$10,000 Impossible Football Logo Quiz
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  • aj styles
    aj styles

    Behz knows ball


    Sideman pls react to khaby lame

  • Andrew sanderson
    Andrew sanderson

    When ksi does not know nothing about football 🤣

  • Сандуғаш Сақып
    Сандуғаш Сақып

    Yo ,this video is so chill

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • David Mufukama
    David Mufukama

    jj looks like he doesnt know most of them but his like yah yah when simon says something

  • Mohamad Abbas Bou Hamdan
    Mohamad Abbas Bou Hamdan

    1:25 did ethan just say the n-word or am i tripping?

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    100 guesses on each one and they buzzing to get it... They failed straight away when all guessed wrong

  • O.B.M

    jj kept say I knew it the hole video

  • Edgar Jr Escoto
    Edgar Jr Escoto

    That sporting cat needs to be fed lol

  • HypixelSiq

    got all

  • AV_JSH

    Who else only clicked to see if their club was on here lol

  • SPADES S60
    SPADES S60

    did anybody notice ethan said the N word at 1:25

  • Ollie Walton
    Ollie Walton

    No one says Florentina 🤣🤣

  • Stanley Fitton
    Stanley Fitton

    Don't be mean to leeds

  • Darius Isaac
    Darius Isaac


  • Mat S
    Mat S

    JJ wouldn’t even recognize old Arsenal logos…

  • Simon McVitty Östborg
    Simon McVitty Östborg

    When jj laughs at 93 pounds and you don’t have halv of that in your bank account😭😂

  • Uriel alejandro Guevara gomez
    Uriel alejandro Guevara gomez

    No mexican teams They dont know about soccer

  • usmman marzuki
    usmman marzuki

    i love how ksi just wait for answer

  • Ashley Selvin
    Ashley Selvin


  • Ashley Selvin
    Ashley Selvin

    7 wrong

  • Ace365

    Am I the only one who noticed that ethan said the N-word - 1:24

  • Thabo Ncube
    Thabo Ncube

    Ethan spent the entire time combing his beard and 'half a cm' tasche

  • Jual Akun
    Jual Akun

    Mr.Knowledge hahah

  • Christian Lekera
    Christian Lekera

    *pauses the timer* sidemen: we didn't cheat

  • Muhd Afif Danial
    Muhd Afif Danial

    damn i expected more from simon

  • Emir Tube
    Emir Tube

    Bro wheres the footbal master Haroldinho?

  • Petar Mijatović
    Petar Mijatović

    shaqiri in serbia

  • J R
    J R

    i got all of them

  • StroudyHD


  • Srikanth

    The first time I watched this video I got Bremen and Villarreal wrong; this time I got Villarreal wrong again ;(

  • Cooper Liam
    Cooper Liam

    The uppity refrigerator proximally fade because mom disappointedly strap for a ugliest america. melted, optimal authorisation

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia

    Ksi don’t know shit lol

  • Taggar Nu
    Taggar Nu

    This was extremely easy, got all of them

  • DooNo7

    PSV = Ajax

  • Cathal Olooney
    Cathal Olooney

    Simmons maths 🤫🤫🤔🤔😕😕😕

  • Danlfc 18
    Danlfc 18


  • Nathan Lhoni
    Nathan Lhoni

    JJ must watch about 4 games a season his football knowledge is lacking 🤧🤧

  • Reggie Shelton
    Reggie Shelton

    You know anyone would take £93 to do a 12 min video haha 😆

  • Zakku

    Ethan looks better wid that camera

  • we Snooker
    we Snooker

    Got the Manchester City one instantly but I’m a city fan haha

  • mwmas 3159
    mwmas 3159


  • Daniel Silverman
    Daniel Silverman

    I’m surprised I only got one wrong

  • Scott10@hotmail.com manutd10
    Scott10@hotmail.com manutd10

    Love your content I got 18

  • Max Thewlis
    Max Thewlis

    Y does bez have Nokia airpod pros in 😂😂😂

  • Night King 48
    Night King 48

    Ethan went absolute god-mode, got a ton of club badges that even *I* couldn’t recognize

  • kieran gilbert
    kieran gilbert

    100% gang where you at

  • Athithan

    Watching this video is less boring, if you watch it at 2x speed!

  • Ak Go
    Ak Go

    Bhez knows his ball 👌🔥

  • Duarte Cardoso
    Duarte Cardoso

    11:09 It's not "Sporting Lisbon" JJ, just "Sporting", "Sporting CP" or "Sporting Portugal"

  • Andreas Kahr
    Andreas Kahr

    I got 27

  • Jigyas Sharma
    Jigyas Sharma

    Did Ethan say the n word at 1:25?

  • dabossthecoolyt

    I got all correct exept sporting

  • Andrew Song
    Andrew Song

    4:50 for a second my mind thought about calfreezy

  • Woo berry
    Woo berry

    I got three wrong

  • Hamo Ballo
    Hamo Ballo

    Respect to ethan’s knowledge

  • Daniel Just for fun
    Daniel Just for fun

    Get Harry in one of these videos everyone

  • yasssin mahmoud
    yasssin mahmoud

    simons a twt

  • Jack Porter
    Jack Porter

    Tf is he brushing his bumfluff for, there's nothing there mate.

  • Tyzon Tomasits
    Tyzon Tomasits

    i only got 2 wrong when i did tis

  • Mashpotatoboi 1212
    Mashpotatoboi 1212

    But I got every other one

  • Mashpotatoboi 1212
    Mashpotatoboi 1212

    The ones they didn’t get and I got were betis and Milan

  • joey barnaby
    joey barnaby

    have tobi harry and josh do this

  • Reiss Johnston
    Reiss Johnston

    23 alone

  • David Dias
    David Dias

    IS NOT Sporting Lisbon guys is Sporting Clube de Portugal

  • Alberto Vazquez
    Alberto Vazquez

    1:25 bruh did Ethan said the n word or is it just me?

  • Charlie Mulcahy
    Charlie Mulcahy

    Behz carried hard this video

  • Green machine
    Green machine

    Ethan brushing his beard like he has much of one. 😂 Jk man love ya. But still.....😬

  • Jack Rammy
    Jack Rammy

    What’s the £10,000 part? 😅😅😅

  • Funky Pigeon
    Funky Pigeon

    I love it now when Simon said 10,000 pound Simon and even than was happy and jj didn't give a shit

  • Ruhi Patel
    Ruhi Patel

    I got 0 cause I’m not a football fan

  • Chris Townsend
    Chris Townsend

    I got every single en

  • Zedja

    They are shithousing the answers by giving multiple answers and then taking the win if any of them are correct. This would only work if they said a club each and not the same person.

  • Adriano Cinanni Perez
    Adriano Cinanni Perez

    Ethan is coming his beard the whole time

  • Monty Rotman
    Monty Rotman

    28 /30

  • Zayd Bhatti
    Zayd Bhatti

    I literally got only 7/20 lmao

  • gambo666

    Couldnt be ethan combing his beard in the intro

  • siddboyorigins

    Why is ethan nor in his apartment

  • Krish kr7
    Krish kr7

    Sporting CP is different to sporting Lisbon you Frauds ....

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Behz watch this vid before the recording started because he wanted to get them right

  • d41kness

    why is jj here again ???

  • Emre Özmen
    Emre Özmen

    got goosebumps when they said galatasaray even if it was wrong

  • Will Russel
    Will Russel

    This was a great video

  • Chris Blech
    Chris Blech

    8:48 quick maffs

  • Guy Assa
    Guy Assa

    Ethan: 80% Simon: 20% Jj: "yeah"

  • Weliveon IG
    Weliveon IG

    Anyone see when Simon said Ronalds from sporting Lisbon LOOL his from Madeira not Portugal

  • Enoch Chilala
    Enoch Chilala

    Bhez carried the vid

  • Martim Rosendo
    Martim Rosendo

    JJ is Sporting Clube de Portigal, Sport Lisbon is Benfica, the rival club ahhahah

  • Adrian Mathews
    Adrian Mathews

    Ethan: Flo- Jj: yeah florentina

  • Vizz Varadhan
    Vizz Varadhan

    Having Harry in this vid would have been interesting... But it is what it is.

  • Ronin Correia
    Ronin Correia

    Simon we are down to 1.125 sick math man

  • Zaha7a

    I'm impressed I guessed more clubs right than 3 sidemens .. big W

  • jonah yee
    jonah yee

    Surely we get harry Tobi and Josh also react see who wins

  • cullen hart
    cullen hart

    what did ethan say at 1:24-1:26 the fuck????

  • Ohwan

    jj looks hella awkward😂

  • James Webb
    James Webb

    100% gang wya

  • Sebastian Lico
    Sebastian Lico


  • Anthony Salas
    Anthony Salas

    Ksi really showed knowledge in this video

  • Nathan Rayes
    Nathan Rayes

    What's the point of putting $10,000 in the title? makes no sense whatsoever.