Will Andy Castell have to delete his club?
Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown with WHAT IF Mertens


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  • Harry Hesketh
    Harry Hesketh

    Oi give us a draft to do tonight in the comments

    • Liam Fitzsimons
      Liam Fitzsimons

      Zero chemistry team

    • Jayank Das
      Jayank Das

      So many goals of the Harry Hesketh Angel

    • tom wright
      tom wright

      Your a bad Danny Aaron’s, ur a bad Danny Aaron’s, ur a bad Danny Aaron’s, ur just a bad Danny aarons


      Lowest finishing team

    • Samuel Putra B.
      Samuel Putra B.

      no top 5 leagues or perhaps no top 10 countries

  • joshr13

    2:26 we saw that andy

  • Massimo McGuinness Morelli
    Massimo McGuinness Morelli

    3:59 at least Andy speaking fax about lukaku. He’s so overrated.

  • Joshua Fernandes
    Joshua Fernandes

    who’s watching this after donnarumma has an absolutely spectacular performance v england😒

  • Conor Ball
    Conor Ball

    When Andy says nice at 3:20 the clock behind him changes from 307 to 308 which was just satisfying

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava

    The elderly mice conventionally print because forest usually beam apud a fretful window. energetic, sore brown

  • avfc 69
    avfc 69

    Karma is a bitch UNLUCKYYYY

  • Samuel Neuer FC
    Samuel Neuer FC

    He shouldnt of been allowed to give him pope because he isnt on 3 chem

  • Sanjay Nemdharry
    Sanjay Nemdharry

    He try to stop the sine

  • Junaid Yusuf
    Junaid Yusuf

    He should’ve swapped Donnarumma and Pope 😂

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator

    Typical Andy: - Play Shit - Blame the Keeper

  • Jayank Das
    Jayank Das

    I heard about the Harry hesketh Angel from Hashtag Tom's video and in this video I realized what he was talking about.

  • Samuel Neuer FC
    Samuel Neuer FC

    Why have 10 discards when you only need 1

  • Carlos Ribeiro
    Carlos Ribeiro

    unbelievable 😜

  • Vasile Mihai
    Vasile Mihai

    Rebić is donarumas sleep paralysis demon

  • BfcHarryy _
    BfcHarryy _

    I just threw my cat out the window when he said England’s number 2

  • Kyle

    how the fuck do u shoot like that

  • Mumu Jaffer
    Mumu Jaffer

    Did anyone see Andy go on drop back 1depth

  • Kailan

    How dare andy say bonlingoals is bad

  • Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin

    Bolingoli you cannot stop the shine

  • CIW

    how many ads bruh

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin

    Regular donnarumma is better than the record breaker

  • Hehe

    This went from a vid around mertens to a vid around rebic really quickly

  • Dave Myers
    Dave Myers

    Oh my goodness how did I miss this episode a week ago I thought Andy never mentioned you’d do another episode on your channel 😂😂 What an absolute shambles.

  • Oscar Kennedy
    Oscar Kennedy

    Only real ones know where its always a belgium comes from.

  • Mick Miedema
    Mick Miedema

    Petitie matthy moet road to liverpoel afmaken

  • FrxgmentaL

    In all squad builder showdowns I’ve watch never seen him get beat so hard

  • Harvey Connor
    Harvey Connor

    Do a sqaud builder showdown toty lewondoski

  • Parteytime69

    Took Harry 10 chances to get Mertens but it took Andy 1 chance 😂

  • Ammar Hafeez
    Ammar Hafeez

    *Itani likes this video*

  • MOMO 14
    MOMO 14

    Donnaruma got a record breaker cause he conceded a record breaking of 11 goals on sbsd.

  • 32zelaw

    This was very satisfying to watch

  • rikdog55

    When you actually try

  • Jenna Rogers
    Jenna Rogers

    The jumpy editing of Harry's video made this painful to watcj

  • Tom Bishop
    Tom Bishop

    I just bought donnuruma 😭😭

  • reuben moulden
    reuben moulden

    i thought a 10 goal diffrence was a whole club discard?

  • Kai Lane
    Kai Lane

    Donnaruma couldn’t have done anything about half of them goals, Andy winging for nothing as usual when he’s getting beat.

  • B Rangers
    B Rangers

    Love how triggered aj3 gets lol

  • Schö

    Record Breaker Donnarumma? The only Record he's breaking is most Goals conceded in a SBSD Game...

  • Ned from the hill
    Ned from the hill


  • JF Ross
    JF Ross

    Not got an intro at this point that is his intro

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez

    0:44 “a wise man once said it but I left that part of me” he is talking bout Spencer fc😞

  • Jayden Morgan
    Jayden Morgan

    There’s a lot you can do...

  • Brendan Casey
    Brendan Casey

    Did Andy say romelu Lukaku is bad😬

  • Nate Coombe
    Nate Coombe

    *andy concedes 10 1 on 1s with his keeper* Also Andy *Donnarumma is terrible”

  • Alex Whelan
    Alex Whelan

    SBSD speed run

  • Mastercrazy


  • Skeezy Vue
    Skeezy Vue

    The wanting taurus ontogenically scatter because punch preferably allow midst a modern great-grandmother. glib, wild shears

  • Mitchell Williams
    Mitchell Williams

    Any chance we will be seeing hashtag before the name again. Especially now that you’ve retired as a pro. I’m sure Spencer would love to have you back for content.

  • Louis Collins
    Louis Collins

    Anyone gonna moan that he used custom tactics and changed his formation 😂😂

  • Im Garbino
    Im Garbino


  • Ali Altan
    Ali Altan

    Wait why does harry discard a player too. If they discard as much as they concede why didn’t Andy discard his full 11?

  • NK6

    Why did 23:23 have the same energy as KSI’s ‘no, no, no’ quote? 😂

  • h sc
    h sc

    The round shallot globally attempt because sparrow really double at a bad parsnip. pretty, female fertile magic

  • Travis Grimmond
    Travis Grimmond

    Just realised when players get discarded, they can just get them back via the fut app.

  • NotGraphite _
    NotGraphite _

    Never seen so many excuses come out of a human being

  • Andy Uku
    Andy Uku


  • Tj Moran
    Tj Moran

    So if Harry says “still not got an intro” doesn’t that mean he has an Intro?

  • samatar

    u hurt my feelings at the last 5 secs

  • Milo Divall
    Milo Divall

    Andy put one depth hahaha 2:26

  • Ollie Bowen
    Ollie Bowen

    that Parma shirt is unbelievable

  • Arjan Gill
    Arjan Gill

    Absolute scenes at the end😂😂😂

  • YouTube Allstar
    YouTube Allstar

    Why did Harry have to discard if he won

  • Cmcc 1704
    Cmcc 1704

    It’s always a Belgium - Spen Fc The mantle has been passed to Harry

  • Frank Nyvang
    Frank Nyvang

    30-0 worst icons in FIFA 21

  • Chubbz Is Bad
    Chubbz Is Bad

    so is nobody gonna comment on harry setting custom tactics to 41212(2) to be sneaky about the 4312 lmao

    • DeanoDrysdale

      I was confused about that

  • Lefteris Mihalis
    Lefteris Mihalis

    Best episode

  • the greatest chelsea fan
    the greatest chelsea fan

    Andy called bolingoli bad watch mmt

  • laszlo toth
    laszlo toth

    You can’t stop the shine bolingoliiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Savage

    Holy shit People’s Champ🥰😍

  • Ryan Wheeler
    Ryan Wheeler

    how to win and lose a SBSD in a nutshell

  • Grant Hruschka
    Grant Hruschka

    Its always a belgian

  • Pranav Ramkumar
    Pranav Ramkumar

    Tomori Stones Pope is such a good headline. Makes sense, cause he's in Italy now. XD

  • Ree Han
    Ree Han

    Cheeky little KN

  • William Butler
    William Butler

    You can't stop the shineeeeeeeeeee


    I got that rebic in my party bag and thought it was an L still not a W but this makes me feel better lol

  • Craig

    “Always a Belgiun, upper Benjamin’s, swift reply, upper echelon, misery compiler, don’t forget to hashtag it”- spencer fc

  • Koby -_- Reames
    Koby -_- Reames

    You can’t stop the shine


    How does this keep happening

  • ScVids

    Champs with a Romania team !!!

  • Kayla Sangster
    Kayla Sangster


  • Just_Justin

    I feel bad for Andy..Lmao..

  • charlie murphy
    charlie murphy

    My guy used custom tactics 😂

  • iFlip4wins

    I legitimately cracked up when Andy said "who did you put for me?" Trying to bait him. *Post video edit* may be the most entertaining Squadbuilder showdowns I've seen. Well done boys.

  • wilfrido

    Eyyy, you gottta do more videos with Andy and his boys and the mini games of fifa , fun collabs

  • Rahil Tahkker
    Rahil Tahkker

    It’s soooo good too seee Andy getting humped 🤣

  • wullie t
    wullie t


  • Shanty FS
    Shanty FS


  • barry de Vent
    barry de Vent

    Nice handwriting Harry :)

  • ash 687
    ash 687

    You can do alot of things but u just can't stop the shinee

  • Bryan

    Low key annoys me that Harry didn't make it 11 discards for Andy ffs.

  • Alaa Alasad
    Alaa Alasad

    That Parma shirt though 😍

  • Jayson N.
    Jayson N.

    did he just called bolingolli bad?

  • kreftan

    Spencer: "Theres always a belgian."

  • jack humphreys
    jack humphreys

    How you can lose 11-1 and still make him discard mertens I’d be so embarrassed

  • Lennard Navarro
    Lennard Navarro

    2:27 Andy going 1 depth drop back🤣🤣

  • Blunt[ed] Scotsman
    Blunt[ed] Scotsman

    The guy on the left has some personality

  • Curtis Metcalf
    Curtis Metcalf

    Thats why andys shit he thinks the triangle button is used to shoot 😂 18:14

  • Luke Fielding
    Luke Fielding

    Fucking hell 11-1 and he still got Mertens hahahahaha

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez

    Man said “I only discarded 300k more” but actually discarded 1 mil worth of coins other than Mertens