How To Beat The DEATH GOD'S Game In "Death Note 2"
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You're are the deadliest man alive. But someone is following in your footsteps, and every mistake they make could get you caught. You'll have to sacrifice everyone to outsmart the world's greatest detective. And only the most brutal plans will keep you one step ahead. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Death Note 2 explained and review of how to beat.

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  • Cinema Summary
    Cinema Summary

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    • Predetor

      Can u do the beast of bray road cuz i live in Elkhorn birth place of our monster



    • Mike B
      Mike B

      He 3k a way from 1 million

    • Quincy K.
      Quincy K.

      You should cover the second half of the anime. How to beat Near

    • W1ld

      Yo u made a mistake misa took the eyes again because when the shiniagami that tried to save misa, all the remaining life span went to misa and also rem s life span all was transferred to misa so she would live for a long time

  • Nathan Marasigan
    Nathan Marasigan

    Smoothest sponsor transition

  • E V
    E V

    The one thing I don't understand is why L wrote his own name in the death note and gave himself 3 weeks to live. He could've written something like "L Lawliet will die of a heart attack once his lifespan ends or after x amount of years". Why would he end his life so needlessly?

  • Logan Stick nodes
    Logan Stick nodes

    F to pay respects for lights gf

  • Jadetha Panda
    Jadetha Panda

    I would not give them up instead I would use the gods to my advantage mean the power one could have with two death gods

  • Zack Riggs
    Zack Riggs

    Ima watch that movie

  • Tiya Inko-Tariah
    Tiya Inko-Tariah

    I’m confused, I thought Rem wrote L and his guards name down. But if she only wrote the guards name down why did L pretend to die? How did he even know?

  • Tiya Inko-Tariah
    Tiya Inko-Tariah

    Actually when a death god sacrifices themself for a human, the human gets the death gods life span so Misa is going to life a long life

  • That Transgender Freak
    That Transgender Freak

    Rem is prob my Fav Character from this Anime, She cares for Lisa way too much she put her own life at risk while Ryuku(?) killed Mike which is sick. I cried when Rem died because she's amazing...

  • Cory Zhang
    Cory Zhang

    Death note is like among us

  • Eduard Newkirk
    Eduard Newkirk

    what if the person with the death note was like America

  • Violet

    Misa gained Gelus's lifespan after he saved her life. (Gelus is the Death God that got dusted)

  • Heaux Pas
    Heaux Pas

    Except in the anime when the death god saved her his lifespan was transferred to her. So she would live longer than a human normally would so she could probably afford to make the deal again.

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    giselle delumen

    Have A Damn Good Day.

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    SirNeewa !

    holy crap these damn SPONSER TRANSITIONS

  • monstermaome roblox
    monstermaome roblox

    He made a mistake misa's life wouldn't be 21 years because the God from before saved her giving his remaining life to her meaning she'd still have a long life even after halfing it twice

  • Skylar Ricks
    Skylar Ricks

    why is L so pale

  • Skylar Ricks
    Skylar Ricks

    this would be fine

  • Angel Macias
    Angel Macias

    Now I want a Death Note

  • Isaac Rushworth
    Isaac Rushworth

    Decide when you'll die with the death note then accept his deal for everybody's name, you can make yourself live to a time that when it is halved isn't that bad, you could then kill L and anybody else with no problem.

  • Gamer Kid
    Gamer Kid

    This has to be a joke no way anyone actually enjoyed the live action movies the show is way better😂😂

  • anthony lewis
    anthony lewis

    But why did rem die if the notebook was a fake

  • Jonboybluegaming

    Man I watch too much Technoblade because as soon as you said Sun Tzu I immediately knew where that whole message was going.

  • chris whittington
    chris whittington

    Well since you can't be killed except when and how it's written in a deathnote why not put your name in it starting that you'll live for 1000 years healthy and fully intact, then take the shinigami eyes deal? Best case you will still live for 1000 years and have the eyes, worse case you'll only live for 500 years. Then why only 1000 years originally light wanted to be the god of a utopia that he created so why not 1 million plus years with your youth intact dying in your sleep with, again, a fully intact body.

  • Mad wolf 74
    Mad wolf 74

    i remember you talking about the elecrical hum in the jigsaw video *i learned more from this vid than the last time i was at online school*

  • Stacie Reeder
    Stacie Reeder

    I am guessing burning all the books isn't an option .

  • Chris Handsley
    Chris Handsley

    They literally ruined the storyline with this live action one

  • Gavin Jenkins
    Gavin Jenkins

    How to beat: just bury the notebook somewhere and go on about your life? Maybe if it works this way write your own name down with a date super far in the future, not sure about that one

  • Maksim Panasyuk
    Maksim Panasyuk

    Just wear a face mask you need the full face not half

  • Partha Chaudhary
    Partha Chaudhary

    its sad that light died i wish there would be lights win

  • keith 28
    keith 28

    how does he fit a death movie into a sponsor

  • Chocolate Pancakes • Edible
    Chocolate Pancakes • Edible

    *sun tzu said that*

    • Animated Guy
      Animated Guy

      Ohhh so that's why technoblade watches death note 🤔

  • Ron Doe
    Ron Doe

    That whole rant at 11:00 was pointless if it doesn’t look like it was Kira how would she be cleared as a suspect

  • Dylan Pisani
    Dylan Pisani

    the thing about the copies of the death note is in lights position he isnt kira he doesnt remeber at all so he wouldent make copies

  • Domanic Colon
    Domanic Colon

    Bro my respect for that plug on audible bro it’s through the roof

  • Devyansh Bhardwaj
    Devyansh Bhardwaj

    If Misa haven't deal with ryuk last time for shinigami eyes, maybe Yagami could live longer

  • irishboy

    Such outsmarted

  • MasterGamerPlayz

    This Man Slipped In A Sponsor And Tricked Me Into Not Skipping It

  • irishboy

    I am like a crazy Scooby foo guy. So I could find a way to outsmart them

  • муѕтιк _
    муѕтιк _

    sees art of war''TECHNOBLADE

  • Goldenツ

    And this is why death notes do not exists because of this guy. Even the death gods can call him a demon

  • Roman Broggi
    Roman Broggi

    I'm making this comment at the start of the video so I don't know if what I'm going to say happens or not ok so figure out L real name then have him die from eating to much sugar

  • x yx
    x yx

    I would just have a random criminal die,but before that I would make him turn himself in claiming he was Kira (like the video suggest) and have him be sentence to death row, after that to not draw suppision I would use the death note 2-3 weeks at the very least and have my targets death be randomized, It's a very simple solution that doesn't require the death eyes nor one of the gods sacrificing herself

  • It-Gamer

    This one is so much better than the American version. I lived the anime

  • bieltanman

    the anime is so stupid with the ending

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    Maxwell Bodell

    Honestly the cleanest ad transition I’ve ever seen.

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    The audible add was genius ngl

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    Gotcha boy

    OK the way you did the audible thingy yeah that was a very good transition

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    all according to keikaku

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    where did you find this movie even though im english i still like the movie can you tell where you found this from please thank you...l

  • Adam Kotes
    Adam Kotes

    Idk why they could be angry at Light when he just killed criminals and helped the country

  • Mihajlo Pesic
    Mihajlo Pesic


  • Trevua Mirai
    Trevua Mirai

    7:40 misa told her friend to make it for her so her fingerprints wouldn't be there

  • Alyssa Grace Besinga
    Alyssa Grace Besinga

    Light *im a gay* EDIT 1: i thought Light was asexual, *guess he had a girlfriend*

  • sourt lee
    sourt lee

    thats alota damage

  • Esther Ki
    Esther Ki

    Lol The detective candy dude is just like are yiu there it make it more funny cuz he had a candy while doing it lol

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    Elijah Murray

    This dudes conversions to adds is next level

  • Kenneth Ballard
    Kenneth Ballard

    wait wait hold up, what if you wrote your own name in there and said you died like, when the universe ends that wat nobody can ever kill you, making you immortal

  • pyro

    death note more like deaf note i hate myself :)

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    Zack Gaming

    I really want a death note

  • Kieran Chapman
    Kieran Chapman

    You know someone did something wrong when he pauses the movie and says "OK"

  • Stickman Extravaganza
    Stickman Extravaganza

    18:50 in the anime she gets the life of the death god who had been watching her, which was a fuck ton so she had lot of wiggle room with the death god eyes

  • Kieran Chapman
    Kieran Chapman

    "You are the deadliest serial killer in the world" Ah yes

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming

    Y oí should do more anime

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    Esther Ki

    I feel like the dude called death note is brothers with the white skeleton dude

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    ExistenceExarch gacha

    that smooth way to go from video about death note to audible (2:04)

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    shawk The system

    If a bone is too big for your mouth it's not yours -sun tzu art of war

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    Tanawin C

    when he threw shade to Joffrey💀💀

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    Ibrahim Hussein

    Break all the rules

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    Princess Belle

    my mind is going to explode- is the white god rem? or is he EL ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Princess Belle
    Princess Belle

    if this dude was a serial killer we would be more flipped up than the death note movie

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    Lee Gavin

    My brain:knowledge My brain watching other vid:KnOWlEDge

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    Krystof Jedlinski

    do death note 3

  • Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
    Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    5:03 to show you the power of death note I found this criminal menace to society!

  • Darkness boy
    Darkness boy

    No one can beat me! I have 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 IQ! 2 + 2 = 22

  • NoGuesty

    L looks dead

  • Ranch Man
    Ranch Man

    Idk if I’m weird for thinking this, but Rems hair looks tasty, by that I mean that it looks like a gummy worm

  • jabertcul 123
    jabertcul 123

    So they just skipped like half the story in the movie lol.

  • clover

    Is anybody else just watching the movie-

  • big boi
    big boi

    #2 kira magic eyes be like: sharingan done

  • Garry

    damn L played light

  • Uchiha _Itachi
    Uchiha _Itachi

    This sucks anime is best.

  • Uchiha _Itachi
    Uchiha _Itachi

    Why is the name death note 2?

  • Sophia Wright
    Sophia Wright

    I dont think you realise but if 2 people have a death note they can not kill each other with the death note

  • Double Koala
    Double Koala

    that sponsor transition was smooth good work

  • NuggieBuggieGacha

    1:46 technoblade would be proud my friend

  • The Howling Gamer
    The Howling Gamer

    About 4 minutes in I have to rule check your plan. It may have not gotten into this detail in the movie however in the anime they show that someone CANNOT give info to a random person they have never met. The closest you could get is to have an employee go mad and give out names of anyone with police ties hopeful that Kira would spare them from crimes committed only to be shot down by police out of rage. This would erase the direct link needed that the deathnote would instead just give a heart attack to the person for. This in fact was technically done in the anime to send a message to L, "L did you know gods of death love red apples." as the person simply left a message in blood before they suffered a heart attack. A foolish by light to give away one of his powers, but a proper rules test.

    • The Howling Gamer
      The Howling Gamer

      19 minutes in, rule check, same rule. Though this time with an extra wall. Not only does the name still need to be on paper for the rule to follow though the conditions need to be able to be fulfilled. This was even lightly touched on with the first movie as if the woman didn't kill Light's GF then the cops would have in cross fire or mistaking her as the suspect. If the target does not know L they cannot DIRECTLY contact. This also means that the creditably is lowered because they have to start by giving the info either at the bottom of the user has to know each name of the person that would forward the info up the chain of command. In the same experiment in the anime Light tried to get someone to die while in jail by breaking out only to get a gun to kill themselves. This failed and ended in a heart attack.


    The full story is good But L can't cheat a deathgod but swapping a fake Death Note

  • AceOrca Vll
    AceOrca Vll

    The live action did light dirty. He was a lot smarter in the anime

  • Golden Zebra
    Golden Zebra

    Okay but why does the police station where the 2nd kira is held looks like a BDSM chamber 😂😂

  • Kevin Shang
    Kevin Shang

    dude, I just realized how cool you look in real life XD

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    Selina Luo Qiu

    is death note.from japan

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    Slasher Doo

    There's a number 2??

  • CoGaMo

    it is half of the remaining lifespan not the full lifespan were you watching dub or something

  • CoGaMo

    the original source material was better

  • Brick & Stud
    Brick & Stud

    How to beat death note: Don't pick up the book.

  • GatewayTo HIFL
    GatewayTo HIFL

    When the live action ended better than the anime

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    tiny kid

    That was the sneakiest sponsorship on the planet Nice