Americas Cheapest Family... - TLC #15
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  • Vizzo

    Audio balance is off guv

  • larry the wine loving girl
    larry the wine loving girl

    Omg lol $20000 for furniture? I got a used real leather couch for $75, shower heads can cost a few dollars

  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan

    17:30 That poor little boy is gonna have OCD when he grows up.

  • Rahnae LovesChocolate
    Rahnae LovesChocolate

    Pewds looks like he have covid

  • Randy Minecraft god
    Randy Minecraft god

    Didn’t you used too make fun of lords mobile

  • jack the fluffbutt
    jack the fluffbutt

    the way she talks about the animals makes me cringe, like she does realize it'll cost money to feed them. care for them. vet as wel and housing not to mention cleaning out and replacing bedding

  • Life is Good
    Life is Good

    It's fake

  • Ghina ;3
    Ghina ;3


  • MessyKilla

    i have all ready seen this but watching your reaction was soooooooooo way worth watching this crap all over again hahaha

  • Dubroja Stefan
    Dubroja Stefan

    People actually spend almost 0$ living in nature while growing vegetables and keeping animals, use solar energy and filtering rain drops... this is not even "fucking the system" its just fucking them in arse

  • Faina Snegireff
    Faina Snegireff

    Do you blive in god

  • desire_playzz

    Wow I'm speechless 😂😳😲😳

  • gordon sanco
    gordon sanco

    baby cries from fear pewds: *evel lough*

  • DrLynel

    Don't bully me but the shower head actually is kinda smart kinda not really smart

  • Crazy king
    Crazy king

    My wife was that cheap sorry but I would’ve left her and take the kids .

  • Crazy king
    Crazy king

    Who ask their neighbors for leftover foooooooooood 🥘

  • Rocks' Reviews & Reactions
    Rocks' Reviews & Reactions

    Roc and Ks: Cool to see recent comments on this video, even though it was in February. 😀

  • AA - 03SB 917970 Burnhamthorpe PS
    AA - 03SB 917970 Burnhamthorpe PS

    Intro: My friend wat anime u watch Me: it’s complicated

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke

    That intro tho \(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/

  • aidenrocks8939 FART NUGGET
    aidenrocks8939 FART NUGGET

    dude i think my gaming pc more then there bedrooms and there living room

  • lilmisssydnis1

    A shower head is maybe 20$. A shower head is MAYBE 20$ They would rather use a 2 liter bottle??? They aren't cheap they are literally just stupid. They should just pray someone buys the house for $1,000

  • Life of Mehdi
    Life of Mehdi

    Lol they are so scared to clean the carpet

  • B Bros. Gaming
    B Bros. Gaming

    How come the lady is wear the same thing the whole time


    Is it me or does pewdiepie looks high in drugs.

  • tin can'
    tin can'

    I love the intro

  • Manuel Calizo
    Manuel Calizo

    y pediepise sound so depressed while saying the sponsor like he is not excited about it XD

  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Does the neighbor have on OF?

  • Kuala Gaming
    Kuala Gaming

    The intro was amazing

  • Tammy Cliver
    Tammy Cliver

    The carpet....if done right, it would have worked. My Mom opened a home day care for 10 children. She needed the carpet replaced in the children's area. She ended up going to a carpet store and asking for remnants, which they always sell. They have any, but the seller had an idea. The rectangle pieces in the showroom were called samples. They were roughly the size of doormats. They had a lot of them, and for $1 each. Not bad. There just were not a lot of one color. No problem. We got 30 samples in different colors like blues,greens,coral,white, and I think a few grey. We laid them out in checkerboard style duct taping the underside together at the seams. It looked great, kids loved it. Best of all, when a piece got ruined, just pull it up, slap down a new piece for $1, and you are good to go.

  • A Bored Ruka
    A Bored Ruka

    sometimes i click the videos just to watch the intros

  • marlon lopez
    marlon lopez

    bro coco melon went OOF

  • smartex

    11:58 can we make an meme out that And this 16:28

  • Bee_ Boi
    Bee_ Boi

    Bruh if id have a wife like that id file a divorce asap

  • almas mansoor
    almas mansoor

    Pewdiepie lords mobileee lords mobile creator he pronouncing wrong word it time to get break up😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • Max plays cod
    Max plays cod

    Bruh the cheap family already saved money so I don't get it🤣🤣🤣😢

  • DZvidea

    i mean, toilet paper isn't even expansive... just why?

  • Amanda Hall
    Amanda Hall

    Why exactly do they need a bigger home when they have nothing in their home, how is that more cost efficient?

  • Cristina Heiberg
    Cristina Heiberg

    Damn Pewds, you look like shit in this video

  • Zora Lai
    Zora Lai

    They need to buy cheap shit from China 🇨🇳

  • FastNeuro

    I won’t be able to kill those animals and I’m not a child

  • djsnbx nsbshuiw
    djsnbx nsbshuiw

    I'm surprised they didn't just stain the whole carpet to make it the same color

  • GBdudegamer

    The realtor's suit is cheaper than their living room.

  • Jailbreak TEACHER
    Jailbreak TEACHER

    That intro tho

  • Roxtar Amir
    Roxtar Amir

    Honestly, these kind of videos make me feel lucky and grateful to be born to my parents. Spent my childhood looking at other people and their cool houses and expensive accessories and always depressed that my family never had that. Now I can see how much better I had then so many others!

  • Roxtar Amir
    Roxtar Amir

    "Imagine bringing in an animal and the kids love it and then making them eat it." You sure don't know about Muslims Eid tradition do you Pewds?

  • Isabelle Burdge
    Isabelle Burdge

    You shouldn't have kids if you're going to treat them like garbage. Don't buy yourself expensive clothes instead of feeding your child more than 12 cheerios. Disgusting.

  • Lady Breakfast burrito
    Lady Breakfast burrito

    Anyone else know that all they had to do was bleach the stains and use steel wool and soap to get out the stains

  • Francisco Aguas
    Francisco Aguas

    Wow they still have kids i thought they would be 6 feet under

  • roboseypien 552
    roboseypien 552

    what person is spending 20-000 do9llars on furniture? go to oak wood furniture land you can get your kitchen and living room decked out for like less than 5 grand.

  • David

    I like how he manages to make a 10 minute video into a 22 minute video. Never mind

  • William Rosetti
    William Rosetti

    Don’t kill the piggy it’s cute

  • Luca Palomo
    Luca Palomo

    I didn’t know it was possible to kill a living room My parents are sometimes cheap but They know how to put in the work they redid the bathroom and their bedroom by themself

  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm

    You were saying something then discord thought it was a bad word and bleeped it lol

  • GodGamer375 Is My Fortnite Name
    GodGamer375 Is My Fortnite Name

    Bro the sponsor was like 2:50 mins lmao

  • Joshua Rayan 12, A,roll no:- 73
    Joshua Rayan 12, A,roll no:- 73

    Deku X hinata seen

  • PleasePlay

    This is what happens when you do life hacks *TOO MUCH*

  • josh Williams
    josh Williams

    Bruh even I have furniture and I paid like 1 grand for everything

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama

    This is terrible. Some people practices to be cheap which is not bad at all, but their hygiene tho, they're not cleaning. Why not live a comfy life when they can.

  • Tabby Rae
    Tabby Rae

    Shawn done jail time lol that something we did in prison to make water pressure better lol

  • Tabby Rae
    Tabby Rae

    That dam bacon still oinking.. That soft ass bacon

  • Breadcrumz

    18:40 i agree. idc how rich a man is if you roll up and ask for something and you can afford it he dont owe you sh*t. he doesnt even if you cant afford it. it would be out of kindness to give food to the poor but if you just tryna save a buck you can go f*ck yourself.

  • Hiraeth


  • FaZe Hydra
    FaZe Hydra

    I litery watch videos and look at merch9

  • Emma Wesenberg
    Emma Wesenberg

    I still wonder why you make yourself suffer to save money. Like really?

  • Tenteir

    bruh that intro lol

  • K4rl5ter

    This looks clean compared to the hillbilly cheapskates Felix reacted to with Ken.

  • Jason

    Raising chickens and pigs for food isn't a bad idea. My wife and I are talking about that, not for financial reason. It's just healthier when you raise or grow your own food.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    damn woman just get a bidet if you are worried about using too much toilet paper.

  • Karma_Kathrine


  • Jaron

    i feel so touched when I heard that you are supporting my fellow Filipino people, damn I'll never regret supporting you, pewds. You are such a good guy

  • fortnite map makers
    fortnite map makers



    She do be savin for all dat plastic surgery and make up tho

  • Ronaldo_ Slayer21
    Ronaldo_ Slayer21

    That was beyond perfection and that should be a anime


    dat house tho..........


      it like 5 times size of mine

  • Prina Jindal
    Prina Jindal

    Are they gonna pay for college tuition of there kids or not?? Cause that shit's expensive

  • Evilspider 918
    Evilspider 918

    Why don’t they just buy a smaller house so that they can spend money on things inside of the house

  • Sówka

    Epic intro

  • peachyblender

    saw the intro and as soon as i saw the orange and black i knew it was a haikyuu reference-

  • a a
    a a

    Eh plenty of people will put in an offer with dirty/abused carpet as you generally want to replace it anyway when someone was living in it. Same with painting walls. That's over dramatization by TLC. And carpet is SUPER cheap now because everyone wants hardwood, fake hardwood, tile, or replace the carpet anyway.

  • Clayre Suzann
    Clayre Suzann

    its not a wrench 😂

  • aleggziz

    okay🕺 get it w the haikyuu intro 😆🥰👨‍🌾😩🤞‼️

  • klobb

    20:45 nuff said

  • Wafflz

    It looks like there's a computer mouse on felix's face

  • Victor Kelly
    Victor Kelly

    bro the intro lol

  • Fussy 0
    Fussy 0

    17:58 starBuCkS lmao

  • blacksunaccounts

    Your voice is sooooo loud but the sound of the video is super low. Very hard to enjoy 😣


    i love how he censors half of his swears but just doesn't bother for the other 50%

  • Суперсекрет Суперсекретный
    Суперсекрет Суперсекретный

    this is very familiar to children of Soviet parents😔

  • Sankalpa Bhattacharya
    Sankalpa Bhattacharya

    Stop irritating pewdiepie

  • AmethystEyes

    But will I meet my future husband? 🙃

  • madison dukes
    madison dukes

    I’d rather toilet paper than her

  • Infomation Distribution
    Infomation Distribution

    You pay professionals to come slaughter your livestock for a reasonable fee!

  • Sankalpa Bhattacharya
    Sankalpa Bhattacharya


  • madison dukes
    madison dukes

    Best intro

  • Ur Nans Butt Cheeks
    Ur Nans Butt Cheeks

    They went to all that trouble to change the carpet stains with sample but couldn't they have just brought a stain remover?

  • Mikołaj Kosma
    Mikołaj Kosma

    all that for 30grand over 10 years? come on, that's just sad, you don't have to spend 10g on furniture, you can buy nice used couch etc

  • Cartoon Fanatic
    Cartoon Fanatic

    if that's a living room then where's the tv

  • Meta Gaming
    Meta Gaming

    Price of that cap: $50 After pewds sign it: $1000000

  • Thomas Mattacott
    Thomas Mattacott

    That intro was from an anime called haikyuu

  • makala leibli
    makala leibli

    Hey man, about the kids eating their pig friend, lots of us in the south had to learn the hard way to not befriend a farm animal. Usually we would eat it sooner or later and cry at the dinner table. It super sucked.