songs you loved as an emo kid
Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":

Were you also an EMO KID when you were younger?!!

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songs you loved as an emo kid

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  • Francisco Gomez
    Francisco Gomez

    I Hate Everything About You isn’t actually about a girl. It’s about Adam’s drug addiction at the time. If you listen to the lyrics closer after you figure that out it will hit you like a ton of bricks😂

  • Jasmine Stubbins
    Jasmine Stubbins

    I only listen to emo music and am emo bc my dad is and we listen to linkin park mcr Avril lavign paramor fall out boys panic at the disco together

  • iconaurvis

    I'm happy I saw BMTH

  • Peter Fasulo
    Peter Fasulo

    This was cool. But the earlier Emo bands like Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, Get Up Kids, Samiam, Promise Ring never seem to be recognized in these videos. Just my opinion

  • Ashley Chavez
    Ashley Chavez

    Um yes to Green Day

  • Elisa E.H.
    Elisa E.H.

    YO I have never been an emo kid since I was well past my 20s but i LOVED 80% of these songs.. i actually MISS IT

  • darksue7

    I don't see that much emo in these songs lol and like half of them I still have them in my playlist 👀

  • Yanooo

    I guess I never dipped to down on my emo phase or dipped down at all. I know most of this songs but that's probably becuz of my music taste....

  • boy

    I realized from this video mgk heavily "sampled" Paramore's misery business ( song)

  • Ben Mahoney
    Ben Mahoney

    “I feel like a fake emo fan” - all MCR fans

  • McChrispi

    When he said ronnie sounded like brandon, my mind was blown cuz he really does sound like brandon in that song

  • Gabriel Farrell
    Gabriel Farrell

    I have heard just over half the songs from the vid

  • ꧁Leaf_Teaf꧂

    I knew 39 out of the 50 songs I believe so Hee hee

  • Ludwig

    Lostprophets...........ohboy.........that freaking cursed

  • Macias712

    People say that started listening to this in middle school, I started a little too late and this is barely my 2nd year being emo lol

  • Julia Lebel
    Julia Lebel

    Where's Bullet For My Valentine?

  • Shellyflowers Reads and Writes
    Shellyflowers Reads and Writes

    How did Dashboard Confessional not make it on this list???

  • Tri Hariyanto
    Tri Hariyanto

    1:10 ANYING-NYING-NYING-NYING its mean DOG-OG-OG-OG in my country 😂

  • Falloutboy fan boi
    Falloutboy fan boi

    Ah yes I was waiting for falloutboy

  • Loner face
    Loner face

    Linkin Park is not an emo

  • Isaiah Ortiz
    Isaiah Ortiz

    I wasn't even emo these were just bops

  • Theodore Dien
    Theodore Dien

    Where is Hinder, lips of an Angel?

  • Rose Keffer
    Rose Keffer

    Emocore is greatly dependant on its punk riffs, heavy metal guitar, and emotional lyrics.

  • Rose Keffer
    Rose Keffer

    Ive heard all of them and I'm more like your red headed friend there.

  • M Agung Setyadi
    M Agung Setyadi

    MCR - Cancer, Helena. Greenday - Wake me up when September ends, Pierce the veil - hold on till may, May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight. Sum 41 - pieces. BMTH - drown Emo make feel sadboy

  • Blissful

    So no eyes set to kill, okay...okay.

  • 314jrock

    @ 2:24 I loved emo music back then and I don't know some of these songs. There were so many emo bands back then that it was hard to listen all of them.

  • xkristixx

    This phase never went away. I would have added Chiodos, Underoath, HIM, The Almost, 36 Crazyfists, Matchbox Romance, Flyleaf, and Relient K.

  • Xenomorph_Extreme

    I more of a slipknot/Korn kinda emo not Ngl

  • Santo Darkendo
    Santo Darkendo

    More than "emo" songs, they are songs that help you overcome tragic and heartbreaking moments when you are at a young age, and if emo is that, but I mean literally in general, at any age, and today almost all The songs speak of love, they do not speak more than that, it takes away creativity because it is always the same, I have almost 7 billion love songs and almost only 1 billion of other things, they should learn to think about other things

  • Shelby Stielow
    Shelby Stielow

    I'm laughing at Joel shidding on these artists for over pronouncing words when Joel's music sounds like he constantly has a marshmallow under his tongue.

  • CassieWritesTheThings

    *Lostprophets appears* *UK viewers cringe very unfortably, knowing what the singer is in prison for...*

    • Nether Cookiez • 50 Years Ago
      Nether Cookiez • 50 Years Ago

      For what?

  • Ethan Verderøsa
    Ethan Verderøsa

    Im 15 and i gotta say, I dont consider myself Emo, but I LOVE Linkin Park, P!ATD, Fall out Boy, Green Day, and MCR, Im pretty much emo in every way but my appearance. The best part is that my Dad got me into all of those bands except MCR, but I recently got him into them too. So i dont have to hear the whole "its a phase" thing lol. Edit: oh and i just remember, im going to a concert this Saturday and Green Day and Fall out boy will be preforming there. Its gonna be my first time seeing them live and my second concert ever! Cant wait. (My first way P!ATD)

  • madi me
    madi me

    take good care of yourself maybe i'll be watching all ur videos next time when i have time it's interesting thank u.. it is friendly to my ear..

  • •EmO_SpOnGeMaN•

    Also I am “emo” in the inside but I don’t dress emo

  • •EmO_SpOnGeMaN•


  • Ammaryello

    Btw emo is just a lyric also attitude not culture or style ,thats just a poser, avril consider as emo cause her lyric is emotional Roomie

  • Cool Riddle
    Cool Riddle

    When I was, a young boy, my father took me into a city, to see a marching end

  • Freyja Kitchen
    Freyja Kitchen

    the world: I'm a happy place! :) me: *exists*

  • Anya Timotius
    Anya Timotius

    Broo... am i really an emo?? Some of this songs were all in my playlist🤣

  • Recane Earthling
    Recane Earthling

    Best music!!!

  • Cindy DeSimone
    Cindy DeSimone

    MCR, and green day are punk not emo

  • Delaram Bvb
    Delaram Bvb

    Well u can laugh at ur self wtf ur laughing at vic?

  • Just some guy who turned into a bird
    Just some guy who turned into a bird

    MCR is the definition of Emo

    • Hriiluziio

      Hope Gee doesn't come across this comment

  • KCJC

    I was in college a few years ago and I will say this era of music quickly became my coping mechanism whenever I was full of stress working on projects lol

  • Pirawatt Triphopnakkul
    Pirawatt Triphopnakkul

    Classification is now just bluerred. Understandable tho, music is music.

  • No Comment
    No Comment

    Me Googling Lost Prophets after reading comments, thinking: "Oh God, is he another one of those creepy, predatory artists that had sex with teen fans?" Reads headline.... 😳🤮🤬 I was NOT expecting that.

  • S a y l e r
    S a y l e r

    I am not that into emo but I saw paramore on the thumbnail and was like 👀 btw love you roomie

  • Silvercrest

    Surprised not seeing Matchbook Romance - Promise. Much more emo than some of the songs shown. Nice list tho!

  • drewdogg416

    Three days grace was 100% my high school and middle school life. I was devastated when Adam left

  • Autumn Mecchia
    Autumn Mecchia

    Can u please do a whole video looking at the evolution of Fall out boy

  • Autumn Mecchia
    Autumn Mecchia

    Give me all the fall out boy you can. Patrick is such a cinnamon roll. Ahhh. I love that stuff

  • ρορυℓαя мοиѕτєя
    ρορυℓαя мοиѕτєя

    Ronnie Radke changed his singing style a lot

  • PunxBlueRibbon

    Homeboy didn't know about lostprophets 😬

  • I am snake
    I am snake

    Sum 41 was made fun of and green day is punk

  • Prince Habeeboo
    Prince Habeeboo

    she didn't care about you cause you're nerd until now.

  • Paige

    I can agree with that, I remember sitting on my couch, just listening to Green Day in 2011, and my bunny (who died in 2013) was just licking me, oh I miss these times, they are weird and also cool, I didn’t have any siblings back then, but now my siblings just see me sing american idiot or any emo song, they would call me weird that’s when I decide to stay in my room, lol. I’m in my room right now, but it’s true I used to listen to emo scene punk, all that etc.. and i was, very energetic lol

  • Ant Milano
    Ant Milano

    I feel like most of this is what normies listened to when I was in school/fresh out of school. Most of the people i'd met at shows were listening to brand new, circle takes the square, La dispute, at the drive in, or stuff like saosin/chiodos.

  • Toms alcore
    Toms alcore

    Sleping with siren The maine tokio hotel Lostprophets Hawthorne height We the kings Story of the years

  • Chris Doss
    Chris Doss

    Not one midwest emo band smh

  • Brad Hedgehog
    Brad Hedgehog

    Emo or not I like some of them

  • logan nigh
    logan nigh

    A lot of these bands got played on the local butt rock station or my skater friends listened to them. Still love most of them

  • Juli Como
    Juli Como

    The Middle is missing, come on Roomie.

  • Disturbia

    i went into my emo "phase" at 11. im 16 and still wearing black, leather, studs, chokers, etc XD its not a phase lmao

  • Janko Walski
    Janko Walski

    I didn't know like ⅓ of these songs but "Until the day I die" was one of my favourites later when I wasn't that emo, but a friend of mine showed me this song. And some of these are too new, cause my emo phase was before 2008 :)

  • Mcrsax gaming
    Mcrsax gaming

    My favorite bring me the horizon song is sleepwalking

  • Mcrsax gaming
    Mcrsax gaming

    The modern version of Emo is actually waterparks, lil peep, xxtentacion, ghostemane, juice wrld and scarlxd

  • Mcrsax gaming
    Mcrsax gaming

    I’ve heard of most of these songs

  • Mike Cals
    Mike Cals

    Okay. So apparently I'm still emo as heck.. because that's 90% of my daily playlists 😂 as a nearly 28 year old, in 2021b😂

  • Bryell

    I love them

  • Ana Silva
    Ana Silva

    I wasn't emo but I love some of these musics. A thing that I have to figure it out.

  • Bori Nemes
    Bori Nemes

    I was like: ANDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 BVB!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 FALL OUT BOY!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • TheSharpoint1


  • W sebastian
    W sebastian

    You should react to dance Gavin dance inspired by the liars

  • laila_Ψ

    Roomie: I like new panic *tries not to scream*

  • 126 Qyuo
    126 Qyuo

    Yeah it brings back good ol' days

  • Kayla Bellinger
    Kayla Bellinger

    Despite a good chunk of these songs being on mainstream radio (at least here in Australia), Avril gets to be emo because she was one of the only pop acts that we were allowed to acknowledge we liked. It was that punk and plaid aspect that gave us a pass.

  • Bintang Julian
    Bintang Julian

    Wtf roomie you skip afi

  • Mcrsax gaming
    Mcrsax gaming

    Joel from Roomieofficial please react to the song another life by motionless in white

  • Sarah Abunene
    Sarah Abunene

    When ur whole playlist consists of p!atd and tøp and a sprinkle of mcr😂

  • Divamarvalous O'Neal
    Divamarvalous O'Neal

    I was listening to these songs then my recommendations led me here.

  • Alex Godffhrie
    Alex Godffhrie

    I was born in 2005 since i was a kid ive been onto pop/ rock emo songs. Cant remember how i got into it but i knew its gonna be my lifestyle from then on.

  • Laya Monarez
    Laya Monarez

    AFI > ALL EMO!

  • ExtremeSal

    4:24 Honestly can’t listen to the music the same knowing what the vocalist did...

  • xMenheraAttikus

    i literally know all of these songs omg

  • Flavio Thepianist
    Flavio Thepianist

    Damn I know most of them 😅😂

  • Sofia Vozza
    Sofia Vozza

    Thank you finally someone who appreciates turn it off 😂

  • Chen

    Kinda expected somebody told me by the killers but guess not

  • BEEBO :3
    BEEBO :3

    Emo is not dead and i'm one of them i'm 17 yrs old now and I was raised and influenced with this kind of music bcus' of my older sister since i was like 4 yrs old and started to listen to Paramore,30 seconds To Mars,MCR,P!ATD,BMTH my fav and a lot more (you name it yourself) cus' I listen to a lot of bands and artist- and yeahh now i guess i'm one of the younger generation that continues this legacy LOL xD

  • S


  • Dyon

    Emo just same as pop punk

  • It’s your Friendly neighbourhood goth
    It’s your Friendly neighbourhood goth

    I may have been a goth kid, but I still listened to all of this.

  • Alice Kae
    Alice Kae

    Still not a phase Mom!😩 NOTHING beats MCR. I will gladly die on this hill.

  • nopeepshere

    how dare u make fun of vic

  • Lauren Fuller
    Lauren Fuller

    Did they take my playlist? I literally still listen to all of these songs but I never left my emo phase 😅🖤 these all my go go songs 🤣🤣

  • reamaj

    Love about 90% of them, but agree, would not have said they are all emo

  • pogo :D
    pogo :D

    I'm still in my emo phase xD

  • Kodi Henry
    Kodi Henry

    Hearing "Broken" just reminds me of how horrible there relationship ended

  • Lil Seizure
    Lil Seizure

    I still listen to all these everyday

  • SmallDickRick

    3DG was my shit and still is 🙏🙏🙏