Mayweather KO's Logan Paul SHOCKING
Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight for total dominance.

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Tom Hinchliffe \u0026 Don Greger

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Justin Greger

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  • Flashgitz

    😱 Wow that was crazy

    • DoritoMaster

      Ye eat

    • Ike W
      Ike W

      Flashgitz. Make a brokeback mountain episode on mayweather and paul. Epic

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle

      Its up to the black templars to avenge earth realm.

    • King Davy
      King Davy

      @Mariomaster 456 dude you literally don't make sense you sounded like you didn't like the joke???

    • Mariomaster 456
      Mariomaster 456

      @King Davy it was a joke….take the joke

  • Dan Jar
    Dan Jar

    You forgot to put the *gone sexual*

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader

    the demensional merge is real

  • Darius Klause
    Darius Klause

    FAKE. Not realistic enough. In the “fight” they been grooming and hugging the entire time.

  • rico bacalla
    rico bacalla

    This is how Paul Ligan thinks " I rather hug a barbarian nega than be beaten in front of millions of plebians like you !!! I just make videos on youtube for my vanity and your envy, you beggars !!!!" Lel hahahaa

  • Derp Cat
    Derp Cat

    Yesss!!! Something we didn’t know we wanted but needed!

  • Donkey Kong yes Ender Dragon no
    Donkey Kong yes Ender Dragon no

    Can you make another flash gets Among Us animation where you get to make an animated series in the main antagonist will be king imposter and he will be blue

    • Donkey Kong yes Ender Dragon no
      Donkey Kong yes Ender Dragon no

      And you-know-who King imposters other guys are his change main one and henchmen number two they're green and blue imposter henchmen of King imposter

  • Christopher Nunez
    Christopher Nunez

    And so he moved on to a fighter who actually knew how to fight instead of “play” boxing and earth realm was saved

  • Chishimba Chimanya
    Chishimba Chimanya

    You can read right

  • Son Geki
    Son Geki

    Dude, I just want to say how much I appreciate your art style and voice acting skills. Loved the buff Raiden look 👍


    Idk that fight felt very one sided after the 3rd round. Logan even went down but Floyd held him up this really was just a cash grab exhibition

  • Town Village A.K.A TylaTheOfficial
    Town Village A.K.A TylaTheOfficial

    Hey flashgitz Do Team 20th Century Fox VS Team Disney Please 20th century fox is a News Corporation Company not a division of the Walt Disney company. 20th Century Fox is a Non Disney

  • Child

    It feels like meat canyon

  • ColtTheMac96

    Raiden Paul.

  • ShinyGundamZero

    I get all my news from Flashgitz.

  • MexicanDre

    Y'all live streamed this crazy 😦

  • DoritoMaster

    I thought in the middle of it Logan Paul just through money at him than run him over with lambo

  • Chris The Toon Boy
    Chris The Toon Boy


  • Brumsly Brumbino
    Brumsly Brumbino

    Only people who paid to watch this garbage are children who like Logan, and idiots who hate him enough to pay stupid money to watch him potentially get slept… without understanding anything about “celebrity” exhibitions, where that doesn’t even happen. So these geniuses just end up putting more money in a rich kid’s pocket. Mayweather is one of the greats, but I stopped watching him once he stopped getting in the ring to actually fight other boxers. No point in watching him do an exhibition with Owen Wilson’s spoiled, rich son. Last fight of his I paid for was vs Cotto, and was well worth it.

  • Myname Yourname
    Myname Yourname

    He can read more than Logan can. He wasn’t saying he couldn’t, he was just taking a moment of silence for Logan’s inability to read.

  • Bingus McDrangus
    Bingus McDrangus

    what does FlashGitz use to animate?

  • Tyjiro Chrollo
    Tyjiro Chrollo

    After Floyd punched Logan someone for the love of god please tell me what the hell he said I Rewind like 12 times now all I head is “bre bea for sigh”😂😂 please someone tell me

    • Cgrice23

      Hard work haaaaaaaard work

  • Daniel Guthrie
    Daniel Guthrie

    Womp womp

  • HoodedRage

    Lol feels like 50 cent made this video

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson

    I'm glad we have ISdowns here to document our actual history.

  • Sima Ștefan
    Sima Ștefan

    The fap punch sound is lengend worthy

  • Zach Peterson
    Zach Peterson

    "Hard work" "Haaaard Work" 😂

  • Goblez

    Virgin onlyfans hat vs the Chad charizard chain.

  • OsoAries

    "Hard." I wish it was that simple.

  • OsoAries


  • idk

    dont worry floyd you can hit the woman to perfectly legal

  • Travis Shaw
    Travis Shaw

    Do the break in where someone broke into Mayweathers house

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior

    Flashgitz out hear saying blacks can’t read and it isn’t untruthful

  • Vincent L
    Vincent L

    Dude, we NEED a compilation of your Raid Shadow Legends ads. They're the best I've ever seen.

  • Eli Smirnov
    Eli Smirnov

    Uncle Ruckus: a sheeet, here we go again.

  • Mandy Bland
    Mandy Bland

    Floyd mayweather was already a great Warrior

  • nekaTsaWaroK

    Dude is still making animations after 6 years, i can’t believe he also made the racist mario animation.

  • Cap'n Black Lung
    Cap'n Black Lung

    As a person with the first name Floyd, I approve this cartoon

  • Mike Martinez
    Mike Martinez

    I feel zero pain for everyone who paid for this fight lol.

  • ParadiseofDarkness

    where the FU---- IS ZELDA ANIMATION!!!!!! did that new rig back 2 years ago ate it or like WHAT!

  • Belial61

    logan paul was doing the weird connor mcgregor arm waving thing too.

  • gamingroit 1
    gamingroit 1

    Furry apocalypse update

  • Ghost~Vanguard

    Any chance yall can parody this but when he says he has no idea how the kestrel died on the nest, hes covered in blood and feathers? It really seems like it's right up yalls alley

  • Mariomaster 456
    Mariomaster 456

    Can’t believe the fact that even though Floyd Maywether says “hard work” and “money” he still can’t read his own bank account info to claim said money. He needs to do some hard work to get into the bank account to claim the money that he stole from Logan.

    • Oisín Lynch
      Oisín Lynch

      How’d he steal it?

  • Gelica Inouza
    Gelica Inouza

    He should've signed and immediately gotten a spear through his torso 😁😁🤗🤗

  • Gabriel Monte (Retrosushi)
    Gabriel Monte (Retrosushi)

    Where's the obligatory raid shadow legend commercial at?

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only

    That ending is so fucked up lmfao

  • David Lengel
    David Lengel

    You missed the part where they make out

  • Evil Betty
    Evil Betty


  • Nicholas Cocuzzo
    Nicholas Cocuzzo

    the fight did kinda go like that tho

  • LucasB

    Pleaseeeeeeee vs gorooooooo

  • J☑️


  • СаШок Сашок
    СаШок Сашок

    Logan Paul have really big nipple areola

  • JayTooLean

    you fell off so hard it’s sad lol meatcanyon so much better it’s not even funny

  • rainyseason

    I love how Floyd not being able to read is still a thing. Somebody please teach him.

  • Ian Syah
    Ian Syah

    i cant wait for dhar mann parody here

  • J wilson
    J wilson

    I actually felt pretty bad for Mayweather in this 🤣

  • Melcar Z.
    Melcar Z.

    So to enter Mortal Kombat you need to pass a reading competency test? Fucking brutal.

  • Mauricio M
    Mauricio M

    Why does Lord Raiden always believes that all fighters for the earth realm have the same basic intelligence as him or the original earth real fighters

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall

    i have finally understood they named their channel after a ork infantry unit. it took me so long

  • Cymes

    Plot-twist : Floyd can read , but he doesn't know how to write.

    • Oisín Lynch
      Oisín Lynch


  • Blue Digit
    Blue Digit

    indeed very shocking

  • Bruhh Juniors21
    Bruhh Juniors21

    *_Damn, I remember watching these back in the day._*

  • Central Fights
    Central Fights

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast before lmao

  • Gandalf

    Ah ah Good Job George Floyd

  • Nik Samardzija
    Nik Samardzija

    Floyd punches his wife harder than he punches his opponents

  • Fabian Atencio
    Fabian Atencio

    "Cool blooded " -Rick James

  • The Tupuhi
    The Tupuhi

    Yeah that’s totally how the fight went

  • Yas Bel
    Yas Bel

    No ad bummer 😣☹😢😭

  • Beef Hammer
    Beef Hammer

    I don't think he consulted the elder gods before making this decision

  • VR Cage
    VR Cage

    Floyd Mayweather for KP3

  • Neal game wolf
    Neal game wolf

    Give me your belt?

  • Level 99
    Level 99

    What does the contract say ?

  • Dr. Robert Nick
    Dr. Robert Nick

    Sooo... How is the LoZ cartoon doing?

  • Carlos youtubeSINmentiras
    Carlos youtubeSINmentiras

    whenever floyd doesnt know what to say he just says money.

  • Don Heft
    Don Heft

    Of course this happened, because logan didnt want his pretty face actually FUCKED up in reality if floyd actually went all out. Im sorry but this ehole ordeal didnt make me care for it anymote than i did when i forst heard about it. Its not really "news worthy" let alone worth a waste of my time. If humans didnt put so much faith in money, we would probably be living better lives all over earth bit yall aint ready for that convo yet tho

  • Alonelylokimain o.o
    Alonelylokimain o.o

    I skipped 10 seconds to get passed the intro and realized I missed the fight

  • I just Wanna use yt
    I just Wanna use yt

    So uhhh why in this one Floyd wasn't capable of reading? And why exactly any1 would consider that funny?

  • Syfiy


  • oblivexx

    I really dont like the point system. I like the knockouts instead or tap outs.

  • Yung Create
    Yung Create

    Mayweather into Logan's ear as they hug whispers "hard work"

  • Ciri ous
    Ciri ous

    Well I mean Raiden is right about the fat tiddied [ISdowns Comment Censorship CCP style]

  • blackeyedkids

    Make another one where there just both hugging eachother in the same way you did the Connor McGregor one ☠️

  • Igloo Crew
    Igloo Crew

    What animation software was this made on?

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis

    Gimme yer belt.

  • StruneAir


  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Now fucking way raiden shows up at the fight

  • Mhagod

    All he had to do was sign his name he didn't really have to read the contract

  • Nigga taking a dukie on a toilet.
    Nigga taking a dukie on a toilet.

    This is cannon.

  • Agro1409

    That ending destroyed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • J.C.

    Hard work!

  • autotuned duck
    autotuned duck

    "I... what... money?" perfectly describes this dude lmao

  • a beautiful bacon
    a beautiful bacon

    Imagine one of them reacts on this

  • Yul Witherspoon
    Yul Witherspoon


  • ARIAN 609
    ARIAN 609

    Ivan Drago vs Creed xd. Also Nice mortal combat reference.

  • The Prussian
    The Prussian

    Logan Paul's next fight will be against a WW2 British commando who was Hand to hand instructor.

  • Zazzylike02

    imagine if the Leprechaun returned and wacked em all

  • Comrade Dog
    Comrade Dog

    I love that it evolved from Conor McGregor to Floyd Mayweather.

  • Dark Reaper ✔
    Dark Reaper ✔

    Great warrior my ass

4,9 m.
4,9 m.