neighborhood incident management! For; "active and passive civil defense"!? By adapting a Swiss version, into a republic! And for... "Mustering" ( now, from "home!). For managing any issues, as "we", being "We"! As; the "4th Branch"... "For, of, by...We"! Add: a basic SOP, through we millions of Vets... For an instant "backbone" (to start up)! Since we already live in all neighborhoods.. Scattered throughout neighborhoods! Give folks a good system, to "cling" with... As the "Operations" platform... Note: "We" has no borders or boundaries! This needs smart folks, like you, to get it operational, again! Please! Possibilities.. In a system we are born, members... "civil defense." FEMA states that, "civil defense is emergency management." Folks, if "we" each get our acts together, with this, you will have comprehensive contingencies management capabilities, from "home"! Our "We" system? In a 21st century context... This needs you; and, word of mouth. (Please consider, carefully?)? Note: "A well regulated [ neighborhood incident management / comprehensive contingencies management system ] being necessary to the [ national security democratic posture ] of a free state, the right of the people to [ employ a Swiss version of "active and passive civil defense", within a republic, will not likely be ] infringed." The first part of that "sentence", before the comma, boils down to the "musterings"! That's where they gathered, and talked... (... before a "Formation", as they gathered and waited; during a "Formation"... being informed, organized, consolidated, coordinated, trained, nominated leadership, exercised, educated, assigned, deployed...; and, they communicated, as they parted... traded, bartered, planned, informed, organized, reported for "night-watch" duty, deployed... ...for neighborhood incident management... Functioning within a comprehensive contingencies management system! Gatherings of: knowledge, education, experience, training, abilities, talents, wisdom...! Considering: food, water, shelter, shielding, commerce, waste, logistics, liaison, medical, health, warning, correspondence... But, as the security apparatus faded from use, so went the treasures of the "demos-kratos" "musterings"! (Note this, as easy to fix...!...?). Note: FEMA recommends that "We" "maintain secondary EOCs (Emergency Operations Centers)! However, such was written, in the context of maintaining "secondary [Primary] EOCs", in case the Primary has problems! (The Primary controls that "Police Line"... Dispatch, "Enforcement", Medical, Fire, HazHats, Health, Public Works, Waste Disposal, Water, "Professional 'First' Responders" ...)! Tell me, aren't you, normally, "the first responder?". And then, a second person may help, and then more folks, maybe, before the EMS, or the "Enforcers", get to us, to help? This matters, in "civil defense!". In basic "Old School" neighborhood incident management, and comprehensive contingencies management! Thus, the basics "We" are born into, as "members"! Humans! Note: "civil defense" can not, only, be, another government agency! (Note: "The Civil Defense Act of 1950, as amended; while, "We" also needs, "professional" "First Responders"! Thusly; DES - "Disaster and Emergency Services / "Civil Defense", etc.)!... Humph! Folks, nobody says "We" can't use, and be, that "secondary" system! And, "We" can do so, "Separate but Equal", within a republic! ..."For, Of, By...We"! "The Fourth Branch"!..?? (Note: Swiss example!). "We" can use this, to actually build "secondary [Comprehensive Contingencies Operations Centers]!" Anchored in a neutral / objective, logistics / liaison, "Matrix" NGO. With the necessary technical back-up systems! (Note: Internet possibilities!)! [I want a Desktop Icon, that takes me to my very own NASA type CCMC site (comprehensive contingencies management center! Where, for instance, I can track and map all of my utility systems, and all the taxable matters and issues about them... From my sink, to the Primary Industial Intakes, and beyond... Upstream!! Or, waste output systems... Downstream..., ages, conditions, contracts,.. Thusly, an Internet site, where "We" can do our own "official" polling, and surveys, with capabilities, for full contribution, and participation, on any issue!....)]. Such an NGO gives us "Project", and "Mission s" capabilities! (Like the Red Cross; but, ARC can not be "armed!"??? ... Thusly; "active and passive" "civil defense"! [OCD, 1964])! The "Project - Missions"... (Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why, How...)! And; if "We" lock it into all levels of education / academics, for a 24/7 operational platform, (for mixing Internships, In-Service Learning, Instructors, Volunteers...). So, your younger folks, and even your little ones, can participate, directly, in "democracy", too! (Note: "Minute"...men, women, kids, elders...)! (...toddlers, pre-teens, teens, young adults, adults, elders... "civil"... "civil defense", with "Civil Defense"!). [Note, for instance: some of us old Vets ( "we" "nocturnal s" ), are "standing by" for "night watch" "duty"!... So, to restore "Minute" capabilities???]. Ask we millions of Vets, to give it an instant backbone, for some basic SOPs (Standard Operations Procedures). While always selecting our best leadership, as we go...? FEMA recommends "We" apply CEM. (Comprehensive [Contingencies] Management)! Thusly; a "four phased cycle: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery." "Through an IEMS (Integrated [Contingencies] Management System)!" Which "includes all sectors: Public, Private, and Governments!" Such will provide ability for restoring "mustering", from home, for managing any issues! Such can provide "active and passive civil defense", within "national security democratic posture!" (Considering the Swiss example, for resolving the "firearms" issues, as it must be, as "active [armed] and passive civil defense are integral to national security posture"! [OCD 1964].). Such will provide an ability to efficiently consolidate and coordinate resources: human, material, information, agricultural...! Folks, FEMA pleads for citizen involvement in "civil defense", anyway! I recommend, "We" call it (the "operations" element), what it does, so to avoid confusion, down the road. Such always centers the concept, for employment in any republic. Such will be the exact point, where we connect into governments (i.e., all the way into NORAD !). "DES/DHS" ... With "We"!... ..."DES" - "Support, Systems, and Services"! That way, "We" can plug directly into the sources (on the other side of any "police line")! [So, to, for instance, "unionize", and to "protest", from "home"!]! Such could mechanize and empower demos-kratos, within a republic! Folk, this is the system "we" can use, to be "We", within a republic! ... [ Just for starters! ]... I hope!... [Folks, this comes from 40+ yrs of research into finding ways to make "civil defense" what it must be, for us, to survive the future. Such parts and pieces are what I found, which I'm convinced will serve as the system "We" requires, again !]. For all us "Boomers", we knew the truth behind songs like CCRs "Bad Moon Rising"; and, "In The Year 2525!"... Thusly; I know you want to preserve a twinkle, in the eyes of your little ones, and not tears! Help? And; Yes! To the millions of reasons why, "It won't work!" I'm counting on the reasons, why it will work!... You and you, and you, and...!!!]! Semper Fidelis !

  • RoyalJester17

    You call what happened at the capitol a riot But you call what happened during BLM a protest? Cmon , that's just blatant favouritism and selectivism. Both where riots, but only one of the costed millions of dollars.

    • 08mlascelles

      Here’s the thing pal, BLM is a global movement protesting the (statistically undeniable) violent mistreatment of people of colour in America and around the world. I won’t deny that some protests turned violent, however I would also say that the majority didn’t. The capitol riots on the other hand, were violent from the outset, and had the sole intention of forcibly overturning a democratic election. There is an abundance of video evidence showing the capitol rioters calling for violence and bloodshed! You may disagree with BLM (though disagreeing with racial equality isn’t a great look...) but at least they’re fighting for a positive cause. Attempting to overthrow the government because your side lost an election is at best pathetic, and at worst it’s straight up fascism...

  • Carried_Copper

    Pro fox news tip: if you want to discredit anyone else ever, just call them radical, no matter how centrist they may be

  • Gethsemane

    Tucker Carlson is everything that's wrong in the usa

  • Metroid Mayhem
    Metroid Mayhem

    Tucker is there to make Republicans feel like their smart and get a pat on the back. Like a preacher at a cult church.

  • Steven Trafford
    Steven Trafford

    John at his best.

  • sixstringedthing

    Tucker obviously suffers from a unique form of colourblindness; if he asks enough racially inflammatory rhetorical questions, everyone magically turns white.

  • pepe the frog poops on right wingers
    pepe the frog poops on right wingers

    indeed, fork facts are fun! :3

  • bruce hobbs
    bruce hobbs

    Bowtie not small.head is extra large,as it,s full of hot air.stop laughing at your self.we,re doing it for you (at you).

  • Q Jo
    Q Jo

    guy sounds like sober Alex Jones...

  • Fil K
    Fil K

    A few years ago we would have gotten John Oliver critically explaining us how someone like Tucker Carlson can appeal to so many people. Now what we get is a 25 minute compilation of clips that are meant to outrage us who already disagree with Tucker Carlson. We're just being pandered to, and it's so sad...


    I would like to know what type of human, would inherently watch Tucker? I mean freely, not tied down & have your eyes held open like in the movie, A Clockwork Orange?

  • Dan Daropa
    Dan Daropa

    Calling it now that the very concise definition of a white supremacist for Tucker Carlson is simply “You”

  • Madhav Deval
    Madhav Deval

    To be fair to him- unrestricted immigration (between 1600-1900) definitely did massively affect the American natural environment

    • Ben

      ... for the better

  • Long Quang
    Long Quang

    Tuck: What is white supremacy ? Look in a mirror

  • Will Praetorimos
    Will Praetorimos

    Dude's trying to fill the gaping asshole void left behind by Bill O'Reilly.

  • Um Bongo
    Um Bongo

    It's astonishing that equality is being rebranded by the right as anti-white

  • Josh Askew
    Josh Askew

    Tucker Carlson looks like what his name sounds like.

  • Peter Hooper
    Peter Hooper

    Tucker Carlson: a man so color-blind, he only sees in Black and White.

  • The Whatever
    The Whatever

    I’m honestly willing to ask “do right wingers like tucker Carlson?”

  • Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis
    Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis

    13:30 oppression John? Who are you trying to oppers oppressor John? A trick you learned from the Hadith?

  • Helipeek

    Why does the one on the right of the three Tuckers look suspiciously like Melvin Bragg circa 1983?

  • Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis
    Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis

    O dear John, I feel your micro aggression. Where can I complain #canceljohnoliver

  • Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis
    Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis

    Dear John O, why are you again and again trying to cancel TC. You l0w live

  • Jorge Pan
    Jorge Pan

    Did the guy actually have the balls to say that western civilization makes all good things possible? I am impressed by his ignorance, 10/10.

  • Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis
    Iskander ibn Yaqub al Corona Borealis

    John Oliver. You are a white supremacist to. Me to 😄

  • Alpertron CP
    Alpertron CP

    Tucker's eyebrows move around so much - I think his teleprompter even surprises him with its depths of grade A bullsh**

  • lunabranwen

    He just got thru spewing crap about white replacement theory

  • no one
    no one

    We definitely do talk about race too much tbf.

  • Brian Wilkinson
    Brian Wilkinson

    Wow ...well said John , you make proud to be English mate

  • no one
    no one

    Your videos don't show up In my subscription list even though I'm subscribed. They never have.

  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin Russell

    This guy makes it look so easy. Seth Meyers should watch and learn. Olivor is a natural.

  • Hewitttribe

    Yeah Tucker is weird when it comes to trans people to a degree where I think he's just using it for views n shit. What an ass

  • TheDiamondcutter101

    As a non American I used to think that the Simpsons' mockery of Fox news was too silly to be funny, now I see that it's very accurate.

  • Shawn N
    Shawn N

    John Oliver sucks now

  • Magnus Augere Workshop
    Magnus Augere Workshop

    I had to look up what a "tiny Cabal" was, 55 years old and I learned a new word/s.

  • ToaDrakua

    Whenever things like this come up, I wish for the day guys like Tucker here get a taste of their “just desserts” (aka, violently fisted by the very things they wish upon other people simply for speaking up about inequality/inequity).

  • fernan fernandez
    fernan fernandez

    I miss the old days where John Oliver apologized for venezuelan socialism