Stranded on a Deserted Island with Mark Rober
Stranded on a Deserted Island with Mark Rober. The worst possible thing has happened: the Studio C cast stranded on a deserted island. But, there's hope when they find another survivor Mark Rober.

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Cast: Jason Gray, Whitney Call, Adam Berg, Stacey Harkey, Stephen Meek and Natalie Madsen
Director: Jared Shores
Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne
Writer: Jason Gray
Editor: Trent Woolford

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Stranded on a Deserted Island with Mark Rober - Studio C

  • Cuck Cuck
    Cuck Cuck

    Did this actually happen

  • Miss Hairbrush
    Miss Hairbrush

    Worlds colliding here! My new fave show + my new fave youtuber.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson

    Interesting Facts according to Jason Gray: Mark's lines: "Thank you", and Why wouldn't you make it" were improv. The plane was actually real! Originally, they were going to do a screenshot of a plane flying by, but when a real one showed up, they used that instead. It was actually cold during the filming.

  • Most Marvelous MOCs
    Most Marvelous MOCs

    Does anyone know why a coconut mysteriously is in my room



  • Koko

    Dr. Stone but Senku is a dumbass

  • Cam's Laboratory
    Cam's Laboratory

    On the title pic, mark looks like he hasn't told the others he plans on using their bones for tools and eating their livers.

  • Lawrence Dominica
    Lawrence Dominica

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  • terradarkness

    Props for this guys and mark rober

  • Gia Moralez
    Gia Moralez

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  • Ender_ Knight0914
    Ender_ Knight0914

    The reason the plane crashed was probably Mark using one of his inventions.

  • ToucanPlayIt

    I... suggest running..

  • Clayton Burns
    Clayton Burns

    John 3:16-17 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16-17 I understand that this is random but I want people to know about Jesus and how He is the only way to heaven. GOD is love❤ if you have questions about Jesus please comment!!

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master


  • mikey voill
    mikey voill

    no wonder i found coconuts in my backyard

  • Reggie Knowleble
    Reggie Knowleble

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  • Enid Downs
    Enid Downs

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  • Zachariah Johnson
    Zachariah Johnson

    “I say we Donner Party this thing and eat Mark.” Pfft. Utahns.

  • aldis97


  • nh dw
    nh dw

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    Shuheng Liu


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    Karen Monczynski

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  • Swaggy Rat
    Swaggy Rat

    Stevens scream at the end😂😂

  • Kristy Johnston
    Kristy Johnston

    The clammy step-grandfather connolly harass because pea simplistically hop within a stale walk. bewildered, boundless cafe

  • MightyMooseGaming

    We all know that Mark is much more smarter than this right...

  • Matthias Neidenberger
    Matthias Neidenberger

    Same thing happened to me, when I was stranded on an island with a German engineer. He used up all my food and we nearly starved to death before we were rescued, but on the plus side, I now have a Lamborghini made of bananas and fish meat.

  • Selina M
    Selina M

    They are all sunburned and all wearing sweaters 😂😂😂😂

  • Editor

    “ how do you so smart but so dumb” Story of my life

  • Me want Krinkov
    Me want Krinkov

    Marcus rober

  • 485anraEwyn Plays
    485anraEwyn Plays

    6.9M views Nice

  • Daniel Deystar
    Daniel Deystar

    Problem is that they can’t cook Mark because he made the whole island flame retardant.

  • Veronika McDonald King
    Veronika McDonald King

    How have I missed this until now? Fantastic colab!

  • denzel gregoire
    denzel gregoire

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  • Azaan & Anaya's V-Logs
    Azaan & Anaya's V-Logs


  • Churrito

    the rober music wouldve been amazing

  • Mac Hartley
    Mac Hartley

    This made me hate mark rober Impossible

  • ProLikeACeo from Noob invasion
    ProLikeACeo from Noob invasion

    mark rober ruining everything

  • Samuel Ross
    Samuel Ross

    "How can you be so smart and yet so DUMB!" Reminds me of scientists who create doomsday weapons with nary a thought of how they will be used and who will use them. They're happy puttering about in their labs or ivory towers, and have no practical knowledge of how they will affect real people in the real world.

    • Samuel Ross
      Samuel Ross

      @Dewa Dewa True, but scientists still get the blame, I think.

    • Dewa Dewa
      Dewa Dewa

      And mark rober is way more smarter than this movie

    • Dewa Dewa
      Dewa Dewa

      Scientist are forced to make it if only einstein didin't get forced by the USA nuclear weapons would not exist until 2 decades Also bombs were created by accident but the scientist that discovered it but wanted to keep it a secret so this destructive weapon would stay in put but some guy leaked it and spread the information And actually the cause of those weapons are actually because of power hungry countries and politicians

  • Clare Jennings
    Clare Jennings


  • Melon head
    Melon head

    The acting was EPIC

  • Mahmut Gurbanov
    Mahmut Gurbanov


  • Wrestling Champion
    Wrestling Champion

    I know mark robber

    • 485anraEwyn Plays
      485anraEwyn Plays

      He ain't no robber

  • NJCG the MVP
    NJCG the MVP

    he looks like ben shapiro in the thumbnail

  • EdRonn Panti
    EdRonn Panti

    3:58 it was at this moment that he knew

    • EdRonn Panti
      EdRonn Panti

      my favorite part is "EAT MARK!"

  • Tim Hundelt
    Tim Hundelt


  • Cooper Glenn
    Cooper Glenn

    At the end “It will heal” “Will it?” “Nope”

  • Dylan D'souza
    Dylan D'souza

    3:46, Did anyone else notice the wrecked plane in the background they used in an older sketch?

    • Luka Cunningham
      Luka Cunningham

      *Three days without food and with Mark’s dumb inventions, I instantly shot him with his homemade revolver*

  • Hannah Jacob
    Hannah Jacob

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  • E

    This had me dying

  • angelina faunda
    angelina faunda

    Mark has his own ISdowns channel

  • Ariana Goodin
    Ariana Goodin

    How can you be so smart and so dumb. That got me

  • Hannah Jacob
    Hannah Jacob

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    Kolawole Aideyan

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    Brown McClinton

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  • S Willams
    S Willams

    Stay away from humor Mark. You do well in the other areas of science. In those you excel.

  • S Willams
    S Willams

    Was that supposed to be funny? It was brain dead.

  • Rodrigo Jimendez
    Rodrigo Jimendez

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  • Fariz Ahmad
    Fariz Ahmad

    Mark Rober is not stuck on an Island with you, YOU ARE STUCK ON THE ISLAND WITH HIM

  • Just Some Girl without a Mustache
    Just Some Girl without a Mustache

    I smiled the whole time.

  • Snow Flower
    Snow Flower

    I'm glad of the fact that I''m not stranded with him.

  • Colin Wiltbank
    Colin Wiltbank

    After watching Mark Rober's videos this one made me DIE laughing.

  • Candy Alayon
    Candy Alayon


  • June Overby
    June Overby

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  • David Do
    David Do

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  • Cream

    Survivalists: we need to get food Mark: Let’s go to Mars

  • Cleta Austin
    Cleta Austin

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    dfg bnh

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  • Fearless Squirrel
    Fearless Squirrel

    Studio c is dumb not mark

  • Lightning Man gaming
    Lightning Man gaming

    Well he did say COCONUT teleportation, not human teleportation.


    Omg this was so funny

  • DanOnRBX

    Woah, I never knew Mark was like this behind his videos...

  • coki

    Mark in the thumbnail looks like he's about to put real explosives in his glitterbomb bait package.

  • denzel gregoire
    denzel gregoire

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    dateo rirao

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    We had a great time with Mark wow

  • Mordan Blitz
    Mordan Blitz

    I love how they did this on a lake

  • Triangle Nilnoc
    Triangle Nilnoc

    Only Utahns would say, "I say we Donner party this thing, and eat Mark!"

  • Mr Obsidian
    Mr Obsidian

    Mark does make pointless things sooo

  • sudeesh s
    sudeesh s

    I loved mark rober acting in this video so much

  • Scott

    The anti-professor!!

  • tajao baleu
    tajao baleu

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  • tight mover
    tight mover

    I like how he uses his smartness and uses it for dum stuff

  • Saiwsi Ntilti
    Saiwsi Ntilti

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    Rachael Allen

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  • Emmanuel Semons
    Emmanuel Semons


  • Lego Obsessed
    Lego Obsessed

    Has nobody noticed that Mark Rober really looks like Rafael Nadal in the thumbnail?

  • Grace Howard
    Grace Howard

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  • Kaleb Elwood
    Kaleb Elwood

    you gotta love mark

  • mayonnaise sandwich
    mayonnaise sandwich

    "Think Mark! Think!"

  • 𝓝.𝓡.𝓒

    Thank y'all for creating such great content over the years

  • Nimesh Patel
    Nimesh Patel

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    Thought Rank

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    nh sw

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    Anna Jones

    The dude in the shark costume is my current mood

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    Mitchell Navas

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  • Jonas Mcclure
    Jonas Mcclure

    Everyone you should go to church

  • Colin Saber
    Colin Saber

    Ahh this is where he was.