When Referees Lose Their Cool
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When Referees Lose Their Cool
ORIGINAL VIDEO: ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=95Uy3... )

  • ImAFK

    is that a prebuild

  • Ardelle Horan
    Ardelle Horan

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  • Shiny the Salesman
    Shiny the Salesman

    Yeah the boxers are pretty strong, but what about the referees in the video?

  • Jade Oliver
    Jade Oliver

    does anyone know the song that was playing during the beginning when they were talking??

  • Sage Saks
    Sage Saks

    When keeping it real goes wrong

  • Dexter Leach
    Dexter Leach

    Welcomiinnnggggggggg wwe referees yeet if people!

  • Kwamez Waye
    Kwamez Waye


  • Hello!

    Hello! 👋

  • Closn Boi
    Closn Boi

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  • RebeL FaiSal
    RebeL FaiSal

    Ksi is op

  •  BTE Benji
    BTE Benji


  • Circuit motions
    Circuit motions

    Can somebody explain how the ref is a better boxer then the boxer

    • E P
      E P

      Cause most refs have fighting experience before they become a ref which clip u talking about tho?

  • Chidubem Duruibe
    Chidubem Duruibe

    Jesus loves you all!

  • Thaison Hoang
    Thaison Hoang

    In the second scene I thought he was going to do the Tony stark and do go to sleep

  • VIBES670

    That last video tho frank the crank camacho going ultra instinct 😂

  • Communism

    4:40 filmed on 2 days old toast

  • Tijn Gerritsen
    Tijn Gerritsen

    Its so weird.. most of them won, so why dont they get the attention with cheering in stead of going on punching?

    • E P
      E P

      Cause most of these fights probably had bad blood going into the fights and the fighters probably just got Carried away but in some cases the fighters are just cunts who want to actually hurt their opponents like palhares he always used to hold on to his submissions for too long

  • Crack ASH
    Crack ASH

    Ksimons oP

  • Krystal Long
    Krystal Long

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  • Kim Tien Nhat Quynh
    Kim Tien Nhat Quynh

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    • Random Things
      Random Things

      Uh w h a t

  • Jack Silcock
    Jack Silcock

    KSI Is Amazing To Watch EveryTime I Am A Huge Fan Of KSI Always Will Be Forever

  • Spencer Cowan
    Spencer Cowan

    7:12 lol that had me dead

  • Kotaro kun
    Kotaro kun

    7:28 Gangwar 😂😂😂

  • boii boiii
    boii boiii

    lets be real everyone is always chearing for the refs

    • E P
      E P

      Not when Steve mazzagatti is the ref


    Bruh Refs be jacked as shit!!

  • Squiggle

    Hello this is side memory reacts. Great subtitles

  • Dave Dot
    Dave Dot

    These ref's should just be boxers themselfs lol

    • E P
      E P

      They usually have been or had experience fighting

  • Prajjwal Chandraul.
    Prajjwal Chandraul.

    Bryce hall vs Austin mcbroom ref should be on this list.😂

  • Random Bloke
    Random Bloke

    The ref during the Austin v Bryce fight should be here

  • aChipsy

    Why is josh wearing a Wolfsburg shirt

  • Kape7

    Refuse to believe this was 6 months ago

  • dimiidk

    that one ram stick in Harry's pc that has a delay....

  • O.G. Wolf
    O.G. Wolf

    I lost it when the announcer got in the ring to fight

  • ISK

    You should do a sidemen reacts to ozzyman reacta or reviesw there hilarious he just narrates than actuall react

  • Sharif Syed
    Sharif Syed

    Harry is wearing TGF merch

    • E P
      E P

      Ladies and gentlemen we have a detective on our hands

  • Elaiza Pamisaran
    Elaiza Pamisaran

    yo where can I get that same milkybar display from Harry's room?

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix


  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Television Kills Your Vision

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Hello Harry

  • Brad scott
    Brad scott

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  • justitroyal


  • Adamidk.

    7:25 it became a royale rumble match

  • Tribe


  • Isadore Fagin
    Isadore Fagin

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  • 60D Gaming
    60D Gaming

    Harry is high lol

  • Tariq Ernstzen
    Tariq Ernstzen

    New video idea: Sidemen react to sidemen react

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name


  • Drannanxz Homburgug
    Drannanxz Homburgug

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  • Erehhh

    jj said its 2020 lol

    • IsThisTheKrustyKrab

      Came out in 2020

    • H4re

      It was when this video came out

  • Mason Thomas
    Mason Thomas

    7:45 same bro lol

  • Van Huynh
    Van Huynh

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  • Aaron Dunne
    Aaron Dunne

    Does Harry vape there is juice in his background

  • r97 NeaL
    r97 NeaL

    Hey, if we are being honest, Herb Dean could beat the shit out of a lot of UFC fighters.

    • E P
      E P

      I mean his records not very good but he’s a hood ref he’s 2-3

  • Ryan Stockley
    Ryan Stockley

    These refs are like police really

  • Anuj Rathi
    Anuj Rathi

    Someone please add that Bryce Hall clip too.

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch

    He literally got arrested by the police. That's an amazing win!

  • AeschyIus

    this vid needs remaking and they need to add the ref from the austin mcbroom vs bryce hall fight

  • Randyle Villano
    Randyle Villano

    This people not even talking about the referee and they talking about KSI window bruh

  • -ghost and volcano gacha-
    -ghost and volcano gacha-

    These refs are strong

  • Mady ki vines
    Mady ki vines

    *"Television killed your vision."*

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

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  • Benjy

    Love how they blurred JJ’s shirt

  • Elgato 990
    Elgato 990

    Oh shi this was uploaded on 25 December same date Carti dropped Whole Lotta Red🔴

  • Yeah Boy
    Yeah Boy

    Why the heck was josh wearing a wolfsburg trickot

  • Ueleni Makihele
    Ueleni Makihele

    i thought you couldn't breathe on christmas

  • Aiyan Islam
    Aiyan Islam

    Who the hell was that guy with the Tommyinnit t shirt at 5:16?

  • billohuh

    1:55 me stopping my 4 year old cousin from dropping expensive stuff

  • Sheff Kane
    Sheff Kane


  • Rowan Baell
    Rowan Baell

    Why are half the comments about JJ's window lol

  • Elizabeth Ross
    Elizabeth Ross

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  • Zeenix

    How dare you speak of the skat community like that you skaphobe


    Harry looking at 10 different screens in the beginning of the video xD

  • nSlade

    lmao imagine being a pro fighter and the ref beats ur ass with no difficulty like daymn when are there gonna be ref vs ref

  • rimpe boss
    rimpe boss

    12:34 simon has a eye brows that is a big one

  • illumi Zolydck
    illumi Zolydck

    I imagine how much the fighters were embarrassed be either getting slam dunked by a referee lmao

  • AlexTwink217


  • samir shamlan
    samir shamlan

    jj: its 2020

  • GenuineStance

    Just realised jj’s shirt wasn’t blurred for the vid😂

  • Slade Valeska
    Slade Valeska

    Who else imagining JJ diving off from The Top Rope giving a crowd of people a Elbow Drop lol

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick Robitaille

    I'm laughing before even watching all this..😂

  • ChiliiiBreeze

    4:41 Is Tommyinnit

  • Jay

    Please make a whole video on when WWE referee strikes back

  • snkrs yvng
    snkrs yvng

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  • Jcaruthdocious


  • *MERCURY *
    *MERCURY *

    11:45 The referee was laughing. He was the size of both of the fighters combined lmao

  • AlbinoHedgehog

    Jj’s shirt made me think i had the eyesight of a eighty year old

  • Yorkshire pitbike Club
    Yorkshire pitbike Club

    We would love to see ksi off the top rope with an elbow 😉maby your next move WWE

  • Ryan Paterson
    Ryan Paterson

    Harry u wearing a tgf hoodie???

  • baby jj
    baby jj

    What up

  • Duke Watson
    Duke Watson

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    10:42 This REF Did a Zigzag If Y'Know what i mean... Wrestling fans?

  • Jxsh _mc
    Jxsh _mc

    ayoo that was tommyinnit

  • Rhyly

    I like JJ's shirt. Straight facts.

  • Максим Дубровин
    Максим Дубровин

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  • Finley Toyne
    Finley Toyne

    This was published on Christmas

  • D S
    D S

    Is JJ’s top edited or is that the design

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    At 8:21 the referee stole the show

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    In 3:37 first person to lose twice in one match

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Harry and JJ makes the reaction even funnier

  • lamp drone
    lamp drone

    If the camera man's are fast The referees are strong