I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good
I didn't expect this to work so well. • Includes text generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 at my request: openai.com • Art by Chris Quay: www.chrisquay.com/ • Got an idea for a video? www.tomscott.com/contact/
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Thanks to Eddie the corgi's owner for introducing me to the folks at OpenAI: instagram.com/eddie_corg
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    I should clarify that by "out of ideas", I mean that I've only got enough to last me until the end of March, or maybe the middle of April if lockdown eases. The way I work, that's close enough that I start to get worried.

    • Spencer Whipple
      Spencer Whipple

      @Tom Scott you should go to Bishop Rock, Isles of Scilly. (AKA the worlds smallest island) Its in the UK.

    • RedEra

      My science daddy, uwu *nuzzles you* sowwy for kiwwing your famiwy, awl I want is your mowtal fwesh.

    • Douglas Parkinson
      Douglas Parkinson

      i know theres probably a million comments that say this. theres a mistake in the thumbnail. theres still an american flag on the spacesuit.

    • Beanbot Productions
      Beanbot Productions

      @Doctor Mari-who Scom Tott

    • M8 N8
      M8 N8

      I see one really bad idea that bots could do even today that would bring someone a lot of money but also a lot of misery to people, so I wont even bring it out of my head, purely because if I see that trend happening, I'll feel like shite(and, I'm aware of parallel thinking and I know that someone has probably thought of it and has no moral quandary about it). I see an army of people like hamsters in a wheel running away but never getting there 24/7/365, that's as far i'll go into it..

  • Promi Akter
    Promi Akter


  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    “Nostalgia for things that never existed” Not sure if this has already been said, but how about “Fauxstalgia”?

  • Rubiking

    Do you memorize your scripts, do you use a prompter or just improvise?

  • Nathan Young
    Nathan Young

    7:18 that was the most perfectly timed car. It sounded so dramatic

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      Why do your videos have to be about things that are true? I'd watch a "secret history of the British moon landing" video. Heck, I'd watch a full length documentary.

  • Ben Walsh
    Ben Walsh

    Nostagia for a thing that never existed... That's Vapourwave.

  • Clockwork Otters
    Clockwork Otters

    It's strange the English language lacks a word to describe the feeling of nostalgia for things that aren't real. The closest I can find are words that can't be translated back into English exactly. "a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Portuguese or Brazilian temperament." - Saudade (/souˈdädə/) However, Saudade is used in relation to a feeling of longing for an absent "something", even if that thing never existed to begin with; such as when you see a painting of someone that seems familiar, and it brings with it the bitter-sweet feeling of having non-existent fond memories, and the knowledge you'll never see them. It's unlike Anemoia from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which is just the nostalgia for "When times were better, even if you were never there", it's more like carrying your past emotions with you into the present like a time capsule. This is the *closest* to what Scott asked, but it still does not feel entirely correct, considering Saudade is a far more blanket term from the melancholy of the past but having hope to experience old joys again in the future, even if it's with someone else. And then there's Sehnsucht ([ˈzeːnˌzʊxt]), a German noun that expresses the feeling of longing for a "something", and in psychology refers to the idea of craving an alternative experience. However, it's more in line with regret, and thinking of the "Could haves" or "Might dos", instead of having outright nostalgia for a thing gone by. The experience of Sehnsucht is more easily expressed as "What if I said yes?" or having fantastical ideas about the future, such as imagining ones self as famous, or a fated meeting of a true love, or even the idea of finding something new to make you happy. It feels almost natural to explain the feeling of nostalgia for things not experienced as "Agnostalgia", from ágnos/άγνωσ meaning "Unknown", and álgos/ἄλγος meaning "Pain", similar to the origin of Nostalgia.

  • MrEnjoivolcom1

    2:10 Everything is gray.

  • David Balaam
    David Balaam

    I think you ought to make one of the fictional ones as an April fools video.

  • Vicky Boi
    Vicky Boi

    Make a separate channel with all the fictional ideas that GPT-3 made up if possible. They would be extremely interesting and would be very entertaining.

  • Filthy Light
    Filthy Light

    written by a bot

  • Blithe Dream
    Blithe Dream

    Haha, English people call that a “beach”


    hiraeth welsh for nostalgic feeling for a home that was never yours

  • Iida

    There is this cliff that looks like an elephant. I think he's the closest we get to cliff that doesn't want to be a cliff

  • Alex McD
    Alex McD

    Nostalgia for a thing that never existed "Country Roads", especially the Japanese translation

  • suddenpenguin

    aberfan would be incredibly depressing but there is *definitely* a narrative there

  • Alex Trebek
    Alex Trebek

    @5:21 hauntology.

  • Micah Reich
    Micah Reich

    I like the comparison to a sigmoid curve (an activation function that’s also commonly used in neural networks like GPT-3)

  • Kingston Steele
    Kingston Steele

    Nostalgia for things that never existed, eh? Weebs unite.

  • Kerithanos

    Why do your videos have to be about things that are true? I'd watch a "secret history of the British moon landing" video. Heck, I'd watch a full length documentary.

  • Yung Akuma
    Yung Akuma

    I imagine if anything, the word we could use for nostalgia of an alternative reality could be “alternis ovilis” which would roughly translate from Latin to “alternative nostalgia” I guess that’s more of a phrase than a word.

  • Astor Reed
    Astor Reed


  • Steph

    Dude, you're reverse aging! Make a reveal video talking about how you're actually a vampire! 😆

  • Jacob Lowenstein
    Jacob Lowenstein

    Tom is getting replaced.

  • Tomyironmane

    "The green death and the industrial revolution." ...Arsenic Wallpaper?

  • govi

    If that happens your job will be not easier but obsolete.

  • My Name
    My Name

    The word is nullstalgia.

  • harbl99

    "The British road that is also a boat" There are streets named after Hood and Anson in Hastings. You think they'd be named after the admirals, but two of the neighbouring streets are Norfolk and Sussex. Turns out they're all named for battleships named after the admirals. Huh. Not boats, but sailors: there's a town in Canada (Ajax, Ontario) that names its streets after men who served on three WW1 ships. There was a big hoo-hah over it in 2020 when the name Hans Langsdorff (captain of the Graf Spee) somehow came up in the database.

  • FirstRisingSouI

    "Hey GPT-3. How can I ensure the success of the GPT-3 project?" Anyone read Avogadro Corp?

  • Dylan Evans
    Dylan Evans

    there is 100% a boat that’s a road you gotta find it

  • Bbonno

    hey Tom, have you ever counted in binary on your fingers?

  • N Bee
    N Bee

    Well, your job might get a lot easier... but then, a bit after that, your job won't be needed... :-P *Singularity*

  • 13darkjems

    anemoiac is the "nostalgia for nonexistant past" word your looking for

  • Samantha Lowe
    Samantha Lowe

    English but all letters are phonetically consistent

  • Quillyik

    This video was somehow not tagged as horror.

  • Luiz Gabriel
    Luiz Gabriel

    It's cool how you can raise the "temperature" of the "how predictable" to make "good" interesting video titles that would get more clicks than "the beach where you can hear the sea", but if it is too high, it's actually not real and relatable enough to makes us want to watch it, and as you said, you needed to get the right measure, like a recipe to make a clickable title. -Who would like to watch Jeremy Clarkson's in a russian roulette?- This shows us that we are strange creatures, searching for knowledge yet afraid of the unreal and unknown.

  • Toby Littlejohn
    Toby Littlejohn

    For reference, the "strange light in the sky over Oxfordshire" is called the moon.

  • Dumdumshum

    That word, one of nostalgia for something that doesn't exist; is hiraeth. It's Welsh.

  • Lemon Jumps
    Lemon Jumps


  • Bloop Smoot
    Bloop Smoot

    Tom Scott makes me want to say hi

  • Vincent Zvolsky
    Vincent Zvolsky

    5:21 anemoia


    Anemoia (Word in the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) is nostalgia for a time you've never known

  • Hanneke van der Lucht
    Hanneke van der Lucht

    I would love to watch one on the royal mail railway!

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns

    Tom Scott has been wearing the same grey hoodie for over six years now.

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns

    It’s going to get a lot easier to make videos from now on...

  • JamKe

    Is it just me or does a car go past just when its climactic

  • jkn ahmed
    jkn ahmed

    was this also a suggested idea?

  • LukenotLucas

    I love that some of the ai ideas sound like tom scott memes

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt

    Did it come up with this idea?

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    “Nostalgia for things that never existed” Not sure if this has already been said, but how about “Fauxstalgia”?

  • ClydeLeeM

    Nostalgia for a thing that does not exist is exactly what nostalgia is actually about.

  • Sam29

    What if... this video was an idea from the AI?

    • Sam29

      @soiung toiue What does that have to do with my comment?

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      You should make a video about randomness and how computers are really bad at it.

  • Almonso

    I can't find a word for "nostalgia for a thing that never existed" in english, but there is one in german: it's "Sehnsucht".

  • Almonso

    All of your videos are about very concrete things in society and history that everyone either already knows or can quickly understand. They all give a neutral explanation of those things, which either directly or implicitly links them to things that other people wouldn't think to link them to, giving us a slightly deeper understanding of what we think we already know. Your dystopian reality videos and presentations from years ago, like the one about facebook's password authentication disappearing, are some of the most realistic and believable dystopian concepts that I've seen for that very reason. You can explore ideas while still feeling completely grounded in the physical world.

  • Epic Music
    Epic Music

    Did the A.I. suggest this video?

  • Micuna Nikol
    Micuna Nikol

    The scrawny town genotypically flower because owl expectantly file within a adjoining insect. overt, macho stove

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Anemoia is close. Or perhaps saudade. Neither seems quite right though.

  • Cruzredeye

    This was extremely interesting

  • hoseja

    Screw "Open"AI though.

  • A R
    A R

    Tom: Hey, AI, I'm short on video ideas, can you help? AI: How about making a video about AI?

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    "Wigan Pier is a derelict industrial site in the West Midlands". WEST!!!!???......MIDLANDS!!!!!?????? Wigan is very much in the north and I have never been so insulted before

  • twothreebravo

    I think what you could do next time you bring in some guest presenters while you take some time off is to revisit the fictional AI created ideas and hand them off to creative/humorous types as a challenge to see who can create these fantastical things

  • Lyarrah

    ok but did the UK have *any* space program? cuz that'd be one I'd like to hear, I know so little about other countries' space programs besides the US and China...

  • Nnif Boots47
    Nnif Boots47

    That an ai can give you good ideas that says something about your standards (and yes I get that im still watching it so I guess I can't say much)

  • Abstraxxt

    7:15 good timed car

  • pantsOptional

    Perhaps the word you’re look my for is Anemoia. Not sure that’s spelled right but in the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows this defined as nostalgia for a time you weren’t a part of.

  • Joshua Gilpatrick
    Joshua Gilpatrick

    You should make a video about randomness and how computers are really bad at it.

  • M&M

    4:48 potential SCP stories?

  • Magnus

    Funfact: This whole video is actually the AI generated script and the prompt was "Please create a script for a video about me being out of ideas for a video and asking AI to help me come up with ideas titled "I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good"".

  • Henry N. White
    Henry N. White

    The car around 7:30 was perfect

  • A_Hipposhark


  • AMRose

    Only Tom Scott can make a lack of content some of the best content on this site

  • CHAOSberg

    6:00 you can lie. This is all TRUE. I saw it on ISdowns, and the host seemed quite legit.


    You misunderstood... they're predictions

  • Leprechaun Jackson
    Leprechaun Jackson

    Jeremy Clarkson needs to watch this video and make the “lottery of death” happen 🤣

  • Forgotten Snake Ball
    Forgotten Snake Ball

    The art style for the plausible thumbnails is just fantastic, I love it, it manages to be right in the middle between "too complex" and "too simple", the colors were chosen really well and they just feel full, I just find them really appealing, anyone else?

  • HazenMire

    I'm surprised by how many of those fictional stories sound like an SCP entry.

  • Mark

    "never before written sentences" - dubious

  • HrHaakon

    Boattrains sound like a (rail)road that is also a boat.

  • ActualZyra

    Damn I kinda want the white cube video now

  • Prakhar Chawla
    Prakhar Chawla

    What if these are true and AI got them correct through patterns, just the whole internet where we keep the records lost it ...as not everything has been digitised.

  • video99.co.uk

    This must have been around since at least 2016 to generate all the one-liners about how brilliant Brexit would be. All gibberish of course, but they sounded plausible enough.

  • Bob Leonheart
    Bob Leonheart

    There are paralel universes out there where each of these titles would be true. And did you ever think that "The cliff that refuses to be a cliff" might not be about the formation but about the name Cliff.

  • fanch__

    this guys channel still never fails to amaze me lmfao

  • meerpowa

    OH an SCP generator :P

  • George Perakis
    George Perakis

    An invisible village, huh? Oblivion, anyone?

  • Yeetmeats

    the car at 7:12 is amazing

  • Hængtst

    BTW: there is a Russian utopia in Potsdam, Germany. It‘s name is Alexandrovka.

  • Hængtst


  • chrisgriff901

    Could potentially be a boring one but it seems like your style (not that you're boring! It's just you cover weird little stories like this). What about the lack of BT in Hull (only place without BT lines in mainland Britain as far as I know). Just seems like a little oddity that's arose due to Britain being weird about things again.

  • Wired_Lain

    2:42 The British adaptation of "Battle Royale"

  • yetyman34

    Have you done a video on the sub sonic sound based phone systems used in stadiums to make synchronised patterns during sports games?

  • musAKulture

    just for the record...nobody knows the real location of red cliff, or if it's a cliff at all.

    • musAKulture

      know what, i might just do a video on it.

  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim

    That emotion is yearning, LGBTQ+ community uses to talk about people, places, times, and aesthetics they want but know they can't have.

  • Sondre Grøneng
    Sondre Grøneng

    The Fidel Castro CIA seashell thing sounds like it would belong in an HAI video.

  • Espeon Evolve
    Espeon Evolve

    Lofthouse Please, drive carefully You might hit the few buildings that forgot to become visible

  • Canal Guy
    Canal Guy

    Did it get the idea for "Kirby's Dream" from Kirby's Dreamland?

  • Luiantval

    Wait, when did Wigan Pier relocate to the West Midlands?

  • Dyanpanda

    I would watch an Unreal Stories series from you

  • Liam Stuckey
    Liam Stuckey

    The cliff that refuses to be a cliff: A story of Europe's fastest eroding coast line, the Holderness coast