Follow Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. After a yearly extermination imposed by angels, She opens a hotel in hopes that patients will be "checking out" into Heaven. While most of Hell mocks her goal, her devoted partner Vaggie, and their first test subject, adult film-star Angel Dust, stick by her side. When a powerful entity known as the "Radio Demon" reaches out to Charlie to assist in her endeavors, her crazy dream is given a chance to become a reality.
Be warned, this project is aimed at older audiences. Badwords and Innuendo galore!!
Thank you everyone who was part of this project. Years in the making, it was the result of all corners of the world and internet coming together to make a fucking cartoon!! I could not be more honored to have created this project. Heres too a bright future! Huge Thanks to the lovely Patrons on Patreon who helped make this possible, and everyone who supported by buying merch!! You are all part of this demon family!
TWITTER: @HazbinHotel
But you godda guess some passwords.
First hint- Charlie's last name! Second hint- Angel's Pornstar name!
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    Limited Edition Hazbin Hotel HALLOWEEN merch is HERE! Get it before it's all GONE RIGHT HERE ► bit.ly/2G4zt3t

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      Arianna Connell


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      Symplytra Ac

      Spooky month!

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      Symplytra Ac


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      I love KITTY Channel go fox


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      S.D.L.S Unkown


  • Jason Neadle
    Jason Neadle

    I think Alastair gave Sir Pentious the real business because he ruined the musical number. Thoughts???

  • Takayla Scott
    Takayla Scott

    The “Wow that was shit” part got me I thought he was going to like it😂

  • EnoshimaJunko


  • Stutzinator

    Having sociopathic tendencies I'm really vibing with these demons.

  • Curiously Rare clone trooper
    Curiously Rare clone trooper

    “Oh harder daddy”

  • Call me UnderFalls.
    Call me UnderFalls.

    16:59 No one gonna talk about Vaggie’s smug face? (Please do not copy this comment.)

  • Link To Think
    Link To Think

    Angel dust can sus 😳

  • Calico_palico 36
    Calico_palico 36

    11:18 i just realized blitzo

  • StrxberryWolf

    Are you going to make an acual episode or are you going to do it after helluva boss..?

  • Черри Бомб
    Черри Бомб

    Hello Vivzipop why no 1 series HAZBIN Hotel?! 🚫

  • Karson Crowder
    Karson Crowder


  • Kraken

    *Alastor sounds like he swallowed a kazoo*

  • ☆Alastor☆


  • Small Noob Plays
    Small Noob Plays

    One on the ground kind of looks like a shorter Lady Dimitrescu. 1:41

  • Nitro !
    Nitro !

    I can't believe it's been a year

  • Killer Boy Snap
    Killer Boy Snap

    11:19 Looks like Blitz

    • TheDreamTeam

      It is and loona is there too

  • Buzzy PlayzXOXO
    Buzzy PlayzXOXO

    Was that blitzo 😂

  • Trina Cooper
    Trina Cooper

    If Fox network picked this up, it would be awesome for you guys.

  • 2valvegt


    • ODSTman 2
      ODSTman 2

      After summer should be a whole season

  • farrux gaming
    farrux gaming

    When next series

  • Brooklyn Johnson
    Brooklyn Johnson

    where are the rest of the episode tho cuz as far as I see there not on this channel

  • Estrellas Art
    Estrellas Art

    8:30 that guy looks like blitz

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez

    Me reacting on 6:58 - 7:05 be like: Dang Katy Kill-Joy is a badass *Now reacting on **7:05* Did she just say I don’t touch the gays? *starts realizing* Oh my god- So Vaggie is Charlie’s girlfriend?! :O SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP

  • jeff cool
    jeff cool

    1:59 baby

  • A Name
    A Name

    “Stay tuned” he said...approximately one year ago.

  • Comet /hex
    Comet /hex

    I love how nippty casually ask why their all female when angel is a boy

  • Blood Raven?
    Blood Raven?

    This is why we need Judge Dredd more than ever.

  • yakuhebi horobira
    yakuhebi horobira

    When will there be episode 1 WHEN

  • Haru Haruka #saveralph
    Haru Haruka #saveralph

    14:18 omg cherry bomb and angel dust looks so cute

  • Офисный Кот
    Офисный Кот

    Stop watching this son, Red Spy is in the Base!

  • Haru Haruka #saveralph
    Haru Haruka #saveralph

    Can someone please help me i want to watch hazbin hotel every episode but its so complicated to find please if you can,can you please help me?

    • A Name
      A Name

      This is it. There have been no further episodes as of yet.

  • Boomer ang
    Boomer ang


  • RS14988

    I only just noticed how Vaggie's bow basically turns into demon horns when she's pissed or super serious

  • da_sam1234 sam
    da_sam1234 sam

    Still waiting for episode 1

  • Liam Smash87
    Liam Smash87

    Darling if I wanted to hurt someone I would of done so

  • vanilla ice
    vanilla ice

    Is this the correct order? I have no idea help!! Is this episode 1

  • Jhope Sprite1994
    Jhope Sprite1994

    I’ve never heard of this before but I’m in a sad mood and my friend sent me this playlist of all this stuff so I’m watching it

  • Jakeb Lawlor
    Jakeb Lawlor

    Make episode two of hazmat hotel please👍👍

  • Sherri Smith
    Sherri Smith

    Till this day I wonder who was driving the limo

  • RexiThePup

    Just realized Alastar was checking out Charlie’s mom right here lmao 23:39

  • after m
    after m

    So what happened to the show. One episode and its done or are they still working on it.

    • Susan E
      Susan E

      A24, a production studio has picked up the series as of fall 2020. Things are still in progress to my knowledge. You can also view two webcomics on their website!

  • shinyfox

    18:14 those doors are the lesbian flag and you cant change my mind

  • TheLogan

    Still waiting for episode 2.. 60 mio views and 2.5 mio likes, this really needs to become a series

  • Minori-Shukman Kami
    Minori-Shukman Kami

    I hope that my grandchildren will watch Hazbin Hotel

  • Psychic Friend Fredbear •u•
    Psychic Friend Fredbear •u•

    Vaggie: “Well don’t let him in” *Charlie let’s him in*

  • gotorv demon
    gotorv demon

    is that cratior gay

    • A Name
      A Name


    • Gabriel's World
      Gabriel's World

      No. You mean my femboy Angel Dust?

  • Thomas Kahdeman
    Thomas Kahdeman

    Ok let’s get a second episode. I love this show.

  • marfa

    when vaggie talked about the overlords there was one that looked very similar to striker from helluva boss, did anyone else notice??

  • BakBot


  • Donisa Mwentete
    Donisa Mwentete


  • Kai17 Black
    Kai17 Black

    Когда выйдет 2 серия ????!!!???

  • Lazy Nico
    Lazy Nico

    i want to se more of this lol -

  • Spinelishere

    Oh harder daddy. My favorite Hazbin Hotel line

  • The Xester // BlackSky Studio
    The Xester // BlackSky Studio

    Next up: Alastor wakes up a Demon Titan that reaches it's hand out through a portal and grabs one person and drags it's crushed ashes to it's lair, destroying all the buildings in a mile radius, just to kill one demon.

  • Tumbiko Marivate
    Tumbiko Marivate

    At 11:17 did you see Blitz


    @27:38 I feel you

  • penny

    is it wrong that I'm 12 years old and watch this?

    • Aziah Ajiodo
      Aziah Ajiodo

      We all tried to watch adult shit when we were young, don’t worry.

    • Aziah Ajiodo
      Aziah Ajiodo

      No but it’s not for your age. Watch if if you want

  • Owen W9
    Owen W9

    I really wish you guys would stop sucking all the money from people with merch and actually make new episodes. HB is good but I would like to see more of this.

  • Андрей Затеев
    Андрей Затеев

    Уже год прошел

  • Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago
    Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago

    Angel dust: oh harder, daddy! Me: o.o

  • Gui Animações
    Gui Animações


  • Jeremey Jacques
    Jeremey Jacques

    Please make episode 1

  • Rayz Bear
    Rayz Bear

    I want to see Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss do a crossover somehow

  • Sebastian Muñoz Suarez
    Sebastian Muñoz Suarez

    No me gusta

  • ꨄت꧁gacha 𓃠 adriel꧂تꨄ
    ꨄت꧁gacha 𓃠 adriel꧂تꨄ

    Who else is waiting for the first episode of this?

  • lolo panda bear
    lolo panda bear

    Someone please tell me Sir Pentious isn't dead. I think he'd make a great recurring antagonist for this series, even if he's just a " joke villain" like Ice King and Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

    • lolo panda bear
      lolo panda bear

      Oh shit I'm stupid, thanks

    • Aziah Ajiodo
      Aziah Ajiodo

      no he isn’t. You didn’t watch it after credits, did you? He climbed out of the hole.

  • Liam Smash87
    Liam Smash87

    I saw lunu

  • DrM07

    Still waiting for episode 2 🙂


    I love this episode and I can't wait for more , I'm excited to see where it all goes :)

  • SpxralLies

    alastors mood changes💀 he goes from completely satanic to " WHO WANTS SOME JUMBALAYA"

  • Klistal Yumi
    Klistal Yumi

    It's the eye flutter at 27:46 for me XD

  • Cat of GOD
    Cat of GOD

    Bruh Blitzo

  • Cookie CZ
    Cookie CZ

    When you are still waiting for Hazbin Hotel episode 2😅

  • Broken Wolf
    Broken Wolf

    Radio demon might like my creation of the Screen demon

  • Geralenn Gevertas
    Geralenn Gevertas


  • Brianna

    the fact that people are still watching this is amazing

  • Broken Wolf
    Broken Wolf

    9:57 LOONA!?

  • Broken Wolf
    Broken Wolf

    8:33 Blitz the IMP is preasant

  • john lyon
    john lyon

    Way more fun than Fox & Friends, yo!? I LOOOOVE IT!

  • DJ Tundra
    DJ Tundra

    Is there any updates about the status of Hazbin?

  • James Bear
    James Bear

    When are we going to get a second episode?

  • Kaycie With ie
    Kaycie With ie

    Where has this been in my life.

  • †_mekashi_†

    When will be the next episodee...i love angel to mutchhhh 🥺😞

  • yomommy fucky
    yomommy fucky

    bro is angel dust a dude or a girl im fucking confused

  • Alex Rainey
    Alex Rainey

    When will there be more episodes!?

  • Александр Китченко
    Александр Китченко

    Ждём не дождёмся продолжение...

  • Ann Celso
    Ann Celso

    13:01 Gas Mask's expression lol. 13:48 wow. What? Hilarious.

  • Zepol Yar
    Zepol Yar

    More. More! MORE!!!

  • • Eliza •
    • Eliza •

    To everybody who thinks Sir.Pentious is dead watch 31:34. Your welcome.

  • Demon girl Mimi
    Demon girl Mimi

    Maby in the next ep in hazbin can Alastor be angels boyfriend why u ask because ya check Twitter #radiodust 😍🎶🎵💓💕🥺🤩🥰🥰🔞🍓😊💘💞💖🍓😊🤩🔞💗🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🍓🕷🕸🕷🕸🦌

    • A Name
      A Name

      How did a human fetus get a phone? Asking cause literally no one above the age of zero would type this

    • Aziah Ajiodo
      Aziah Ajiodo

      @Ryx That’s a fucking insult to toddlers

    • Ryx

      how old are you, you sound like a fucking toddler

  • Ø

    Wait... Alastor's voice sounds like the black ghost of Spirited Away... Wait is it the same voice actor-

  • Pal_ Arts
    Pal_ Arts

    The comments here is 75% About alastor being the GOD

  • Matheus Matos
    Matheus Matos

    Faz mais hazmin hotel é incrível sua animação

  • Baris Kücük
    Baris Kücük

    There is an channel almost named like you just wiht an v at the end :/ and copied this Vid ( Pilot) .

  • Gacha Incarnate
    Gacha Incarnate

    What is that painting in the back at 23:43?

  • Baris Kücük
    Baris Kücük

    20:10 Jesus Christ.

  • Vladyslav Verbovskyy
    Vladyslav Verbovskyy

    Alastor badass evil moments 20:05 24:11 29:05 Which one wins? 👇 👇

  • •Carter• Gacha•
    •Carter• Gacha•

    I watched this many times and there is still no episode 2 (O^0) but I still love this

  • NoobyTheAwesomeDude

    also what gender is angel dust

    • NoobyTheAwesomeDude

      @Gabriel's World OK I thought he was a female

    • Gabriel's World
      Gabriel's World