deadmau5 - Work From Home Chill Mix
stay home, listen to deadmau5
0:00 - Get In The October Cart, Pig
5:38 - I Remember
10:46 - HR 8938 Cephei
20:54 - Closer
26:58 - Tiny Dancer (feat. Casey Barnes) - deadmau5 Remix
32:58 - Faxing You (Faxing Berlin Vocal Edit)
40:43 - somb
42:13 - Silent Picture (Grabbitz Vocal Edit)
45:11 - SATRN
51:13 - COASTED
57:30 - Suckfest9001
1:00:39 - Mercedes
1:09:39 - Muranyi - deadmau5 Remix
1:13:58 - CETUS
1:21:12 - The Longest Road (feat. Lissie) - deadmau5 Remix
1:26:41 - A Moment To Myself
1:29:33 - Somewhere Up Here
1:34:32 - Strobe (kimau5 Edit)
Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!
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© deadmau5

  • Jacob Mather
    Jacob Mather

    anywhere I can find this faxing berlin x you and I remix on its own? original link from this vid won't work anymore

  • frostygnosis

    Twat! Waste of bandwidth.

  • Brandonbrandon


  • Brandonbrandon

    😎 ❤️

  • Sara Dee
    Sara Dee

    So listening to this while I'm doing homework and grading papers.

  • ElyOtto

    time for a nostalgia trip

  • Brandonbrandon


  • Chronusman22

    tiny dancer gg


    love from india🏁 - edm lovers

  • Peter Nenner
    Peter Nenner

    Awesome mix! But vocal from 5:00 could be less loud

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan

    Perfect. Thanks so much!

  • Tasha Robertson
    Tasha Robertson

    I hear you punish myself as a fan for listening to mostly news for the past year & not chilling TF out.... Now let the healing begin 💝💖💌💗💞💟❣💛🌎✌🏾

  • mark1138

    This is exactly what I needed right now. Thanks so much deadmau5! Niagara represent

  • IPconfigEARTH


  • Nick Santos
    Nick Santos

    This mix is pretty shit tbh.

  • esketit




  • Race Smith
    Race Smith

    Gets me pumped, keeps me going, thank you for the beats

  • Janosch Lutscher
    Janosch Lutscher

    so so so so so good. But it's so good that I never get past the first 10 minutes...

    • Janosch Lutscher
      Janosch Lutscher

      okay finally made it to 40 and it keeps getting better

  • Mendoza Gonzalez
    Mendoza Gonzalez

    OMG that beat that kicks in at 3:00 is a gd BANGER!!!😲🤯 Miss seeing mau5 live with all my❤️ Soon hopefully!!🙏

  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account

    Holy shit i woke up and smoked a toke right ? typing to an ex gf while listening to my B A S S F A C E playlist right ? this fucking song starts, is not in my playlist and am very unfamiliar with this song, i straight up thought that was a sound my tummy was making and it was like draining fluid into my chest cavity and i got so scared and freaked out a bit, placing my hand on my stomach trying to feel where the sound was coming from, and then it started picking up and realized im still in youtube .

    • Deleted Account
      Deleted Account

      Get In The October Cart, Pig i mean


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  • Francois Schumans
    Francois Schumans

    would like to hear all i had/all i have in a next episode, this is the good stuf!

    • Haldor Asheim
      Haldor Asheim

      they were actually in the original mix, but ISdowns didn't allow it... so had to remove them

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    Clint Rinaudo

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    Ashley Hanson

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  • ryan d
    ryan d

    That equipment in the background looks very complex and complicated

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    Thatcher Dudek

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  • Simon Piovarči
    Simon Piovarči

    the tiny dancer remix is something I never knew I needed


      that song is top most played in my library, its incredible, and i dont know what song is playing at 1 hour 30 minutes but it's deadly

    • Blaze Welpott
      Blaze Welpott

      I listen to this mix specifically for that remix😅

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    Isidore Legrant

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    Wendel Kos

    This is why we all love the MOU5E :)

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    Rob Works out

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    Ryan Hannigan

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    Ethan Peck

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  • Germain

    Excellent 💿

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    Matthew LopeZ

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    Nik D'Agostino

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  • Sergey B
    Sergey B

    I will assume this is hi-five quality :) love you J

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    Trap Rap Trends

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  • The_404

    Can't believe it's been a whole year of this. also, this is responsible for getting Tiny Dancer stuck in my head for teh last 9 ish months >_>

  • Rishi Chawda
    Rishi Chawda

    Best of deadmau5. 🤩

  • Shaun Hooper
    Shaun Hooper

    can we buy this mix from somewhere?

  • Roniel Gutierrez
    Roniel Gutierrez

    He still got it

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

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