New: Mars In 4K
A world first. New footage from Mars rendered in stunning 4K resolution. We also talk about the cameras on board the Martian rovers and how we made the video.

The cameras on board the rovers were the height of technology when the respective missions launched.

A question often asked is:
‘Why don’t we actually have live video from Mars?’

Although the cameras are high quality, the rate at which the rovers can send data back to earth is the biggest challenge. Curiosity can only send data directly back to earth at 32 kilo-bits per second.

Instead, when the rover can connect to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, we get more favourable speeds of 2 Megabytes per second.

However, this link is only available for about 8 minutes each Sol, or Martian day.

As you would expect, sending HD video at these speeds would take a long long time. As nothing really moves on Mars, it makes more sense to take and send back images.

Credit: NASA
Music from Epidemic Sound

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    Part 2 OUT NOW!: Please note: We are not affiliated with NASA in any way. All image credit goes to NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Cornell/ASU. Taking a look at the merchandise above is the best way to support the channel! P.S: Sorry about the font change halfway through. My rendering software decided to forget a font after almost a week of failed renders. This video was almost not made due to my struggling PC. Correction: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Not Renaissance. Misread. Correction: 8 Megabits per second, not Megabytes.

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      My favorite planet!❤️

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      @عبيد فرحان Obead farhan This is the Earth the Nevada desert, it's turned on the Earth

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      This is the creation of God Almighty. Advice from a Muslim man. Repent to God. If you believe in God, He will have mercy on you

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      This footage was shot on Earth; space is science fact, but *space TRAVEL* is as science fiction as _Star Wars_ is.

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    A whole new planet without karens and boomers ……. heaven

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    I take it the crash site and debris is us ? Other wise the would have blotted it out

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    Are there ghost on mars. Ya know, spirits. 🤔



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    Imagine the buried city underground. 😯🕵️

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    Mars TV cartoons

    Home sweet home.

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    It is now confirmed, Space Balls sucked all the water off the planet. I knew this but until now I could not confirm it.

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    Well, a bit of good news--the politicians have not yet found a way to contaminate the planet, but given time I would expect the most godless of them to erect a sign that reads, " THERE YOU HAVE IT, NO GOD HERE EITHER" just like they have on the planet earth. The video is absolutely excellent though.

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    It's earth to me. They didnt point at the sky to prove it's different. We shouldn't be seeing earth's moon if it's really mars. Earth have many alien-like places. And sun should look further/weaker.

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    imagine this is how earth looked like million years ago and mars is just a planet waiting to be inhabited by someone just like us but we came first

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    This looks very identical to the Gobi Desert, another disappointment

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    Bandwidth issue? If only we knew a space company that would be able to transport physical media to the Mars surface and fly it back to Earth or had a system of internet satellites around the planet. Hmmmm

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    Prayer's for the two lost rovers.

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    my wishes come true

    Due to speed and capabilities of sending data from Mars directly to earth, as my dumbo, i just wonder if we could make the amplifier stations on the way back to earth?? If possible, it’ll not just help the missions on Mars, but all missions in solar system??


    Nasa: Okay guys we did our best for the community to send 4k images from Mars. Me: watch the martian photos on 240p Nasa: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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    What a sad lonely place.

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    Planets like these and people still think there isn't a God who created all this wonderful and beautiful things. God is good.


    Looks like death stranding world

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    Is spending billions on some dead planets worth it then to spend billions on saving our only one LIFE planet that's call EARTH 🌎?

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    Any ants, microscopic, 🦠 bacteria or viruses found??

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    RIP Opportunity & Spirit

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    fake pictures, 3D images, they make foo of peoplel, don't believe them...

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    Brilliant! Thank you.

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    Funfact: Mars has been invaded by aliens and we are the aliens....hahaha

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    Why mars don't have rain??


    Pubg miramar map

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    Edward William Case

    NASA hampers with them before they are released to the public. This has been verified by live testimony of a NASA contractor so your government continues to lie to you. BTW things do move on mars. They have been caught flying around in still pics.

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    no alien starships? are you sure NASA has edited this?

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    I wish they would have shown the photos undoctored and then doctored .Then it would have truly been what it would be like to be there and see. I understand why NASA enhanced colors but we aren't really seeing it true then are we?

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    This proves nature believes in simplicity 😎

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    They can still shoot a good quality 1080p video, encode it and send it. Nowadays even a full 2 hours movie can be encoded to less than 2 GB. So an 3 minutes long video shouldn't be too difficult.



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    Idk why but while i look at these pictures i dont feel like there is nothing there. It looks like there is nothing but it feels like there is/was something/someone there

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    All real pics and videos... Just like the backdrops they used to make the 1973 Star Wars Movie.

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    Reminds me of ilmenite mines in Greenland

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    Sa aking marami bulkan ang mars kaya mabato at mabuhagin,pati tubig natuyo na,ar walang sustansya ang Lupa,at mahina ang energy,

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    It must be hard for the last living organism of Mars to bid farewell and leaving the land cold, dark and dead. One day our earth will also die with no history of how beautiful it has been since birth.

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      Who said that Mars had life before

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    We are fooled every single day! There is no such technology to reach Mars and receive that quality images! They haven’t even been to Moon! If they had been, they would go there again and again and again and again!!!!

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    I wanna move to Mars because it looks like Tatooine lol

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      The camera on the rover is 4K resolution

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    火星みたいな?いくつ? 薬物注射💉楽 自然ウイルス、病気? 私は、中東一番です場所が、宮殿がいるねん、沢山

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    Навальный, я приветствую тебя!

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    • ElderFox Documentaries
      ElderFox Documentaries

      Thanks for watching! :) - ElderFox

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