*Screams in Mogwai*
Gizmo’s all grown up. But that doesn’t mean he can resist a tiiiiiny sip of MTN DEW ZERO SUGAR (and neither should you).

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  • My opinion is better than yours .7
    My opinion is better than yours .7

    Hey, your forgetting one of the rules, rule *34*

  • Anguirus

    That “Try!!” Was super cute

  • Marina Amaya
    Marina Amaya

    Oñ lío con ñññi

  • Azariah Rogers
    Azariah Rogers


  • 太朗マジレス

    最後の女の子可愛い、 アダムスファミリーの女の子みたいなやりすぎてないゴシック調で最高にいい

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas


  • Itz Valkor
    Itz Valkor

    0:00 Gizmo : Hola

  • CarsenTube 2011
    CarsenTube 2011

    0:21 My little friend (gremlin): TASTY TASTY!!!

  • Kevin Cheek
    Kevin Cheek


  • Jason Fulton
    Jason Fulton

    I tried the Watermelon one , good but gave me a sore throat

  • ZERØ

    So does this mean we’re getting a new gremlins movie

    • ZERØ

      @Lively lopunny I don’t know how I feel about that

    • Lively lopunny
      Lively lopunny

      No but there is going to be a series

  • Knytewing 310
    Knytewing 310

    If you paid attention to the movie, y’all know that high sugar and caffeine for a mogwai is even worse. Next time Billy should hold the drink so that way he’ll be more careful than Gizmo.

  • BrandNewBoss

    the way he said twy tho is soooo cute

  • Froggy Gamezz
    Froggy Gamezz

    So are they going make a new grimlan movie

  • Saleha Farooq
    Saleha Farooq

    0:18 pooping monser

  • Liam Korhonen
    Liam Korhonen

    I think this is the good one right next to the bob Ross zero sugar commercial.

  • Stephanie Shaw
    Stephanie Shaw

    d e m o n

  • Dylitta Tho
    Dylitta Tho


  • jennifer thomas
    jennifer thomas


  • Allen Campbell
    Allen Campbell

    It would have made it better with Pheobe 💯

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy

    The daughters' reaction tho. 😂

  • Indian Toilet
    Indian Toilet

    I like the watermelon crush version its nice

  • Danny's Gaming Channel
    Danny's Gaming Channel


  • ThePuneShlanker

    This commercial is the best thing to happen this year.

  • sparky 357
    sparky 357

    Wait, her daughter has Stripe as a Buddy?!?! Get that psycho away from her!


    Awwwwwwww! My Childhood Best Friend!

  • VetistheFallen

    SOOOOOOOOOOO GREMLINS 3 YES needs to happen badly

  • John Warner
    John Warner

    I saw this one and the second. Classic movie. It was hilarious.

  • Egypt *
    Egypt *

    😂😂😂👌loved it💜✌😀 wait, is that David Naughton?

  • Maria Valtierra
    Maria Valtierra

    Poor little guy

  • cindy sisneroz
    cindy sisneroz

    This is an awesomest add ever 🤯😎😁👽🦾

  • Tommy Kammers
    Tommy Kammers

    It's a possibility that Gremlins 3 or spin off is not far from happening hopefully in the near future

    • Lively lopunny
      Lively lopunny

      There's going to be a series

  • Erock Hannibal
    Erock Hannibal

    I love it 🙏🏻☯️🧘‍♂️⛩🌄🐲💯🥶

  • Ellie Rose
    Ellie Rose

    They are so cute

  • Bluebastard Og
    Bluebastard Og

    With lots if ice 🧊

  • Apple Peanut
    Apple Peanut

    As a kid I frickin loved Gremlins and Gizmo

  • Turkey Bob
    Turkey Bob

    Baby yoda's hairy cousin

  • gigaswardblade

    I didn’t know anything about gremlins so I thought he was pooping

  • Keith fan
    Keith fan

    Awwwh gremlin's

  • Kingfrosty_ _Steve124
    Kingfrosty_ _Steve124

    What happened to puppy monkey baby

    • Bonnie Anne Zoey
      Bonnie Anne Zoey

      What did you say?

  • jeremy merfalen
    jeremy merfalen

    Only ad I was excited to see on TV and mobile

  • Ulysses Farr
    Ulysses Farr

    No commercial will ever convince me to buy zero sugar soda

  • Dulce Maria Figuereo
    Dulce Maria Figuereo


  • Alejandro Molina
    Alejandro Molina

    At least there wasn't a depressing Christmas story. Or revolving around Abe Lincoln.

  • Link 10
    Link 10

    That’s What happens when you feed him after midnight

  • Beer Dragon
    Beer Dragon

    Gremlins 3: Do the Dew!

  • Victor montano
    Victor montano

    “Gizmo” how to forget him when he did sing in the Gremlins movie back in the 80’s

  • Anita Della Vecchia
    Anita Della Vecchia





    So funny

  • Sloth Boss
    Sloth Boss


  • Red Sus
    Red Sus

    wait what are those things coming out of him

  • Daniel Youngblood
    Daniel Youngblood

    Dr pepper, is better!! Cash me outside mountain

  • doogboh

    Where's the Goldsmith music, though? 😕

  • Larry Treadway
    Larry Treadway

    This just make want a new Gremlin movie


    I seen this

  • Bryin E. Willis
    Bryin E. Willis

    Mom the mo’

  • M Rogowski
    M Rogowski


  • Mena Skywalker
    Mena Skywalker


  • Pac-drain No.11 YouTube Contreras
    Pac-drain No.11 YouTube Contreras

    *37 YEARS OLD*

  • Iggy The Fool
    Iggy The Fool

    Wonder what happened to “Puppy monkey baby”

  • Shi Merrill
    Shi Merrill

    What’s the name of the gremlin his daughter had ? Spike Jr ?

  • E RE
    E RE

    Gremlins 3 when

  • Towanda Brown
    Towanda Brown

    Aye man don’t give him that aye aye aye chill chill

  • Waulgi


  • Jake & Brandy Stapleton
    Jake & Brandy Stapleton

    Not as good as the original dew

  • Matthew Cipolla Studios
    Matthew Cipolla Studios

    Mountain Dew!!!!!!!! ❤️🥤

  • Grim Desaye
    Grim Desaye

    Loved this very funny the way ads should be insulting Nobody:) Just funny Clean!

  • Ewok studios
    Ewok studios

    Now midnights are scarier now

  • Robert Costello
    Robert Costello

    Hey dew folks doyou think you could make a soda with 3 days supply of sugar? more is better right?

  • Indo Raptor08
    Indo Raptor08


  • Jeremy Argely
    Jeremy Argely

    Gizmo from Steven Spielberg's Gremlins?

  • William Betford
    William Betford

    How old is this commercial? It’s just strange seeing Gizmo in it.

  • Darth Derp
    Darth Derp

    I think (kill) there’s something wrong with me (little demon machine)

  • Ultimate Koalas
    Ultimate Koalas

    Gizmo don’t do it!!!

  • Queen Ark
    Queen Ark

    When I first saw this add I was like Its GIZMO!!!!! and then I started singing the song from gremlins.

  • Mazzatti

    You can't get them wet though...

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    I tell you what. I think your diet Mountain Dew is better than your original Mountain Dew. I’m pretty sure most people agree with me because whenever I go by diet Mountain Dew, that is the product that is always first to go.

  • Jair Reyes
    Jair Reyes

    Dijo "hola"?, Did he say "hola" ?

  • Janelle'sGaming

    I definitely didn't click on a ad...

  • enichols82

    This should become a series of mt dew commercials.. like how geico has their gecko.. mt dew gremlins

  • Man Ray
    Man Ray

    Uhh okay.

  • Akasha Eyre
    Akasha Eyre

    This is my favorite commercial for something I would never consume 🤣💕 It’s no offense to Mountain Dew (I love the original & Code Red), I just don’t drink Diet or Zero Sugar sodas. But I am curious what a Mountain Dew infused Mogwai looks like. There should be a sequel to this where we get to see them. And then what the Gremlins would look like.

  • schygar

    Bring back Pitchblack. It was the best flavor since halo 3 game fuel

  • Evan Hohl
    Evan Hohl

    Gremlins in 2021? They waited 30 years

  • Viviax Xx_death
    Viviax Xx_death

    Aww that little guy 🥰

  • Daniel Munoz
    Daniel Munoz

    Haha funny *G R E M L I N*

  • Anthony Becker
    Anthony Becker


  • Glamouroki

    First time actually clicking on an ad......and I am not disappointed 😭

  • Rayqwan Edmondson 1
    Rayqwan Edmondson 1

    Gizmo cute since 90s

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez

    I remember the little thing animal

  • Mr LoL
    Mr LoL

    What’s next?....Darwin from Seaquest selling bumblebee directed by m. Bay?

  • An Orange
    An Orange

    You can’t lie half of that is sugar

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm

    The original Baby Yoda

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump

    You know zero sugar is just another way of saying diet right? Read the ingredients it still includes Aspertane

  • Randy Ferwerda
    Randy Ferwerda

    I drink Mt. Thunder... with the sugar.

  • Yamileth Sibrian
    Yamileth Sibrian

    This commercial is funny

  • The Dislike Button
    The Dislike Button

    The only add that I wouldn’t skip

  • Cinnamon Sun
    Cinnamon Sun

    I love how the girl has Mohawk on her shoulder.

  • Megaman Scrapyard
    Megaman Scrapyard

    Wow, you guys really are bastards, arent? First you desecrate Bob Ross and now Gizmo? Have you no shame?