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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • colinfurze

    Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

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      Maurice Trueman

      Still waiting for updates, fun fun fun

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      arejezz meister

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    Steve Pavett

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    Henry Champion

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    michael burnell

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    Sss A

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    Marwin YT

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    Kristina Scharp

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    Cooper van Laarhoven

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    Anders Ekstrand Rasmussen

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    Jeff Gedgaud

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    Tony Schneider

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    Raymond Fagan

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    Came here to check up to see if you were still alive, the silence has had me worried for a few days now. From other commenters, your Instagram is still active....so looking forward to your next video!

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    its been to months u alright did it collapse on u???

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    The Boom

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    CJ Lowe

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    forever meloun

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    Hey COLIN, we already missed your Vlog project, hopefully you finish it very soon so we can see the final results.

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    Have you take in mind that when the ground freezes and melts its gonna crack the concrete?

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    Did Colin die?

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    Colin furze building tunnels underground to get from the house to the shed because walking through the garden is just to easy 😂😂

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    Dominik Ćwik

    Greetings from Poland, I love watching your videos !!


    Where ya at bro. Having withdrawals here.

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    Professor Dr Savage

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      darkking steinhauer

      he posted stuff on insta 2 days ago so I assume he is alright

  • Justin Mason
    Justin Mason

    The cartel would have already had that tunnel 10 miles from your house by now

  • Justin Mason
    Justin Mason

    Wouldn't digging, laying a 4-6ft pipe, and backfilling be so much faster and possibly cheaper?

    • Justin Mason
      Justin Mason

      @Neil Clark My 2nd one was too. But I'm still curious about my original comment. I'm wondering if he is just do this for the challenge or if there's an actual purpose. I guess because he can't dig so close to(and under) the buildings...? Definitely an expensive labor intensive task though. I can't wait to see the next part

    • Neil Clark
      Neil Clark

      @Justin Mason my comment was tongue in cheek.

    • Justin Mason
      Justin Mason

      @Neil Clark I can't imagine how a truck full of concrete wouldn't give away the secret. I'm also guessing that the concrete truck made quite a bit of noise for somebody who wanted to be silent 🤣 he should have just started breeding gophers and put them to work

    • Neil Clark
      Neil Clark

      How is that "secret"?

  • Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving
    Animals Of Evolution Always Evolving

    Bro for 350$ you could have pumped all the concrete....Jesus lord. I guarantee you there are assload of voids the way you did it. All that time and money to do so shitty with the concrete is bullshit. Get lost you rich pos

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    Mr clip dat

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    QUINN res

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    Patrick Scaia

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  • Patrick Scaia
    Patrick Scaia

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    Ynot Drappehs

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    Lon Johnson

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    Michael Abraham

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    Caleb Hauska

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    The That One

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  • Andy Bakewell
    Andy Bakewell

    Hi Colin. I love your tunnel build. I hope things are still going ok.. I have a suggestion for your next build. Please can you build an electric mobility scooter that transforms into a performance go kart. Could you make it start at the regulation height and width but then the seat goes down and track gets wider to make a high performance go kart (with a lockable diff?? Thanks for your brilliant videos.

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    Louie Alty

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    Entitled Human beings

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    Gaz Duncan

    Where are you furze? have town planning caught up with you? at least you know some good tunnelling techniques. Cant wait to see where you're up to.


    What did the librarian said to the kid? ... Read more


    17:47 OK Few weeks in England = 2 months 📝📝

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    Carl Seddon

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    Aditya Kalyankar

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    Now just think if u took some of the metal made a jig to use shot create and then saved a ton of work by casting it with wire mesh bingo dig pour push ahead as u dig more then pour and so on its how i did my setup for in sand and slick works for rock too! This way gives a smooth final finish in 3 steps not 50 steps!


    This dude got a fat bank account 😳

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    Joshua Balaban

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    Steve Tucker

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    David Turk

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  • FBI


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    Bjørn Erik Danielsen

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    Sad Fire

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    PlayIn Puddles

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    adam Ontario

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  • adam Ontario
    adam Ontario

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