KSI - Wake Up Call (Official Live Performance) | Sport Relief 2020
ISdownsr, turned boxer, turned rapper KSI will give his first ever television performance to play his latest Top 20 single Wake Up Call. This is a world exclusive and we are very happy to have KSI perform live to raise awareness.

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  • Tango

    This crowd sucks

  • Yung Mogli
    Yung Mogli

    the thing is that is how he acts

  • GC Makeup!
    GC Makeup!

    Now he's number 1 on official charts So proud 👏👏👏

  • Return of the Mack
    Return of the Mack

    Still better then the KSI show....

  • Shourya Oza
    Shourya Oza


  • Evette Vasquez
    Evette Vasquez

    Jj did amazing but the lady she needs to calm down

  • Dragon Ball z
    Dragon Ball z

    Ksi dancing teacher be like

  • Cum Stain
    Cum Stain

    For the people bitching about the crowd being dead, it was performed on BBC, so it was a TV performance. Obviously the crowd would be silent during the performance

  • M Gavin
    M Gavin

    So cringe

    • Grakulm

      i know right

  • Aaron Brosnan
    Aaron Brosnan

    The dance on the beat is so coldddddd

  • Secret Name
    Secret Name

    Lezzgo lil nas

  • Hector M
    Hector M

    That's our fatneek!!

    • Grakulm

      it is what it is

  • TheGamesterZ

    Bruh this is legit like a Kpop concert, but such a dead crowd 😐, Our Fatneek Nailed it tho!!

  • Simply Saz
    Simply Saz

    1:25 is just so legendary and I have no clue why to this day

  • Uzmah Kosar
    Uzmah Kosar


  • Uzmah Kosar
    Uzmah Kosar

    We didn’t know the he can pull that out of the bag

  • Sean Leary Music
    Sean Leary Music

    "Stop making me wear hats" made me laugh way too hard

  • sarim waseem
    sarim waseem

    I like this song

  • Bleadze King
    Bleadze King

    Garbage but happy he's caking with this

  • Julius Gee
    Julius Gee

    Bro that’s the dance from fortnite

  • JT Games
    JT Games

    Bro makes me so proud to British!

  • justcallme_gamer

    9 years ago this was a kid that played fifa

  • Erica Jones
    Erica Jones

    Hit them moves jj

  • Chrenius

    Cringe asf

  • shiron radiation
    shiron radiation

    Where is trippe red?

  • Skeleton Steve
    Skeleton Steve

    Is that Toby in the back doing the turn tables

  • Aubrey Russell-Alexander
    Aubrey Russell-Alexander

    He has a built in Christmas hat! 😂😂😂

  • moaz _759_
    moaz _759_

    I bet you that 99% of them crowd didn't know jj but they were still enjoying this song

  • E L I J A H
    E L I J A H

    im so pround of our fat neek

  • shush

    The dead crowd makes this 100 times worse istg

  • Jacob smith
    Jacob smith

    They grow up so fast 😭

  • Jack McMahon
    Jack McMahon

    I literally don’t know how ksi stayed so calm at the beginning when them people wouldn’t F off!

    • Squeaky Muzik
      Squeaky Muzik


  • PThe1✔️

    So proud lol 😅😭👏

  • Jaymi Parr
    Jaymi Parr

    Harry styles would definitely wear that whole outfit including the shoes 😂

  • Jaymi Parr
    Jaymi Parr

    ‘Why’s she on my leg?’ He’s hilarious 😂

  • TimL

    I won't lie right, I really don't like the song or his music in general but you HAVE to respect it. I mean this is the same dude that made Heskey time lmao whether you like it or think its cringey or whatever seeing him do this makes me extremely proud

  • Christian March
    Christian March

    yessir jj can dance

  • Jam

    I imagine you gotta be pretty fit to do that, I couldn't be dancing about then rapping/singing right after, I'd be knackered

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown

    Funny transition jj

  • Cameron Hawthorn
    Cameron Hawthorn

    Can’t believe this was a year ago

  • PSS Kayo
    PSS Kayo

    this was a year ago

  • Aarya Bhardwaj
    Aarya Bhardwaj

    Ayyyyyyyyy he killed IT

  • taiba zafar
    taiba zafar

    Was JJ supposed to be mad?

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn


  • Amy Wagner
    Amy Wagner

    Jets go

  • HunterRichardsTV

    Santa called. He said he’s coming to town and he is performing for Sport Relief.

  • Jason Boothby
    Jason Boothby

    King of England ISdowns KSI

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn


  • Phoebe

    This is the guy that boxed Logan Paul and won lol

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn


  • The Red Nose Collecter
    The Red Nose Collecter

    Right before covid fucked everything up

  • OTAKU-kun :]
    OTAKU-kun :]

    Imagine someone screaming fatneek

  • Kalisha Mistry
    Kalisha Mistry

    still manages to get the bandana on his fit the fact the crowd starts liking it after they do fortnite dances

  • Trying to be A good guy
    Trying to be A good guy

    I thought it was Ethan at the first side of the video

  • Sr. Supreme
    Sr. Supreme

    People really hating on KSI, but he has platinum records and is on National TV and worked with Grammy Award Winning Artists... sad bro, sad

  • N0T Z10N
    N0T Z10N

    Song so catchy

  • Bradley Bierton
    Bradley Bierton

    JJs got moves ya know my guy

  • Paritosh Munge
    Paritosh Munge

    i just realized he doesn't need a santa hat 0:01

  • Elca Bena
    Elca Bena

    The auto tune of his tracks

  • Skippy playz
    Skippy playz

    Singing 0/10 dancing 10000/10

  • M z
    M z

    Moments before the pandemic started. :'(

  • David Agnew
    David Agnew

    1:27 Smooth

  • shan

    If you like him or not, you have to agree that he’s a ISdowns icon.


    Finally someone who sounds better live than in the songs

  • Alfie Ridler
    Alfie Ridler

    He has gone so far shame it a dead af crowed

  • David Agnew
    David Agnew

    What a shite crowd

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    How does he know to dance Our fatneek

  • LViiZxMz Martinex
    LViiZxMz Martinex

    The song sounds better without Ksi. U can't tell me otherwise.

  • Ioan Roberts
    Ioan Roberts

    Dead crowd

  • Rhys

    It feels so weird seeing no masks...

  • Robbie wilson
    Robbie wilson

    I forgot ISdowns to say in my comment the king of ISdowns ksi and pewdiepie

  • Robbie wilson
    Robbie wilson

    I was just doing something upstairs then my mum shouted me down and told me to watch this and ksi boom the king of rapping the king of boxing and the King besides pewdiepie

  • FTW

    From someone who lives in Britain are public are cringe nonces

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn


    • jimmyjoe6543


  • Jesse Her
    Jesse Her

    2:10 This is what JJ or KSI should have said to Loogay Pooal

  • Lie 66
    Lie 66

    Im actually proud of ksi best luck to him man

  • Dan Welsby
    Dan Welsby

    I though he had a Santa hat on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Bri Israel
      Bri Israel


  • Xander Blaze
    Xander Blaze

    Beat :- Drops Babatunde :- Bounces Earth :- Quakes

  • one click get hit
    one click get hit

    its called bbc for a reason and its bc jj walked in :)

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn


  • Cyclic Warrior
    Cyclic Warrior

    Crowd didn't even know jj but at the end they were vibing with it 🙂

  • koki!

    1:27 this series of moves by KSI will forever be iconic😂😂😂

  • Zaki_ ounoughi
    Zaki_ ounoughi

    That was mad

  • young dexter
    young dexter

    Where is trippy redd

  • Crimzon99

    Do people not realise this is a sport relief crowd lmfao

  • Harvister.c

    Remember when TV shows had audience. Better time

  • RedSusFr

    set 8's when the fire alarm go off - 0:22

  • Cesar

    He looks like Santa Claus

  • ManchesterLaLaLa

    Ayo big ups man, JJ smashed it

  • Fermented Salmon
    Fermented Salmon

    Fucken weapon 😂😂😂😂

  • voyager void
    voyager void


  • S S
    S S


  • Z1nx

    Rocomending gang

  • RnThree

    can't lie jj got some moves

  • J H
    J H


  • Jnyan Pandit
    Jnyan Pandit


    • Jnyan Pandit
      Jnyan Pandit

      Also wtf is he wearing lol jk

  • Actual Random
    Actual Random

    Why are there comments from 7 months ago?

  • McMuffin

    Trippie is his revenue yet couldn’t get him in a live performance... Just JK this was actually sick though

  • hansel

    literal chills i get

  • Ed Ruby
    Ed Ruby

    this crowd is whiter than a guy clapping after the plane lands

  • emma Kinney
    emma Kinney

    Tha audience not seeing the music vid probably thinking he’s just rude

  • Israr Nassar
    Israr Nassar

    Imagine someone shouting Fatneek 🤣🤣🤣

  • BordableYT

    Some guy named TriHard7 has spoke the most facts ever and i quote "Sucks it’s such a dead crowd he actually performed well and has done so much for ISdowns. Thanks king"

  • Ian Chia
    Ian Chia

    Who is watching in November 2020 lol

  • Lewis Jevons
    Lewis Jevons

    KSI at the beginning trying to avoid language unsuitable for TV is incredibly cringeworthy XD