KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) (REACTION!!!)


    KSI and SHAQ collab, One like is one vote, We must make it happen, UNITE BRUDDAS

    • VO5

      ASAP MY G 🔥

    • ???


    • MusicKnowledge1

      facts that needs to happen

    • notezy plays
      notezy plays



      @notezy plays sheeesh

  • Lucas Tseg
    Lucas Tseg

    I love nolifshaq man his reactions will forever be legendary

  • Panda Boi Gaming YT
    Panda Boi Gaming YT

    Why does the hook sound like circles by post malone

  • KaOticBrOck

    Super glad COVID didnt get ya down my guy!!! My mom past last week and you made me smile with this vid!! Keep it up!!!

  • Joseph Rogers
    Joseph Rogers

    Here We Go Steelers…. Here We Go!!!

  • Emanuel Waiba
    Emanuel Waiba

    It's ksi not kfc

    • Alvin Junior
      Alvin Junior

      Who tf pissed in your beans on bread

  • ???


  • Gsix Zes
    Gsix Zes

    Sponsored by covid-19. 🦠

  • Phonic Monster
    Phonic Monster

    Shaq got the Wii next to his PC

  • Ayaan2k7

    he said kfc instead of ksi

    • Alvin Junior
      Alvin Junior


  • AC

    Bro for your own sake get a new intro yo shit is shit no life gang what a brain u have man you really do be missing some cells

  • The real hussla96
    The real hussla96

    Bro what you on about this is the most gangsta shit I heard Lool 🤣😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️👍

  • Dxip Agar
    Dxip Agar

    He laughs a lot. Lol

  • Max Guerin
    Max Guerin

    why does he sound like that

  • VeN0M

    one day KSI is gonna get a grammy. Believe that shit.

  • David Allen
    David Allen


  • Adam Ojeta
    Adam Ojeta

    this guy talks nonsense shut up and learn how to talk properly

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      what are you so upset about?

  • Izzy Te Are
    Izzy Te Are

    Oh brotherrr old heads I tell ya

  • EPICS -rag
    EPICS -rag

    Sees yungblud Who is these people Me: imma pretend that you didn't just say that

  • Muhammad ABDULLAH
    Muhammad ABDULLAH

    how much drugs did you do before reacting to this video cuz you are defitnately high

  • iain Crawford
    iain Crawford

    Did he say Oprah?

  • TheMad Gamer91
    TheMad Gamer91

    Can you react to Wewantwraiths? He’s blown independently on his own channel, wavey somali rapper from the UK

  • Deigen

    this dude doesnt have any musical taste

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      wtf u talkin bout? Shaq got musical taste, he just ain't' expect niggas like KSI and Polo G to make songs like this

  • l Celi l
    l Celi l

    you sound like you've been smoking since you were 5

  • dawson maracle
    dawson maracle


  • dawson maracle
    dawson maracle

    Yooo I didn't know this happened😂

  • 6The Reaper
    6The Reaper

    Im still waiting for you to listen and react to (Hood) by Desiigner and (Rollin) by Jimmy Rocket. Please do it already i beg

  • Dwmt Heffey
    Dwmt Heffey

    4:50 did he say juice 9 😭😭

  • Jo 74
    Jo 74

    I've never laughed so much until i watched your reaction. Massive love and respect from the Uk England

  • Just Drago Games
    Just Drago Games

    Hell ya bro glad you're feeling better now, good to see that energy back

  • adrian Butler
    adrian Butler

    mannn you could tell polo g was fucking wit it but not nigga basically left after his verse was a no show lmao

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      aye KSI made him sing for only 20 secs, what was KSI thinkin? He rlly thought Yungblud was betta then the goat Polo G smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Loc jock Jr
    Loc jock Jr

    Dats tuffffffff💯💯💯

  • Dino Roman
    Dino Roman

    Bro this guy make me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • Tesaeiner is rookie
    Tesaeiner is rookie

    me when he stopped the video: uuu I like those pc lights


    beat fire and polo killed it dead villains

  • Shaggy1269

    bro you are fucking hilarious! "Who is these people man?!?" hahahaha!!!!

  • Beki Canton
    Beki Canton

    he sounds 90 and 20 at the same time

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      exactly. Shaq a lot younger than he sounds

  • stoney randomness
    stoney randomness

    Man said what in the Ronald mcdonald was that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Samuel Perez
    Samuel Perez

    “He really thought you was KFC right there “ 😂😂😂😂

  • Arkatic Wut
    Arkatic Wut

    man i love you bro (rolling laughing funny af)

  • TheTinebee Ich bin Ann, Deutsche
    TheTinebee Ich bin Ann, Deutsche

    This video. ... I don't know who. . but the video is lit...

  • TheTinebee Ich bin Ann, Deutsche
    TheTinebee Ich bin Ann, Deutsche

    Shaq, wow, shit, covid..

  • Leighton Kane
    Leighton Kane

    Idk y shaq find this so funny lmao. Its a good song.

  • Dissy Mamak
    Dissy Mamak

    i like the intro tho sick 了

  • The Original Cheeko
    The Original Cheeko

    “It’s a beautiful day” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brian Levy
    Brian Levy

    Polo G singing >>

  • Dylan Schearf
    Dylan Schearf

    Lil yachty

  • Snow Coneかき氷
    Snow Coneかき氷

    i love this guys reaction

  • sagekiller432

    8:55 the face change is priceless

  • Pubzy Games
    Pubzy Games

    What in the Fortnite😂😂

  • Hencenofire

    I didn't even smiled when I watched this music video But with shaq's reaction it felt like i just finished watching a funniest comedy ever

  • Kaile Graham
    Kaile Graham

    Ain’t no way you get a polo verse and you make him sing

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      bruh Polo do melodic rap, he basically singing

  • The random dude who post things hah
    The random dude who post things hah


    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @The random dude who post things hah ohhhh, yeah those are funny. I love seeing Shaq and KSI go back and forth

    • The random dude who post things hah
      The random dude who post things hah

      Do Nathan I meant Shaq reacting to KSI reacting to Shaqs reaction of KSI’s music vid

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      KSI already reacted to Shaq. Multiple times, including this video


    why did i think that YUNGBLUD looked like iann dior instead of looking like some 80’s rockstar

  • Ebrhma John
    Ebrhma John

    this is the only uk rapper he has reacted to no to think of it he is not even a proper rapper

    • Ebrhma John
      Ebrhma John

      @Do Nathan yes but that was a long time ago.

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      who cares? Shaq reacted to other UK rappers as well, Dave, Aj Tracey, J Hus etc

  • J Porter (2B1C)
    J Porter (2B1C)

    react to Central CEE! UK artist you will love him! Blowing up now!!

  • Bathandwa Fakudze
    Bathandwa Fakudze

    Ayo Shaq. Your spider senses be straight up correct bra

  • Bathandwa Fakudze
    Bathandwa Fakudze

    Polo g always delivering man

  • REP14Y -
    REP14Y -

    this guy just a rap fan, your not a real fan of music unless you like every genre

  • Amy Proud
    Amy Proud

    Shaq is the fucking best perioddd 😂

  • Only Good Vibes
    Only Good Vibes

    Shaq back babbby

  • Elastios

  • Faithful Ali
    Faithful Ali



    Ksi,as far as I know,is a rapper.But I think he is trying to engage on pop later these days.And he made this song.

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      bruh KSI should stick to rap cuz this pop shit ain't it

  • Ur Boii graig
    Ur Boii graig

    That ksi song actuallyy suckss dickk for living

  • Darkhan Bergen
    Darkhan Bergen

    8:55 😂

  • jesse fournier
    jesse fournier

    if its not rap man has no respect for it.. cant rate people like dat

  • Sameer Sunder-Rajan
    Sameer Sunder-Rajan

    0:15 Everyone hears: "well well well" Me: "sate sate sate"

  • I Need Sleep
    I Need Sleep

    I love YUNGBLUD! I’m so proud of how far he’s come, this is amazing.

  • Okan roll rap
    Okan roll rap

    Hey man how are you? I’m so so sorry you had Covid. I’m so glad your better. That’s amazing

  • PurpDaddy Tv
    PurpDaddy Tv

    Bro when he said he got ate by Bruce lmaoo XDD!!

  • SwezxyPlays

    KFC feat. Polo J & Ronald Mcdonald

  • Scott

    ‘What in the finding Nemo’ 😂😂😂

  • Twink Diamond
    Twink Diamond

    "What in the finding nemo"😂😂

  • Lil'Mike Outchere
    Lil'Mike Outchere

    'what in the finding nemo, my guy got eaten by Bruce's 😂😂😂😂

  • Fadi S
    Fadi S

    bruh this reaction is on another fuckin level 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥

  • everynamewastakenomg

    what in the ronald mcdonald hahaha

  • Jacob Ray
    Jacob Ray

    What in the Ronald McDonald 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mészáros Dominik
    Mészáros Dominik

    he got eaten by bruce LMAO

  • CloudExploud


  • NW racing channel 360
    NW racing channel 360

    Haha fucking love NLS

  • loot

    POV: he only likes rap

  • Abdirazak Ibrahim.
    Abdirazak Ibrahim.

    Polo g literally made it really good

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan


  • CringeyCoconut

    I think YungBlud needs a bit of patience

  • XxDracoFaygoXx (XxDracoFaygoXx)
    XxDracoFaygoXx (XxDracoFaygoXx)

    Polo is not bad at singing tho you trippin

  • MAP Square
    MAP Square

    POLO J im dead

  • SkorAtom

    this dude pauses too much

  • Woo “WOO” berry
    Woo “WOO” berry

    Man u said KFC three times I died again lol

    • SuBThology

      I had to check comments i know yall heard him call ksi kfc 😂😂😂😂 killed me

  • Abdenacer

    11:24 so ksi is blood

  • Woo “WOO” berry
    Woo “WOO” berry

    Man said KFC I died

  • Daniel Pardieu
    Daniel Pardieu

    Dam lol his reaction 😂 always the best.

  • STandoff Namibian rappers
    STandoff Namibian rappers

    "Hold up y'all bout to make me catch it again"

  • xd daquan
    xd daquan

    why is there no yungblud hashtag in desicription

  • ryan walker
    ryan walker

    4x by da baby and stunna 4 Vegas

  • King Adou
    King Adou

    Shaq takes are so off but FUNNY af

  • Delta Kler
    Delta Kler

    thought it was gonna be some gangster ass grime type shit but no it's just some trash

  • Jacob Suresh
    Jacob Suresh

    6:40 looooooool

  • Mark espin
    Mark espin

    you should listen to blitzfromtheboro very underrated roll the dice or good kid mad town or welcome to the party are the tunes to listen to first 🔥🔥

  • Noor HamwI
    Noor HamwI

    KFC, Ronald McDonald and Polo J

  • Leah Confrey
    Leah Confrey

    Stop taking the piss out of alternative people its not ok