Guessing Singers From Their VOICE Only #2

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Guessing Singers From Their VOICE Only #2

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Edited by Joshua Fish

  • Black dragon
    Black dragon

    Are you cheating?

  • Timothy Sooknanan
    Timothy Sooknanan

    I guessed the lil wayne

  • Grace Parke
    Grace Parke

    Roomie needs to be in the masked singer judge man

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee

    on the 4th one when it zoomed into the crowd didn't it look like spencer horseman or sean ryan fox from henry danger

  • Murshida Najnin
    Murshida Najnin


  • Jojo

    roomie needs to be a judge lmfao.

  • Linnea Frangipane
    Linnea Frangipane

    Well i just realized how much i prefer the german version of the masked singer lol

  • Brinley scott
    Brinley scott

    You got reality tv star right in Caitlyn

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose

    when I tell you I said “that’s lil Wayne” and IT WAS I was so proud 🤣

  • IAM._.NYLA.

    It it just me who thought he said apple eats instead of athlete😭💀

  • Yemi Fatusin
    Yemi Fatusin

    People are not black or white therepeople just people

  • Yemi Fatusin
    Yemi Fatusin

    We are brown not black

  • Ashton Ukah
    Ashton Ukah

    You should work on your autotune in your songs first

  • Maryellen Llovera
    Maryellen Llovera

    The ultra lead early transport because calendar microbiologically release unlike a fixed israel. dreary, acrid cricket

  • Lily Ladner
    Lily Ladner

    Girl monster , boy monster ,and grandpa monster JAKE PAUL???????????????????🤔 😮😂

  • Chezne Nickolson
    Chezne Nickolson

    time stamp (13:19) joel we all know that you didn't acully shoot yourself. (please dont say stuff like that)

  • {☹︎sad}

    Lil pitchy on the show: *lil pitchy comes out of his costume* EVERYONE: who are you one person: OMG LIL PITCHY JOEL OMG lol

  • Ke Ru
    Ke Ru

    Do what sad they got clues and they did not get most of them then u got them first try

  • MonkeyCole09

    Robot was 18th not 12th

  • MonkeyCole09

    He should have done only girl, or my heart will go on instead of thats what I like

  • Cassia Webb
    Cassia Webb

    Frickin Logan Paul


    no dude seriously Chloe Kim is sooooooooooooo famous like everyone who does a winter sport or watches the winter Olympics knows her. But it's still cool if you don't know her

  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond

    Love your vids

  • Vali W
    Vali W

    “How am I this good at this” -Roomie 2021

  • yoshi meal 5.95
    yoshi meal 5.95

    Wait was that stop drift time by bow wow

  • Hunter TheGreat
    Hunter TheGreat

    Definitely stagrd

  • awesome possom
    awesome possom

    I knew that was Logan paul

  • jdog flip
    jdog flip

    how do u not know friday im in love

  • Chloe Pereira
    Chloe Pereira

    how was that logan

  • Kim B, that's me
    Kim B, that's me

    LMAO - I got Kermit right!

  • YTM-08 Sensei
    YTM-08 Sensei

    Bra video du borde reagera på Svenska Masked Singer!

  • jimi kickflip
    jimi kickflip

    the fear in his eyes when it was caitlin jenner

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    Lol your so harsh! Theyre not all professional singers!

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    I fn love Lil wayne

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    How did you not automatically recognize Lil wayne?!

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    I dont watch this show but if they perform weekly and only show themselves in the last one i would assume its not really them in the other performances because its already recorded so they could have anyone under it

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    Its so autotuned because the show thinks they cant sing good enough?

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    So funny how they pretend to be singing live when obviously theyre not with a huge mask on

  • Sharose H
    Sharose H

    Arent they going to run out of people to use though? Like how many non singer famous people that can sing is out there? Unless they use a lot of actual singers which is kind of lame

  • Cooll guy
    Cooll guy

    Imagine roomie on this show.

  • shadowmask52

    In the crowd Jake Paul was in the crowd when Logan was on stage

  • M Harter
    M Harter

    His guessing was way better than the first part 🤣

  • Hᴏɴᴇʏ_乃ㄩ几ᔕ

    Please do icecream one

  • DoNotTrusty

    5:00 I love how much he struggles to get out the second trumpet.

  • Sheena Ireland
    Sheena Ireland

    5:54 the Logan Paul face there is the funniest crap I've seen all day 😂😂😂

  • Sheena Ireland
    Sheena Ireland

    I know some of these bcauz I watch the TV show

  • GamingBananaPlayz

    This man's musical knowledge is mental

  • Casey Wenger
    Casey Wenger

    React to monster season 1

  • Katherine Engelstad
    Katherine Engelstad

    Fact of the day: Leann Rimes wrote and sang her first song when she was 13 years old!

    • Jest Horror
      Jest Horror

      That's really impressive

  • Laura Whiteside
    Laura Whiteside

    I watch the show and there’s no auto tune

  • Hafu Mobster
    Hafu Mobster

    The mushroom one is my favorite

  • xxxRobloxPokexxx LMAO
    xxxRobloxPokexxx LMAO

    Reagera snälla på svenska masked singer


    They don’t use auto tune on masked singer to show there true talent

  • Jc_1243

    He didn’t even see the clues he guesses of the voice that is Crazy

  • FJ 32
    FJ 32

    Ninjas been on this

  • adcastaway

    That's not auto tune bro. That's Nick Carter and that's natural. Hahaha!

  • Lexi Thomas
    Lexi Thomas

    The snail sounded a bit like Barney

  • King_Chicken

    You should be a judge

  • Shelby

    I’ve watched every episode of this with my kids but only guessed 2 right… Chris Daughtry and Nick Lachey

  • Jim Shultie
    Jim Shultie

    Dose it count of cheating is I've what season 4 and 5. And also when you said bad voice it's a 🐸

  • Marlow Malone
    Marlow Malone

    He’s not a old white man he’s an old green man 😡

  • SnakeNinja

    you know what you better watch the moonies lets suficate to gether

  • Adri Vya
    Adri Vya

    Caitlyn Jenner is the dad of the Kardashian’s and Jenners and he is a transgender

  • Lego Battlebots Reactions
    Lego Battlebots Reactions

    Robot is 18 place not 12 and elephant is 17

  • ᴇᴀʀᴛʜᴛᴢʏ☯︎

    2:13 🎉🎉🎉

  • MinitoonNotDev

    The Masked Singer Don’t Use Autotune Is Just Bland

  • MonkeyCole09

    Phoenix was 13th

  • MonkeyCole09

    Elephant was 14th place, and miss monster was 16th

  • MonkeyCole09

    Fun fact robot was 18th place

  • MonkeyCole09

    Joel when guesses one right: *seizures* Me whos guessed like everyone right: :D

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    Honestly Tori is the mix of a country singer and soul dive so you were pretty spit on

  • Matej Miklavc
    Matej Miklavc

    the fact that he says mffff at kermit XD

  • Girl Scouts
    Girl Scouts

    He’s a pro

  • Matthew Bahnsen
    Matthew Bahnsen

    Joel is so likeable.

  • Timed Revolver
    Timed Revolver

    Think the auto tune is to help mask their voices. A lot of people were getting really accurate with their guesses in earlier seasons. Not the judges though. Viewers.

  • Sunshine

    Joel- “Old White Man” *ends up being Kermit the frog*

    • Nicola Cosker
      Nicola Cosker

      An old green man that isnt a (hu)man

  • Le Purple boi :3
    Le Purple boi :3

    I’m gonna just acknowledge that Ninja was on this

    • Evan Pitts
      Evan Pitts

      True 😂😂😂 he was the ice cream

  • Nicola Cosker
    Nicola Cosker

    At the beginning of the vid u didnt say We got mushroom season 4 2nd place

  • illa illa
    illa illa

    It’s Caitlyn Jenner!!!! So clearly in that 11th place with the cool outfit

  • illa illa
    illa illa

    The robot very clearly sounded like lil Wayne. You’re good at this tho!

  • yesenia olvera
    yesenia olvera

    the mane video is just him trashtalking

  • Martin and Lily
    Martin and Lily


  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer


  • Husna Mirza
    Husna Mirza

    Does anyone think he looks like matt from rebbeca zamolo

  • Max Kendrick
    Max Kendrick

    it literally would have been so funny if no one recognised tony hawk

  • ɴᴇᴇʜᴀʀ ɴᴀʀᴀʏᴀɴ
    ɴᴇᴇʜᴀʀ ɴᴀʀᴀʏᴀɴ


  • gamerhusky45

    hey chill man u use a lot of auto tune to not to hate but is true u make it sound awsome tho

  • Mikel Greegery
    Mikel Greegery

    Just so you know they stole this from Korea, a show called Masked Singer

  • Maddox Kisow
    Maddox Kisow

    I’m still surprised lil Wayne was on here

  • Lee

    Imagine going there as a singer and they guess "hm... definitely not a singer."

  • dansketch

    No it's a white man bro you had it right lol

  • MonkeyCole09

    Jellyfish legit nervous: Roomie: trash...

  • MonkeyCole09

    Do they autotune them

  • MonkeyCole09


  • Ava Breeden
    Ava Breeden

    Are we not going to talk about Logan Paul being a grandpa?

  • Karim Daher
    Karim Daher

    I love this bar: I’ve been tryna find a way to make it work, you’ve been tryna find a way to make it hurt...

  • TheSportsGuru

    Wish he had watched Stay for Chloe Kim, she improved massively by the end of her run on the show and that was her final song. Also out of all the snowboarders, or Olympic athletes for that matter, Kim is without a doubt one of the most famous. Anyone who follows sports likely knows her name.

  • Frankie Balderston
    Frankie Balderston

    big brain joel

  • Lana Gustafson
    Lana Gustafson

    I’m surprised how fun this show seems

  • Nicola Cosker
    Nicola Cosker

    You:dont wanna miss a thiing My hearing:dont wanna miss a theng