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  • Arda Yelen
    Arda Yelen

    I literally have two tabs right now

  • ToastyToads

    chad grandpa

  • Riku Je
    Riku Je

    Ken and Marzia is the same person.. change my mind...

  • cecilhood

    bslsgsks i have the same thing w my phone, i die whenever someone even looks at it, the fear that an instagram bot will send me porn or smth and they won’t know about bots lmaoooo

  • Basketkase

    Going through the phone will mean guilt depending. it can truly help you understand the person if your curiosity but TEXT MESSAGES 😂 distrust 80% of the time

  • Karly Pearl
    Karly Pearl

    No Tom Cruise is not "handsome" . Actually he has an incredibly punchable face.

  • R

    21 on edge and 13 on chrome yes i can confirm

  • F13RY FOX
    F13RY FOX

    I used to not freak out when I let people borrow my phone, but then I had like 4 mfs go through my stuff for no reason... like bro you just wanted to call or use youtube, why you going through my banking apps and pics

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R

    Experience has taught me it’s better to not know about your bf or gf’s past. The more you know, the harder it is to deal with and harder it is to trust them. Better to just remain blissfully unaware.

  • Ike Solomon
    Ike Solomon

    Focusing on the zooms and the panning on their faces can be distracting

  • Aarush Ch
    Aarush Ch

    Ken wearing a Jojo sleevless and low-key I want it now badly

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn

    Awww thought it said Parents’ Phone. Sad that it isn’t.

  • Cassandra Teal
    Cassandra Teal

    Tom Cruise is unattractive. End of story.

  • Aiden Owensby
    Aiden Owensby

    Yo, you can used tab folders now

  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebas

    The sleepy current postoperatively travel because parsnip perioperaively slow from a infamous grey. barbarous, nervous particle

  • Van Huynh
    Van Huynh

    The obedient starter finally doubt because atom analogically rock failing a chemical pamphlet. wooden, aggressive payment

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch

    Marzia is riiightttttttt~!

  • Nick Johnsen
    Nick Johnsen

    Nothing bad.......... I think?

  • Nick Johnsen
    Nick Johnsen

    Good luck? Lmfaoo.

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch

    12:10 Me thinking PewDiePie was the one who didn't think he was handsome hahaha

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch

    It's a girl thing to leave tabs open? Wow that's news to me! I thought it was just me who did it > //

  • mateo trivett
    mateo trivett

    I went through my dads phone and found out that he had dick pics on it I was traumatized and had to bleach out my eyes

  • minimexhell

    How old is ken....lol he looks so old no offense

  • HumanEevee67

    maybe ken notices small hands because kira

  • HumanEevee67

    ken with the jojo shirt

  • Alex G. Aviles
    Alex G. Aviles

    Cut out here ruining our entertainment of toxic relationships

  • Sam I
    Sam I

    21:14 That pause into, "Is he asking him?" Made me laugh like 5000x harder than it should have. That was fucking hidden gold.

  • Clock Man Official
    Clock Man Official

    There is this thing called pressing Ctrl + Shift + T, which opens your last closed tab. You don't have to worry anymore for your RAM, you can close the tab and open your tab, then before you close your tab you press Ctrl + Shift + T.

  • Cifer The Cypher
    Cifer The Cypher

    Nice shirt Ken

  • MicroscopyNerd

    Ken sounds like a vacuum cleaner when he laughs.

  • Justin Barran
    Justin Barran

    I did not enjoy the video to much ttalking

  • Justin Barran
    Justin Barran

    The hole video was you guys talking bro

    • cecilhood

      why r u watching react video if u don’t want to see reaction?

  • Melih Yusuf Üstündağ
    Melih Yusuf Üstündağ

    I love ken's jojo shirt

  • minimalyle

    I'll dl a rick roll vid and rename it xxxxx video then my bf checks it getting rickrolled instead hahaha

  • Rachel Hampton
    Rachel Hampton

    The macaroni guy and the writer of "Ditch the concrete:..." 19:06 🤔

  • Lyra Jennings
    Lyra Jennings

    i thought the title said "looking through your parents phone" ......

  • Cutlus Deloy
    Cutlus Deloy

    Dude this honestly is the best challenge ever created cuz the man cant look but when the kids grab it the react different

  • Savannah Perez
    Savannah Perez

    The tiresome spot intraorally cure because rainbow aerobically borrow to a slim name. tearful, plain wing

  • Paulina N
    Paulina N

    Wow Marzia and I agree on a lot. Tom cruise, Bruce Willis, and tab closing.

  • Alex Robidoux
    Alex Robidoux

    official petition for cody ko and pewdiepie to react to a cut video together!!

  • Kid wit a Beanie (Swatiiboi)
    Kid wit a Beanie (Swatiiboi)

    love how ken has the pewdiepie phone case

  • Ben Henebery
    Ben Henebery

    No teacher has less then 30 tabs open.

  • ShangHai

    grandma is filo

  • Swastic

    I see JoJo ok n his t-shirt I like him

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation

    I develop a feeling for all the tabs I have opened in chrome. That's why I never close them.

  • Ink Demon
    Ink Demon

    Pewds: "They look very insecure. They are all hunched over" General Grievous: **Coughs**

  • Daniel Pena Lopez
    Daniel Pena Lopez

    Bro you talk to much and don’t even do the reaction

  • Game Hero87
    Game Hero87

    *I want to see a uncut PewDiePie versus Marzia debate.*

  • cheesy gubbins
    cheesy gubbins

    people shouldnt care about whats on their significant others phone or anyones phone. that mindset is toxic.

  • Me Me
    Me Me

    I think if you trust each other then there's no need to invade each other's personal things, but if you choose to share it with each other then that's alright. And baby your just perfect in everyway possible, no worries 💘

  • Canis Lupus
    Canis Lupus

    when you have been cheated on, your lizard brain goes crazy and remains sensitive for a very long time unless you take therapy

  • Martin Mcbride
    Martin Mcbride

    Felix got hands, gotta brag to throw off the legs burns lol

  • the unknown guy
    the unknown guy


  • Barrueta Alondra
    Barrueta Alondra

    That jojos shirt jiji

  • CEF

    You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • matox01tekk

    about open tabs on my phone opera browser 55 tabs, chrome browser 25 tabs on PC chrome browser 50+, Opera 28+

  • B. McAllister
    B. McAllister

    23:11 "A real man. Loves his cun..." *Sorry what?*


    I think it's a red Flag if you get a girlfriend or boyfriend and thay want to look through your phone

  • bananaxo

    Definitely relate to never closing tabs. As a woman. My poor ram.

  • PRO FF
    PRO FF

    7:05 fuckin true

  • yeetus

    Tabs: 10-30 School teachers" 50-100

  • Sav bay
    Sav bay

    What is that face with Marsia what did he look like he scared for his life it was that his mama he realized he closed One of her tabs

  • Run it down mid
    Run it down mid

    my gf also has like 20 tabs open and im not allowed to close them. she also doesnt shut down the computer, she just puts him on standby to safe the tabs xD

  • Aseel Fahmawi
    Aseel Fahmawi

    The video they were watching was just 7 mins lol xD

  • Kadee Gass
    Kadee Gass

    Me sitting over here with my 386 tabs open on my phone browser 👁👄👁

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee

    I think the guy in the pink could be transgender?

  • But why
    But why

    U and ken should make vids together like ever other upload

  • _C_ Moe_
    _C_ Moe_

    Me speaking from personal experience i didn’t check my girlfriends phone for about a year and literally around Christmas she was talking to three guys but not every female and male are like this it was just my pour choice 🥲

  • The big Higgins
    The big Higgins

    Tom cruise Hilary swank are they hot?

  • N R G
    N R G

    Felix makes a good point if they know they are going to this place what is stopping them from deleting stuff that could destroy the relationship?


    24:39 Dragon_Girl64: _"Don't act like you can forget about me Felix"_

  • Gabriel rose
    Gabriel rose

    shrodingers dic pic

  • Heika

    I think that the standards for famous handsome guys have gone up, so Tom Cruise, even young Tom Cruise, is no longer in the "ultra hot" category that people originally put him in.

    • [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]
      [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]

      Not “up” necessarily, I think just different. Trends and preferences change :)

  • Cotty _
    Cotty _

    19:23 he does know that he can just click both mouse buttons to add tabs to group to minimize the space

  • Ignacy The Creator
    Ignacy The Creator

    13:10 tbh he looks like my uncle XD

  • 1337 God
    1337 God

    23:48 “I got hands” pewds was so proud of himself 😂

  • Art Mation
    Art Mation

    i like how he has jisho, a japanese dictionary, bookmarked

  • x Ghost_XR
    x Ghost_XR

    Have to agree with Marzia, Tom Cruise and Bruise Willis are extremely average looking people. But leaving tabs open is despicable 😤

  • Nebs

    Sasha acted excited at the start about how she was going to find all this stuff on his phone, yet hers was much worse.

  • Noel Martinez
    Noel Martinez

    0.30 Thats a thinkpad they be giving at my public school 😂😂

  • Daniela González
    Daniela González

    My boyfriend has the password to my phone because he likes seeing Instagram and also helps me a lot when I can’t use my hands. I don’t care that he has it, I have nothing to hide from him. Also, he doesn’t check messages or anything like that because we respect each others privacy :)

  • Atomicflounder42

    17:38 it's just weird to have bunches of like romantic pictures with your exes still around. I'm sure if pewds looked through marzias phone, he wouldnt be happy if he found bunches of pictures and videos of her macking on her ex and stuff. And same for the other way around. It's just weird, and disrespectful to your partner to keep that stuff, unless they've specifically stated they're alright with it

  • Socko Jr
    Socko Jr

    “She gone be upset if she keep scrolling to the left, dog, she gone see some sh-t that she don’t wanna see…” -Aubrey Drake Graham (Song: 0 to 100)

  • mystery 478
    mystery 478

    Tom cruise is definitely not handsome and so isn't Bruce Willis lol

  • Isabel Salcedo
    Isabel Salcedo

    I got hands 😉

  • Shmod413 •
    Shmod413 •

    Honey moon phase is six months to a year lol

  • Erica Chishti
    Erica Chishti

    What about that other girl that the guy was talking to??? Did they just forget or did I miss something

  • Benjiboi Creates
    Benjiboi Creates

    How'd did he not know you can get on insta 🤣🤣

  • Pixl Finch
    Pixl Finch

    I think tom cruise uses botox or fillers or something. Because he definitely looks more and more fake these days

  • bunny


  • Amar Mangaonkar
    Amar Mangaonkar

    You know Ken is dad, when he tears off sleeves to make it sleeve-less.

  • Michayla Lawrence
    Michayla Lawrence

    I mean if the memories weren’t painful I’d have no reason to delete them except the s€xy ones. And if my partner is like crazy upset over it I don’t think I’d want to be with them cause like you said I had a life before and I have a right to remember it.

  • Pradhuman Chahar
    Pradhuman Chahar

    I'm deleting my browser history before my gf watch this

  • Adah Donaldson
    Adah Donaldson

    I have hands 😎😏

  • Xxx Galaxis xxX
    Xxx Galaxis xxX

    Well... (about the alcohol guy), I myself come from a family and country where alcohol is a big problem in terms of abusing and addiction and now as an adult I don't associate it with "fun" as the majority does. So... I don't think the girl is wrong for having her own preferences in stating that, no, she would not have dated the guy if she knew that side of him. .... Just my opinion... And, hopefully it was not out of contest. I just... Think that nowadays seeing how alcohol and substances are very common around teens and such it might be hard for others who have bad experiences with them to fit in. I guess...

  • Pavle Trnic
    Pavle Trnic

    I love when he put san andreas cheat codes at 2:00

  • Alve Svarén
    Alve Svarén

    17:46, no I haven’t :(

  • Sparkz276

    I'm so glad that the cancer camp guy was there. He deserved the money and was the smartest out of the rest.

  • 현용주

    The shallow salmon arthroscopically trust because trigonometry phongsaly work with a dangerous shrimp. upbeat, curved mice

  • احمد صالح
    احمد صالح