Chinese, Japanese, Korean Chopsticks difference
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  • MikeplayzGaming1358

    Me, an asian just eating everything with either spoon or fork: I understand, I really do...

  • Josie

    I'm kinda scared to go to Japan now, so many table manners lol

  • zeiitgeist

    Had quite enough with the misinformation, most of such discussions of countries are contemporary and by laypeople who may not know much historicity... The Chinese had regional differences and have used metal chopsticks, but it really depends on who you were... They could be flat - see Han dynasty chopsticks, round, squared, tapered, jade, ivory, wood, mixed, lacquared, melamine, etc etc Also not all the chopstick have a gap, those with a gap are tapered with its ends being parallel to each other, I only ever used those for stiring or deep pot cooking. Also I never heard of using the back of your chopstick to pick stuff up, so I take it as different family upbringing - like using communal chopsticks, I am sure you all understand that much - are you like your neighbours?

  • Sk Aayesha
    Sk Aayesha

    Me,who starves until somebody feeds me cause I'm too lazy to eat - "shows it to the person feeding me and says that's how you eat" lmao 😆😂

  • Rat Maiden
    Rat Maiden

    Me while eating noodles with a spoon: Mhm, indeed.

  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus

    Me asian (🇹🇷) eats with Chopsticks 🥢 the rest of my family with a spoon,….

  • Gaspar Lenzi
    Gaspar Lenzi

    Do different countries use different forks too? 🤔

  • Kriszha May
    Kriszha May

    wingardium leviosa.

  • Jhamaica Mae Ramos
    Jhamaica Mae Ramos

    Kaylangan nyu pa Ng chopsticks dtu nga sa pinas eh kinakamay mas mabilis

  • Crystal Cuddle
    Crystal Cuddle

    Me,An INDIAN Eating with Right Hand

  • Nelli 21
    Nelli 21

    I'm not Asian but very early, as a child I learned to use chopsticks and when we order Asian food with my family or friends everyone admire my skills. I mainly use metal chopsticks because of their practicality and I use bamboo ones for cooking.

  • Ceylin Toker
    Ceylin Toker

    Me, an half Asian half European who grew up with heavy fork/knife, later used wooden chopsticks and now using metal chopsticks: i sEe

  • 임지민

    중국인분이 한국말 가장 잘하시는데

  • Lenny Yunia
    Lenny Yunia

    I have china, korea and japan chop stick at home.. The materials made from plastic, wood, bamboo, n metal.. 😂

  • Hyeong Jin Park
    Hyeong Jin Park

    젓가락질도 못하는사람을 한국 젓가락 거리면서 내보내고있네

  • Akansha Bisht
    Akansha Bisht

    Start watching it from 8:18😂

  • 예언자

    어릴적 시골 초딩 시절 학교 가다 늦어져서 점심때 풀밭에서 도시락 먹을 때 젓가락이나 숟가락 안 가져오면 주변 나뭇가지 꺾어서 먹으면 이게 더 꿀맛 이였다는~! ㅋㅋ

  • Lenny Salcido
    Lenny Salcido

    Watching this though I'm Mexican and eat with tortillas 🤣

  • Mickey Maose
    Mickey Maose

    Why are they speaking Korean?

  • Azra Özkan
    Azra Özkan

    I'm turkısh and I'm very interested in chopsticks but everyone around me looking at me like ı'm alien when ı'm using chopstick •́ ‿ ,•̀

  • Socheata Khon
    Socheata Khon

    Mixed chinese but i can use chopstick to eat even a small piece 🤣

  • BlueCat9000

    Me a Malaysian using hands Ah yes what were you saying

  • Manya Mehra
    Manya Mehra

    Korean japanese and chinese are using two chpstick And here indians using 5 chopstick (only indians will understand)😂😂😂

  • NNBB

    뭐 잘 먹기만하면 되는거 아니냐는 사람들이 있는데 그건 그냥 못하는 사람들의 핑계지 이왕이면 잘하는게 보기 좋잖아?

  • Nightblood The floof
    Nightblood The floof

    Me a American who loves chop sticks: Oh wait I do actually understand

  • Hoaxy

    Got my first pair of chopsticks now im gonna use them for everything i eat lmaoooo


    but what language are they speaking? Chinese,korean or Japanese?

  • 이종숙

    이런 영상 만들때는 젓가락질 잘하시는 분을 섭외하셨어야죠

  • Jyoshika Ch
    Jyoshika Ch

    Every one talking about chop sticks while looking at the hair of Japanese girl 🤩

  • 송붐

    중국사람 발음이 제일 잘들이는건 기분 탓이죠??;;

  • gaku ryu
    gaku ryu

    妹子你筷子拿倒了吧 🙄

  • Lefty Conspirator
    Lefty Conspirator

    If Jane isn't a teacher, she should be. I reckon she could explain just about anything and make it make sense.

  • Briar Elyse
    Briar Elyse

    Glad I'm not the only one having trouble with tofu and chopsticks. 😌

  • 류승화

    한국분은 젓가락 다시 배우셔야 될듯~ 회초리 2대...

  • I Wontbebeat
    I Wontbebeat

    That girl isn't a Japanese ...She is Korean . faux Japanese . LMAO 🤣

  • Vinita Srivastava
    Vinita Srivastava

    Korean: our chopstick is of shape blah… blah…blah… cause our food is blah…blah….blah Chinese: our Chopstick is of shape blah…blah…blah…coz our food is blah blah blah Japanese: we have this type of chopstick coz we blah…blah…blah……. Comments: me being an American/African/European/Australian watching this/ finding this very relatable/ ah… interesting!! ME: being Asian “INDIAN”, watching this while eating rice with my hands………. Ah… yes, it’s relatable

  • SS P
    SS P

    저건 진짜 최악의 젓가락질인데....

  • 김경남

    한국 패널분의 젓가락질.. 많이 아쉽네요. 주제가 주제였던 만큼 평균은 하면서 알려주셔야지...

  • 항상아미

    Please do a video how to eat with Korean chopsticks

  • 고사리

    한국도 과거에는 젓가락질을 잘 못하거나, 젓가락으로 반찬을 뒤적거리면 어른들에게 야단맞았어요. 예의없고 흉하다구요. 그리고 숟가락과 젓가락을 한 손에 쥐고 밥을 먹어도 야단맞았구요. 지금도 젓가락질을 이상하게 하면 싫어하는 어른들이 있어요. 그리고 우리 얘들이랑 남편 보면서 느낀건데 젓가락질을 잘못하는 사람들이 똥손인건 맞는것같아요.

  • 장남비타민ch

    As far as I know, Korea is the only country in the world that uses metal chopsticks. The evidence can be found from the relics of the Baekje royal family discovered before 18 B.C. The royal family or upper class used silver spoons to prevent poisons or food poisoning in food, and commoners also made and used similar metal spoons. The reason lies in the scientific wisdom of our ancestors. 제가 아는 범위에서 한국은 전 세계에서 유일하게 금속젓가락을 사용하는 나라입니다. 기원전 18년 전 발견된 백제 왕실 유물에서부터 근거를 찾아볼수 있는데 왕실이나 상류층에서 음식물에 독극물이나 식중독을 예방하기 위해 은수저를 사용했고 이에 평민들도 비슷한 쇠수저를 만들어 사용한 것으로 그 이유는 우리 선조들의 과학적 지혜가 숨어 있습니다

  • 봄여름가을겨울

    The woman representing Korea is an idiot.

  • 김유리

    다들 귀여운 말투 ㅎㅎ 이쁘기까지! ㅎㅎ

  • 이상봉

    중국인 그냥 발음이 한국인인데

  • GaNe Kim
    GaNe Kim

    중국인은 속으로 '중국음식들인데 자기것이라하고 자빠졌네' 하겠지만 ㅋ 미친 것들

  • nicole

    so what language are they speaking?

    • Ahndromeda


  • HueBlu

    me, a gay: people eat things besides dick? so interesting

  • jc ntp
    jc ntp

    Wow get some people who can actually use a chppstick. These girls are at a elementary school kids level

  • Crazy

    I honestly think Chinese chopsticks are wayyy easier when I first tried them even though i have been using Japanese chopsticks all my life

  • •ᗩ𝗹𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗼•

    Me reading subtitles: uhhh I’m still distracted to their language- what are they saying??


    참 일본은 뭐라해야할지 젓가락질 조차도 규칙을 만들어서 똑같이 못하면 못난 사람이라고 하는 문화가 아직도 있고 개량하면 다양한 모양의 젓가락을 쓸 수도 있는데 굳이 규칙과 규율로 포장해서 바꾸면 안됀다고 강요하는 사회야 젓가락도 최초에 누군가에게 배웠을때 이것 저것 하다가 제일 좋은 방법을 정했을꺼 아니야 근데 왜 시대가 바뀌었고 교육 수준이 다른데도 다른 사람이 바꾼다면 욕하고 오히려 이상한 사람 취급하고 참 대단해

  • Yuyan He
    Yuyan He

    In more formal settings in China you are actually not supposed to reach for food with the pair of chopsticks that you would put in your mouth. That's why many fancier restaurants would either have one extra pair of (longer) chopstick/spoon for each dish or give everyone two pairs of chopsticks, and the longer (and usually fancier looking) one should be used for reaching for food.

  • John Sheppard
    John Sheppard

    Ty for the video :)

  • mY fAtHeR WiLl hEaR aBoUt tHiS
    mY fAtHeR WiLl hEaR aBoUt tHiS

    Me who used pens to learn chopsticks: interesting

  • maryum

    me a pakistani who uses roti and my hand as utensils: yeah chinese chopsticks are def easier!

  • mxnjipzrk

    Me as an asian who uses hands to eat: Yess true Yess completely understand

  • adila aziz
    adila aziz

    me as malay : just use your hand and use spoon when you eat with soup😂

  • RiceCrisisYT

    I’m pure Korean and I struggle to speak my language and I watch this now I’m jealous

  • calista conder
    calista conder

    Me, an Egyptian who uses hands and knives for everything: yes yes, too relatable.

  • 김규동

    중국분이 한국인 보다 한국말을 더 잘하는 느낌... ㅋㅋ 이 중국분 트롯트 노래 실력도 엄청 났던듯 한데.. 한국어 발음도 엄청 좋으시네..

    • 류황희

      한국여자분 창피하게 젓가락질도 못하면서 이런 영상 찍는건.. 아닌거 같아요. 일본여자분이 정석이죠. 젓가락질은 ㅠㅠ 슬프네요

  • ddk마야

    여기 댓글 외국인들 투성인데 저거 보고 한국인들은 저렇게 젓가락질을 하는구나 딱 오해할 수 있겠구만 왜 저런사람을 섭외하나

  • Melanie Grace
    Melanie Grace

    Does anyone know where I can find the shirt with moons the girl on the left is wearing?!?

  • 愛の宝石


  • Lakshya Yadav
    Lakshya Yadav

    why chinese looks fake and is trying to act more korean

  • 백제왕

    이곳에 댓글 달기가 좀~ 애매한 연령에 속하지만 32세(여) 22세(여) 28세(남)을 둔 가장입니다. 가정마다 젓가락 사용 취중하는 건 다를 수 있습니다. 하지만~ 국물있는 반찬 외엔 모든 음식을 젓가락 사용하는 울나라 식습관에서 젓가락 사용은 가정에서 자녀의 어린시절 부터 중요한 교육이라 생각합니다. 어린 자녀들이 맘대로 되질 않으니 울기까지 하자만 일본패널 처럼 가정에서 부모님이 엄하게 교육하는 가정들이 있습니다. 3살 버릇 80까지 가는 경울가 있으며 어려운 식사 자리에서 가정교육과 개인의 단점을 보일 수 있거든요.

  • Hyun Ji
    Hyun Ji

    *I don't understand nothing of all this chopsticks but I like Japanese girl she's very very very cute kawaii🇯🇵*

  • K은숙

    한국대표 젓가락질 불안불안


    Me: *is an australian* Me again: "I completely understand their pains-"

  • Maxwell Te
    Maxwell Te

    What language are they speaking?

  • Edmund Yong
    Edmund Yong

    I wish they showed how the korean chopsticks should be held up close. I'm chinese and Japanese chopsticks are relatively easier because they are just pointier and shorter but I always have trouble with the korean ones because I am not sure how you are supposed to hold them since they are flat from end to end

  • JamesLexus


  • LegalOrez


  • spinnyy

    I didnt even have to search up how to use chopsticks. I was in school, then I picked up 2 colored pencils and just held them like chopsticks lol

  • Kevartje129

    As a European who can eat with chopsticks and loves sushi, I thought this was very interesting. I've only used wooden Japanese chopsticks before but I would love to try the metal ones.

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    japanese are always better looking

  • Mdafra

    I’m Thai and I use all types mentioned here 555

  • 우리집

    또하 이뽀이뽀


    Same face... I can't identify who is korean, chinese or japanese🤣

  • Sara vlogs
    Sara vlogs

    Their speaking is sooo beautiful to me

  • Sara vlogs
    Sara vlogs

    What are they speaking in?

  • Tiger Guitar
    Tiger Guitar

    Japanese chopsticks❤❤❤Kotoha Chan 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Lucia Chen
    Lucia Chen

    La tipa supuestamente de china Le está faltando el respeto a nuestra cultura porque quien en su santo juicio utiliza palillos asi

  • 秀玲

    The interesting in this video before i thought Korean girl look like she’s Chinese , chinese girl look like she’s Japanese and Japanese girl look like she’s Korean😂😅😂😅such a plot twist for me

  • 쪼코파이

    못보겠네.. 다른 출연자에 비해서 한국 출연자가 너무 어리바리 하고 한국문화에 대해서 잘 알지도 못하는것 같음! 이런 주제른 방송 한때는 출연자를 잘 골라야 할듯!!!

    • 신민아

      아 ㄹㅇ.. 말투도 행동도 너무 유아틱해요.. 소리만 들으면 중학생 같음

  • wisjnfisjeijdcnudhfouwdhfiwu Iwjehfijefhiejfhwijdhf
    wisjnfisjeijdcnudhfouwdhfiwu Iwjehfijefhiejfhwijdhf

    For me I prefer long chopsticks especially when you are eating hot pot or steaming hot food like that, so you don’t have to reach your hand to further place by using your long chopstick and get whatever you want.

  • Bikash Soren
    Bikash Soren

    I ❤️ japanese and 😘Korean I'm from 🇮🇳

  • hss6589깽

    한국대표 목소리 재수없네 .젓가락질도 못하는사람을 대표로 등장시킨건 아니다 진짜

  • Haiken HowTo
    Haiken HowTo

    I'm Filipino and I've only known the Japanese style of holding chopsticks. my mom and sister are kpop fans that doesn't really care much about japanese shows or culture and they still use the japanese style. So i think for non chopstick users, the japanese style of holding chopsticks is the easier one to learn. I actually didn't know koreans and chinese hold their chopsticks differently until now.

  • Bùi Anh
    Bùi Anh

    As a Vietnamese, a korean flat metal chopsticks is extremely difficult to use.

  • 정주열

    재미있고 유익한 프로입니다. 동아시아 3국간의 차이가 미묘하지만 상당히 있네요.


    Me: a Somalian who uses their hands to eat banana with rice almost everyday … Yes very relatable

  • Jaymee Magill
    Jaymee Magill

    me as an american who never used chopsticks tell yesterday: ah yes very relatable

    • Jaymee Magill
      Jaymee Magill

      here we kinda just get chopsticks if we ask as far as i know they don’t hide a perfered one

  • gilang putra
    gilang putra

    I always see this countries is like a siblings.. China is the older, Japan is middle child, and Korea is the youngest..

  • Sir Gawain
    Sir Gawain

    Vietnamese: Am I joke to you?

  • evannn gonzales
    evannn gonzales

    We Pinoy eat by using hands 👍👍👍😋

  • NJ Merced
    NJ Merced

    I never thought watching this would be so interesting

  • Mai Nguyễn Thúy
    Mai Nguyễn Thúy

    Me, a Vietnamese who also eats with chopsticks : it’s so easy 😄

  • Flor Rosales
    Flor Rosales

    The battle of the chopsticks 🤣😅🤣😅

  • Joselle Aglugob
    Joselle Aglugob

    Me as an asian who eats with my bare hands can't relate T^T

  • Cbin